Head Over Heels


I just got home from work; you were on the couch, sitting Indian style, wearing my favorite t-shirt, and watching TV when I walked in. I can see the excitement in your smile as I walk over to give you the kiss you’re always expecting. You’re excited, because to my surprise, you have a bath ready for me. You start to help me undress by taking off my tie and helping me with my shoes; you take a step back to watch me take my pants off. I give you a little show and take them off slowly as you start biting your bottom lip in the left corner.

I’m finally undressed and waste no time immersing myself in the warm water; I feel the stress and pain lift away with the steam. After about 30 minutes, I get out, wrap the towel around my waist, and head to the bedroom. I find you in the center of our California King-size bed wearing nothing but pink butterfly laced hipster panties and a sexy pair of silver stilettos that complement the beautiful structure of your feet. The stilettos’ thin straps wrap around your sexy ankles with a jeweled lace that runs down the center of your foot and connects to a rhinestone that sits atop three smaller straps that show off your gorgeous toes.

My mouth drops as I gaze upon your beautiful, creamy, caramel brown body. It drops even more as you begin to slowly rub your stomach and make your way up to your perky breasts and begin to caress your nipples before gently pulling on them; you bite your lip as you begin to get turned on. alaçatı escort I sit on the bed and have you stand and model for me. You turn and face away from me; your long silky hair flowing down to the middle of your back. I pull you closer to me and start sliding my tongue down your spine; all the way down to your panties.

Oh my goodness, how they fit you so perfectly. I love how low they sit on your hips and cup your butt cheeks ever so nicely. I take one look at how the bottom of your booty sits out of the panties and immediately start biting your right cheek gently; squeezing and spanking your left one so that it doesn’t feel left out. I can hear you moan and gasp as I grasp both cheeks in the palms of my hands; running your fingers through your hair as my lips gently kiss your cheeks and the small of your back.

I turn you around quickly; admiring the definition of your stomach and the way your piercing dangles in front of your navel. You start caressing your breasts again when I begin kissing your belly button and licking your stomach. I can hear your breathing getting heavy as I slide my tongue down and into your panties; as I take my tongue out not even a second later I hear a sigh of slight disappointment. I work my way up to your erect nipples; licking them; sucking them; nibbling them. I love the way your hands feel on the back of my head as you pull me closer to you.

I stand up and throw you to alaybey escort the bed; exciting you with my aggressiveness. I begin to eye your body and imagine all the things I want to do it and right now I plan to start with your beautiful feet; my hand caresses your calves; my lips kiss your shin. I make my way lower and begin to kiss your ankles as my fingers unfasten the straps of your heels; one stiletto falls to the floor and I make my way over to the other; as my fingers work their magic on your right heel I feel your left foot slowly make its way under my towel and up my inner thigh.

I can feel myself getting hard as your toes begin to touch it. I almost lose concentration when the other heel fell to the floor and you rubbed that foot against my face; stroking my cheeks and sliding your foot past my lips while the other one continues to massage my balls. I snap back to reality and resume control of the situation; I grab your foot and your other soon follows; I love the way you try to take back control by rubbing them all over my face. I quickly end that by slowly licking that sexy arch in your foot; your body trembles as my tongue makes its way between your toes. I massage your left foot while your right one is being treated by my mouth. Your toes curl when I start sucking your big toe, kissing the side of your foot, and working my tongue up the center of your foot.

By now your panties have been moved to aliağa escort the side and your fingers have begun work as well. Your middle finger rubs your clit as your other fingers hold the lips apart. I notice you sucking your other middle finger and I can only imagine what you’re thinking about. I continue kissing your feet; moving from foot to foot and enjoying every second of it; enjoying the sound of your moans each time I suck or lick a different toe. Each time my tongue licks your arches I can feel your body tense up and each time my lips touch your ankles I can feel your muscles relax.

Your body shudders as my mouth moves towards your calves and thighs. I can see now you’ve slid a finger deep inside; slowly fingering yourself but speeding up as I get closer. Your right foot removes my towel and then starts to play with my dick. I bite your inner thigh and your finger goes deeper; you pulled it out and rubbed your fingertip across my lips just to give me a taste. I bite your other thigh and push your legs back as if we’re about to be in missionary. I now have your left foot rubbing against my face and you have my dick rubbing your clit. I bite your heel and lick the back of your ankle; your gasps and moans get deeper. When I start sucking your toes you tell me not to stop; you start rubbing yourself even faster and squeezing your breasts harder; I suck and lick your toes and you start screaming and begging me not to stop. Your body begins to tense up and draw tighter; I keep biting, licking, sucking, and caressing; and as I take my tongue and trace that beautiful arch in your foot one more time you yell out, “Baby, I’m cumming!” All of your muscles relax, you let out a deep sigh, and smile at me with satisfaction; motioning to me to come taste your cum.