Heidi’s Way Ch. 04


Heidi closed and locked her bedroom door, leaving Jack alone in the small cage. The air was still and dark and filled with Heidi’s scent. The padlock that locked the cage was dangling above Jack’s confined body. It usually secured Heidi’s bicycle, but now it secured him. Jack was just one of Heidi’s possessions, under her lock and key until she decided otherwise.

Jack ran his fingertips over the empty keyhole and imagined the key sliding in and turning. In his mind he was climbing out of the cage and making love to Heidi. It was easy to imagine as he could still smell and taste her body. He closed his eyes and pushed his hips forward as he imagined them making out. With one hand on his cock, he massaged himself as he daydreamed until he climaxed and cried out in pleasure.

He opened his eyes to the cruel reality of being locked in the cage. His mind then turned to Heidi walking down the street in her cruelly short dress, her taut curves and long legs on view to everyone except him.

Heidi was sitting outside the cafe with her two friends. Having tried to answer their questions as to why she was wearing that dress, as opposed to her usual jeans, she spent the next hour trying to hold it in place and stop the breeze was revealing even more.

She had excitedly explained that she was seeing Jack and had barely been able to stop herself telling them that he was locked in a cage in her bedroom. That would have been too much for them and they would probably have stolen her keys and run to her house to see.

Heidi felt strangely shy as she returned home, opened her bedroom door and peered inside. The very thought of seeing Jack was bringing back memories of meeting boys as a teenager. The skimpy dress she was wearing was about the same length as it had been back then. She stepped bashfully inside, her heels neatly together, her manicured hands clasped in front of her.

She stood for a moment waiting for Jack to approach her, but that wasn’t going to happen. Jack would never be going anywhere again unless she unlocked his cage. That in itself made her tingle. Her heels clipped on the wooden floor as she slinked up to the cage, deliberately close so that Jack could see the key handing from a garter belt high up on her right thigh.

“How was your morning?” she smiled apprehensively.

Her cool demeanour was then spoilt as she looked down and her sunglasses slipped from her head and clattered to the floor.

“Just waiting for you,” Jack replied with a relaxed smile.

“It’s beautiful outside,” Heidi purred, her body already tingling.

Heidi had a dilemma that even a morning drinking coffee with her friends hadn’t solved. She was desperate to make love with Jack, the sexy eyes and gorgeous body that were now obeying her every command were just too much to take. Unfortunately, she’d told both herself and Jack that she wouldn’t sleep with a man after just one date. And anyway that would mean he’d won, wouldn’t it? Fuck, if only society was different.

“What are you thinking?” Jack asked, her expression as usual giving too much away.

“It might be quite nice to…” she looked around nervously, “You know, make love?”

“It would,” Jack’s replied, trying to hide his conspicuous cock.

“But I don’t like being used.”

“Well use me,” Jack offered, “And maybe use the key that’s hiding under your dress?”

Heidi closed her legs and tried to smooth down her dress to hide the key.

“I don’t know… this is all so new,” Heidi replied.

She sat down on a chair, crossed her legs and tried to stretch her dress as far as it would go down her thigh.

“What did your friends say?” Jack ventured.

Heidi looked up and smiled, “I didn’t tell them everything.”

Jack had reached his hands through the bars in a hopeless attempt to reach her and it was all too easy for Heidi to read his mind. She elegantly stood up, reached for her handcuffs and within seconds had snapped them closed around his wrists.

“That’s for thinking those thoughts!” she cried.

“And you’re not?”

Heidi was now squatting down in front of him, her legs apart and her arousal on show. She reached and touched his biceps that were already tensed and straining from his görükle escort attempts to break the handcuffs.

“I didn’t say I’m not thinking that, but I’m not locked in the cage…”

Heidi stood up and unzipped her dress in one flowing movement, the thin material slipping to the floor, tickling her body as it fell.

“I could help with the bra and panties.. And garter belt,” Jack offered, getting increasingly frustrated by the locked cage.

“No need,” she smiled sweetly.

Jack watched in disbelief as Heidi then squeezed back into denim shorts and a pale patterned blouse that exposure her taut waist. She removed the garter belt and attached the cage key to her hair elastic and used it to tie her hair back in a ponytail.

“What’s the point of foreplay if we don’t make love?” Jack begged.

She ignored him and pushed her feet into some beat up trainers while stuffing both her phone and handcuff keys to her pocket. She then squatted down to watch Jack fighting against the cage.

“I doubt anyone can escape from that cage,” Heidi breathed, “So save your energy… cos when I come back we’ll make love.”

Heidi’s eyes were smiling. The feeling of control was overcoming her inhibitions and allowing her at last to take what she wanted. She would fuck Jack all afternoon, but first she had to buy something to ensure she stayed in control. Jack would have no choice but to make love ‘Heidi’s way’.


She returned an hour later with a large package and a mischievous smile. She pulled it open and unfolded a bondage body bag made out of thick black and with heavy straps fixed at intervals along its length.

“Still want to make love… my way?” she asked.

Heidi hadn’t made love to many guys, but each time she had felt vulnerable and scared. The thought of making love on her terms, being in complete control, was sexy.

It had taken a long and convoluted conversation with the guy in the shop, but she had finally chosen an inescapable body bag which she had paid for with Jack’s credit card.

“I can leave you in the cage,” she continued, walking back and forth above him, hoping that her tiniest of denim shorts would work their magic.

Jack’s eyes had already given her his answer and she untied her ponytail to retrieve the key that was hidden discretely from sight in her thick brown hair. She then breathed in and dug into the front pocket of her denim shorts to retrieve the handcuff keys that surely must have given up any hope of ever seeing the light of day.

She unlocked her would be lover and watched discretely as his fantastic body unfurled and hobbled to the bathroom. Less than ninety seconds later Jack had returned and stepped into the black body bag, placed his arms into the tight side pockets and was listening to the ominous sound of his body being zipped up.

The bag fitted him like a glove, following his masculine curves and ending up by tightly encircling his neck. Heidi took the small padlock from her suitcase and used it to lock the zipper in place. She turned and tossed the small key on to her dressing table where it skidded across the smooth white surface and disappeared behind the heavy furniture.

“Opps,” she giggled.

“What about the key?” Jack asked, concerned that he could barely move a muscle.

“The key’s no good without a girl to turn it,” Heidi breathed as she tightly buckled the six sets of straps that surrounded her lover.

The final strap encircled Jack’s neck and they stared into each other’s eyes as Heidi decided whether to tighten the strap by a further hole. Jack was breathing fast as Heidi helped him to lie down on her bed.

“Oh fuck Heidi, I can’t move at all!”

“I know… turns out I’m good at tightening straps.”

“I can’t even roll over!”

“You still want to make love to me?” Heidi asked with big innocent eyes.

Jack nodded.

Heidi then unzipped a small window in the middle of the bag and eased out Jack’s genitals, his erect cock protruding conspicuously from the tightly buckled bag. Jack struggled with all his strength which only made his cock stand even more to attention.

“Oh fuck this is so cool,” Heidi breathed in a husky whisper, her eyes görükle escort bayan darting out from behind her long freely hanging hair as she crouched on all fours above him.

Heidi was now popping the buttons on her shorts and running her hand down the inside of her lacy panties. Some things she would have to do herself now she had reduced her lover to nothing more than a cock. Now completely naked, she rolled on a condom and sat astride her helplessly bagged man.

With her trust issues now buckled away she could enjoy the feel of a man inside her. She took it slowly and gently, but she was so open that Jack was soon deep inside. Jack pushed his hips up into her, enjoying the only movement that she hadn’t taken from him.

The pleasure built slowly until Heidi orgasmed for the first time in her life. It was only as she finally came down from the high that she kissed his lips for the first time.

“I can’t stop shaking,” she moaned, gripping the bag tightly with both arms.

“I would hold you, but…”

Jack kissed various part of her face, but soon ended up with a mouthful of hair. Heidi kissed him back. Again he kissed her and she was losing the kissing fight until she leap forward and placed her naked bottom on his face.

“I win!” she exclaimed.

Jack was struggling to breathe, she could see that, but she tightened her thighs to lock him into place beneath her. His cries were muffled by her cheeks and his eyes were bulging by the time she released him from her leg lock.

Heidi was on a dangerous addictive high.

“Again!” she cried, wild hair being pushed back over her shoulder.

“Fuck yeah!” he panted.

The second time was even more intense with Heidi sitting up straight and riding Jack like a bull. Only when she climaxed did she flop down and enclose him in a tangle of hair and lips.

“You like Heidi’s Way?” she panted, her brown eyes wide and dreamy.

“Fuck, I want to hold you.”


Heidi held her finger to Jack’s lips and then traced seductively around his features. Only once he was silent again did she roll off his bound body and giddily hop and wobble back into her panties and then squeeze back into her tiny shorts.

Jack was struggling again inside the tightly buckled body bag, unable to even bend his body. Heidi was now dressed and about to leave the room with seemingly no intention to release him.

“Can I take you to lunch?” he tried.

Heidi was tying her hair which swished as she turned.

“One more word and you go back into these shorts.”

“Lunch?” Jack asked again.

Heidi seemed annoyed as she undid the buttons on her shorts which had been on her hips for less than a minute. Now naked from the waist down, she secured her panties around his head with a hair elastic and then padlocked the shorts back around his neck.

“Now I’ve nothing to wear!” she complained.

“Heidi? Where are you?” Jack called.

He lay back knowing better than to fight the solitary confinement of Heidi panties when he felt her warm body drop back down on to his cock. With no other senses available, he lay still enjoying the feeling as he eased deep inside her, feeling only the thrust of her hips and hearing only her cries he brought them once more to orgasm.

“Oh fuck Heidi, that was so nice.”

Heidi kissed him through her shorts before climbing off and walking to her wardrobe.

“What are you wearing?” Jack asked.

“That short dress you like,” she whispered back, “The dress all the guys like…”

Jack looked around blindly, “Can I see?”

“No, this one’s for the other guys,” she teased.

There was more futile struggling from inside the locked bag.

“Don’t worry,” she breathed into the crotch of denim shorts, “I only like guys who do things ‘Heidi’s Way’.”

Heidi put her hand to her mouth to stop herself laughing as Jack tried to kiss her, his lips pushing lovingly against her used underwear, her denim shorts moving slightly as he kissed.

With Jack otherwise engaged, Heidi locked her bedroom door and walked into town to buy lunch, with much of her glowing thighs on show.


An hour later Heidi returned, unlocked her bursa escort room and sat astride Jack’s waist, her butt resting on his constantly erect cock. After much pleading, Heidi had unlocked her shorts from his head, but no amount of begging had made her release him from the body bag.

“I’m going to get out of here,” Jack breathed as he struggled beneath her.

“No you’re not.”

Jack stared into her gorgeous commanding eyes and relaxed, eating the small piece of cheese that she dropped into his mouth.

“Where are you taking me tonight?” she asked with excited anticipation.

“Are we still going out?”

“If you want to…” Heidi looked a little disappointed.

“Of course I do! I guess I’d just given up any hope of getting out of here.”

Heidi could see his confusion; after all she’d held him prisoner for the most of the last twenty four hours and she had to think back to her earlier resentment and jealously to remember why this had started.

“This is just Heidi doing what Heidi wants… for a change,” she breathed, her lips hovering above his.

“When do I get released?” Jack asked, his throbbing cock frustratingly crushed beneath her butt.

“Ask again and you go back in the shorts…”

“Toilet?” he asked nervously.

Heidi started to tighten the strap around Jack’s neck, just for a teasing moment, before releasing the neck strap and all the others down to his ankles. With the body bag itself still zipped up tightly, she helped Jack jump and shuffle across to the bathroom.

“How convenient that your cock is already sticking out,” she giggled as she left Jack to pee into the toilet. She then took hold of his exposed penis and pulled him, half jumping and half shuffling, back to her bed.

She studied his frustrated eyes for a few seconds, “If you don’t want me to accept your invitation to dinner I can unzip you right now.”

Jack had intention of losing the attention of this cute woman, no matter how crazy, “I love the bag,” he smiled as he lay back on the bed and watched the brunette in the short dress straddle his head.

“Time to buckle you up.”

“Can you do them tight this time?” he teased.

She stopped and looked down at him.

“You know how tight my shorts are… you really want them on your head?”

Jack smiled to himself as he watched Heidi’s slim manicured hands strain and tighten each of the straps. She looked happy; the act of tightening the straps almost seemed therapeutic. She finally lay down next to him so that he could enjoy the loving and uninterrupted gaze of her eyes.

It was a slow afternoon of teasing interspersed with love making interspersed with YouTube clips. Heidi had changed back into her shorts just so she could more graphically illustrate what would happen if Jack asked for his freedom.

“Do you want me to unzip you?” Heidi asked, now sitting on his neck with Jack’s head between her thighs.

“I can’t win, can I?”

“Would Lisa have tied you up like this?”

Heidi’s pulse quickened as she tightened the buckle around Jack’s neck by one hole. Jack’s cock was even more erect as Heidi undressed and sat astride him, watching carefully to ensure he was breathing. This time was amazingly intense and Heidi cried out before flopping on to him.

“Heidi?” Jack croaked, her strap painfully tight around his neck.

“Are you asking me to release you?”

They stared into each other’s eyes, on a high from the power and control, both knowing that if Heidi chose to wrap her panties around his face it would probably kill him. She lovingly kissed him one more time before quickly unbuckled all of the straps.

Jack was breathing hard as he watched the naked girl lying on her front on the floor, her butt wriggling, trying to reach the key to his body bag that had fallen behind her dressing table.

“Is spending the rest of your life in the body bag a problem?” she called, “The key’s a long way under.”

“Might be a problem for dinner.”

“Oh yeah,” she giggled, as she scrambled back to her feet, her hair a mess, her nipples still erect and the small silver key in her hand.

“So you still taking me to dinner?” she checked.

Heidi was now dressing in old yoga pants and a baggy jumper and only once she was completely covered up did she unlock the small padlock and pull the zip all the way down.

“See you tonight then,” Heidi smiled as she put a finger to his lips to prevent his advancing lips and pointed to the door.