Helping the Karlssons Ch. 02


Once April had swallowed his cum, Tim knew that he wasn’t ready to quit his job. The two sisters had created a surreal environment. The thought did cross his mind that he could propose a threesome – enjoying them both at the same time. It was fun to think about while he jerked himself the next night. He didn’t think the sisters would agree. He still suspected they were working together on a plan. Though they seemed almost competitive when it came to sex. And why risk what he already had? It was dangerous enough to be having sex with both of Mr Karlsson’s sweet daughters.

But Tim wasn’t thinking about any of that a few nights later when Summer knocked on his door.

“What the?…” he exclaimed when opening the door to the older daughter. “Summer, I don’t think you should be here.”

But she could only grin. This young man, the object of her considerable lust, had not expected company and was shirtless. She enjoyed the sight, having undressed him mentally many times. She thought he had a lovely chest and very nice arms. And he was so manly compared to the boys in the church group.

Of course Tim took her inside. He didn’t bother to ask how she’d found his apartment. Summer had access to all the business records at the furniture store. And she was brazen enough to disobey her Father and visit the handsome young man for some sinning. Heady with her own desire and the temptation of the male body, she touched Tim’s bare chest and ran her hands down his arms.

He didn’t resist when Summer moved to kiss him. There was no doubting what she wanted and Tim could not refuse. His cock was already stirring as he put his arms around her. It grew faster when he discovered she was not wearing a bra underneath her T-shirt.

“I brought condoms,” she murmured. “Just in case.”

Hearing that, Tim knew this was his chance with the sexy young Summer. Why not see how serious she really was? With a single move he pulled her T-shirt up and over her sexy young body. Summer helped, lifting her arms to show Tim that she was ready for him.

Tim could only stare at first. Her C-cup tits were so juicy and firm, bouncing slightly with her every move. They sat high on her slim body with large, pale nipples. Did all church-going young ladies look like her? He grabbed two handfuls and squeezed her tits before leading her straight to his bed.

“I’m so horny for you,” she said. “And you must be, too, after playing with my sister.”

“Nothing happened,” he lied. Tim didn’t have any moral constraint on untruths. But he still wondered whether the sisters were working together.

“Lucky for you that I came over,” replied Summer as she finished undressing, pulling off her jeans to show her sexy, rounded butt and shapely, tanned legs. “April is a virgin so I’m better in bed.”

Tim wasted no more time, grabbing the naked Summer and sucking on those firm young tits. Summer grabbed for his cock as if she’d wanted it all along. It was true she had more experience that her sister and her soft hand was a treat as she stroked his thick seven inches. Her tits tasted perfect and she moaned beautifully as Tim flicked his tongue over her rock-hard nipples.

She let him push her onto his bed. That was where she wanted to be. It was liberating and thrilling to be totally naked in front of the handsome Tim. Her previous experiences had been the back seat of cars. Now she felt grown-up and womanly, lying on his bed as Tim feverishly removed his own clothes. She thought he looked just perfect.

And Tim’s mouth on her breasts was sensational. She figured it was OK to moan — he would understand. Stretched out in a man’s bed felt like proper sex for the first time. It was even more exciting when Tim slipped a hand between her legs and started to stroke her pussy.

“Yes, Tim. Do everything you want.”

Tim had already assumed that he would. Her sweet cunt was already engorged and wet. He took note that Summer preferred to leave some hair above her slit — not like her sister. And he enjoyed the sound she made when he parted her lips with a finger and moved to her hard clit. Tim already knew the value of foreplay and he figured to make Summer so desperate that she’d demand to be fucked.

“Has anyone ever eaten your cunt'” he asked as he tease his finger against her wet opening.

“One boy. A couple of times. It was OK, I guess.”

But Summer knew what Tim had in mind and she did not hesitate to part her killer thighs wider for him. She’d been sunbathing for him and had freshly trimmed her pussy hair that day. She felt herself almost shaking as she watched Tim lower his mouth to her mound.

“Oh, dear Lord,” she gasped aloud as his lips landed on her young pussy.

Tim was older than Summer so she’d assumed that he was more experienced and skilled than the virgin boys from the church group. He did not disappoint. Again and again she cried out as Tim penetrated her with his tongue and alternated with licking her sensitive button.

“Oh, Tim. Dear Lord. Don’t stop,” she cried before slapping şişli escort a hand over her mouth to muffle her sounds.

Tim had not done this a lot. But he knew that he enjoyed it. And Summer tasted just fine. He took the chance to test his technique — fucking her hole with his tongue in between lapping and sucking her clit. Each and every move seemed to produce new shrieks of pleasure from the horny older sister. Her hips bucked and she writhed in a most agreeable way.

“Tim… Tim, I can’t take any more,” poor Summer gasped after uncountable orgasms. “I want your dick.”

The young man happily rolled onto his back as Summer scurried down the bed. Still somewhat innocent, she understood what he needed. Eager, and confident, she grabbed him by the base of his shaft and took a good look.

“It’s the biggest I’ve had,” she said with a grin and proceeded to take half his cock into her mouth.

It was Tim’s turn to lie back and groan his pleasure. He was inexperienced at receiving headjobs and so was more than satisfied by Summer. As she bent over him, Tim got to watch her soft mouth stretch around his thick shaft. It was framed by her blonde hair and looking beyond he could see her sexy, blue-veined breasts swaying as she tried her best to pleasure him. Her wet lips looked perfect as his thick, veined cock slipped back and forth into her hungry mouth.

“Take your time, Summer,” he warned. “Unless you want me to cum in your mouth.

“I want it inside me,” she pleaded to him. “Fuck me, Tim. I need it.”

Tim was in no mood to deny her. He’d never met a woman so keen for sex — except perhaps her sister, April. His last girlfriend had usually needed cajoling before she’d agree to fuck. Tim knew that some women preferred to be slutty and Summer was the perfect specimen. He reached for the pack of condoms as Summer lay down, already pulling her knees high and wide to give him access to her hole.

“Oh yes, fuck me,” she moaned as Tim began to penetrate her. “I really need you.”

Tim felt the same way. He knew Summer was practically a virgin. But she was young and sexy. And eager to let him use her. She groaned as he penetrated her, lifting her tanned legs onto his muscular shoulders.

“Oh, that’s good. Yes, fill me.”

Sex in a proper bed, with an older boy, delivered for Summer in every way. And the nice thick penis was the best part of all. She thought of Tim as wordly and experienced — and powerful. His wonderful dick was all the proof she needed. Summer opened herself the way she’d seen women in porn and hoped Tim would understand and use her hard and deep.

Tim knew none of that. But he could guess that she was willing to be seriously fucked. And he was horny enough to try it, to pound Summer as best he knew how and see how much of a rough fucking she could handle. He quickened his thrusting, trying to give Summer his full length as he built up his power and began to slam into her. She was discovering the advantage of a bedroom with the extra space where a man could really use her juicy young body.

“Oh, yes. Sweet Mary. Fuck me, Tim… I think I’m cumming. Oh…”

Tim had only experienced young, tight cunts but this one seemed especially delightful. He was spurred on by her constant moaning. With her legs high, his weight bending her almost in half, her big tits shook and her mouth hung slackly so that she issued a constant stream of sound. But Tim knew each time she climaxed from the sudden increase in the noise from her church-going mouth.

Not to mention the spasming of her young cunt around his shaft. Summer was a hot one, indeed. And that was signal enough that Tim could unload. Like any young man he thought of sex as mostly about blasting his seed somewhere. With Summer’s warm cunt wrapped around his cock all he wanted was to empty his balls into her.

“My turn,” he grunted between thrusts into her soaking hole.

“Do it, Tim. Cum now. Cum for me.”

He’d never realised that women could find the male climax the most important part of fucking. But Summer already knew, after only a few times, the delicious triumph of a man flooding his seed into her body. And she thought it only right to tell a man exactly what she wanted.

She felt him thrusting still deeper. The tension in his muscles was obvious. And he was grunting in time with the movement of his hips. Summer was still new to the male orgasm but there was something instinctive and primal about a man blasting his seed inside her body. There was a mixture of relief and intense pleasure as the handsome Tim took his full pleasure from her young body.

Finally she lowered her legs and rested her hips with Tim lying on top of her. They both were still panting from their exertions. Each of them content in the afterglow of intense and forbidden sex. They almost cuddled, too young to really understand how to share the moment. But their coupling had involved not emotion but raw lust and each was pleased enough to have shared the act.

Summer was more interested in watching when Tim removed the condom. She was impressed by the contents — so much cum! In her mind it only proved that Tim was a real man. And to think that she had been the cause of such a flood. Summer was determined that this would not be the last time she had sex with Tim.

“I better get home,” she muttered to him. “Father will be upset if I am late.”

The evening concluded far quicker than Tim would have liked. But what the hell — it was his first fuck in months and what was more, he’d just screwed the boss’s eldest daughter.

“See you in the store,” he grinned.


Tim’s only regret about that first night with Summer was that she’d ended it so quickly. He understood the need to hide what they were doing from Mr Karlsson. Or perhaps her experience was limited to virgins who didn’t know how to cum twice with a woman.

The chance to do something about that happened quickly — when April knocked on his door the very next night.

“Its OK,” she told him. “Father thinks I’m visiting a friend from church.”

Her tight T-shirt accentuated her E-cups perfectly. She was wearing a bra but April knew how to make the most of her chunky, short body. Tim would have agreed she was not as beautiful as her sister but April was desirable in her own way. His cock told him so, reacting instantly. And there was no need to guess why she’d showed up.

“I don’t want you to get into any trouble,” he said. “And I don’t know what your sister would say if she knew.”

“Its OK. I know you’ve fucked Summer already,” was the breezy reply.

Tim didn’t bother to deny it this time. The idea didn’t seem to upset April. It made her more determined to have her turn with the handsome Tim. And neither would resist the chance. A sweet young virgin who was gagging for sex was an opportunity Tim would not miss. And when April put her hand over his crotch, rubbing his cock through his jeans, he was sure that this was the night.

“I brought condoms,” April told him. “Ultra thin. I hope I got it right.”

Tim silently smiled. It looked like this night would be his first time to experience a virgin. And in the bedroom April didn’t wait to undress. She went to her knees, extracting Tim’s seven inches of meat.

“Its so big,” she whispered in awe — since is was the first penis she’d seen in the flesh.

It went straight into her mouth, April trying to remember what she had learned from watching porn and from Tim’s previous tutoring. He was as impressed by her eagerness as her skills and his generous moans encouraged April to suck more and swallow as much of his hard shaft as she thought wise. She knew to stroke the base with one hand as that, too, had been the subject of much study. The same porn viewing had shown her it was normal for the man to gently hold her head and guide her mouth over his cock. It was exciting when Tim ran his fingers through her blonde hair and started to thrust gently.

April already knew that she wanted to try everything about sex. Which was just as well since Tim was concocting a plan. He knew that April was a virgin and way too willing. Likely she’d be willing to let him take the lead and he’d already decided how we would take advantage. He pulled April to her feet just long enough to strip her completely.

“You have great tits,” he told her.

April was proud of her breasts — even more so since Tim approved of them. It was a massive turn-on to have Tim hefting and massaging her E-cups. She responded with a soft moan, not knowing that Tim felt strongly that tits like hers should be enjoyed fully.

“What if we tried tit fucking?” he suggested.

She had no idea what that entailed but felt her breathing quicken as Tim positioned her, seated on the bed and facing him. April could hardly take her eyes off the hard, rampant cock. It stood so straight and tall. She saw the veins and ridges and the hairy sack hanging underneath. So much for her to explore.

He thought the same about her breasts. Tim had never had his hands on a pair as big and juicy. They were soft and yet so firm with almost no hint of sag. That was the wonder of young, juicy women. They fit so easily around his cock and Tim added some saliva to help things along. He started to thrust, clumsily at first. That hardly mattered. Her huge tits were just as virginal as the rest of April and Tim felt his cock grow even harder as he took advantage of the willing blonde.

April moaned louder as Tim squeezed her tits around his hard meat. It was exciting to have her body used for pleasure.

“It feels so sexy,” April sighed to him.

She wanted to please Tim. He seemed to her a worldly man and April wanted him to give her everything that would make her a real woman. Having his cock thrusting between her breasts was a wonderful new experience. She delighted at the way the head of his penis seemed ready to burst from between her big boobs. Looking down she saw the clear fluid leaking from the tip of his cock.

“What’s that?”

“Pre-cum,” he grunted between strokes. “Cos your tits feel so good.”

April smiled at that. She knew just enough to realise that Tim was ready for fucking. And April was even more ready than he was. She did not want to wait.

“I want you inside me, Tim. Please can we have sex?”

And she meant it. April was determined to give her virginity to Tim. She’d strained against her religious upbringing, wondering when she might have an opportunity to give her all to the right man.

“Lie down,” he urged her gently. “Let me make sure you are wet enough.” And when April gave him a quizzical look he reassured her. “Oral sex… you know, eating your pussy.”

In a flash she splayed her young legs for him, not caring that a man could see her bare vagina and perhaps even smell her arousal. Being eaten had been a serious fantasy for a long time.

Tim did not disappoint either. The chubby virgin could not quite believe the exquisite pleasure of this once taboo act, writhing and crying out while Tim licked her entrance and lapped at her stony hard clitoris. Oral alone made the wait worthwhile and April knew then that she’d always want sex and that she would always need a man who would so willingly eat her out. She wasn’t even sure when Tim had stopped, wondering if she had lost consciousness owing to the incredible, powerful orgasms he had provided.

“Now you,” she murmured. “I want to give you something. And I really need you inside me.”

Wanting to ensure Tim would give what she craved, April took him in her mouth once again. She knew this foreplay would make Tim determined to thrust himself into her hungry entrance. He reached for the condoms and gave April one last chance to back out.

“Fuck me. Tim,” she told him straight. “Don’t make me wait any longer.”

She was tight but his cock slid easily past her entrance. Tim tried to appreciate what he was doing. His was the first cock to probe this cunt and April would never be the same again — no longer a virginal “good girl”. But he was distracted by the delightful moans of April at last getting the fucking she craved so much. The thought of taking a man inside her was almost as good as the physical experience of penetration. His hard, thick cock opened her entrance in the most wonderful way and April heard herself make a new, strange sound.

“Are you OK?” Tim asked.

“Yes. Sweet Mary, don’t stop,” she groaned.

Having Tim’s body above hers was as dream made real, his muscled arms holding his weight as she finally committed that beautiful, intimate act. His penis felt better than she’d imagined. It fit so perfectly inside her despite her silly fears. She could feel him open and stretch her as his meaty phallus plunged into her depths. She was ready for him to really thrust into her as she’d imagined so often while pleasuring herself.

“You’re tight,” he muttered. “I can’t get it all in.”

“Fuck me hard, Tim,” she urged him. “Just go deep. It won’t hurt.”

Hearing that, Tim realised that the young virgin underneath him still was intact. How foolish of him. He tried to ram forward and just like that he buried his thick cock into her cunt. April felt the small tearing and grimaced for a second. But Tim was deep inside her and the pain was bettered by knowing she was now a real woman.

“Don’t stop,” she breathed to him. “Do whatever you want now.”

It took only a few more thrusts from Tim for April to start cumming. She almost regretted having waited yet she was thrilled to be experiencing sex with the handsome Tim. He seemed to know exactly what to do. His firm thrusting made her breasts bounce in a lewd way and it excited her to have her body so out of control. The feeling of his penis was indescribable and she thought it must be God’s will that such a mature, experienced man would be her first.

Tim enjoyed his first virgin fuck very much. There was no pressure on him and April’s cunt felt as good as any of the few he’d experienced. She’d given permission to fuck her hard and deep and he’d succeeded in making her blue-veined E-cups shake and bounce. And there was no mistaking her pleasure as she cried out orgasm after orgasm. Were all religious bitches so hot?

“Cum, Tim. Cum,” she cried out, eager to reward him

He had no reason to miss the opportunity. April was not as pretty as her sister but very hot and sexy in her own way. Her sister — what man got to fuck two sisters on consecutive nights? He’d already gotten his rocks off the previous night so why hold back now? He felt his balls boiling as he thought more about spewing his semen into April’s tight hole. Her tits were really bouncing as he began to pound into her.

“Gonna cum inside you.”

“Yes, Tim. Yes… ooohhhh…”

Tim let his lust overflow at that moment. He knew he was slamming harder into the once virginal hole. His cock was pulsing as jet after jet of semen flowed into the condom. And he was grunting loudly, pleased to show his own passion as he lay on top of April and took all the pleasure he could from her juicy body. She felt the triumph of a man unleashing his load inside her vagina.