Helping the Elderly Ch. 03

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Helping the Elderly Ch. 03This is a continuation of the original story without any recaps. Read “Helping the Elderly Chapters I and II” to get the full story from the beginning.*****”Darlin,’ I need to run an errand before we head on to your house.””Okay, Harry. Where do you need to go?””We need to stop by the Walmart pharmacy to pick up a prescription.””Alight. I will wait in the car. I can’t go in looking like this.”Tracy loved dressing like a slut for Harry, but wasn’t about to parade her body around in public. She looked down at her clothes, the skin-tight orange T-shirt, white booty shorts that showed just enough ass, and white pump sandals; all would cause quite a stir if she were seen in public.”You’re going in with me. You need to get used to dressing like this all the time we are together. Understand?”Harry was serious. Tracy’s nipples got hard in reaction to her being aroused by Harry’s demands. ‘Oh my God! What if someone I know sees me? What will people think of me in these clothes, walking around with an old black man? Why does this turn me on?’ She thought of several scenarios as she continued to drive to the local Walmart.Tracy smiled to herself as she parked the car. She was nervous and wet and horny and felt like she was about to carry out a dare in a teenager’s “Truth or Dare” game. She couldn’t stop thinking about how out of character it was for her to dress like this and be seen by so many people.Harry got out of the car and waited for Tracy to come around and take his arm. Once she took his arm, they started the walk into the store. Tracy immediately felt exposed. Harry walked fairly slowly, but even at a slow stroll, she felt her tits bounce and jiggle under the thin shirt. She felt a little humiliated at having to show her body in public as she was doing. Two large Latino men walking out of the store actually stopped and stared blatantly at her as she walked arm-in-arm with Harry. They made cat calls to her before they continued on their way. The attention they gave to her made her feel like she was going to explode! Tracy was discovering that dressing this way turned her on.”Oh my God, Harry. Are you sure you want me to go in with you like this?””You have a smoking hot body, Tracy. And you being dressed like this shows that you are willing to please me. You are dressed to service me. You need to get used to it because this is how I want you from now on.” Harry said this her in a very matter-of-fact way.Tracy loved being claimed by Harry. It made her moist, aroused her, and caused her to feel sexy, although she still had to deal with her feeling of being embarrassed while dressed this way in Walmart.The two continued their slow approach into the store. Tracy was trying to get Harry to pick up the pace. She felt like she was basically dressed in lingerie and wanted to walk at least a little faster to get this over with, but Harry was a very slow walker and she was forced to adjust her stride in order to stay with him.Harry and Tracy walked into the store together, as a couple, being seen for the very first time in public. The greeter at the entrance to the store was so shocked at the sight of the couple, and at what Tracy had on, that he forgot to greet them. The senior Walmart employee stood with his mouth open as he watched what appeared to be a whore escort an old black man through the front door.As they continued walking, Tracy held on to Harry’s arm as they made their way past a middle-aged man who stopped just to ogle her. Two teenaged boys grabbed their crotches and stared at Tracy as she passed by. They followed for a bit until they noticed that she was with Harry. An older woman scowled at her. She was making quite the commotion on what would normally be an ordinary day at the discount store.Tracy’s nipples shown through her top and the natural shape of her breasts was apparent underneath. All of this attention was getting Harry turned on as well. He finally had something everyone wanted. Tracy saw their reflection in a mirror and about had an orgasm. There was no question that when someone looked at Harry and her that they could determine that the two were having sex. This excited Tracy.Harry stood in line at the prescription counter behind two other people. His Viagra had run out and he had his doctor call in a new prescription. His doctor also warned him about his increase in sexual activity combined with too frequent use of the d**g. As he approached seventy-nine, an active sex life was a wonderful boon. Having sex with Tracy was another matter altogether; she could be dangerous to his health.Tracy was waiting for Harry in the vitamin section. She had only been browsing for a moment and already had a man strike up a conversation with her. Harry watched how she reacted. She seemed to feel obligated to talk to the tall white man who looked to be in his twenties. The handsome brown-haired man took off his sunglasses to get a better look at Tracy and stared at her tits while he asked her questions about whether she was here with anyone and if she was attached or not. Harry smiled as he saw her innocent, naïve personality come through as she spoke with the stranger. She was a classic submissive and had taken to this new role quickly.The two left Walmart with Harry’s Viagra and started back to Tracy’s house.In the car Tracy thought ‘That was exciting!’ She found that after the trip to Walmart was over, she actually liked showing her body off. She liked the attention she got from men. Harry reached over and slipped his hand between her legs and felt that she was wet. Harry smiled.As they entered her house, Tracy saw that Jim wasn’t home, and Harry had said he needed a nap so she settled him into bed in the guest room by the pool and went into the den to straighten up. Jim had left it a mess.She noticed Jim’s laptop open and decided to see if he had anything on it that might explain his recent change in behaviors. She found a camera app that was connected to a remote camera that was already set up in the pool area. It was aimed near the shallow end overlooking the patio furniture. She found this a very interesting development but nothing of any interest other than this was on his desktop files. Then she opened his browser history. Tracy’s eyes grew wide with what she discovered. Jim’s browser history revealed dozens of Internet addresses for porn sites. She saw titles like “Wives Gone Black,” “Interracial Threesomes,” “Black Dick/White Wives,” “Amateur Wives,” and several visits to a site called “Cuckold Living.”Tracy had never heard of the word “cuckold” before but learned quite a bit by visiting the site. She read that the term had to do with husbands who actually liked their wives to cheat on them while they watched. She found this to be a bizarre topic and read more. Through his history, she was able to read several posts that he made to the message board that were connected to an advertisement he posted that seemed to be looking for a sex partner for Tracy.The original ad read:”Hot wife with big tits needs black bull for regular fucking while husband watches.”There were three responses asking for pictures from what she guessed were interested black men.Tracy continued her investigation and visited some of the specific pages that Jim frequented just to see what exactly he was into. She saw videos of white women having sex with well-hung black men, but what was different about these videos from those she saw on Harry’s computer was the presence of what appeared to be a husband in all of the scenes. In each one, she saw a white male either sitting off in the corner, or taking videos and pictures of his wife having sex with a black man while a stationary camera recorded the action. In some scenes, the husband was naked and jacking off, in others, he was fully clothed. In nearly all of the scenes she watched, she noticed the wife was pretty much ignoring the husband and having sex with the black man.Tracy closed the browser and left the computer as she found it. She sat thinking about Jim’s behavior over this past week: the sexy clothes he purchased for her, the bathing suits, his enthusiasm about Harry (whereas there was only indifference before). He seemed to be changing right before her very eyes. This made her even more curious about her husband.Tracy went upstairs and found her own laptop, then sat on a lounge chair by the pool and continued her research. She found the idea of Jim watching her as she had sex with a well-endowed black man, or any other man for that matter, to be deeply exciting. She watched several cuckold videos paying particular attention to the husband and what he was doing in the scene. She discovered that of all the variations in the individual sets, she enjoyed the scenes where the husband was naked, but not participating in the sex the most.Watching the videos made her intensely horny. She checked in on Harry who was snoring, so she decided she would change into a miniskirt with no panties and return to her cuckold investigation. Her plan was to play with herself as she watched.Tracy made herself comfortable on the padded lounge chair and watched more videos. In one particular video, the camera, which must have been placed on a tripod, captured footage of a woman standing between a black man and her white husband. The wife was holding the huge black dick in one hand, and with her index finger and thumb was holding the tiny penis of her husband in the other. This aroused Tracy very much as it reminded her of the contrast in size between Jim and Harry. As the scene continued, the wife rejected the husband and told him to sit in the corner while she sucked the huge black cock right in front of him. Tracy was rubbing her sopping wet pussy frantically while watching this scene. The black stud in the video tossed the wife on the bed and began licking her pussy while the wife sucked his cock in what Tracy assumed was a “sixty-nine” position. Tracy’s body shook in a very powerful and satisfying orgasm as a result of watching this video.She wanted to see more. In another video, Tracy saw a well-hung white husband take photos of his wife having sex with a young black man. This was interesting to Tracy because the white husband had a huge penis, even larger than the black man having sex with his wife. She continued watching and realized that there must be something about seeing a black man with their white wives that was a turn on for these husbands. It apparently was not entirely about penis size either, at least not in every situation.Tracy began visualizing what it would be like to have Jim in the same room as Harry and her. She couldn’t get past the point of the three of them being in the same room because Jim just never struck her as a sexual person, at least not the type to have a threesome or anything. She couldn’t imagine he would be okay being compared to a monster cock like Harry’s. Who would? Even a man with eight or nine inches would feel self-conscious standing next to Harry and Jim was a long way from eight or nine inches!The sound of the garage door being opened prompted Tracy to close the computer and get up from her chair. After a moment, she heard the familiar sound of the kitchen door opening and Jim’s voice.”Hello?” Jim was coming in with a few shopping bags.”Hi, Honey.” Tracy gave Jim a polite kiss on the cheek. “What have you been up to?” She asked.”Oh, just a little shopping. Is Harry here?” He asked.”Yes, he’s taking a nap.”Tracy was now better able to understand Jim’s new-found interest in Harry, and his recent purchase of sexy clothing. Her afternoon of research provided a great deal of insight into her husband’s sexuality and his new fetish. Tracy suspected that the new camera was installed near the pool to take hidden camera pictures of her.’Maybe I will give Jim a little show and see how he likes it?’ She smiled a devious smile. She rather liked the idea of playing exhibitionist to her voyeur husband.As Tracy went into the guest room to check on Harry, Jim went to the den and opened the camera app on his laptop. He went back out to the pool to quietly make some adjustments, then went back into the den again.’The picture is so clear!’ He thought. Jim was pleased with is new camera set up. He couldn’t wait to see his wife and Harry interact in the pool.Harry was awake. Tracy laid out the swimsuit for him as he used the restroom. It was a red Speedo swimsuit that was what an Olympic swimmer might wear.’So this is what Jim bought for Harry…interesting.’ Tracy thought. She held it up.’Wow! That’s a small suit for Harry. He’s going to look huge in that little thing!’ She took delight in her new understanding of Jim and how it translated to this funny bathing suit.”Here, put this on.” Tracy tossed the suit to Harry who just walked back into the room.Harry looked at the suit and said “This isn’t going to work, it’s too revealing.” Harry was smiling at the bathing suit thinking how it would barely hide his package. He actually thought Tracy was messing with him.”Try it on, Harry. For me, please?” Tracy wanted to see how his gigantic penis looked in the swimsuit.”Alright, Darlin,’ anything for you!” Harry went into the restroom to change into his suit. Tracy went upstairs and put on one of the news bikinis that Jim bought for her yesterday.She had difficulty arranging the panels of fabric and figuring out what part was the top and what was the bottom. When she finally got everything in place, she walked over to the mirror.The yellow suit barely covered her pussy and exposed all of her ass in back, save for narrow band of fabric between her cheeks. The top covered her nipples, but that was about it. The bathing suit was very sexy. It was something that, prior to Harry, she would have never even considered wearing, and were it not for her discovery on Jim’s laptop earlier, she would have never understood why he would buy her such a suit to begin with. She didn’t feel very comfortable in the suit. Now that she was so used to being nude around Harry, the suit was much more than she would be wearing in the pool otherwise.Harry walked through the open French doors to the covered pool area and sat down on a patio chair. Tracy could tell immediately that the swimsuit showed his massive bulges off in a way that was actually more indecent than if he had just been naked. She became excited.Tracy checked on Jim, and seeing that he was on his computer in the den, she joined Harry by the pool. Knowing that Jim could see and hear all that the couple did and said, she reached her hand out and helped Harry up and started her show for Jim. If her conclusions about her husband were correct, this would be a life-changing experience for the two of them.In the den, Jim was anxiously awaiting Tracy and Harry to use the pool for Harry’s therapy.’Oh, wow! The picture is so sharp! Look at Tracy’s tits in that sexy swimsuit!’ Jim was very pleased with his camera.By the pool, Tracy saw Harry’s bathing suit for the first time. “Oh my God. Harry! Look at your penis!””I know; can you believe it fit in this thing? Jim can’t see me in this. No way, no how.” He shook his head. “He would never let me around you again.””Don’t worry about Jim. You just follow my lead and act naturally.” Tracy smiled.She then reached down and began stroking Harry’s flaccid dick through the smooth material. She had Harry stand up and angle toward where the “hidden” camera was pointed. Even when soft, Harry’s cock looked gargantuan. It lay horizontal to his body about seven inches across his groin area…and it was soft. Its thickness made it bulge out away from his body. Tracy thought it was a sexy package to be sure.”It looks delicious, Daddy.” She had a look of intense longing on her face that Harry loved to see.Jim couldn’t believe what he was watching. His hot wife in a next-to-nothing bikini, reached down and was fondling the enormously endowed black man who barely fit in his swimsuit. He sat in his den absolutely stunned. His heart raced, his body tingled, he felt awake, alive, and very sexual. He had never felt this stimulated before. This was his new d**g.Jim quickly got his hard little cock out and started stroking it. He saw Harry enter the pool area before Tracy. He zoomed the camera in to his crotch area and stared. ‘No fucking way. What in the hell is he packing under that suit?!’ Jim had never seen a bulge like that. Before he could adjust to Harry, Tracy entered the field of vision and looked straight at Harry’s crotch.It was immediately apparent that this wasn’t the first time his wife and the black man had been familiar with one another. Jim realized this by their body language; the two were very physical and had been together sexually prior to this. Jim couldn’t believe his wife was already well on her way to being a black cock slut.Jim felt turned on like never before, he had an orgasm within seconds of seeing his beautiful wife and mother of his two c***dren reaching out and touching a black man’s cock. He was also apprehensive. At that moment, at least to him, their relationship had completely changed. He knew that he would never be the same again and he wondered what was in store for the two of them.Tracy was fondling Harry’s cock through the suit. She was smiling. She could almost feel Jim’s eyes on her. Jim watched his wife kneel before the giant cock, pull the red trunks down and begin taking the hanging mass of meat into her mouth. She was using her free hand to play with his enormous balls.Jim continued to stroke his little penis and came again. ‘Oh my God. This is too much!’ He said to himself.He couldn’t get over the recent turn of events. Thinking back, he thought that perhaps he had subconsciously picked up on a sexual vibe between the two a few days ago, and maybe this fueled his new fetish, but he didn’t really know for certain, until now, that there was something sexual between them. What he did know was that it turned him on to see his wife with another man. His arousal was so complete, that he felt little jealousy at all. The fact that the man was black, and that he happened to also be well endowed, made the situation all the more outrageous, and stimulating for him.Tracy knew that Harry did not feel comfortable enough to cum from her blow job, not with Jim at home, but she just couldn’t keep her mouth off of that beautiful cock. She had another reason for sucking Harry’s dick. She wanted to work it up to full erection so that she could show it off to her husband, whom she was nearly positive was watching every move she made from his laptop in the den.Tracy had Harry turned sideways before the small, hidden camera to give Jim a profile of the foot-long monster. She was alternating sucking and stroking and became so turned on by her staged scene that she wanted to cum right there. She felt like she was a porn star in a private movie.Jim had jacked himself off to yet another orgasm and had his phone out to take pictures of the action on his laptop screen (he didn’t know how to record on his new camera app yet). His eyes were filled with lust. He felt new levels of sexual excitement that he never knew possible take him over in waves. He never wanted this to end.”Cum for me baby!” Tracy encouraged Harry.”I don’t think I can. Your husband might come out at any moment.” He reminded her.Tracy had decided that she wasn’t going to tell Harry about Jim watching. In fact, she wasn’t going to let Jim know that she had discovered his camera either. Instead, she visualized a situation where she could use both men to achieve a sexual gratification that she had only now been made aware of. She felt much better about having sex with a well-endowed man like Harry knowing that her husband not only approved, but wanted to watch. And she didn’t feel like she was cheating when her husband condoned the sexual activity. She was afraid that if Harry knew that Jim was watching that he wouldn’t want to have sex anywhere near where Jim might be able to see.Tracy continued her effort to persuade. “He is busy, Harry. Besides, we can hear the den door open. Don’t worry, he doesn’t suspect a thing.”Tracy’s reassurance must have helped Harry because in no time she felt his penis become fully erect.Tracy’s mouth was latched onto the giant knob of a cock as her hands pumped the huge black shaft. Using the saliva from her blow job, she coated her hands and was using slow, deep strokes on him. She was moaning and making loud sucking noises on his dick. Harry felt light headed and noticed her serious, focused effort. ‘Tracy is really going after it today,’ he thought. And she was.Tracy loudly gasped for air as she came up from his dick and spoke to Harry: “Come on Daddy. Cum for me baby.” She then returned to her noisy and wet blow job. She was reminded that it was work to give Harry a blow job.Jim had to turn the volume down on his computer due to the loud noises Tracy was making on Harry’s cock. He was surprised at how well his wife could suck such a giant dick and wondered how many times had she given the old black man a blow job. This was definitely a side of his wife he had never seen before.Harry loved how she was becoming an accomplished slut. Her high-pitched voice tekirdağ escort and her desire to please combined for a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Harry. And it was happening whenever he wanted it, and sometimes even when he didn’t. He looked down on her as she worked his dick. Blonde hair down at shoulder’s length, her bright, blue eyes staring up at him, her full breasts rocking in motion from her dedicated cock-sucking. It was too much for him to hold out for any length of time. Harry loved to be dominant, but in reality he was putty in her hands. Of course, he could never let her know that.Tracy kept sucking and stroking like some sort of cock sucking machine until Harry felt the beginning of an orgasm. It swelled within him until: “Hmm…oh…Damn…!” Harry was trying to keep quiet since Jim was not too far off.Tracy felt it boiling up from his loins. She adjusted her position and began to draw from his cock. Sucking now to get all of Harry’s cum, she sucked and pulled, stroked and coaxed his dick relentlessly. The first rush of cum eased into her mouth and slid, far too quickly for her to taste it, down her throat. She collected the next two shots of hot cum into her mouth so she could enjoy his taste more fully. ‘So good.’ She thought. Her stroking subsided as the flow of semen ended.Harry strained to catch his breath. “Oh, now, Girl. That was alright.” He smiled down at her and walked down into the pool to cool off..Tracy hoped that Jim had seen the blow job she had just given to Harry because she thought it was one of her best. She made sure she had performed in full view of the camera so he would have been able to see everything.Jim was now sweating and panting in the den. His pants were completely off, his little penis looked like a small worm retreating into his nest of public hair. He had cum so many times that his last two orgasms didn’t even produce any semen. He had cum three times before Tracy even put Harry in her mouth! Never had he seen anything that hot in his life. It was a whirlwind of sexual stimulation, emotion, lust, and even a little jealousy. He had a total of six mind-blowing orgasms in pretty rapid succession. He would have never guessed it could be possible for him to be so turned on.After her blow job, Tracy followed Harry into the pool and relaxed in the water. She thought to herself about her need to have sex and that, while she thoroughly enjoyed pleasing Harry, he did not satisfy her directly. Nearly all of her orgasms were due to her touching herself. She wanted Harry to go down on her, to eat her pussy and at least reciprocate.Tracy had Harry lie down in the guest room on the massage table that had recently been delivered. Despite her present blossoming into a cock slut, she still believed Harry needed massages for his circulation. Harry wasn’t going to reveal that he invented his ailment for fear she may not be as likely to visit him in the future.Tracy grabbed a bottle of baby oil and then laid his towel across his midsection. She began to give him a thorough rub down: legs, arms, chest, back, his whole body. Her massage was a sincere effort to help Harry and a way to encourage Jim to come out and say hello. Harry fell asleep as she was rubbing his body.After the massage, Harry and Tracy went into the pool and swam for a bit until Harry became tired and asked to go home. Disappointed and ready for more sex, Tracy reluctantly agreed to drive him home.Jim came out and said good bye to Harry just before they left. Tracy thought Jim seemed tired, like he had been working out. He smiled and shook Harry’s hand, then went back into the den and continued to toy with his new camera. He just learned how to use its motion detection and record feature that allowed recording every time there was movement in front of the camera.As they drove Harry home he commented: “I’m not comfortable with Jim being home when I am at your house.””Harry, he doesn’t care about what I do. That’s why I started volunteering in the first place. I was bored! I think it will be good for us to spend some time at the house while he is there at some point during the week. It may put him at ease to see me actually helping you.”Harry understood her point, but didn’t like having sex with Tracy when Jim was in the same house.Tracy kissed Harry good bye and returned home where she and Jim watched TV and ate a salad before going to sleep. There was no more talk about Harry for the rest of the night.*****The next morning, Tracy sent Jim on his way to work and dressed in a light blue min-skirt with a low-cut white blouse. She wore one of her push-up bras and zebra patterned four-inch heels. She put her hair up in a ponytail and applied her make up. Looking at herself in the mirror she saw a changed woman. Once modest and practical, she was now dressed for sex. She felt a warmth in the knowledge that Harry wanted her to be dressed this way. She felt a sexual high thinking about serving his needs and especially his huge cock. She also was turned on by how people reacted to her yesterday at Walmart and decided she wanted more of that kind of attention. She liked showing off.Her conscience felt a little better knowing that Jim was sexually stimulated by her cheating on him, though she was not going to let him know she knew this anytime soon.It was a little after eleven o’clock by the time she managed to call Harry.”Are you up, baby?” Tracy always called Harry before she set out to his house.”Hello sexy! Yes, I’m up. I’m dressed and relaxing. I’m waiting for you to get over here and work your magic!””Oh, I’m sorry, Harry! I’ll be right there. Do you need anything?””Just you and your sexy body!” He teased.”On my way!” She ended the call and made her way to his house.Tracy pulled into Harry’s driveway and immediately notice there were several cars parked nearby that normally would not be there at this time of day. It looked as though Harry had company.Not knowing what to expect, she cautiously let herself in the house and closed the door quietly behind her. The house was dark so Tracy approached slowly as she walked to the entrance of the living room. The room was filled with the sounds of a woman having sex. Tracy strained her eyes and could barely make out a few of Harry’s friends in the darkness. It looked like Roger was the only one she recognized. The volume was so loud that no one heard her come in. She stood back away from the room and watched the flat screen TV to see what was playing.It was a porn video. Tracy watched, glued to where she stood as a big-busted white woman with long blonde hair was having sex with what looked like four or five black men with enormous penises. The woman was riding one of the men who was seated on a couch in the middle of a nicely furnished living room. She was sucking a black man who was standing behind the couch, and she was jacking off two black men, one in each hand who were standing next to the one receiving the blow job behind the couch. She became excited almost instantly.Tracy’s pussy was dripping wet as she immediately imagined herself as the lucky woman getting used by those black cocks. She reached down and rubbed her bare pussy and shuddered. ‘I’m wet and I’m very horny.’ She also reminded herself that she didn’t have an orgasm yesterday.Tracy should have been afraid to be alone with what looked like four men watching pornography of this nature, two of whom she had never met. Instead, she became aroused. Very aroused. After watching for a few minutes, she decided to enter.”Hello, gentlemen.” She greeted the men who were unaware she had been in the room.The men turned around and looked at Tracy with smiling faces.”Harry, look at this!” It was Roger who was sitting closest to where Tracy was standing.Harry got up from his chair. “There she is! Come on in, Darlin!”Tracy entered the room in her slutty clothes she had put on just for Harry and stood next to the TV. All eyes were on her and she loved it. She stuck her chest out and looked at Harry for direction.”Gentlemen, this is Tracy. She’s the young lady I was telling you about earlier.”A round of “Hello, Tracy” was repeated several times.Harry continued. “Tracy this is Roger, whom you’ve already met.” Roger gave a mini salute with his hand. “How are you doing, sexy?””Hi Roger.” Tracy smiled in return. She was a little embarrassed since the last time she saw him she had Harry’s cock in her mouth.”This is Jeremy, a buddy from my trade school days.””Nice to meet you, Tracy.” He smiled. Jeremy had gray hair on the sides of his head and was bald on top, he was skinny and had a lot of wrinkles on his face, probably from too much sun, Tracy guessed. He looked friendly.”Nice to meet you, Jeremy!” She said.”This young man is Wallace. He’s a carpenter that used to work for me.”Wallace nodded his head and looked Tracy up and down, he was muscular and handsome. His face was smooth with few wrinkles or blemishes. His neck was thick and he looked like a bull. She thought he looked to be in his thirties.”Wallace.” Tracy thought Wallace was handsome, but also a little dangerous looking.”Nice meeting all of you!” Tracy looked at all three. Her nipples were so hard they ached. She was also dripping wet and remembered that she didn’t have any panties on.The three men on the couch scooted over and tried to get Tracy to sit in between them, but Tracy opted to walk over to Harry sitting in his chair and sat on his lap.”Harry, you didn’t tell me you had company.” Tracy continued to look at the three men.”Well, we were talking about you on the phone and I told them you would be over today. I thought it would be a good time to introduce you.”Tracy smiled at Harry, then turned to look at the men. She was sitting on Harry’s lap and was facing the direction of the men on the couch. Harry’s hand was on her legs and her already short skirt was nearly at her waist. If she spread her legs even slightly, they would be able to see her pussy. She was teasing them by opening her legs a little, then closing them, as if she wasn’t paying attention.All three men stared lustfully at Tracy. It soon became obvious that Harry had shared details about the nature of their relationship with them. A fact that excited Tracy very much.The video on the TV was paused to a still shot of the woman’s back. You could see a giant cock coming out of her pussy with the three men facing her from behind the couch situated in the middle of the room. Tracy wasn’t used to such a public display of sexuality and having other men around when she was feeling and looking so sexual. There was a surreal quality to the situation she suddenly found herself in.She turned to look at the TV and teased “You men shouldn’t be watching such things! You are naughty!” Tracy looked at Harry, kissed his forehead and smiled.”Well, to be honest, I was telling my friends here about how you have helped me and how you seem very comfortable around black men. The topic of interracial relations came up and we were talking about how you don’t seem to be racist at all.””Well of course I’m not, Silly.” Tracy smiled at them all in turn.Harry was going on, explaining how they all came to be at his house watching interracial porn but then Wallace interrupted.”All white girls are racist. She’s just nice to you, Harry.” Wallace shook his head smiling.Jeremy then added “Wallace is right. I’m going on sixty and I never had a white girl even so much as look in my direction, let alone be interested in me.””That’s because you’re ugly.” Roger said laughing. Harry pointed at Roger in recognition of his joke.Jeremy continued. “She’s getting paid by that Senior Citizen Center. That’s who she’s working for.”Tracy’s face turned red. “How could you think I’m racist? Just because I’m a white woman you think I’m racist? And paid to volunteer? That doesn’t even make sense!”The men really got Tracy’s dander up. “I am NOT a racist.” She insisted.She looked at Harry “Aren’t you going to say anything, Harry?””There’s a reason they feel that way, Darlin. Maybe you need to prove them wrong.” Harry was toying with her.”Well, I’m sorry you all feel that way. I know you will like me once you get to know me.”Tracy calmed down a little as she thought about the fact that they may not have had many good experiences with white women. She was determined to show them how un-racist she could be.Changing the subject, Wallace said “Start that bad boy back up, Harry.” He pointed at the TV.”I don’t know if that would be proper.” Harry looked at Tracy.The last thing Tracy wanted to do was give the men any reason to dislike her. Besides, she wanted to see the movie and how the men reacted to the scene.”I’m okay with that. You can push play.” Tracy noticed the expression on their faces. The three looked at each other, then Harry. They liked her answer.Harry picked up the remote and pushed play. The action resumed. Almost immediately, Harry started caressing Tracy’s legs. He smelled her hair and rubbed his hand over her breasts giving them a full squeeze. Tracy spread her legs slightly to let his hands caress her thighs. Jeremy was watching from the corner of his eye as she revealed her wet, blonde snatch.Tracy looked on as the woman on the screen sucked a huge cock while simultaneously stroking the two other men. Tracy knew that by her being there while these men watched this obscene display that she was agreeing with what was happening, at least at some level. She also realized that it may be suggested that she mimic this scene with Harry and his friends. The strange thing was that she never thought about leaving. If Harry wanted her to stay, then she would stay. There was something else at work in her. For the first time she recognized that she was very attracted to black men in general, and not just Harry.Jeremy said, referring to the video, “Wow! She’s coordinated.” The others moaned their approval. The men were moving their attention from the hot video to Tracy’s hot body being handled by Harry. She had her legs spread to allow his hands to tweak her clit and massage her slippery lips.Tracy was watching the video, but also had her eyes on the men. They were shifting in their seats. She noticed that they all had significant bulges in their pants and were rubbing themselves.Wallace asked Harry: “Is it cool, Harry? Can I…?””Yeah, it’s cool.” Harry responded.”Is what cool?” Tracy asked Harry quietly.”Wallace wants to jack off.” Harry whispered back.”Fuck yeah.” Wallace stood up and unzipped his pants. Pulled them down and got his cock out.Tracy immediately looked at Wallace as he stood up, then her eyes were directed down at his crotch.”Oh my God.” She looked at Wallace’s now exposed cock, it looked at least as big as Harry’s, only much more attractive. She admired his prodigious member and looked at him with a new appreciation. She made eye contact, smiled and looked back down at his enormous cock, then back up at his eyes. She couldn’t have looked sexier in that moment. She made no effort to be discrete while she was checking out his package.”Sit down, Wallace. You’re blocking my view!” Jeremy tried to look around Wallace to see the action on the screen. Wallace sat back down on the couch clutching his huge cock.Everyone continued to watch the hot video as the hung black men on the screen fucked the sexy white woman. Tracy had a hard time watching the movie with Wallace stroking his cock. She was mostly staring at his dick and he was mostly staring at her. She even spread her legs a little more for him. It was obvious to all what was going on between the two.”Excuse me for a minute.” Tracy said as she got up to use the restroom. As she was getting up, Jeremy said “I’m taking mine out too. I hope you don’t mind, little lady.” He looked at Tracy.Tracy looked at Jeremy and just smiled. The men all groaned in reaction to Tracy’s silent permission. Jeremy, Harry, and Roger all began taking their cocks out.Tracy went to the restroom and used a wash cloth and warm water to wipe her pussy. She was soaking wet and getting a little sticky. Although she hadn’t been doing anything physical, she was out of breath. She felt like she was high or light headed. As if she were watching herself from the outside. All those black men in Harry’s living room really got her heart pumping and her juices flowing! The video served as an outline for what she believed all the men wanted. She was watching the video as if it were a “How-to” guide for having sex with more than one man. Before she met Harry, she never had even imagined having sex with other men, let alone more than one man, now she’s in a situation where she could easily have sex with four, well-hung black men, and by the look of things, that’s exactly where it was going.Tracy knew that when she went back out into the living room that they would all most likely be masturbating. She also knew that she had never felt both so turned on and afraid at the same time. She ultimately decided that she was not going to have sex with the men. Not because she didn’t want to, but simply because she didn’t have the first clue as to what to do. She felt totally unprepared and she didn’t know what Harry wanted or what his motives were in this situation. Even if she did know what to do, she didn’t know those men well enough to trust that they would be gentle enough for her.She composed herself and went back out into the living room. She was prepared to tell them all no. ‘They can masturbate if they wanted to, but I’m not going to help…and they sure aren’t going to fuck me.’ She resolved.”Here she comes!” Wallace was keeping an eye out for Tracy as she came out of the bathroom.While she was in the restroom, the four men were watching the video and working their cocks up to their fully erect state. They all had their pants not down at the ankles, as Tracy would have imagined, but completely off. They were all well-endowed, especially when compared to Jim, but Wallace was the only one in the same “epic” category that Harry belonged to. His penis must have been over twelve inches, and thick, but differed from Harry’s in that it was shinier and smoother. It was a sexier looking penis, she thought. Wallace was younger and his cock reflected this fact. Tracy wondered what it would be like having sex with a younger black man. Most likely, he wouldn’t get tired like Harry, and he would probably want to do it more often. She was dripping wet again at the thought of having sex with Wallace.Tracy walked back into the living room and saw that all the men were stroking enormous erections. They were standing now. Close to the couch and watching the movie. Harry was standing in front of his recliner stroking his cock. It was an intimidating sight. When she came into the room, Harry turned the TV off. Tracy was now the only entertainment the horny men had. It was a strange, yet exciting scene to see all those black cocks out, and all the men looking at her so lustfully. She felt so desired! She wondered how in the world she was going to get out of this situation without having to have sex with all of them.”Oh…wow!” Was all she could think to say. Tracy carefully walked around the men so as not to touch any one of them and sat down on the padded ottoman in front of Harry near the middle of the living room. She was still thinking that she was not going to have sex with any of these men…even Harry. She wasn’t sure how to proceed. She was ignoring the fact that she was turned on like never before, and although she said she wasn’t going to have sex with any one of the men, it didn’t even cross her mind that she should probably leave.Wallace was the first to speak. “Come on baby, come on over here and play with my dick.”Tracy looked at Wallace’s insanely big cock and smiled but said nothing.”I told you she was racist, Harry.” They all laughed.Tracy felt she had to respond. “How can I be racist if I am currently helping a black man and his medical issues? I could have easily chosen to help a white man instead.” She shook her head not realizing that Wallace was trying to bait her into touching him.Wallace continued. “I didn’t say that you don’t like Harry. I’m just saying that you don’t like black men in general. You’re racist.”Wallace shrugged his shoulders. Tracy didn’t get much eye contact from him as he was focused on her breasts. There was a strong, palpable sexual tension between the two of them.”Harry told us he is your first black lover. I think that’s just because he has a big dick. He only happens to be black.” Roger was egging her on.”I am helping Harry with his physical, circulation needs. He is not my ‘lover,’ don’t you get it?” Tracy didn’t even believe that herself. She had been dreaming, fantasizing about Harry every day, all day long for well over a week. She did consider him her lover, but she couldn’t admit it to these men for some reason.Jeremy added: “I have seen no evidence that she likes black people. Harry, I think you have a woman here that’s using you for your dick, but secretly hates black men!”Harry was stroking his now hard cock watching Tracy defend herself against his friends. He knew full well that they wanted to fuck her and that since she was having sex with an older black escort tekirdağ man that there was a good possibility that she would have sex with them too. He also knew that they were trying to get her to have sex with them by accusing her of being a racist in hopes that she would prove that she wasn’t by having sex with them. It wasn’t the worst plan, he thought.”We’re just messing with you, Sweetheart!” Wallace said as they all smiled.Tracy had the feeling the men were having some fun with her. She was having a difficult time focusing on any sort of discussion with the scene that was taking place just a few feet away.The mood of the room became electrified. Tracy had never felt anything like it. The sexual energy was powerful.Jeremy and Wallace, stroking fully erect cocks, moved one step closer to Tracy. She could feel a trickle of wetness begin to drip down onto the stool. Her gaze was fixed on Wallace’s cock.”Look at my cock, Tracy. See that big, thick cock. See the big, black cock, Tracy?” Wallace was slowly stroking his dick as he spoke to her. This turned her on immensely.”Yes, I see it.” She said, her quiet voice shaking slightly. She was staring at it, imagining it in her mouth where she would slobber all over it, and in her pussy where her wetness would welcome it into her body.”I know you see it. You’ve been staring at it since I pulled my pants down. You want to feel it? Do you want to feel what it’s like to hold two black dicks at once, Tracy?””Don’t be ridiculous. I only help Harry…” She said defiantly, but unconvincingly as she trailed off, lost in her gaze at the black cocks moving in on her.Wallace continued. “Oh I know you help Harry. I know you like big dick. Look around you, Tracy. We all have big dicks. Not many ladies get a chance like this, to be with all this big dick.””That’s right pretty girl. Look at mine. Look at it Tracy.” Jeremy now moved closer.Tracy wasn’t in control of her actions to the extent that she thought she would be. She was staring at Wallace’s cock, then she heard Jeremy tell her to look at his and she felt she had no choice. Her submissive side was betraying her. She looked at Jeremy’s long, thick cock. It was slightly shorter than Harry’s, but still a huge, thick dick. Roger was also closing in holding his fat cock in hand. Her resolve was breaking down. She knew that she would do anything that they told her to do. She knew that she would become insanely wet when they gave her a command. She was just discovering the true extent of what it means to be a sexual submissive.Tracy found herself facing four giant black dicks. Harry was in front of her to her right, then about a foot away from Harry to his right was Roger, then Jeremy was about a foot away from Roger, and finally Wallace was toward her left. All of their cocks were close together and they formed a semi-circle in front of her. From her place on the stool, she was looking straight-on at all of them, her eyes moving from one to another. She was mesmerized. Her mouth was watering.The men were about three feet from Tracy now. She stood up to relieve her nervous energy, and, possibly as a last ditch effort to avoid the inevitable.Jeremy said “Just touch my dick, Tracy. Touch it. We’re all friends here. We’ll have a great time together.”Jeremy was only two feet away from her. He pushed his cock toward her skirt and lifted up the hem with his cock. His scorching-hot cock brushed up against her crotch. She couldn’t believe how sexy the scene was as it was slowly unfolding before her. His huge cock was toying with her. She could feel its heat under her skirt.Wallace moved forward while holding his black b**st in his hand and gently rubbed the outside of her left hand with it. She didn’t move her hand. He stroked his cock while he was pressing it against her hand as it hung down from her side. He was purposely teasing and taunting her. Tracy wanted more than anything to just open her hand and grab that fat cock. But she stood frozen…captivated by the black dick that surrounded her.Roger was staring at Tracy’s glorious tits while he waved and wiggled his big dick with his hand. Tracy’s nipples were hard and she had a lot of cleavage exposed under her revealing top. She noticed that Roger and the others were looking at her cleavage so she straightened her posture and stuck her chest out to encourage their hungry eyes.Harry was stroking himself and smiling. He was completely turned on by the attention Tracy was receiving from his friends. He knew she would be eager to branch out and have sex with more than one black man. All he needed to do was provide an opportunity and she would make it happen. She was no different than every other black cock slut he had ever heard about.Wallace encouraged her: “No one will ever know, Baby. This is just you having fun with a few friends. No big deal.” Wallace was tapping her hand with the head of his cock repeatedly.”I’m here for Harry. I don’t know why you guys are so persistent. I’m not going to touch you.” Tracy closed her eyes, but opened them shortly after. She wasn’t fooling anyone, including herself. She just found herself at a loss for words. She wanted more than anything to reach out and stroke, suck and lick all those beautiful penises.Wallace could feel the outside of her hand moving against his dick. She was using the back of her hand to caress his cock. Her movement was subtle, almost imperceptible, but he could see she was using her hand on him. Harry was gently rubbing the outside of her other hand with his monster. Jeremy had his cock under her small skirt and was using his hand to grasp the base of his cock and the head to lift it higher. He could see her pussy and streaks of wetness that had dried on her upper most thigh. Her blonde pussy seemed to pulse under her short skirt.Wallace started up again. “Tell you what. You can show us that you want our dicks by sitting back down on the footstool right behind you. If you sit down, we know you want to get busy. If you keep standing, then you can just walk out of the room and we won’t say a word or ever touch you again. It’s all on you. Do you understand?”Tracy was still staring at their cocks. She nodded her head up and down. “Yes.” She squeaked. Her mouth was salivating. It was strange, she had been fine up until Wallace gave her the suggestion to sit down. Now, her knees became weak and she felt like she needed a rest.The men were all gently touching Tracy with their fat, swollen, black cocks. Rubbing, tapping, slapping, moving her short skirt. She was surrounded by black dick. She was moving her hands at her side more visibly now. She adjusted her stance to spread her legs slightly. All the men had their cocks pushed forward in order to make contact with her body. She felt like she was going crazy with lust.The air was thick with sexual energy and the soft sounds of moaning and deep breathing.Tracy was out of her mind with excitement. She was embarrassingly wet.Then, without so much as a word, she sat back down on the footstool.*****The sounds and actions from the four men overwhelmed her senses and she wasn’t sure who was saying what. Tracy was finding that trying to handle four men surrounding her with their cocks out was very different from just dealing with Harry.They were saying things like:”That’s right girl.””Oh baby, we’re going to treat you right.””Are ready for this, baby?””Suck that dick.””You look so beautiful.”The men were all encouraging her and saying sexy and naughty things. Tracy was lucky that the men had been so turned on by her and that they had been jacking off for about twenty minutes without a break. They were all ready to cum. She would most likely have to do very little to get them off.The constant moaning from Tracy added to the high level of arousal in the room. As she sat, she was finally able to firmly grasp the two biggest cocks in her left and right hands. She gave a deep sigh and thought ‘finally!’ She instinctively began stroking each thick cock as best she could manage. Harry and Wallace moved back slightly and let her hands squeeze and stroke their mammoth dicks as they watched her work the four men.Tracy bent forward to take Jeremy’s throbbing black cock into her warm, wet mouth. She was cooing now and was soon slobbering all over Jeremy’s ten-inch masterpiece. She used her mouth like a pussy to fuck his cock. She worked her mouth quickly and drooled all over it causing it to glisten and shine. By making it more slippery she was able to get more into her mouth, and down her throat. He stood still as she moved on his shaft in perfect rhythm as he watched this beautiful, big breasted, white slut hungrily take his dick in her sexy mouth.”God damn, girl!” He said excitedly. “Suck that fucking dick!” Tracy moaned in response and doubled her efforts.Roger moved behind her and removed her shirt by pulling it down around her waist. Soon, all she had on was her lacy push up bra. He removed her bra with Tracy’s cooperation and let her perfect tits out to be fondled by all the men. She had never had so many hands on her breasts before and she nearly had an orgasm from their touching, pinching and squeezing her sensitive breasts and nipples.Her tits shook in response to their touching and to her stroking Wallace and Harry and sucking on Jeremy’s dick. She took her mouth off of Jeremy and used her drool to lubricate both hands, then returned to stroking Harry and Wallace. By this time, Roger thrust his cock into her face and she wrapped her lips around it and sucked greedily. Jeremy began stroking his cock and was rubbing it over her face.”That’s it pretty baby. Suck that black dick. Suck that cock, baby.” Roger said. “Open your mouth wider, Tracy. Take more!”Tracy tried and soon realized that it was much easier to suck Roger’s and Jeremy’s cock than it was to suck Harry’s. She enjoyed sucking their “smaller” cocks and tried to deep throat them. There was a string of saliva falling from her mouth to the floor. Her drool showed that she was hungry for cock and in that moment, she appeared totally fulfilled.Tracy felt as though she was drunk on some kind of sex d**g. She felt like someone had turned on a switch within her. She had never been so horny in all of her life. She no longer felt fear and apprehension; only a****l-like lust. She was going to use these black cocks and show them what a real woman can do with a big dick. She felt as though she had finally found her purpose: to please well-endowed black men. She was making loud, wet, sexy noises as she sucked the black men. She went from one to another and took two in her mouth at once in an enthusiastic, but vain effort to suck them both.Tracy pulled Harry and Wallace closer to the other two men and began sucking each in turn. She was so turned on her mouth was wanting more. She wanted a room full of black dick that she could suck and please with her mouth and body. She alternated her approach from licking and throating, to sucking and popping their cock heads in and out of her mouth. She lowered her hands and massaged their balls as the men took turns sticking their dicks in her mouth.”Mmmm…Mmmm…Mmmm” Tracy was in sexual heaven. Moaning as she sucked, licked, and stroked furiously.Judging by the reaction of the men to Tracy’s skills, it was apparent that none of them had much experience having sex with a woman as beautiful and as sexy as Tracy. This was painfully obvious in observing how close they already were to coming in such a short period of time. What Harry did not recognize, nor did the other men prepare for, was how skilled in hand jobs and blow jobs Tracy had become in such a short time. She was so enthusiastic and so concerned with pleasing men of such impressive endowment, that her skills were superior to a woman who was simply ‘going through the motions.’ As a result, she was bringing them to orgasm rather quickly.Roger was the first.”God damn, girl! Open your mouth!” That was the warning Tracy got from Roger as he shoved his cock down her throat. Tracy zeroed-in on him and welcomed two large blasts of his hot cum into her mouth. She didn’t have much time to recover and savor the taste of Roger before Harry came. Roger retreated to the couch.”Here it is Tracy!” He yelled. Tracy turned to her right and squeezed Harry’s seed from his shaft eagerly. Her pulling and vacuum-like suction were rewarded with a huge load. She savored the taste and swirled the hot semen in her mouth before swallowing every drop.Harry had held on as long as he could, but the sight of his Tracy sucking all those black cocks had finally gotten to him.Jeremy and Wallace seem to be trying to prolong their contact with Tracy. They tried hard to hang on and resist having orgasms. Wallace loved the feel of her mouth and didn’t like sharing her with the other men. He dominated Tracy by grabbing her pony tail and using it as a handle as he fucked his shaft with her mouth. Tracy was gagging and saliva was escaping from the sides of her mouth. Her eyes were tearing and left streaks of mascara running down her cheeks. She was choking and spitting but kept her throat opened wide to show her willingness to please. Wallace was using her mouth forcefully and Tracy liked it. She learned to relax her throat and open her jaws wider than she did even for Harry. Wallace turned her on, but she wasn’t ready to let him know yet; for now, she revealed her attraction to him by how well she sucked his cock.Wallace reached down and grabbed Tracy’s tits, he squeezed them and pinched her nipples, causing Tracy to yelp. At the same time, Jeremy had crouched down and was playing with her pussy. As a result, Tracy let out a muffled screamed with Wallace’s cock in her mouth and had a nearly debilitating orgasm. Jeremy got up and shoved his cock in her face.Tracy moved Wallace’s cock to her hand and started sucking Jeremy.”That’s it Tracy. Get it wet.” He encouraged.Tracy’s mouth was full of saliva from her drooling over these beautiful cocks so all she needed to do was move her mouth over Jeremy’s dick and let it drip out. His cock quickly became slippery with her spit and she resumed her sucking.Wallace reached his strong, powerful hand down between Tracy’s legs. She spread wide to accept him. He began playing with her while she was finishing up with Jeremy. His hand made tight circles around her neglected pussy, he alternated between this and fucking her with two of his huge fingers which resulted in two consecutive climaxes.She moaned deeply while sucking Jeremy’s cock. Jeremy was watching her spit-covered tits jiggle and bounce to her sucking and her recent orgasms. He watched Wallace playing with her blonde pussy and her squirting onto Wallace’s hand during the throes of her climaxes.Jeremy shoved his cock down Tracy’s open throat and released three thick ropes of cum deep into her. He grabbed his cock and dripped the last drop into her mouth. Shaking it over her face.”Oh, hell…yes!” He yelled just before he took a few steps back and crashed down on the couch to catch his breath.Now Tracy could devote both hands and her mouth to Wallace. She used the same grip as with Harry- one hand above the other stroking his shaft while her mouth fucks his head rapidly. She used more spit with Wallace because her jaw was getting tired and she wanted it slippery, she wanted him to cum…and cum he did.Yelling out a very primal scream, Wallace grabbed Tracy by the back of the head and shot four loads of cum, one for every deep thrust, directly to the back of her throat. Tracy let go of his cock at the same time so his cock was free to fuck her mouth. She nearly passed out as his cock went deeper into her throat than anyone had ever gone. The force of his stream was powerful. Tracy gagged on the semen that filled her throat so quickly and expelled much of it back onto his giant cock. As he pulled his dick out, she moved her mouth back onto it and sucked the fluid back into her mouth and swallowed it. Wallace’s semen tasted best of all.She continued to lick and suck the gorgeous black cock clean. She didn’t want him to leave her mouth. Tracy was surprised at how well she handled these men that would have put any veteran porn star to the test. Tracy found that she was ready for more. She wanted more cock. But she knew that this wouldn’t and shouldn’t happen this day.Wallace bent down and kissed Tracy deeply. Then said “Thank you, dear Tracy.” This surprised Tracy as his thanks was gentle and sincere. It was a side she did not know Wallace had.Roger reacted to Wallace’s kiss:”You gave her a kiss after taking all of our cum in her mouth? That’s nasty, Wally!”Wallace shook his head and sat back down on the couch, never taking his eyes off Tracy.Tracy got up again to use the restroom.”She is some fine woman, Harry. You are a very lucky man.” Wallace shared this while Tracy was away.”I’ll be honest with you; I can’t handle her every day. Hell, I’m nearly seventy-nine years old! It’s gotten to the point where I could use some help.” Harry confessed.Harry wasn’t happy about asking for help with Tracy. He wasn’t about to give her up, but he knew that if he didn’t call for some reinforcements that she might go somewhere else entirely. He felt it a better option to get some help from his friends, than for her to find someone else who is a lot younger and cause her to abandon him altogether.”Well, anytime you want to share her, you just give the word.” Jeremy added.They all laughed at Jeremy’s offer, but Wallace had different plans for Tracy. He wanted to fuck her alone. The hell with sharing her, or subjecting her to gangbangs. He saw in Tracy a fine woman that would make one, hot freak of a girlfriend and he wanted to pursue her beyond getting Harry’s permission for an occasional piece of ass. Tracy was so fine there was no way he would share her with another man if she were his.Tracy walked back into the living room feeling like a true slut. She sat on Harry’s lap, but was “tapped off” by him. She had noticed that lately he seemed to be sleeping more and was wanting more of a break from his treatments. He seemed to be slowing down sexually. Harry didn’t want her on his lap because he was dead tired. Tracy knew this was going to be an issue at some point. ‘He’s almost 79’ she reminded herself more than a few times these past two weeks.Wallace was sitting down on the couch and offered: “Why don’t you sit on my lap, Tracy?”Thank God Wallace wanted her on his lap. She was embarrassed to have been moved off from Harry’s!Tracy walked over to Wallace and sat on his lap. No sooner did she sit down than he began rubbing her body. She liked his strong hands on her and he seemed to really enjoy touching her. It was different than how Harry touched her. He wasn’t as “touchy” as Wallace was being at that moment.Roger was getting up to leave. “Harry, Jeremy, Wallace, Tracy my dear, I am going to my place and relaxing. My favorite game show starts in a few minutes.”The men said their good-byes to Roger, Tracy waved. Harry went into his bedroom and lay down.”Well, Wallace? Are you about ready to head out? You’ve got to be back at the work site, don’t you?””Yeah, I need to get back.” Wallace took out his phone and asked Tracy, “what’s your number?”Tracy was put on the spot. She wanted Wallace to have her number, but she didn’t want Harry to get angry with her for giving her number out.”Just call Harry if you want to talk to me. He and I are together. Sorry Wallace.” She rubbed his hand.”No, you’re right. That’s the right thing to do. Would you mind getting together sometime if it’s okay with Harry?” Tracy liked the sweet voice he was using.”Sure, Wallace. That would be nice.” Secretly, she was very attracted to Wallace. She wouldn’t mind spending some time with him.Wallace moved in and kissed Tracy deeply, then left with Jeremy.Tracy went into Harry’s room, laid down with him and fell asleep.*****Tracy woke up feeling refreshed. She could not stop thinking back to that afternoon’s group encounter and thought it too bad that Jim couldn’t have watched via his remote camera. She rather enjoyed thinking about the future possibilities of her pleasing black men and having Jim secretly watch her at the same time. Her thoughts about taking care of Harry’s condition were more and more at the back of her mind.Tracy went into the kitchen and was making Harry some chicken soup from a whole chicken he had in his freezer. She looked over to Harry’s living room where the padded stool sat exactly where it was left three hours ago. She visualized the four men she serviced and closed her eyes in an effort to relive the moment. She tried to imagine all four of them fucking her and she just couldn’t get past the fact that she may not be able to give each one the attention they deserved.After serving Harry his dinner, Tracy cleaned herself up and said good-bye. She then left for home. The two didn’t speak of the events of that afternoon.Tracy decided to go shopping on her way home from Harry’s. She felt that after today, she deserved to treat herself to some more sexy clothes. It appeared as though there was an exhibitionist as well as a big cock slut coming out in Tracy and she wanted more clothes tekirdağ escort bayan to show off her hot body to others. There was a lingerie shop in an upscale outdoor shopping center not too far from her home that she wanted to check out.Tracy parked in front of the store called “Night Skins” and walked in. The clerk took immediate notice of her as she was wearing her tight shirt, mini skirt and zebra heels. The older white man who worked the counter was about 60-years old with a gray moustache and a full head of hair styled in a hard part. He had tattoos on his arms, and was dressed in a skin-tight, spandex shirt with tight blue jeans. He wore black stud earrings in both ears. Tracy was sure he was gay as he looked similar to several gay men she had seen around town.”Hello, welcome to Night Skins.” He smiled wide.”Hi. Are you about to close?” Tracy noticed there weren’t any cars in front of the store and no customers inside.”No, this is typically a slow time of the day. We get very busy on Fridays and Saturdays.” He stood with his back against the sales counter and crossed his muscular arms.”I see.” Tracy smiled nervously.The store was filled with all sorts of lingerie. The walls were well-organized with hanging garter belts and hose, fantasy role-playing dresses like short nurses’ costumes, mini-skirt policeman outfits, and see-through body suits. The sales floor was of considerable size. There were well over a dozen circular racks with booty shorts, hot pants, mini-skirts, bras and various types of bustier.”Wow! You have a lot of clothes!” Tracy was excited.”Is this your first time here?” He asked.”Yes.””Welcome!” He walked with Tracy as she wandered further into the store.Tracy needed help selecting something. She had never shopped in a store like this before and felt clueless. She continued:”I’m trying to expand my wardrobe and I’m looking for something sexy for when I’m home and maybe when I’m out in public with my…husband.””Well, you have got the body for it, that’s for sure!” Tracy caught the man looking at her breasts.”My name is Bruce” He extended his hand.”Hi. I’m Tracy.” Tracy took his hand and shook it.”Well, Tracy, did you have anything in mind, or do you need some recommendations?””Well, I need outfits. Matching skirts and tops. I would also like to look at bras and sexy underwear. You know, that sort of thing.” She was beginning to feel overwhelmed.”Okay. Why don’t we go through some of the racks and pick out a few outfits, then you can go to the dressing room and try them on.””Sounds like fun, Bruce!”Tracy and Bruce browsed several racks. Bruce checked the sizes and offered advice about color and fabric. Tracy was having a blast looking at all the sexy clothes and talking to Bruce about how each would look on her body. He seemed to have a knack for what was sexy.After about thirty minutes of shopping, Tracy had enough items to begin trying them on.”Where do I go to change?””Right there in the middle of the store.” Bruce showed her the two dressing rooms that were between display shelves in an island at the center of the store. Let me know if you need help.””Okay, thanks.” Tracy closed the door to the dressing room which was no more than four feet tall, situated in such a way so that her feet and her head could be seen from the show room floor.Tracy had trouble right from the start. The zipper on the mini-skirt appeared either broken or very difficult to zip up.”Bruce? Can you help me a second?” Tracy had on the top she wore into the store and the new, red mini-skirt that came up to just above her mid-thighs.Bruce must have been standing very close because he took no time to get to the dressing room.”What’s the problem, Sweetie?””I’m having trouble with the zipper, and I also need your opinion.”Tracy turned around in the dressing room while Bruce blocked the door open with his body. He was able to zip up the skirt in seconds.”There. It stuck a little. It should be fine now. What else did you need?””Is this skirt too short?” Tracy used her hands to smooth the thick fabric down in an effort to lengthen it.”Well, come out and walk in it and I will tell you.”Tracy put her heels on and walked out onto an aisle in the store, then turned around.Bruce stood with his hand under his chin as if he were deep in thought. He walked up to her, squatted down and pulled the hem a little. While adjusting her hem, Tracy could feel the back of his fingers lingering longer than necessary against her legs. It gave her the goose bumps.”I think it’s perfect.” He said finally.”Thanks!” Tracy spun around and headed back to try on a matching white top.The top was difficult to put on. The fabric was very sheer and felt like jersey cotton only thinner. She had to take off her bra to get it on.The mirror in the changing room was too close for her to get a good idea of how the outfit looked so she went back out into the store to use the mirror there.She walked to the other side of the aisle where there was another full length mirror and looked at her reflection.She saw Bruce move behind her.”Wow! You are going to turn some heads wearing that!” He was smiling at her.Tracy blushed.”Thank you!” Tracy turned around to see the entire outfit. The red mini-skirt was short, but not excessively so. The top, however, was so thin you could see her nipples, even their color, quite clearly. The shirt was so thin she could also see the freckles she had on her shoulders through the material. Her breasts moved with the clingy material with every motion she made. It was an incredibly sexy top.Bruce came up to her and pulled her shirt up around the front neckline to adjust it. Tracy felt his hands graze her breasts as he was straightening the shirt. She quietly gasped as her nipples were very sensitive after her afternoon with the black men. They seemed to pop out even more with Bruce’s subtle touch. He moved the shirt around making it fit better on her body, then cupped each of her breasts in his hands as a final adjustment.”Oh! Thank you.” Was all Tracy said.”I’m going to try on something else, but I’ll take these.”Tracy walked back to the dressing room and took off the top and mini-skirt and handed them to Bruce who was now hanging out right by the door to her dressing room. Tracy was naked except for her zebra patterned heels. Bruce was in position to see her naked body as the door opened and closed. She was feeling aroused because of all the attention he was giving her. ‘Why would a gay man turn me on? I must be out of control!’ She thought to herself.She selected a soft pink busier to try on next. She removed the silk, low-cut bustier from the hanger and unhooked the twenty or so fasteners from the back. After putting it on, she fastened most of it before needing help getting the top ones buttoned. They were much tighter since they were essentially taking the pressure of holding her breasts up in the front.Her tits were inside the cups in the front, but just barely. Her nipples were partially showing. Bruce was right there and came into the dressing room to help.”You have to have your breasts completely in the cups for this to work. Then I can button the rest of it. Many women leave the top five undone and just settle for a looser fit because they usually put this on when they are alone. Something to keep in mind.”Bruce surprised Tracy by moving around to her back, reaching around her and sticking his hands in and under her cups in the front, lifting her tits up and sliding them into the cups. He had his hands all over her bare breasts as he was positioning them into the front of the bustier. Tracy’s sensitive nipples were instantly hard and her pussy became wet again.Tracy thought ‘I could have done that!’ But didn’t say anything to Bruce. It was nice to have his help and his opinion and she was a little turned on by his strange, unpredictable behavior.Bruce buttoned up the back and then left the room to answer the phone. Tracy put her heels back on and walked out to see the bustier in the full length mirror. She hadn’t been wearing underwear all day so she had none to put on so the only thing she wore was her heels and the bustier. Her breasts were smashed together, creating a great deal of sexy cleavage. They were pushed up and out of the top of the pink bustier. She looked like a caricature of an Old West prostitute from a saloon.”Oh my God! That’s sexy!” She said aloud. She turned around a few times. Her ass and pussy were exposed and her pussy was still very wet. She was taking full advantage of the store being empty as she pranced around in just the bustier and heels. Tracy looked down in annoyance. She had something in her shoe and needed to sit in the padded chair near the mirror to remove it. Her legs were spread wide as she checked her shoe.Tracy saw Bruce out of the corner of her eye by the front door. He was off the phone. She looked up and surveyed the entrance to make sure a customer hadn’t come in. As he was walking toward her it just then occurred to her that she had heard the sound of him locking the doors before he made his way in her direction. ‘That’s strange,’ she thought, but refocused on shaking out her shoe.She shook the pebble out of her shoe and looked up just in time to see Bruce coming at her quickly with a fairly impressive cock hanging out of his fly. Before she could react, he lunged toward her and buried his head in between her legs as she sat in the chair. In one swift motion he had a leg in each hand pushed back to expose her pussy as she was, pinned to the chair. Tracy let out a loud “yelp,” as she sat helplessly exposed Bruce’s advances. His face was now in her crotch, his mouth was firmly pressed against her pussy and his tongue began probing and licking. He was making smacking noises as he kissed and licked her pussy.Bruce felt he had to go for it. He had sat back while this incredibly sexy cock-tease came into his store, stripped for him, taunted him, and let him feel her up repeatedly. She was begging for it! He had never seen a customer so bold, so slutty. He had to act while there was no one in the store.Tracy’s shock turned to fear, and then to anger as Bruce’s tongue penetrated her pussy. He was fucking her with what felt like a very long, talented tongue. His moustache was rubbing against her clit up and down and around. She could feel his wet lips against her labia. She struggled to force her legs down, but he had too tight a grip and he was far too strong for her to manage. What pissed her off most was the fact that her body was responding to his assault by becoming aroused.”God damn you! Let me go! Stop it, you fucking pervert!” Tracy was wanting to resist, primarily because she was taken off guard. He persisted despite her pleas. Soon her fear and anger subsided and she was flooded with the warm sensation of Bruce’s mouth on her pussy.”SSSTop…Bruuuce…Oh my Gggoood.!” Tracy’s pussy was flooded with a mixture of Bruce’s saliva and her own juices. His lips moved up and began sucking her clit like it was a small penis. He sucked it into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. He pinched it between his pursed lips and dragged his tongue across it repeatedly. Tracy couldn’t believe how good this new sensation felt. She had never received oral sex like this from her husband. All of a sudden, she released a flood of cum that saturated Bruce’s face. Her orgasm came only moments after Bruce’s advances. “Ahhhh! Oh God!” She trembled again in an intense orgasm. One after another. She was trying to catch her breath and calm down. She was so excited!Tracy stopped struggling. Rather than push him away, she was now pulling on his head…bringing it to her pussy and moving her crotch against his mouth, rubbing her soaking wet pussy all over his face. Using his head as a guide as she humped his face, sliding her crotch all over his moustache.”Fuck!” She screamed as her pussy gushed more fluid onto Bruce. “Coming again!”Bruce removed his pants as his face was buried in Tracy’s crotch. He then had one hand jacking himself off as he continued his assault on Tracy’s cunt. He loved the feeling of her climaxes and the cum she leaked onto his face. She tasted delicious.Tracy used her arms to push her body off the chair falling sideways onto the carpet. Bruce backed up and let her settle on the floor. She reached out and grabbed Bruce’s hips drawing him toward her mouth. From here, she got on top of Bruce who was now laying on his back and began sucking his cock furiously. She lifted one leg and straddled his face. The two lovers were moaning and humming and making nasty sounds as they passionately devoured one another. Tracy’s head was bobbing on Bruce’s eight-inch dick, she was deep throating him and enjoying the smaller size for a change. Tracy came again and had to remove his cock from her hungry mouth so as not to bite it while she shook with her third orgasm in about five minutes.Bruce continued licking and sucking her pussy. She ground her flesh onto his face selfishly. He lifted his head to meet her and maintain contact with her clit.Tracy focused on sucking Bruce’s cock. She inhaled it and buried her face in his pubic hair. She coughed up the cock and then inhaled-catching her breath, then sucked the entire length back down her throat again. She repeated this pattern- creating a hot, slippery feeling for Bruce’s cock.Bruce felt the mouth of an expert whore take his dick completely. Her tongue was pushing and squeezing as she accepted him into her throat. She wasn’t trying to perform, or experiment as to how deep she could take him, she was literally sacrificing her throat for the pleasure of his rock hard cock. This was a woman who knew how to have sex.Tracy was going wild on Bruce. Her jaw was still aching from the work out earlier in the day, she knew it was time to move on. She soon grew tired of sucking his cock and sat up, pulling herself away from his expert tongue and turned herself around so that his cock was lined up with her pussy. She lowered herself down fast on his red hot, hard-as-a-rock cock and ground her pelvis against his. She was riding him and face to face. As Tracy ground her pussy against Bruce, taking all his dick deep within her, he reached up and pulled down her bustier to let her full, aching tits free. He suckled her nipples and drew them deep into his mouth causing Tracy to squeal. Tracy’s grinding became stroking, she adjusted her stance so that she was now lifting her pussy up the length of his dick and slamming down on it hard. She was fucking him hard and fast and loving every second of it.Pounding each other, slapping flesh and grunting, the two fucked on the carpet in the middle of the lingerie store for a good while. Tracy was sweating- her body red hot, save for her wet nipples cooled by the constant attention of Bruce’s mouth. Tracy’s pumping slowed to heavy and hard pounding then a final release from Bruce as he filled her womb with searing hot cum. Tracy slid forward and covered Bruce in her own orgasm. A sweaty, hot mess, Tracy moved her lips to his and kissed him passionately. They both collapsed together, panting.Tracy started laughing.”What?” Asked Bruce.”Oh, nothing.” Tracy smiled.”No, really, what?” He asked again.Tracy continued to laugh. “I thought you were gay!”Bruce laughed, “I get that a lot. Sorry I went crazy on you. You were giving off some serious sexual energy, Tracy.””I was shocked at first, but it was so hot, I got turned on immediately.” She replied.The two caught their breath, Tracy got dressed and put a few items on the counter for purchase.Bruce gave her a discount.”When do you think you’ll be back?” Bruce asked. “I work 1:00 to 10:00 Tuesday through Saturday.” He said as he handed her the bag of lingerie. He stapled his card to the bag.”I’m sure I will be a regular customer from now on. The service here is superb!” Tracy teased.Tracy put the bags in her Range Rover and drove home to her husband.*****Jim had come home from work and was wondering where Tracy could be. He was hungry and he had hoped to get some secret shots of her in sexy clothes for the cuckold website. It had only been about a week since he discovered the website dedicated to the cuckold lifestyle, but he felt so deeply connected to the other men there that he wanted to show off his hot wife. He wanted to post a sexy picture of Tracy for the site.Jim also wanted to encourage her to bring Harry over to the house as soon as possible because he now had the ability to record. He had to be careful not to offend Tracy or scare her off. If he confided in her about his new desire to be cukolded, she may never have sex with Harry, or anyone else for that matter, while she was home. With his ability to record, he could always have visual record of her encounters. After considerable thought, he felt it best to keep this a secret, at least for now.He was disappointed to discover that his remote camera had recorded nothing while he was gone due to the fact that Tracy hadn’t been home all day, or at least, she didn’t use the pool. He decided he needed to purchase one or two more cameras and place one in the guest room and another in the kitchen or master bedroom.Jim was about to make a frozen pizza when Tracy walked in the house.”Hi Honey!” Jim approached Tracy for a kiss.”Hi Jim, how was your day?” Tracy kissed her husband and set her bags down.Jim discussed some of the more interesting points of his day while Tracy made them a salmon salad. Not a word was exchanged about Harry, black men, or Tracy’s unusual encounter in the lingerie store.After dinner, Tracy and Jim were having a nice evening together sitting by the pool. Jim had deactivated the camera while they were together.”Oh, I forgot to tell you! I stopped by that lingerie shop that you were talking about last week. The one called “Night Skins?”Jim looked up from his laptop. “Oh yes? How was it?””It was really nice. They have a huge inventory and they were very helpful.” Tracy sighed. She still felt good and fucked from the spontaneous sex she had with Bruce.Jim’s eyes lit up. “Really? What did you get?””Would you like to see?” Tracy motioned to get up from her chair.”Sure! Try something on!”Tracy went to the dining room to retrieve her bag.Jim walked over and switched the camera by the pool to “on.” This was the chance he was waiting for. He would surely get a picture of Tracy for his website.After about five minutes, Tracy came out in the red mini-skirt and white top she had just purchased from Bruce’s store. She wore a pair of four inch red heels and walked around the table where Jim was sitting. Jim couldn’t believe how hot his wife looked. Her skirt was tight around her thin waist and the white top was nearly see-through.”Tracy! You look amazing!””Do you like it?” She smiled. “It doesn’t look too over-the-top?””Of course it’s over-the-top! Are you k**ding?” Jim was pleasantly shocked.Jim especially liked how she was parading around the hidden camera. He should be able to get a clear screen shot from the recorded footage to add to his profile page at the cuckold site.Tracy excused herself to change into another outfit.After a few minutes she came back out in the pink bustier with red, high-cut panties, black sheer thigh-high stockings and red heels.Jim whistled his approval. That is classic, sexy look, Tracy. Come here and let me see it close up.”Tracy walked up to Jim and let him feel the fabric of the bustier.”That feels so soft and smooth! I love the silk!” Jim felt her bustier and imagined what she would look like walking into a room with a black stud waiting for her on a bed, preferably, their bed.”I have a few more shirts, a couple of thin yoga type tights and another min-skirt, but I will show you those another time.”Tracy left Jim alone on the patio and went inside to take a well-deserved shower. She smiled at the thought of how much cum and from how many men she had in and on her body since this afternoon.’You were a naughty girl today, Tracy.’ She thought.She took her time in the hot shower, pampered herself with a lavender body oil, put on a baggy T-shirt and got into bed with her laptop and phone.Jim nearly sprinted to the den to check the quality of video that recorded Tracy in her new outfits. He opened up the recorded file and played the video. There were dozens of excellent close ups of Tracy that captured her entire body. One was perfect. It showed her enormous tits under the nearly see-through fabric of her white shirt. It also showed her head turned away from the camera, which is exactly what Jim wanted to maintain some anonymity.Jim saved the screenshot, opened his “Cuckold Lifestyle” account and uploaded the picture of his wife to the advertisement he placed several days ago.He masturbated to the ad- seeing his wife connected to the want-ad turned him on. He was making his dream a reality and couldn’t wait to schedule an “accidental” meeting between Tracy and a black “bull.”In the master bedroom, Tracy listened to a recorded phone message from Harry:”Hey Darlin,’ it’s me, Harry. I was wondering if you would want to get together with Wallace tomorrow. He called and asked if you had any time to get together with him this week. I told him I am dead tired and that you would most likely be free tomorrow…that is if you want to. Call me back and let me know, okay Baby? Bye!”Tracy became excited. Wallace really turned her on. She picked up the phone and rang Harry’s number.”Hello, Harry…?”To Be Continued in Chapter IV…