Heaven Only Knows Ch. 04


For the first time since establishing a relationship with the man called Randy, the preacher’s wife was beginning to fear him. He had taken her miles away from her resort and somewhere deep into the forest. Thoughts of never leaving here began flashing through her mind as the shadows of nightfall cascaded around the island especially deep here in the forest.

“Where are we going Randy?”

“Some place very special to me, come this way?”

Her sense of reasoning seemed to leave her as her fear began to intensify. Off in the distance she could see a small fire burning and the closer they got, the sound of voices singing or chanting could be heard. At one point the poor woman wondered if he belong to a tribe of hungry cannibals, who sexually seduce their prey first before taking them into the jungle to be eaten alive. With each and every step the chanting grew louder causing the hairs on the back of her arms and neck to stand on end.

“Wait Randy please, I …I can’t go, please take me back to my suite?”

“We’re almost here, please don’t worry my lady.” He calmly reassured which was no reassurance at all for the panic stricken woman.

“This is a very special sacred place, only the eyes of the most special tourist are allowed to view what you are about to see.”

Emma felt relieved at least he was referring to her as a person and not as something on a menu.

Stepping into the clearing Emma stared with-wide eyed curiosity. Before her a large circle of flaming torches, within the circle another circle of men playing drums and chanting something she could not understand. As they approached the circle two young woman no more than 18 or 19 years old ran up to them presenting a small bowl containing a red liquid. Randy took the bowl, drank most the contents down, and then motioned for Emma to do the same.

“What is this?”

“It is a scared wine, it will relax your mind and body. Please drink it but not completely.”

Still a bit skeptical she trusted him enough to try at least a little. It was deliciously pleasing to her parched taste buds. She then handed his bowl back to him. Emma struggled within herself to understand what was happening, but went along for now.

“Wait here for me, I will return shortly for you.” The powerfully built man stated walking closer to the circle. Suddenly the music and the chanting stopped and the circle opened allowing the massive man to enter and then just as quickly close and encircle him. Once again the music started playing as did the chanting, this time the rhythm was more intense and the chanting was significantly louder. She felt someone tap her on the shoulder. She turned to see one of the young girls handing her another bowl of what she believed was berry juice spiked with some kind of alcohol. Taking a sip, the beverage was smooth and thirst quenching. She drank most of it down before turning her attention to the circle. She stepped closer to see where Randy had gone but the smoke made it hard for her eyes to focus. The longer she stared the more she began to doubt what her eyes were revealing to her. When the vision became clear, she threw up her hands covering her mouth in shock.

There was Randy standing in the center of the circle stark naked with that enormous dick of his stiff and hard, with two young women holding on to it. She escort shook her head to clear her vision but what she saw afterward was even more astonishing. Two other women ran their hands about his massive torso, while two other caressed, kissed and licked his legs feet and toes. The women swooned over him each adoring his body, worshipping his very manhood. Then just as suddenly the women pulled away and began dancing and twisting, contorting their bodies exotically to the sound of the drums which grew louder and louder every second.

Emma noticed another group several yards away within another circle but could not make out what was going on. When she looked up again Randy was now dancing along with the women seemingly lost in the intense rhythm. It was at that moment she realized that the women in the circle accompanying him were the same women who danced with him that night in the club. Their sweaty oiled covered bodies danced in and out of the shadows with astounding sexuality and athleticism. Randy aimed his long thick and proceeded to shove it down one women’s throat until it was gone from sight. The other woman dosed his body in oil and brought him more bowls of the berry juice. One by one he imbedded his hard tool in each of them and the former southern bell found herself wishing to be there with him. Randy had been right, the juice had indeed relaxed her and without guilt or shame she deliberately slid her hand into her pants and gently fondled her moist pussy. Soon she became one within the sound of the rhythm and danced in time to the beat.

Once again the music stopped but it took Emma several seconds to realize it had. When she opened her eyes, she saw the circle opened and Randy standing by her side with his hand reaching out for her.

“Not a word was said as she took his hand and followed him obediently. The eyes of the crowd were transfixed on her as she passed them by and once she reached the center, the circle closed, and then music started again.

Randy broke into a sensuously exotic dance that caused her to drop the bowl. He fell to his knees and mamboed over, yanking her pants down. Before she could react his large hands gripped her hips, forcing her legs open and sliding his head into her blonde colored bush. He lifted her off her feet, while continuing to dance, sucking her quivering vagina.

Emma pulled off the sweat top jacket, followed by her bra. She gasped loudly seeing the Jamaican man rip off her panties and hungrily sucked her pussy. All the while the music continued to grow louder and stronger.

He flipped her upside down and she knew instantly the deal. Grabbing his dangling cock and she sucks it tightly, squeezing her lips around the rock hard tool. The moment he laid her on the ground two women rushed to her side, licking and caressing her body. Never in her wildest dreams could she imagine such a situation. But the berry juice subdued her reaction and before she could say a word, her pleasure zone kicked in and she freely opened her legs allowing the women between her legs, easy access. While another woman kissed the firm nipples of her breast.

Emma tossed and turned her head back in forth as ecstasy took hold. She heard a cry, which startled her shortly. She looks down to see Randy riding the woman who ate her pussy. She climbed back to her feet swaying to the sound of the drums. For a moment she saw the other party yards away. Three or four women were grinding and riding someone on the ground. She smiled feeling totally free, danced over to Randy, and began licking the sweat from his hairy chest. Slowly she licked down the length of his chest, past his abdomen and to the top of his bushy pubic hairs. The broad smiling Jamaican gradually pulled out his dick, leaving in just the head inside the whaling woman. Emma crawled in between them both and ran her tongue all about his exposed cock. Moving slow but steadily in and out of the hot pussy surrounding his throbbing cock, allowing his white queen to kiss and lick all about the massive vein circumference.

With a warlike holler Randy pushed the women off him. The two women climbed to their feet and danced away the circle opened allowing them to exit. With the women gone and circle closed again, the music started up along with the chanting.

Randy danced with a wild look in his eyes. Placing his hands on Emma’s shoulders he pushed her down to her knees. She watched his big cock dangle up and down before her mouth. She stuck her tongue out tasting the precum and licking her lips. She was about to put his cock in her mouth, when he suddenly pushed her down and the music picked up the pace, he grabbed her ankles and placed then on his shoulders and then he slid inside her.

“Oh yes, oooh yes, yes yes!” She screamed at the top of her lungs but was thoroughly drowned out by the drums, which grew louder at a feverish pitch. The crowd chanted louder and louder as he pushed deeper and increased his pace. Her orgasm came powerfully and the moment it finished another came and another.

Emma’s body trembled but she dare not move knowing that to move even an inch would increase the pleasurable pain of the commanding dick that pulsated and stretched her pussy open. Their bodies collided together slapping as he rose and fell, by now she’d grown use to his pounding and began thrusting her body up to meet his descent. She felt his cock stiffing and his body shaking and she knew it wouldn’t be long. The drums grew to a deafening level but right in time to the beat. She dug her nails into him, tears falling from her eyes. He cradled her head in his large hands and kissed her deeply as he tore into her, stabbing and sticking until his sperm shot into her with spasmodic convulsions.

The music came to a stop, but Randy continued to kiss her.

“Our spirits are married, and now we are one in spirit.” He whispered in her ear. “Now I will take you home.”

He grabbed her hand tenderly as she struggled to her feet. She turned once more behind her at the circle and saw something that made her blood run cold. Snatching her hand away from him she rushed back to the circle and stopped dead in her tracks. Of all the sights she could’ve have seen, nothing could compare to the sight of her husband William Joseph Callaway lying on top of a woman, just as spent and exhausted from love making as she was. She quickly turned away and ran back to her Jamaican lover and they fled the scene.

The Mercedes Benez came to a stop right outside the Ritz Carlton. Emma took Randy’s hand and squeezed it tightly as if afraid to let go. She sat quietly the entire trip back. But that didn’t mean her mind was devoid of questions.

“Randy tell me please, when we left that ceremony back there you said we we’re married in spirit. What does that mean?”

“It means that our souls are joined together in a spiritual marriage. It’s an ancient ceremony that is celebrated by my people.”

“But Randy I told you I’m already married.”

“Yes and so am I. The women within the circle are all my brides. However, I need no ring to prove what we share, for our marriage is in our souls and we will always be together.”

Ignoring his statement she fired back. “Your wives, then how did we have something special if I share you with those other women?”

“Search your heart and recall our moments together, and then you will understand that what we shared can only be shared by the two of us.”

“I don’t understand, but if you’re trying to say that the experience was memorable then I guest you got a point.” After a moment of thoughtfulness, she asks, “I think I saw my…”

“Yes, his spirit has also joined with another, but hold no malice in your heart, because from this day forward, the dimly lit fire dying inside you both has now been rekindled through and your love for each other will once again ignite.”

“Goodnight My lady, perhaps our spirits will meet again, I will think of you often and always.”

They shared a long kiss before Emma pushed him back.

“I still don’t understand, what does all this mean?”

“It means that you have both discovered a part of yourselves that must remain with you alone. As an honorary member of the tribe, the circle of fire burns within you both, trust me, things will get better between you two and if you feel that fire dying again, you know where to come, to reignite it.

Emma exited the car and turned just in time to hear him say. “Goodnight and farewell My lady, until we meet again,” He stated as he drove away.

Emma stood at the front door of Ritz Carlton knowing that her life would never be the same. It was a warm night, a beautiful night she would never forget.

For the next three days Mr. and Mrs. Callaway spent their vacation touring, relaxing and most of all making passionate love to each other. Mrs. Callaway never told her husband what happened to her on the island or spoke on the fact that she had seen him during the ritual. It was best that way; some secrets are best kept that way.


One year later the Reverend William Joseph Callaway preached up a storm during his television broadcast. By the time he finished the crowd gave him a thunderous applause. The sermon he gave was on moral values and the temptation of the flesh. As he walked off the stage, his wife ran up to him, hugged, and kissed him tenderly.

“Oh Will, that was a beautiful sermon.”

“Don’t thank me my dear; thank the Lord, for it is through him, that all things are possible.’

She wiped the sweat from his forehead and stared lovingly into his eyes.

“Did you make the reservations?” She asked.

“Are you kidding, of course I did. I’ve been waiting for this vacation for over a year now.” He answered.” Just think a year ago we went to a small island and found the love we lost.

“Yes sugar and I can’t wait to find it again.” She laughed.

“Amen!” He nodded.

“Will, do you think will enjoy ourselves as much as before?”

Kissing her softly on the lips he answered. “Heaven only knows my dear, heaven only knows.