Hard In the Ass

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Hard In the AssShe was so hot. I just loved to look at her as she left her apartment. No matter when or for what reason she look very sexy. She had the kind of body that just screamed ‘fuck me’. And that is what I wanted to do. She was kind of short but had those perfect legs that gave the illusion of going on for ever. She had that long, thick hair that was just perfect to nuzzle in too. I watched her everyday, and I knew her habits. On weekdays morning she dressed in a short dress type suit.All stiff and business-like, the type that made men and women equal in the workplace. Later she would come home and change for jogging. She wore some tight sweat pants and amorphous shirt. Because she had some huge breast she wore in of those tight jogging bras. Every day she came back all hot and sweaty making me really horny. Some would say, “If you wanted her so much why don’t you get her?” Well for sure I wanted to but she always seemed to have another guy. And did she go through them.She never had one for more than a few weeks, and I wanted to be more than that. That is why I watched and studied her for so long.I knew her in and out including her favorite sex positions, via a telescope bought for the purpose. As a matter of fact I finally decided that I would confront her with my love as soon as I found out one last bit of information.I didn’t know her name. I vowed that when I got it, I would get her. One day she did not follow the usually routine. She went out to work did not come for her daily jog. I saw this as an excellent chance to figure out her name. I knew for sure that her name would be on her mail, which she usually picked up from her box before jogging. Inconspicuously I slipped down to the mail boxes.The apartment owner either was a trusting soul or cheap because the boxes did not have locks. Lucky for me! I glanced and saw no one around. I quickly popped open her box and scanned her letters. Finally I say what I had been waiting for. Among the letters to occupant I found one addressed to ‘Miss Betsy Bryant’. I am ready to make my move. I knew in my mind I was going to get this woman and I would start the next time I saw her. About 4 o’clock the next day I saw Betsy getting her mail. I slipped out of the apartment and came up the road as if I was going to the apartments. I walked up to her and pretended to ask her the direction to a friends place. When she was about to answer I said,”Wait a minute? Aren’t you Betsey Byrant? Don’t you remember me? I am Jim from school.” This had her thoroughly confused and I moved in for the kill. I rambled on about some made up school career until she invited me to her place. I had never really seen her place except from the windows, and I was impressed.She had impeccable taste in decor that seems the mark of the successful women. After we got on the couch I admitted to really being her neighbor and used the school mate bit as a ploy to get in her apartment. Betsy was shocked and I was afraid that she would kick me out. Finally, at my urgings she cooled down, and admitted that she knew I was BSing her anyway. The she started spouting of info on me! She knew everything about me. Of course çankırı escort I was surprised. It turns out that she used the computer at work to find out about me when she noticed me spying on her. “Well, I bet you don’t know my favorite sex position,” I finally said. “I bet I can find out,” she said slyly. From there on it was smooth sailing. We had a few drinks, and she started to get really beautiful. I eased over closer to her on the couch and tried to kiss her. Betsy noticed by the tent my rod was causing in my pants that I was really in for her. “You know I don’t fuck just any man. He has got to do what I say and enjoy it.” I suddenly realized that maybe I didn’t know all about her. What if she is one of those hard-core dominant bitch’s. That would really ruin things. But she is the ultimate prize and I would do anything to get it with her. “Well, what do you have in mind?” First she said that I would have to shower. Next she said that I would have to shave off all my hair (except my head).Finally she said that she would only take cock in the ass because she was saving her cherry for marriage. Those rules were not to bad and the latter one explained here favorite position–doggie style. At the time I was hot enough to agree to anything so off to the shower I went. When I was done in the shower I was greeted by Betsy with one of those antique straight razors. “We are going to get all that hair off you quick,” she said and away she went. She started off at my legs and made quick work of them while I looked down at the firm tits peeking out of her terry cloth robe. Next she shaved my arms and chest. Then I started to worry. Some men may not feel threatened by a girl shaving there dick with a 4 inch long razor but I do. “I’ll get the safety razor for this”, she said, taking a lot of my mind. Back she came and away went my cock hair.Then I was rolled over and then the rest of the hair came off. I felt strangely clean and was dying to fuck her hard. “Now that you are properly prepared, you can shave my pussy.” she said as she dropped her terry-cloth robe. She was gorgeous. No sags on her. She had nice firm tits with big pink nipples. She had one hot looking pussy and I took little time shaving the sparse hair off of it. The whole time I was dying to nibble her hard clit that I occasionally saw during my little job. “I want you to tongue me so long and hard that your tongue blisters,” she announced. I quickly obliged her. She was so smooth and sticky, wet. Every once and awhile she start to pant and then give a little scream, which I suspected were orgasms. Finally my tongue gave out and I had to quit. “I got to quit. Look at my tongue,” I said showing her my red tongue. “Ok, you were a good boy and I want to reward you.” Quickly we changed positions and she started to lick me off. Boy was she good. She would slowly circle my cock head with her tongue and then suck and pump it. Every once and awhile she would even deepthroat it, but she looked like she would gag so I didn’t press it too hard. Finally I felt my balls tighten up and I knew I was going to come like a b**st. “Don’t come in my mouth.Shoot on my tits,” she panted. escort çankırı I pulled out if her mouth and shot my hot load all over her firm tits. She rubbed my come all over her chest and then gave me a real tongue kiss. “I want you to fuck me now.” she said after catching her breather.” Let me screw your pussy please” I begged but she grabbed my balls and let me know that I would be doing a rear entrance. I had never fucked anyone in the ass before so I had her talk me through. I got me first look at her pretty bung hole. It looked pretty tight and even though I don’t have a titanic cock, I had my doubts. “The trick is to go slow and to have lots of lubrication.” I looked around and found a bottle of lube conveniently at hand. So I greased up my fingers and started probing that tight ass of hers. At first I could only get one finger in but slowly I got about three in. She was obviously enjoying her self and had some sort of vibrator on her clit. “Quick, stick your cock in my asshole! I need it! ” she yelled. I got behind her and greased up my pole and placed my cock head on her now red anus. I slowly worked it about a half inch and Betsy was going crazy. I pushed a little more and all most all resistance gave away and I slid in up to my now clean shaven pelvis. It was so tight. For awhile I just had to sit there and get used to it. “Pump me now!” she yelled and I started off. Slow at first, but then I picked up the pace. I started to finger her puss while I felt her hands on my butt pulling me in to her.I had never seen a girl so wild. She started to squeal and was scratching my butt with her long nails. Again I had that warm feeling in my balls and I knew this time I would have one of those once in a life time orgasms. “Fuck me harder!” she was yelling again. “I going to come,” I replied. And she started meeting my cock with such force that she was smashing my balls against my thighs. I started pumping my hot come in her ass like crazy. I thought I would go soft but I guess the pain she was inflicted on my balls was keeping me hard. “Keep on fucking me you bastard!” With my load in her ass things were getting very lubed and very sticky. I was like a piston and I kept on till come leaked out of her red, raw ass and my cock could not take it anymore. Now was my chance to get my mouth of those big tits of hers. She laid back on the bed and I latched right on to those long nipples. Here flesh was so creamy and I could taste the saltiness of my come all over her globes. Betsy winced as I rolled those nipples between my fingers. After a bit of this she gets up and says,” You had your fun on my ass, it is now time for my turn on yours.” Needless to say I was pretty worn out, but I remembered the agreement and warily rolled over. She placed pillow under my cock to allow her easy access to my ass. “First I need to get some ‘toys’.” She went over to a beautiful oriental chest and picked out an assortment of sex toys. I was apprehensive about the situation but she cleverly calmed me down. “Put this on.” she ordered me as I was handed one of those cock ring vibrators.I slipped it on and felt waves of stimulation run up and down çankırı escort bayan my cock. I next I felt a greased finger penetrate my virgin ass hole. This isn’t too bad I thought, until she added a few more fingers. My ass burnt but it also felt so erotic that I had to have more. “I am going to put a small butt plug in your ass so loosen up.” I obediently loosened up to be rewarded with some of the most intense pain I have felt in awhile. I also thought I was going to shoot off right then. If that was the small plug I would hate to try the large one because I thought I was going to rip at the seams from the pain in my ass. “Flip over cunt licker, I want to suck your cock!” she snarled. I was in a pretty interesting position. I had this vibrating plug in my ass making my knees weak and a vibrating cock ring that was making my dick drip pre-come. Carefully I flipped over to have my balls harshly squeezed. I could not take it any more. I shot come all over my own stomach. This time Betsy licked it up running her tongue all over my upper torso. “What are we going to do now? You came before I got a chance to suck you off. For that we need to punish you.” I thought what else could she do to me. To my dismay I say what she had planned. She had a butt plug the size of a small pair. “There is no way you are going to be able to get that in my ass, bitch,” I told her. “We’ll see about that.” And with that she went out of the room. I removed the cock ring and sat back to see what she was up to. I was sore, tired, and needed to fuck her pussy so hard to make up for all this weird stuff she was doing. Betsy came back into the room all smiles with something covered in a towel. “Show me your ass” she commanded and I did.When she yanked out the small butt plug out I would have come on the spot if I had of been hard. “This is going to take a little time,” as she put the towel on the floor and greased up the giant plug. After a little stretching and a lot of pain the thing finally went in. It had a more hollow feel to it that made me think that something was afoot. “I am going to do something wild and then I want you to fuck my ass again.” she said as she pushed my face into the pillows. Suddenly I feel a searing coldness in my ass. From beneath the towel she had taken a glass of ice water and filled up the hollow butt plug with it. My cock had never been so hard in my life. I thought I would pop a vein or something. “What are you waiting for? Fuck my ass!” So again I grease up and work it in her raw asshole which was still loose so it took me no time to slide on in.The feeling of the cold pressure in my ass and the tight pressure around my cock was the wildest I had ever experienced. I did not last long and when Betsy tried to yank the big plug out of my ass I came like crazy. I did not even know that I had that much left. After a night of sex I was bushed. I think Betsy was a little tired too because after that last anal fuck she put up her toys and went to bed. Even though I was trying to sleep all through-out the night I would wake to her licking my cock. In the morning I woke up to a burning ass and no Betsy. I found a note. “Dear Ass Fucker, I hope you enjoyed last night. Tonight I will have a friend over and maybe we can have some more fun, if you got the balls. Signed Betsy B. Bad.” I don’t know if I will show up, but that will be another story.The EndSpice16www.bdsmfinder.com