Happy Birthday Gunter


Fi paced back and forth in the living room, looking out through the large picture window every time she circled near it, watching for car headlights to make the turn into her driveway. She only had one hour before he finally walked through the door, and everything needed to be perfect.

The two months she had spent without Gunter was almost too much to bear. Days dragged by as winter took hold of New England. Fi had been totally miserable without him. The warmth of his body on hers, his thick, hard cock that once was hammering into her so often, had not been, and Fi had felt like a part of her own body was missing from inside her.

She started to feel waves of desire rippling up from between her thighs. She crouched down to the floor with a sort of half moaning, half growling sound as if to help release some of the sexual tension that was already building up inside her.

She stood back up and walked out into the mudroom to take a final look around the entry.

A warm heat came from the wood stove, and though she had a good fire already started, Fi tossed one more log in to keep the front of the house warm for the rest of the evening. Coats were taken down from the coat rack and in their place were hanging various whips and crops, some feathery, some made of leather and one even made of a small balled chain. Also hanging on one of the hooks was a length of rope. Fi reached out and traced the rope with her fingers. She knew that she would be wearing nothing but that rope tonight for the fantasy that she and Gunter both wanted to experience.

Goosebumps grew all over her at the thought of being tied, not being able to move. Her heart raced with the images that came to mind. She felt the wetness that gathered between her thighs. Fi shook her head trying to dismiss all of the thoughts bombarding her.

As Fi started to walk into the kitchen, she heard a knock at the door. She stepped down into the mudroom again and looked out of the little side window and started to smile as she opened the door.

Julie was standing on the porch in a stylish trench coat with her camera bag slung over her shoulder. Not waiting to be invited in, Julie walked right past Fi and set her camera bag down next to the door. “Nice toys,” she said looking at the hooks on the wall. “Where do you want me to hang up my coat?”

“Here, just give it to me. I’ll put it in the other room,” Fi said, as she reached out for Julie’s coat.

Julie, was for all intents and purposes, the “sex-itary” of Fi and Gunter. Whatever the couple schemed up in their dreams and fantasies, Julie was the one who made it happen, through her connections, through internet prowling, whatever it took. Julie is also a fabulous photographer, and Fi and Gunter love to be captured on film equally as much as they love being watched. Once upon a time Julie was a toy for Gunter, but had since found herself her own dream man, a retired oil executive from Houston. No sex, but all the money she could ever wish for. Perhaps that’s kartal escort why she took her duties for Fi and Gunter so seriously. Sex.

“You said to dress accordingly,” Julie said loud enough so that Fi could hear her from the other room. “It’s starting to snow and I’m not wearing boots.”

“Well, it’s not supposed to amount to much, Julie,” Fi said as she walked back into the mudroom.

Julie was checking herself out in the mirror. She was wearing a body-hugging, little black dress that showed just the right amount of cleavage, and if she bent over, the slit between her legs would probably be able to be seen. The black seams of her nylons were perfectly straight and disappeared into the black stilettos she wore. She was tucking up some strands of her gold colored hair that had escaped from her french twist. Fi reached out and untucked the strands again. “Let them go,” Fi smiled. “It looks sexier that way!”

Julie looked Fi up and down and grimaced at her and what she was wearing, which was a faded blue, old bathrobe that was way too big for her and falling off one of her shoulders in a sort of sexy, pee-a-boo way. The sleeves of the robe hung way past her fingertips. Fi’s long, chestnut colored hair cascaded down her back in waves and curls.

“No fuzzy wabbit slippers?” Julie joked.

“Ha ha.” Fi rolled her eyes and motioned for Julie to follow.

Julie picked up her camera bag and followed Fi through the kitchen and into the dining room.

“Ok, Julie,” Fi started to explain, “This is where the action will start.” Fi extended her arm out toward the dining room table, slowly presenting the table like a convention model showing off a new car. “You can set your cameras and laptop wherever you think will be best. I’ll leave that up to you.”

Fi squinted her eyes at Julie and looked her up and down. “Gunter will make you take your clothes off, you know.”

“He can unwrap me like a present!” Julie said smiling.

Fi shook her head and silently chuckled at the comment and let Julie busy herself setting up the tripod with the video recorder, her camera and the laptop, in case Gunter decides they should have a camming session on the adult website they frequent.

Fi looked around the room one last time. The tall prayer candles on the dining room table caught her eye, and she reached into her robe pocket for the pack of matches she had put in there to light them in the first place, but had forgotten all about them until now. Fi knew that those candles were made with low temperature wax, and really fun to drizzle on the skin. She had bought one of each color, and she smiled thinking about the rainbow of colors that would soon be all over her skin. She ripped one of the matches from the book and struck it on the back of the pack and began to light each candle.

Just then there was a knock at the door and Fi snapped back to reality.

Fi opened the door and saw Sue standing there. Sue’s beautiful, blue eyes lit up when she saw Fi. Fi gave cumhuriyet mahallesi escort Sue a huge hug and kiss, and then stood back to admire her. “It’s been too long, Sue,” Fi said softly as she brushed her fingers across Sue’s round cheek, catching some strands of her long, straight hair and tucking them behind her ear. Fi took Sue’s hand and showed her into the house.

Julie was the one who had found Sue for Fi and Gunter to play with through an online website. Sue had advertised that she wanted to please a local couple. Julie knew Gunter’s stamina, and also knew Fi was bi-sexual so Julie thought that Sue would be perfect for the two of them to play with.

“Do you want a glass of wine?” Fi asked, turning around with a wine glass in one hand. Sue smiled and nodded. “Yes please!” Julie said loudly from the other room. Fi had already opened the bottle of red wine a little earlier in the evening and had poured herself a glass, though, until now hadn’t touched it.

“Ok! Wine for all!” Fi said, grabbing another glass, and looked at Sue smiling and rolling her eyes.

Fi set the bottle of wine and the two glasses on the island in the kitchen, where Sue was standing next to.

Sue poured herself some wine from the bottle into her glass. “Debauchery?” she said between her soft laughter.

“Oh! The wine?” Fi laughed as she held up the wine bottle, examining the label. She set it back down gently on the island with a faraway look in her eyes and a devilish grin growing on her face. “Gunter and I picked that up when we went to New Hampshire a few months ago,” she explained.

Fi found her untouched wine glass and took a few sips as she started at Sue.

Staring was fairly new addiction to Fi, and actually, until she had met Gunter, eye contact was very difficult for her. She would get embarrassed, especially when men stared at her, undressing her with their eyes. Now Fi is the first one to cast stares. Hungrily. Right into the eyes of acquaintances and strangers alike, trying to pierce into their soul. Fi found it thrilling, especially staring at strange men and would do so at every opportunity she had, perhaps trying to make up for years of looking the other way. The more she stared, the more they stared back at her, and her whole body filled with electric energy of want and delight. It was almost a sexual feeling for her, even if it was staring at some man as she walked passed him, taking a little bit of their energy, and feeling a little lustful. Gunter is still the only one that can and does make her cast her eyes downward quickly with his powerful stare.

Fi told Sue that she could change out of her clothes in the upstairs bathroom. She leaned in and gave Sue another long kiss, pressing open Sue’s lips with her tongue, and explored all of the warmth of her mouth. Fi stood back and smiled as she watched Sue walk away, up over the stairs.

Fi looked at the clock on the stove. “Oh God,” Fi said as her heart yunus escort started to race again. “He’ll be here any minute!!”

Fi ran upstairs and took the robe off and slung it into the bathroom where Sue was still getting undressed. Sue stood up fast, not knowing what was happening at first, then seeing Fi as she slung her robe in the room, laughed hard as she watched the robe fly into the bathtub.

Fi sucked in a deep breath and walked back downstairs into the dining room and climbed onto the table and stretched her body out in the sexiest way she knew how.

Julie was standing in the dining room. She held up her video camera and turned it on, focusing in on Fi.

Sue walked naked, slowly behind Fi, and sat in the head chair, close to Fi’s head. She leaned down and gave Fi a long, passionate, wet kiss. Fi’s arms stretched back to hold Sue’s head. All the while Julie was taping the whole scene, a silent ghost that nobody paid any attention to.

The noise of the garage door going up, and then rolling back down told everyone Gunter was finally here.

Fi heard the clicking of Julie’s high heels on the hardwood floor, walking toward the door. Her heart raced with anticipation as she heard the back door open.

“Happy birthday, Sexy!” Julie greeted, holding her camera practically in his face.

One side of Gunter’s lips turned up in a sort of half smile as he took off his coat. He went to hang his coat up and noticed the ropes and feathery whips hanging. He let his coat fall to the floor as he looked at Julie again and asked, “What’s going on here?”

She turned away from him with her camera still rolling and walked toward the dining room with an exaggerated swing on her ass and said, “Ask Fiona.”

Gunter followed her.

Julie slipped invisibly into a nearby corner of the room and continued taping.

Gunter walked very slowly up to the table.

Sue was smiling and looking down at Fi, softly stroking her long hair with one of her hands, the other was cupped over Fi’s small breast, a nipple in between two of her fingers. Sue slowly looked up at Gunter, hoping for his smile of approval, and softly said, “Happy birthday, Gunter!” But Gunter never took his eyes off of Fi, who was laying on the dining room table motionless.

Gunter slowly reached out his hand and touched his fingers very gently on the side of Fi’s face, then slowly glided them down across her neck, following her collar bone, to her shoulder and continuing down her arm to her fingertips. Though his hands were still cold from driving and being outside, his touch, to Fi, felt warm and intensely electrifying.

Fi, breathless from kissing Sue and feeling the passion and heat from Gunter’s touch managed to whisper “Happy birthday, my love,” as she smiled and slowly lifted her eyelids up to his face.

Gunter was still entranced with Fi’s body laying there before him. Fi watched him as he slowly walked around the table, smiling and tracing her body with his finger tips. He stopped on the other side of the table and slowly bent over and gently kissed her forehead. “Thank you,” he whispered in her ear.

“Julie. Bring me the ropes.” Gunter said in a very deep, soft voice, as he straightened himself, staring into Fi’s eyes and standing tall over her.