Hayley’s Party Ch. 03


Claire put her arms around me as I cried. She didn’t ask any questions, she didn’t say anything. She just held me while I sobbed my heart out. And really, I had no idea even why I was crying, it was more the emotional impact of everything over the last three weeks finally catching up and hitting me all at once. It was a while before I stopped, sniffled and wiped my eyes.

“You okay now?” Claire asked. “Want to stay out here a while or go inside?”

“Inside,” I sniffled again. “I feel better now.”

Crying had definitely been some kind of an emotional catharsis. I felt much better as we slipped inside, tiptoeing downstairs to the bunkroom in the basement where Claire and I usually slept when I came over. Her parents preferred us down there when I slept over. We didn’t disturb them when we were talking late or watching movies. In the bunkroom, I pulled a clean t-shirt and panties from my bag and changed, getting ready for bed while Claire headed to the bathroom, “I need a shower” flung over her shoulder.

Well, she’d done far more than I had in the truck. I followed her in to wash my face and clean my teeth. I could still taste just a hint of Brad though, even after I’d finished scrubbing. I lay in bed just enjoying that faint background taste in my mouth. Claire turned the light off when she came back and slid into the bed with me, not hugging or anything but just sharing the bed the way we always did when I stayed over. Tonight, as it almost always was, her presence was comforting, I reached out and found her hand, held it in mine, squeezed. She squeezed back.

“Thanks Claire.”

She giggled then. “I didn’t know you gave such good blowjobs Hayley, I didn’t think you and Steve had gotten that far. You should’ve seen Brad’s face, he looked like he was in heaven.”

I felt a bit shocked that she’d been watching us that closely. We’d never double dated before and I’d never given Steve a blowjob with anyone watching. Although of course I’d gone and let Joe fuck me while Steve watched. And vice versa for all of a couple of minutes but that had been different from my best friend watching me. I mean, I’d been aware of Claire and Mike in the front seat, drawn my own conclusions as to what they were doing from the noises they made but I hadn’t looked. Not that I was doing anything except kneeling down in front of Brad with my back to the front anyhow. Claire giggled. She must have felt my surprise.

“He did?” I thought about that. I hadn’t seen his face at all when I’d been sucking him off, my face had been buried in his lap right up until he finished coming in my mouth. After that, he’d just looked satisfied.

“Hayley, he was in heaven, trust me. You have to teach me how to do it like that.”

Now I was smiling. Claire had always been ahead of me with guys, having her compliment me made me feel much better. “Well,” I said, almost shyly, “he asked me out on a date next Friday.” I don’t know why I felt shy about that, I’d just given him the best blowjob of my life in front of Claire. What was I being shy about for gods sake?

“God Hayley, I am just sooooo jealous now.” She giggled and I knew she wasn’t at all, she was just happy for me. “And I’m sooo glad you guys hit it off.”

Now it was my turn to smile. Brad definitely liked me enough to ask me out again. This was good. On the other hand, I didn’t want to talk about Steve, time to change the topic and get Claire talking before she asked. Once she got going, she was impossible to stop, which could be maddening but right now I saw that little quirk of hers in a far more favorable light.

“Hey, I didn’t know you and Mike … you know …?”

She didn’t giggle this time. It was more of a love-stuck sigh. “Mmmmm.”

“Since when? You didn’t tell me?” Mind you, I hadn’t told her about what had happened with Steve and Joe either, but that was different. Wasn’t it?

“Well, it seemed kind of very personal, I was going to tell you…”

I giggled. “And then instead of telling me you just did it with Mike in the front seat tonight while Brad and I were in the back making out. I could hear you guys you know.”

It was Claire’s turn to giggle. The darkness somehow made me feel bolder so that I asked what was topmost in my mind right then. “What was it like, riding his cock and watching me doing Brad?” I was curious. I’d never watched anyone else. I’d been watched of course, twice now. That was kind of embarrassing when I thought about it.

Claire went off on a tangent. “Remember back a couple of years ago when we found that DVD collection of my Dad’s?”

“Yeah.” That particular memory made me smile. I did remember and it was more than a couple of years ago. We’d been using her Dad’s home office for research for some school assignment and we’d found a whole collection of pornographic DVD’s stashed away at the back of the bottom draw of his desk. I think we’d actually been looking for a cartridge to refill the printer but it was so long ago I wasn’t sure anymore. Claire’s parents had been out for the evening and instead of working on that assignment, Ataşehir Anal Escort we’d spent the entire evening flipping through pornographic DVD’s.

I still couldn’t believe some of the images I’d seen that evening. They were burned indelibly into my memory. I’d been shy and a bit embarrassed to start with, we both had been, but it had been impossible to stop watching them. Next time we looked for them they were gone, but between ourselves, we’d referred to them off and on ever since. For two young teenage girls, they’d been, how do I put it? “Educational” was the word that sprang to mind.

“I always liked that one with the two guys and the two girls, there was that asian girl and a blonde girl, just like you and me,” Claire murmured, and I could feel her moving in the bed, her hand leaving mine. “How they watched each other.” She was breathing faster. “It was like that tonight, sitting on Mike and watching you with Brad. I loved seeing you give him a blowjob, it was so exciting to see you two while Mike was doing me. And Brad’s cock looked so big.”

“Yeah, it was way bigger than Steve’s,” I breathed.

“Bigger than Mike’s,” Claire added. Then, “have you and Steve ever?”

“Yeah.” I didn’t add any more details.

“Are you going to with Brad?”

“Ummm, maybe, I’m not sure.” I was being honest. I mean, I didn’t plan to just do it with Brad on our second date.

“I liked that one with the two guys and the girl, too,” she said. “Remember that one.” I could hear her breathing faster. I was too.

“Yeah, I do, she was Japanese I think.” Asian anyhow, black haired like me, small like me, with small breasts and nipples that were the same reddish brown as mine. And she’d shaved herself between her legs, just like I had. Or maybe it was the faded memory of that DVD that had caused me to shave myself without any conscious memory?

Claire giggled. “That was the one. Remember how she was on her hands and knees sucking one guy while the other guy was fucking her from behind.” I did, all too well. That had been my favorite. “I’d love to do it like that.” She was panting.

I giggled, but I was getting wet thinking about it. I slipped a hand inside my panties rubbed my clitoris gently, teasing myself. “You could ask Mike maybe?” I was thinking about Joe, about how I’d sat on Joe and how Steve had moved me up and down on him and how excited I’d been. Was that how I’d looked, like that Japanese girl in that DVD?

“Oh god Hayley,” Claire was playing with herself. I could hear little wet sounds in the darkness. “I couldn’t, I just couldn’t ask him, but I’d like to do that, imagine it. I love doing it for Mike on my hands and knees, imagine it with two guys.”

I could, all too well and my fingers slipped down, one sliding inwards between my slippery lips, swollen and excited and so very wet now and my fingers moved easily, so that I was making the same faint, wet sounds that I could hear coming from Claire.

“Are you?” she gasped.

“Yes,” I gasped back. “Are you.?” My nipples were hard now, swollen and aching.


“I’d like to see you do that.” I was breathing faster, my fingers moving more rapidly. “I’d like to see you playing with yourself.” I was blushing as I whispered, but I did, I wanted to see her, to watch her like she’d watched me, like Steve had watched me. Claire didn’t say anything but I could hear her moving faster. I reached up and pulled the duvet down, all the way down, just like Joe had done to Steve and I. In the dimly illuminated room I could see her lying on her back, her legs wide apart. She wasn’t wearing any panties and her t-shirt, the one she’d worn to bed, was rolled up under her armpits, exposing her breasts. I rolled over and propped myself up on one elbow, looking down at her, at her full round breasts and the sparse curly fuzz of her pussy, which I knew was the same color as her hair.

Her hair, her beautiful naturally red hair that I liked so much, that surrounded her head like a halo as she turned to look at me, her green eyes almost luminous in the dimness. “Would they take turns fucking me?” she gasped.

I didn’t even have to think. “God yes,” I whispered, “they’d start with you on your back and they’d take turns with you, fucking you with their big hard cocks and doing this to you at the same time.” Lowering my mouth, giving in to temptation, I lightly brushed one of her nipples with my lips as I played with myself, as I teased myself.

Her mouth opened wide as she looked at me and for a moment I thought she would object. “Again,” she moaned softly, “do that again Hayley … suck on it!”

Hesitantly, I lowered my head again, found her nipple with my lips, small and hard, slid my tongue over and around it as my mouth closed on her breast and sucked it into my mouth, flicking my tongue backwards and forwards and around while I felt her hands working away, both of them between her legs, making soft wet noises. When my mouth lifted from her she moaned softly, arching her back, looking up at me.

“What would they Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort do next?”

The excitement in her voice made my heart beat faster. I smiled, took my hand away from myself and moved it to rest on top of hers, feeling her movements as she fingered herself, hearing the wet squelching noises her sex was making as her fingers moved inside herself.

“They’d roll you over and pull you up onto your knees,” I gasped, my eyes half closed, remembering what Joe had done to me, imagining it happening to Claire as I was describing it. “Mike would fuck you from behind, he’d just ram his cock into your cunt and fuck you hard, as hard as he wanted to.”

“Yes,” she gasped, “I’d make lots of noise.”

“Yeah, you would, and then Mike would tell Brad it was his turn to fuck you and you’d kneel there waiting, and you’d feel Brad behind you, know he was going to take you and then you’d feel that big fat cock ram its way into your cunt.” I remembered what Joe had called me. “He’d call you his little slut and tell you he was enjoying fucking your tight slutty little cunt and you’d beg him to fuck you harder and he would.”

“Ohhhhhh,” Claire moaned, and I could feel her shivering.

“And then Mike would grab your hair and lift your head up and start fucking your mouth and they’d both be fucking you, one in your mouth, the other fucking your cunt and then they’d come in you, both of them coming inside you as hard as they could.”

“Hayley, I’m gonna come … I’m gonna come!”

And she did. I watched her, shuddering and trembling and arching her back, her fingers plunged deep inside her sex with my hand resting on them while she orgasmed. Watching her was wild, wild and exciting and I was almost as excited myself as she was just from watching her and imagining what I was describing.

“Oh god,” she moaned softly, one of her hands now clasping mine, her fingers wet with her juices. “That was amazing Hayley.”

“It looked like it,” I replied softly. Her eyes met mine and she was smiling.

“Your turn.”

I hesitated, but she was rolling herself up, pushing me down onto my back, her hand pushing my t-shirt up to my armpits, then tugging my panties down, down and all the way off, leaving me more or less naked before her. She looked down at me, smiling, running her eyes down over my body. I saw them widen, she looked back up and smiled wickedly.

“You shaved,” she exclaimed. “Like that girl in the movie.”

“Yeah,” I said, weakly, as her hand moved to my thighs, slid over my skin, moved my legs apart, exposing my sex. Her smile remained wicked, I could tell she was enjoying this and it felt too good to say no.

“I’d love to watch you being fucked like her,” Claire breathed. “Maybe you should be the one that Brad and Mike fuck.”

“Mike’s your boyfriend.” I looked at her accusingly.

She giggled. “Okay Miss Picky, Brad and … and who …?”

“Joe,” I gasped without even thinking.

“Brad and Joe then, they’re going to come round when my parents are out and bring you down here and undress you and lie you on the bed just like you are now.”

“Yes,” I gasped, thinking of Joe’s cock in me, of Brad’s cock in my mouth. My hand slid down over my stomach, down further, finding my clitoris and rubbing it languorously, sending little ripples through my body.

“Oh yes, you’re just going to lie there Hayley and wait for them to decide which of them is going to fuck you first, and then they’re going to spread your legs wide and take turns fucking you.” Her hand brushed over mine and I moaned as I felt them brush down my sex, tease my lips open as I lay there, my legs wide apart now, just as they had been for Joe.

“They’re going to take turns fucking you and I’m going to watch them,” she whispered, and now one of her fingers slid inside me and I moaned again, spreading my thighs wider apart as she slid a second finger into me and began moving them wetly inside me. “Then they’re going to ask you to kneel for them,” Claire breathed. “Are you going to kneel for them Hayley, so that they can fuck you.”

“Yes,” I sobbed, “Oh yes … Yes!” My back was arching, my hips lifting to meet her fingers as my clitoris seemed to become even more sensitive and my own fingers moved faster on myself and it felt so good I couldn’t have stopped if I tried.

“You’re going to kneel for them and then Brad is going to slide his big hard cock into your wet little cunt.” Just as her fingers were doing now. “He’s going to fuck you hard … fuck you hard … he’s going to slam his cock into you and you’re going to ask him to fuck you harder … and Joe’s cock is going to fill your mouth.”

I could almost feel it and taste it as she whispered in my ear, her fingers moving more and more wetly inside me and I knew I was almost there as she fingered me, her voice urging me to new heights.

“And then they’re going to change ends and Joe’s cock’s going to fuck your wet little pussy and Brad’s going to slide his cock in your mouth, you can taste your pussy on his cock and then Ataşehir Zenci Escort Joe’s going to come inside your cunt and flood you with his cum.”

My mouth opened wide, my back arched, my feet did a spastic little dance of their on and my entire body juddered and thrust up gaainst her hand as my orgasm overwhelmed me and it just went on and on and on before slowly dying away, her fingers still inside me. I lay there breathing hard, both of us more or less naked, exhausted and already a little ashamed at what I had done, at what I had let her do to me.

Claire smiled. “That was good wasn’t it?” She sounded satisfied.

“Mmmm, yes, I guess,” I was non-committal, still breathless. “I think we should go to sleep now.”

“Mmmm, good idea,” she murmured and I felt her fingers slide out of me. Both of us adjusted our t-shirts, I didn’t bother searching for my panties, I just turned over towards her and closed my eyes. Within minutes, she was already fast asleep. After years of sleepovers with Claire, I knew when she was asleep and, at peace with myself for the moment, I closed my eyes and I too drifted off.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“I wish you could talk Claire into doing this with you.” Claire’s dad’s last words as he dropped me off outside Kim’s Tae Kwon Do School late Saturday morning made me smile, then laugh.

“I’ve been trying to talk her into coming with me since third grade.”

“I know. I wish she’d listened. I worry about her when she’s out.” He shook his head. “Ah well, bye Hayley, have fun.”

“Bye Mr. Murdoch. And thanks for the ride.”

“You’re welcome Hayley, any time.” Sometimes I wished Mr. Murdoch was thirty years younger. Okay, I’d go to twenty years younger. He was just nice. And okay, he was Claire’s dad but he was in good shape, he was good looking and he was just nice.

I was early to the dojang, which gave me plenty of time to warm up. Changed, I ran through some light tai chi exercises and some basic warmups and then stretched out my muscles. Slightly warmed up, I picked up the pace, running through my usual full warm-up routine and then working on a series of kicks and punches. Half an hour later, with another fifteen minutes to go before the morning class started, other students started to trickle in. I knew almost all of them, although there were a few new kids whose names I was still working on remembering.

Mark saw me and waved, he was one of the Black Belts, a rank I aspired to with my next grading. I was sure I was going to make it, Master Kim had been working me hard the last year, preparing, and I was getting into the swing of psyching myself up to punch through concrete blocks. I wasn’t there yet. Master Kim was a fifth dan Black Belt, an old Korean gentleman in his late fifties, hard as nails and with a sense of humor to match.

Mark took the class through the initial warmups, pulling me in to help coach and encourage the white belts, mostly elementary age kids whose parents had enrolled them. Some of them were keen, some weren’t. I worked mostly with the not-so-keeners, I could be a lot more encouraging and less intimidating than Mark. Master Kim rolled into the dojang half an hour before the class ended. Mark had kept the pace up, the white belts looked like jello, shaking and soaked in sweat. The higher belts had been worked even harder and I was no different, my dobok was soaked and clinging wetly to me. I hadn’t worked out this hard in a month and it felt good.

Master Kim smiled, gestured to the class. “Take a break, sit down everyone.” He looked at me. “Put your gear on Hayley, Mark; you two give the youngsters a demonstration.”

I slipped my sparring gear on, mostly Macho but with a couple of new Tekno pads I’d picked up recently to replace some old ones and the Top Ten headgear that I like because it tended to stay in place when you got kicked in the head.

Master Kim waved us on. “Let’s see what you’re capable of today Hayley.”

I slipped my mouthpiece in and moved onto the mats.

Mark grimaced. “Full contact?” I knew he never liked that with me. He didn’t like full contact with girls. With good reason. He was tough. I smiled.

“Yes please.” I’d sparred with Mark any number of times and I knew even if I told him to he wouldn’t. But if he said yes, I could. He had size and reach as well as weight on me, and he was very definitely far superior in strength but I had the speed and despite him being the black belt I knew I had the technique over him as well as a wider-ranging choice of styles. He stuck to straight Tae Kwon Do, I’d been training in Hapkido as well for the last year or so, a mixture of Tae Kwon Do, Ju-jitsu and Aikido and quite nasty in its own way. I was feeling aggressively confident today. Mark nodded.

We touched hands and then sparred lightly, feeling each other out. The next five minutes we more or less sparred easily, sticking to straight Tae Kwon Do. Mostly kicks but the odd strike, just testing each other. Mark wasn’t as fit as I was and he’d been leading the class and I was faster, better reactions. I speeded things up then, a feinted kick and then two strikes that Mark blocked. But the second was a feint and I locked the blocking wrist with my right hand and came in low with two left-handed strikes to the abdomen and a knee strike to his thigh before I danced back out of range.