High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 11


[Author’s Note: This is the final chapter of the “High School: Zero to Hero” series. I hope you have enjoyed the series as a whole. Thanks again to Romantic1 for providing edits and feedback throughout the writing process. Thanks also to the many of you that provided feedback, encouragement, and thanks over the months. There’d be no point in writing these stories if people didn’t enjoy reading them.]

Epilog – Endings lead to beginnings

I didn’t get much sleep when I returned home after the Thursday night Baccalaureate service. Although I was more spiritual than religious I had gone at the request of my friends. After the service let out I got roped into about a hundred or so photos with other classmates. I knew some of them better than others but I was still surprised because I never considered myself to be super popular. To be honest I still question how I was ever elected Homecoming King.

After tossing and turning most of the night I decided to get up at first light. I had a small bowl of cereal and with every bite I tried to assure myself this was just like any other Friday and I that I had nothing to be anxious or apprehensive about. I had already passed my finals. I had already swum my last race as a high schooler months ago. I had already thrown my last throw with the track team. I had already received my acceptance to State for the fall and was even granted a swimming scholarship. Why was I nervous?

Deciding I had too much pent up energy, and realizing I still had a few hours to kill before our final graduation dress rehearsal, I decided to go for a swim. The pool my mom and step father had wasn’t exactly the biggest or best pool for lap swimming, but in a pinch I could crank out about a half mile before getting bored by the relatively short laps.

After a half hour in the pool I was still worked up. My mind kept racing thinking about everything and I didn’t know why. I figured maybe a run would help clear my head. I still had a few hours to kill anyway.

While out running when I felt my phone vibrate in my shorts’ pocket. I slowed to a stop and answered it.

“Nervous?” Ashley asked me.

“Uh, yeah,” I said in disbelief. “How’d you know?”

“Well I just drove by on my way to your house and saw you running by,” she stated. “First, you are never one to run, and second you ran by as if you were in your own little world and didn’t even recognize me or my car.”

I frantically apologized, hung up, and started jogging back to my house. Sure enough as I rounded the last turn I saw Ashley leaning against the trunk of her car smiling at me from behind her sunglasses.

“I’d give you a hug but I’m kind of a mess right now,” I said as I wiped the sweat from my forehead.

She ignored my warning and stepped up wrapping her arms around me. Surprisingly her hug had a calming effect on me, either that or my morning exercises had finally caught up with me.

We went inside and I brought Ashley up to speed on the things Jenn had said to me last night about being clueless if not a bit dense.

“If I may,” Ashley began to say after a moment of thought, “I don’t think your problem has anything to do with graduation tonight. I think it has more to do with you realizing how far you’ve come in such a short period of time. You’re a far cry from the wet behind the ears eighteen year old virgin I met at the start of the last summer. I think you’re struggling to come to grips with what could have been had you realized the sway you held over your friends and the popularity you had amongst your classmates.”

“I hadn’t really thought about it that way,” I confessed. “I guess it makes sense.”??”Something similar happened to me at my graduation,” she continued. “We had a senior dance the night before graduation and probably thirty different guys came up and asked me to dance. Every single one of them told me I was cute or beautiful and that they had wished I had been available to go out with them.” She paused and laughed under her breath. “The funny thing was I had been single the entire time I was in school.”

“So what changed?” I asked.

“Well, remember how I had told you someone had taken me under their wing just as I had done with you last year? Well my experience happened the summer before my senior year as well. I was able to enter into my senior year as a new woman. I left the shy, quite, reserved girl I had been behind. It’s not that I become some outgoing party slut or anything. I just felt different.”

“So were you coached in similar ways the way you coached me in how to dress, how to carry yourself, etcetera?” I pried.

“Yeah. I guess looking back on it I wasn’t fully aware of how much I changed until graduation rolled around. So I can only guess you’re feeling the same way.” She then reassuringly rubbed her hand on my leg. “I think that’s what makes you so special Ben. You are blissfully unaware of exactly how great a person you really are. You don’t have that annoying cockiness. You’re confident but not cocky.”

“Confident, escort calm, cool, and collected,” I said repeating the mantra Ashley drilled into my head almost a year ago.

“Exactly!” She exclaimed.

“Well, I need a shower and maybe a brief nap before I head in for graduation practice. You’re more than welcome to join me for all three if you like.” I gave her a not so subtle wink as I stood up.

Although we hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks Ashley and I managed to not tear each other’s clothes off. My lack of sleep and mental fatigue might have had something to do with it.

Ashley slowly pulled my t-shirt up over my head and tossed it aside. In turn I gently removed her tank top and then got down on my knees to undo her shorts. I planted a soft kiss just below her navel as I slid her shorts down revealing her thong covered pussy.

While on my knees Ashley placed her hands on the back of my head holding it against her body. I continued kissing and tonging my way down from her navel to the top of her slit. I hooked the waistband of her thong with my fingers and shimmied it down her bronzed legs.

Now free of its fabric shield I began licking her clit. She let out out a moan and balled her fists in my hair. I traced my fingers up the back of her legs and then cupped an ass cheek in each hand. As I squeezed my hands tight against her firm ass she began to grind herself against my face.

The tighter I grabbed her ass the tighter she grabbed my hair. The more I tongued her clit the more she ground her pussy against my face. Soon my tongue, lips, and chin were dripping with the sweet savory taste of her well lubricated pussy.

I stood up and turned her around so she could prop herself up on the bathroom vanity. Now face to face with our own reflections we were able to lock eyes with each other. It was a unique perspective.

I started off slow letting Ashley get used to my cock and making sure she had sure footing. As I increased the rhythm of our lovemaking I could see her nubile breasts swaying via the reflection in the mirror. The harder and faster I thrust into her the more they swayed. It was rather hypnotizing.

As Ashley neared her climax she moved one of her hands down between her legs and began diddling her fingers across her clit. This caused tiny spasms to start in her vaginal muscles and I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock.

Without a word I reached up cupping my hand under her chin and pulled her head back so I could lay a passionate, but somewhat sloppy, kiss on her lips. As our lips and tongues joined our bodies reached the next level of pleasure and our climaxes started pretty much simultaneously.

My orgasm started in my toes. I felt every muscle in my feet and lower legs begin to tighten. This caused the last thrust of my hips to not only go forward but up. As I grunted Ashley lifted up onto her tip-toes. Meanwhile my upper body tensed up as well and I gripped Ashley’s neck a little tighter pulling her body against mine.

I couldn’t tell you exactly what Ashley felt. All I know is her hand moved quickly from her clit to my hip and as she moaned into my mouth she dug her French-tipped fingernails into the flesh of my leg. Now leaning against me for support her other hand had moved to her breast and she was gripping it just as tight.

During the after shocks of my orgasm I closed my eyes and just road the waves of pleasure coursing through my body. I felt Ashley’s pussy continue to spasm around my cock as it milked the last drops of my spunk free. Her death grip on my hip relaxed and slowly we returned to earth.

“That was intense,” Ashley said out of breath.

“I’ll say,” I said panting to catch my breath.

For a while we just looked at each other’s reflection in the mirror. I watched a small bead of sweat run from Ashley’s cheek all the way down across her left breast, down past her belly-button, and onto her hips.

“Um, we’re a hot mess,” she said in a playful manner. “I guess I need a shower now too.” She then turned and gave me a kiss on the lips before climbing into the shower.

During our shower we made sure to scrub each other’s bodies head to toe. I took particular care of her hair gently massaging the shampoo and conditioner into her scalp and out to the tips.

After our shower we took our time drying each other off before climbing naked into bed. I figured we had an hour or so to nap before I needed to head in for the last dress rehearsal for tonight’s graduation. With any luck we’d be done by noon and could all go out for lunch as a group.


There are dreams, and then there are ‘dreams.’ I was having one of the later. I was on a beach somewhere with the hot summer sun beating down on my naked body. Between my legs was the bobbing head of some faceless blonde. It was the kind of dream you never want to wake up from because it feels so real.

I moved my hands onto the head of my dreamy companion but something didn’t feel right. I thought I should feel straight stringy blonde locks but what I felt was was courser and somewhat tangled. This was enough to break the fourth wall of my dream state and then I realized I wasn’t exactly dreaming.

I wasn’t under the hot summer sun, but my cock was deep in the throat of a lovely female companion. She wasn’t blonde through. Rather than long straight locks of yellow there was curly red mop atop the head bobbing in my lap.

“Jenn,” I moaned.

I looked over to my right to see a giggling Ashley who had a head of her own between her legs. The head between her legs had the straight brunette hair belonging to Jess.

After a few more seconds of pleasure I warned Jenn I was about to cum. My body tensed and then quickly relaxed as Jenn sucked ever last drop from my cock.

Standing up in triumph Jenn exclaimed, “I win!”

A minute or two later Ashley wrapped her legs around Jess’s shoulders and screamed as her own climax hit. Jess stood up withdrawing two fingers from Ashley’s pussy. “You may have won, but I think I got the prize.” She then began licking the juice from Ashley’s pussy off her fingers.

Taking a deep breath I stood up and walked over to my closet.

“We figured you would need a wake up call,” Jess said.

“Finding you and Ashley naked in bed was a real treat though,” Jenn continued.

“So we decided to wake you both up with some oral lovin’ and see who could get one of you off first,” Jess finished.

“Remind me to ask for that kind of wake up call next time I stay at a hotel,” I retorted as I fished out a pair of khakis from the closet. All three girls just giggled.

Unceremoniously I pulled my khakis on without bothering with boxers. I then grabbed a fitted ribbed shirt that was casual, but would still look good in case I was mobbed for more photos. As I finished up with my socks and boots Ashley had fished her outfit of choice out of her bag.

“What?” Ashley asked as I, Jess, and Jenn watched her every move.

“Hey, some guys get off on a girl getting naked, some guys like watching a girl get dressed,” I said in my own defense.

“Well, this will be quick,” Ashley said as she pulled a summer dress over her naked body.

I blinked and then laughed. “We are the bane of underwear companies everywhere.”

“Yup,” Jenn said as she flipped up her skirt revealing she was also commando.

“No doubt,” Jenn added as she undid her halter top letting her bare breasts get a breath of fresh air.

As Ashley buckled her sandals and the other two girls took a moment to freshen up in the bathroom I grabbed my camera and checked to make sure the batteries and memory card were good to go.

“Everyone ready?” I asked once the four of us were all in the same room?

Since the weather had been nice all week the top and doors were off my Jeep. With no threat of rain I decided to take my Jeep. The girls decided to settle who was riding with me with a quick round of ro-sham-bo. After eliminating Jenn it was down to Jess and Ashley. Jenn won and gleefully jumped into the passenger seat of my jeep without so much as a hand from me. As she jumped I caught a quick glimpse of her pussy from under her skirt. Although I had seen is a million times and been balls deep in it more times than I could count I still got a rush out of such a peek.


The dress rehearsal was tedious. We had already walked into the auditorium about a dozen times. Practiced standing up and sitting down as a group just as many times. The speakers, speech givers, and class representatives all had a chance to practice their entrances. Thankfully we were all excused at twenty after twelve and didn’t have to stay for the speakers to practice any of their speeches.

Out in the parking lot the usual suspects started to gather around our cars. Ashley was glued to my hip, followed by Summer, Jenn, Jess, the wings, Doug, and Ben. Before our small group could even question where to go for lunch Doug quickly spoke up and said he had made us reservations at his family’s restaurant.

“Nice!” We all said collectively.

“Make sure to spread the word. Might as well just head straight there,” Doug said before he, Ben and the twins headed off to his car.

Ashley decide to ride with Jess and Jenn decided to ride with Summer. That left me in my Jeep without a passenger.

“Wait, I’m the one with the convertible and I no one wants to ride with me?” I said in disbelief to no one in particular.

“I’ll ride with you,” I heard a cute voice say from behind. “Where are we going?”

I turned to see Heather in a pair of designer jeans and an off-the-shoulders top. Her hair was pulled back under her sunglasses.

“Rilo’s for lunch,” I said. “Did you not get the memo?”

Just then her phone buzzed. She looked down at it and laughed. “I just did.” She then held up her phone showing me a text from Doug that stated the plan.

“Well then, let’s roll,” I said as I helped Heather climb into my Jeep.

Lunch was a lot of fun. We spent the better part of three hours eating and reminiscing about our four years together. We took turns telling the group how we met each other, what we first thought of each other when we were freshman, and what we thought of ourselves.

“What about your Homecoming King? What’s your take on all this,” Ben asked from across the table.

I stopped and to think for a second and the room went quiet with anticipation. For a brief second I was nervous to say anything, but I decided to just go with my gut.

“If you would have asked me four years ago who I was going to be celebrating my high school graduation with I would have told you my parents. Lame, I know.” The girls at the table giggled. “However, right here right now, I can say I am sitting amongst the closest and best friends a man could ever ask for. I never thought I, or even we as a group, would grow so close. I know in some respect this chapter in our life is ending, but I also know that as we look forward to new beginnings the best is yet to come.” Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. “To new beginnings,” I said as I raised my glass.

“To new beginnings,” everyone echoed. As I surveyed the group I saw a few misty eyes amongst the girls and got a few head nods of affirmation from the guys. I could only imagine this was the start of what would be a very emotional night.


“Mom!” I said firmly. “It’s fine.” I then batted her hand away from my head. She had made it her mission to place each and every hair on my head, one at a time, in its own individual special spot. Just to irk her I ran my fingers through my hair and rustled them back into a more relaxed state.

She rolled her eyes and walked back to the line of parents all holding cameras. For the next thirty minutes our group posed for photo after photo after photo. After we had all had enough the girls started excusing themselves to the bathroom. Figuring the bathrooms near the auditorium would be packed I looped down a back hallway with Ben, Doug, and Will.

After emptying our bladders we heard the door to the bathroom open. “Don’t put them away yet boys,” a familiar female voice called out.

The twins along with Kaylie and Sarah all grabbed paper towels before walking up to us. Mandy and Liz took up positions in front of their boyfriends. Sarah knelt down in front of Will and the pixie Kaylie crouched in front of me.

With a quick wipe with the paper towel she took my flaccid cock in her mouth. Despite being worried if someone was going to walk in or not I quickly hardened in the petite girls mouth. Working her tongue and lips over every inch of my shaft she could fit, she soon had me near the edge. With one hand she gripped the base of my cock and began stroking the part that wouldn’t fit in her mouth. With the other she reached into my khakis and cradled my balls. That was enough to send me over the edge and just as I warned Kylie I was cuming I blew my wad into her mouth.

I must have not given the poor girl enough warning because she as soon as she collected my offering in her mouth she quickly ran to the sink and spit it out. She then took a deep breath sharply inhaling two lung-fulls of air.

I tucked my cock back into my pants and shuffled to Kylie’s aid as I buckled my belt. “I’m so sorry,” I apologized.

“No, it’s okay,” Kylie said as she recomposed herself. “I just wasn’t ready.” I asked again if she was okay. “Yeah, I’m fine. Really.” She then stood up on her tippy toes and pulled me down for a quick kiss. “Always wanted to give a blow-job in the school bathroom. Figured this was my last chance.”

“And we couldn’t let the little minx have all the fun by herself,” Sarah said as she wiped her chin off and double checked her makeup in the mirror.


The graduation ceremony was long and boring. It was pretty typical. A few inflatable beach balls found their way into the crowd. As people walked across the state their friends and family cheered. As few of the class-clowns did something stupid to get laughs out of the crowd. I just wanted it to be over so we could get to our after-party.

When my name was called I could hear Ashley whistle a cat-call. I heard a few hoots and hollers I recognized, but mostly I was glad to have finally gotten my high school diploma. As we stood as a group of graduates and the audience cheered it finally sank in that this chapter in my life was officially over.


As usual Jenn’s house served as the host location for our party. She swore up and down it was all taken care of and she needed no help from anyone. When I pulled into her driveway I was completely blown away. The entire front yard was decorated like in a tropical beach theme complete with tiki torches and a giant inflatable flamingo.

Unaware this was a theme party I was a bit aghast when Jenn greeted me at the door. “Don’t worry,” she said, “everything’s been taken care of.” She then pointed to a table that had was cluttered with bags each with a name on it. I picked up the bag with my name on it and gave Jenn a suspicious look. She just smiled and mouthed ‘open it.’