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HELENGreg finally found his right new home. It was at the right size, right price, and a quiet neighbourhood, the place where he can quietly concentrate his home business. At 28, he was an ambitious young man. The next door neighbour was a couple most probably in their fifties. The man called Tom was a cold man who would pull a long face when coming across people. What sort of woman would fall in love with this kind of man, Greg thought.Helen, his wife, on the other hand, was a polite person who always smiled whenever they meet outside their house. Boy, what radiant smile she had, even for her age. Being a mother of 2 grown up and married c***dren, she still kept a decent shape on her body. It almost seemed like she was blessed with a good body because she seldom exercised, only ate healthily. At 52, she had a smooth, unwrinkled face, although a few strains of grey hair were showing. She had a full chest that Greg never failed to take notice of, and a relatively firm butt that Greg loved watching it sway.”Mrs Hopkins!” Greg shouted and waved from his garden as he spotted her outside her front gate. She had just got back from the stall full of groceries.”Hey young man! What’s up?” Helen shouted back.”Nothing much! Just trimming around in the garden. You need help with those?” Greg pointed at the groceries Helen was hugging close to her chest.”Yeah, I could do with a helping hand. The bag is slipping…”Greg reached out before she lost grab of it. He could see perspiration all over her forehead and neck. Even though her tank top was soaked with her sweat, she still smelt good.”Come on in, pls.” Helen urged politely.It was the first time he visited their home. It was a neat place and looked spanking clean. No surprise though, Greg thought. Helen was always at home, and he was sure she did her housework religiously everyday.”Mind if I look around?” Greg asked, to which Helen answered yes while she kept her groceries.Greg walked upstairs went into one room. This must be the study room, Greg thought. There was a computer table and a few cabinets, and one of them was unusually messy.”That’s my husband’s. He wouldn’t let me touch his stuff.” Helen sneaked up from behind which stunned Greg a little.”But the computer table’s so clean.” Greg said as he observed.Helen laughed and explained that her husband never got on the computer, while she used the internet almost everyday.”You got a messenger account or something?” Greg asked as he walked out of the room and went to the next.This was the master bedroom. It was neat and clean like the living room, though the bed looked a tad too old for the room. Greg stared at it for awhile.”Yeah, look up sweetpeas55 on yahoo.” Helen replied. “I know this bed looks a little old but I insisted Tom to bring it with us when we moved over here 8 years ago. Sentimental values.” Helen explained.Indeed, Helen loved this bed a lot. This was the bed she and the man she loved shared for the last 30 odd years. This was the bed that her then young c***dren used to sleep over every night. This was the bed that they were conceived on 30 years ago. Helen smiled as she thought about the past.Greg smiled back and went to the next room. Nothing special, just a guest room with a spare bed, table and TV. He then walked down the stairs where Helen followed behind.”So it’s s-w-e-e-t-p-e-a-s-5-5?” Greg asked to confirm.”That’s right. Would you like to stay over for dinner?” Helen asked in an ever polite manner.”Oh no, I have stuff to do back home.” Greg replied, slightly attracted by her smile. The smile is kind of addictive, Greg thought.That night at home, Greg added her onto his messenger to find her already online.Greg: Hey you!Sweetpeas: Hey stalker! What’s up.Greg: How do you know I’m stalking you?Sweetpeas: Been there before. Ha.Greg: Where’s hubby?Sweetpeas: In the other room. Wanna talk to him?Greg: No thank you.Greg then went on to tell Helen what he really thought about her husband.Sweetpeas: He’s not cold at all. He’s very good to me.Half truth. He used to be very sweet but after a failed business 15 years ago, turned into a rather ill-tempered person.Greg: As long as you’re happy, Helen.They then went on to talk about their life and Greg’s ambition to make is online business work. It was at 4am that night that they ended the conversation.For the next few weeks, Greg would occasionally visit hang out with her next door. They would also talk online at night, mostly about personal topics like relationships and sex which would otherwise be awkward talking face to face. Greg has been single for two years while concentrating on his business. He also admitted that he liked older women and edremit escort bayan even joked about taking Helen one day, to which she just laughed off. A few times she would go offline earlier than usual to “serve the husband”. When Greg asked, the next day, how the sex was, she would always reply “as usual”. Theirs was an open friendship. She liked his company but was wary of getting too close with him. She was, after all, a faithful wife and loved her husband deeply even after 30 years.Greg, on the other hand, lusted over her as time went by. A few times he caught her not wearing a bra in the day, and then teased her at night on the internet. She was flattered many times and wished how wonderful it would be if it was her husband taking notice of her this much. One day, Greg went over like usual, looked around and saw a load of clothes on the couch. It was obvious Helen was ironing the clothes. She had a pair of loose, plain t-shirt on and a pair of light blue shorts. No bra at all, Greg thought. She looked sexy with her hair bundled up.”Water?” Helen asked politely.”Ice water will do.” Greg replied.Helen soon returned with two glasses of ice water, one for herself. They talked some more at close proximity and her nipples were obviously poking out of the material of her shirt. He was mesmerized by her beauty, like always, even at 52 years old. Her hair was slightly tainted by streaks of white hair, but her skin looked so bright and smooth on her face. Her fingers traced along the smooth wet surface of the glass. Greg lost himself in her beauty. Helen knew the attention she was getting and was flattered.”Errr… what’s that painting?” Greg suddenly shouted out as he pointed in one direction.Helen turned her body and head slightly and began to explain while looking at the portrait. “Oh. Tom bought it at a French auction last week and…”Greg was not paying attention. Her chest was now facing him and it bounced up and down as she spoke enthusiastically. Now or never, Greg thought. He lifted his glass and tilted it fully, pouring the whole glass of ice cold water onto the shirt of Helen. Helen jumped at the sudden chill.Greg now seized the chance. He grabbed a towel on the couch and darted it straight under the shirt of Helen, and proceeded to rub her breasts dry with the towel. Indeed she was not wearing a bra. The D cups felt great even though only rubbing them through the material of the towel. They felt full, firm and soft — the perfect set of tits any woman (and men) would beg for. Greg slightly loosened his grip on the towel, let it fall a little and managed to brush the smooth and icy cold skin of her breasts with his fingers. Meanwhile, Helen stood stoned for about 5 seconds before realizing the situation she was in. It happened too quickly, and within a blind of an eye, she has let a man (or was she being forced?) rub her breasts. She stood still and let the man in front of her stare into her eyes, almost hypnotizing her. Helen was electrified as soon as Greg’s fingers touched the skin of breasts, and she searched the room for answers as to what was happening. Slowly, her mind went into a confused state. Her legs felt soft, but her body felt good. Her hands were still by her side, but she surely ought to push the man away?”EEErrr… Greg… this is getting too much… thanks… I mean… You need to… I need to… I need to go get changed…” Helen said, sliding the man’s hands out of her shirt. “Excuse me, pls.” Softly, but politely, she excused herself and dashed up the stairs, ran into her room and shut the door behind her.Greg calmly walked up the stairs, opened the door quietly and peeped at what was happening inside. He saw Helen standing in front of the dressing table, looking at herself in the mirror, her arms hugging her chest which had been touched few moments ago. As far as Helen is concerned, it was m*****ation, for as long as she was married, she would never let another man touch her like that. On the other hand, it felt good, she thought. Her husband Tom had not touched her tits properly for about 10 years now, and each love making (or one-sided satisfaction) was limited to only her pussy rubbing on his cock and him finishing the business within 5 minutes at most. Her elbow could feel her nipples get harder as she recalled what her neighbour had done to her. “It’s wrong… wrong!” She thought.She saw, from the mirror, that Greg was walking towards her. Slowly, she turned around and took a step back, leaning against the table. She felt Greg wrapping his hands around her body and immediately melted in his arms. Greg forced himself onto Helen’s lips, sucked on them and escort edremit forced his tongue into the mouth of the now powerless Helen. Her eyes were shut, her jaws felt weak and her heart was beating quickly. She cannot remember when the last time Tom made her heart beat this fast and feel so excited. She instinctively opened her mouth wider, inviting Greg to push even deeper. She was mesmerized in the new found pleasure before realizing the man was not her husband,”NOOOOoo…” She shouted, as she broke the kiss and turned her head away from Greg. “Sorry, I thought you were…”Before she could even finish, Greg swept her legs off the ground and throw her onto the bed. Wow, Helen thought. She hasn’t been blown away in this manner for a long time. The moment she got lifted up by the man, her heart almost stopped. She was now breathing heavily, and almost exhausted by what has happened so far. Greg proceeded sliding out her shorts while she recovered from her shock. Below it was a pair of old fashion panties which he was not ready to take off at this moment yet.He proceeded to made love to Helen’s face with his lips, kissing her all over on her forehead, her cheeks, her neck, chin, lips, nose, while his hands rubbed the sides of her body. He rubbed his thumb against her swollen tits and slowly rubbed it up to her hard nipples. In a swift move, he pulled Helen’s t-shirt up to chest level and attacked her breasts with his mouth, sucked them for first time. Helen was now drowning in ecstasy, and she could slowly feel wetness leaking out from her pussy and slowly bring absorbed by her underwear. Greg began to squeeze her left tit, which was still wet from the earlier incident, with both his hands, to which Helen let out a soft satisfying moan. He gave the same attention to the other tit and began taking turns to suck on each nipple. He then kissed his way down to her belly where he paid special attention to her belly button. His hands were now caressing on her thighs which were pressed closely to each other. “You can’t do this to me, Greg,” Helen begged, as Greg began to open up her legs. He ignored her pleas and proceeded thumbing her clit through her underwear. Helen resisted and tried to repel the pleasure, but soon found herself biting on her own lips and hissing out with desire. Greg continued to tease his victim with his thumb rubbing on her clit and his other fingers pressing against her labia. Helen hasn’t felt so good for a long time, and soon, she thought, she opened up her legs wider as she felt her first orgasm growing in probably 4 years. She resisted the mounting pleasure, but the more she resisted, the better she felt, and the higher she lifted up her butt to meet his touch. She was close, she could feel it. Her hands held onto the pleasuring hand of Greg, as she tried to take it away so that he would stop her feeling so good, but Greg was not to be denied. He applied ever more pressure and force on his thumb on her clit, pulled her panty sideway and thrust 2 fingers into her pussy. Helen arched her back up at once and this caused his fingers to thrust even deeper into her cunt.”AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh…” Helen’s moans filled the room. Her mind, and pussy got blown away at this point. Her pussy never felt so tight and wet before. She felt her pussy tightening his fingers and felt a sharp rush of pleasure.But the pleasure could not be stopped, for Greg carried on thrusting fingers, slowly, in and out of her tight pussy — 3 fingers now. He now sucked the clit with his lip and tried to force his tongue into the tight pussy which was already trying hard to accommodate three fingers. Helen’s hands were on resting on his head, and her feet were pushing the side of his body away, her back arched, her eyes shut. She screamed and cried in pleasure, and she pictured Tom in her mind doing it to her. She now could feel an additional finger up her cunt. She could feel the pace and intensity the man was going. He was breathing hot air at her cunt.”ThoMAS… YEeeessSSSS…” Helen screamed, her body shaking violently and her hands pulling the hair of the man. Instinctively, she stuck her tongue out and licked the hot air around her. She came again. A decade of frustration now erupted into the mouth of Greg on the same bed she shared with her husband for the past 30 years. Helen soon realized the Thomas she loved so deeply was not the man pleasuring her, for Tom never ever fucked her so well, she thought. She started to lift her body up and got off the bed, walking towards her wardrobe. She was up here to change her wet shirt afterall. However, her legs felt so weak that she slumped onto the floor after edremit escort 3 steps and kneeled on her fours. Greg stood behind and looked upon her, ripped off his shirt and unbuckled his pants. He released his 7 inch giant, crawled behind her, and held her butt still, and positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy. Helen never looked back; she merely kneeled and waited to be penetrated from behind. She closed her eyes and felt his meat inserting into her, slow but deep. Tom always penetrated her from the sides and never got halfway into her vagina. Greg’s full and hard cock filled her tight pussy easily. By the fifth deep thrust, Helen could feel something building up again. So quickly! Barely 2 minutes since she had her last orgasm. Greg accelerated the pace but maintained the same depth. Their flesh meet with a loud bang each time he thrust. Helen rested her head on the carpet floor and lifted her butt even more, almost like a little girl begging to be taken. “This… feels… SOOO GOOOOD!!!” she screamed uncontrollably as Greg hit the g-spot continuously.Greg instinctively reached forward and pulled her up to his chest level.”Better than your husband?” Greg whispered into her ears.”Better… than my husband!” Helen cried as she gasped for breath in pain and pleasure. She moaned and jerked her body each time she got penetrated her from behind in a way her husband never did to her ever before. She has totally lost her mind and forgotten herself as a faithful woman.Greg spread her legs wider and rammed in hard and deep 5 times and slid his cock out suddenly, to the dismay of Helen. He laid on the floor on his back, crawled under Helen, pointed his cock up and sat Helen down on it. He loved women on top as he always felt mentally good having women get off by riding his strong cock. Helen hasn’t ridden a cock for how ever long she could remember. Now, she moved her hip up and down and bucked on the cock of the young man. Looking obviously over-clothed, she lifted her shirt and pulled it off over her head, and released her bundled, long and wavy hair. She no longer felt like the conservative Helen now. She tightened her pussy and pushed herself up and down, fucking the younger man below her. She bent forward and felt the hairy chest of the man, tracing her fingers around his nipples, and kissed them a few times. For the first time in her life, she felt in control during sex.But that was not to last, as Greg lifted up and turned her over to get on top. He pinned her hands on the floor at her sides and rammed his cock into her swollen cunt. They stared at each others’ eyes in close proximity. Helen reached her mouth out to kiss Greg, but he playfully dodged, before finally plunging his tongue into Helen’s willing and hungry mouth. A few times Greg tried to break the kiss, but she wrapped her legs around him and sucked on his tongue so hard that he could not break away. Only a few harder strokes made her open her mouth to moan and arched her head back, but it also build up the fire in his cock.”Gonna cum soon…” Greg whispered while sucking on her chin.”Don’t stop… Fuck me…” Helen urged. Fuck? Where did she find such word? Greg tried hard but could only last another 15 strokes. He shot a hard load straight into the back of Helen’s vagina. Helen’s world stopped at this moment. Her heart almost stopped beating. The man was so near, yet she could not hear a sound, not even his loud groans. Her vision turned bright but yet she could not see clearly. Her mouth was opened but she could not make a sound. She could only feel the sheer ecstasy as loads and loads of cum hit on her g-spot. Both erupted in each others’ arms. They gasped for fresh air in each others mouth and laid like that for about 5 mins.Helen looked at the alarm clock on the dressing table. It was 5:35pm.”God, pls help me!” Helen shouted as she struggled out of Greg’s arms. Greg kissed her in the mouth where she was less passionate now.”You gotto go now,” Helen whispered as she broke the kiss. “We cannot do this again…””We cannot do this again?” Greg repeated her words, and playfully sank his semi hard cock in and out of her used pussy.Helen felt the thing grow inside her slightly, and it got her horny again. But she knew they had to stop now before it was too late.”He’ll be back by six. You gotto leave… now!” She said, kissing him two more times on the lips.”Only if you promise that we’ll meet again…” Greg tried to bargain.We’re next door neighbours after all, Helen thought. Of course we’ll meet again!”Ok… now go.” Helen urged.Helen laid on the floor as she saw the man dress up.”I’ll lock the front door for you. Good bye Helen.” Greg said.Helen saw the man leave her room, and heard her front door close and lock up. She laid for another 5 minutes recalling what she had done before cleaning up in the bathroom. She then cooked dinner and waited for her husband’s arrival.