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HAPPY ANNIVERSARYHAPPY ANNIVERSARYThe threesome was Lauren’s idea. The horny little bitch confessed that she’d been wanting it for ages, but she didn’t say anything until our fifth wedding anniversary was on the horizon. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got a good marriage – both got good jobs, good income. And we have a good sex life. I mean, Lauren won my heart completely the very first time we ever went out. Instead of a coy goodnight kiss, she sucked me off to completion, took all my spunk in her mouth, and swallowed every drop. She had then expertly sucked me dry. Now where I’m concerned, that’s what earns a girl loads of brownie points. So love was inevitable, and come our anniversary I always like to do something a bit special – you know, holidays and decent meals out – that sort of thing. This time, she got there first. Over breakfast, casual as you like, she said:’For our anniversary, d’you know what I want ?’I smiled at her in an adoring husband kind of way.’Anything, my darling.”I want a threesome. Would you mind ?’When I’d recovered from the shock I said no I wouldn’t mind. But who with ? ‘Well, you, for one.”So I would bloody hope,’ I grinned at her. ‘Who else ? Girl or boy ?”Your mate Terry.’Wow, that was being direct. Terry’s my best mate, and I’ve known him for most of my life. He’s a randy sod and not happy unless he’s got his cock firmly inside a juicy cunt. He’s told me most of what he gets up to, but we’ve never actually shared a bird – let alone my own wife, even though he recently confessed he had the hots for Lauren. I took it as a compliment. Now just for a second I wasn’t so sure.’Have you two ever – ?’ I began.’You know the answer to that,’ replied Lauren. I did. We trust each other, you see. I apologised and we chatted about it a bit more. I began to like the idea. Terry’s a decent bloke, and the girls say he’s a good lover. I think he’s better looking than me, and although I’ve had no complaints, on the occasions when I’ve seen him in the shower at the gym, what he’s got between his legs would make any pussy purr with pleasure. I must confess that the idea of him fucking Lauren gave me one of those wonderful instant hardons.’You’ve got it’ I said. ‘Fantastic,’ replied my wife. I gulped.You won’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to guess that Terry was over the moon. He thought Christmas had come early. ‘It’s not Christmas that’s gonna be cumming,’ I told him. ‘She’s a greedy slut, and she wants as much as she can get. We’ll have our work cut out.’So we set it all up. We booked a nice hotel room and the three of us had a good dinner with champagne. Lauren flirted equally with both of us, and when Terry got up to go for a piss I noticed he already had a very prominent bulge in his trousers. My wife had noticed too. ‘I’m going upstairs,’ she said. ‘You two follow me in a minute.’I knew she was going to have a nice relaxing shower and douse herself with perfume. I also knew she’d wait for us stretched out on the bed, playing with her soft pussylips, stroking and teasing till they’re. The room will be full of the unmistakable aroma of cunt. Heaven.I closed my eyes and sniffed the air slowly, deliberately. I could see Lauren’s delicious shaven slit right in front of me. I let my tongue-tip gently push forward to where I could almost taste her -Terry came back from having a piss, and I came down to earth. He looked a bit puzzled that Lauren had gone.’Look mate,’ I said. ‘Just so you know – my wife’s up for anything.’Terry grinned that wolfish grin of his.‘And you ?’‘I’ve been up for hours,’ I said quickly, my cock twitching in my trousers.He bursa escort winked at me, and we raced each other to the lift like a couple of k**s.Lauren had undressed as far as the cutest little red silky knickers and bra to match. The bra cupped her tits close together, the skin golden in the soft lamplight. As we came in, she smiled slowly and hungrily at us…‘Who’s first ?’ she said.‘Be my guest,’ I said to Terry. He moved closer to the bed. The light caught his crotch and the noticeable outline of his hardon. Lauren put her mouth close to his flies and slid the zip down with her teeth.Terry glanced over to me. ‘You’re sure you’re okay with this ?’ he asked.‘Carry on’ I said.They did. Terry was naked now, except for a pair of black Calvins which just couldn’t hold him in. His knob was struggling to escape.Lauren caressed his length with her hands and then began to kiss the bulge of his balls. Slowly, she eased the material away, and suddenly my best mate was there in front of me with my wife holding his erect cock in her eager fingers.She smiled, slowly and deliciously.‘Watch this,’ she murmured.Terry gave a low moan as my Lauren took his length into her mouth, right down her throat as far as she could. I saw his balls touch her chin, and then just as I thought my wife would gag, she suddenly she released him and began to flick his cock with her tongue. Such an athletic tongue, the slut has.And Terry was loving every second of it.He sprawled down beside her, deftly unclipping her bra, and then he began to tongue her nipples while playing with her clit through her little red knickers. She arched her back, like a cat on heat. The two of them shifted easily into a sixty-nine position, and Terry slipped the thin silk of her panties to one side, sucking on her clit as he did so. She began to shake and cry out as she let her first orgasm ride through her, her thighs gripping Terry’s shoulders.She sucked on his knob and shaft like there was no tomorrow, and he looked so happy and horny and just plain fucking turned on that I began to feel left out. I undressed and sat down beside them, helping Lauren out of her now soaked knickers. I played with my achingly stiff cock. For a moment, they seemed to forget me – but for some reason it didn’t really matter. They were so good to watch. I kissed the nape of my wife’s neck, and as I did so I let my hand rest on Terry’s back. He has a tattoo of a bird on his right shoulder, small and discreet, and I found myself playing with the outline.Terry rolled over to look up at me. I was afraid he might have been put off. Instead, he murmured ‘Are you gonna be much longer, mate ? Two tongues are better than one.’I joined him, our faces so close we were almost touching. Our tongues attacked Lauren’s clit from each side, tasting her juice – so sweet and delicate. I paused for a moment, lying against my wife’s thigh; Terry pushed a finger deep within her and she gave a low moan of pleasure. He smiled at me again, and our eyes met. We both played with her now sopping slit, until Lauren began to cry out again, on the verge of another climax. Then, as she came, she reached out and grabbed our cocks – one in each hand – pulling us both towards her mouth. Well, I knew she was versatile, but I didn’t realise how much so! If you’ve never had another cock close to yours in the same eager mouth, you’ve missed out. She knew exactly what to do, taking Terry inside her mouth first, and then letting me push in beside him. Her tongue was everywhere – and then she was slurping and almost gagging on the double helping of thick escort bursa meat. ‘Do you like this, boys ?’ she managed to gasp out.‘It’s okay,’ said Terry, trying to sound casual. ‘Never had another bloke’s cock touch mine before.’He winked at me and then growled under his breath:‘And I fucking love it.’‘So do I,’ I answered, barely able to get the words out.I felt his arms round my shoulders and he pulled us closer together. My heart pounded as my wife clasped our cocks in such a way that she had complete control over us. She began to rub our knobs against each other, using a blend of her spit and our copious precum as lube …Wow!The sensation was so amazing – the closeness of our bodies was so horny, that I had to fight the desire to cum. I felt Terry almost melting against me, our sweat running between us, before he turned slightly and suddenly began to flick my nipples with his tongue.In heaven, I let my fingers play with his hair, short and spiky, and then I heard him say, almost in a whisper:‘I’d love you both to suck my cock.’Lauren appeared not to notice, but I felt her take my hand. She pulled me down beside her.She kissed me, her mouth open, her tongue eager. And then she guided me towards him. I’ve never sucked a bloke’s cock before. Not even at school when everybody’s supposed to be doing that kinda thing. I didn’t know what to expect. So I just thought, ‘do unto others as you secretly wish they’d sometimes do unto you’, and I started by gently tonguing his balls and taking them into my mouth, one by one. Terry grunted with satisfaction. I pushed my face close into his pubes, breathing in the scent of – well, the scent of another man. A very turned on man, at that. I began to move my tongue in the direction of his shaft, letting my lips caress the soft skin, and then I suddenly found myself at the point of no return. I opened my mouth to take him in. My wife murmured something into my ear, something hot and horny, gently encouraging me down onto my best mate’s length.He tasted of precum and man – a mix of salt and sweet, and mild sweat: – easy to get used to, nice. (I taste the same, for fuck’s sake – I know from when I’m having a wank!) I decided that I was enjoying the experience. I enjoyed it even more when Lauren joined in and we had a kind of battle for Terry’s cock, both trying to win at turning him on.‘All change,’ said Terry suddenly, extracting himself from our eager mouths. ‘My go, mate.’He pushed me back on the bed so that I sprawled full-length. I felt him swallow my meat as skilfully as ever Lauren does. In some ways, more so. He somehow knew exactly what I liked, and went for it! Lauren joined in too, of course, and I reached a kind of heavenly plateau, forcing myself to hang on so that I didn’t spunk before I was absolutely ready.‘Go on, you two,’ said my wife suddenly. ‘Time for sixty-nine!’We gaped at her.She sat up in front of us.‘Go on,’ she said again. ‘And then, if you do really well, I want you both inside me. Together.’Terry and I happily assumed the position for mutual licking and sucking. Fantastic! I’ve always loved sixty-nine, and this encounter made me fall in love with it even more. As I sucked Terry’s cock for all I was worth, Lauren moved in and suddenly she was tonguing his arsehole, licking his balls, sucking my tongue as I lapped at his knob – my lady would stop at nothing to give pleasure! We paused for breath. My wife reached for a bottle of lube that she’d thoughtfully left on the bedside cabinet. She poured a little into her hand, and worked it into her glistening cunt. Then she tipped the bursa escort bayan bottle over Terry’s erect shaft, and covered his meat.‘C’mon both of you,’ she growled at us. ‘Take me!’With that, she lowered herself onto my mate’s cock, her back stretched along his body, so that he could play easily with her tits and clit from below. The sight of him deep inside her was almost too much. I worked some lube over my knob and clambered into position.Ever tried two-in-one ?Fucking hell, dirty movies make it look so easy! Well, they would – they’ve probably got a week to manage one scene, and they break for lunch when the going gets tough.Fortunately, this wasn’t tough. We all wanted it too much. I’ve never known Lauren so relaxed. I slapped her clit with my knob, before playfully nudging at Terry’s balls which were now soaking with cuntjuice. Then I began to push forward against Terry and into my wife. She began to whimper, and for a second I saw her grit her teeth.‘You OK ?’ I asked.‘Oh yes,’ she answered. ‘Oh yes, yes! Fuck me, please!’We all laughed. I pushed again, and suddenly my cock slid right in, as far as it could, right along Terry’s shaft, right up to the hilt deep within my wife’s cunt. I felt my balls slap against Terry’s, warm and rough and wet with juice and lube.Almost immediately, I felt his hands on my shoulders and back, holding the three of us together in a tight embrace. I began to fuck, slowly at first, then harder and faster. Terry began to thrust from below. He and I built up a perfect rhythm together – his thrusts faster than mine, his knob rubbing against me, driving me onwards towards the inevitable.All at once, Lauren began to cry out – louder and louder – her head rolling from side to side, her hair flying in all directions. As she surrendered to her orgasm, I felt Terry grab my hands, and take my full weight, so that we were one solid fucking-machine of muscle and man and sweat. Our thrusts built up speed and power, so much so that I was almost numb with effort.And then Terry began to shout ‘Fucking hell, don’t stop – I’m gonna cum – I’m gonna cum!’ I pounded at my wife’s cunt and his cock, and suddenly felt the amazing heat as his spunk flooded all round me, bursting deep within Lauren. He pulled the three of us even closer together, gasping, bellowing like a stud bull – and as his orgasm reached its peak, I knew I couldn’t hold on any longer. I fired my load – wave after wave of it.The room turned full circle, and I swear I nearly passed out.I’ve never cum like it. Here was I with the two people who are closest to me in the world, having sex with both of them, and we were all loving it! No hidden agendas, no hang-ups, just sheer honest-to-goodness enjoyment of each other. Fan-fucking-tastic.What seemed like ages later, we dared to move. I pulled slowly out of my wife’s sopping cunt. As I did so, a stream of spunk poured down Terry’s subsiding shaft, catching in the hairs on his balls. ‘Thanks, mate,’ he said, smiling. ‘You’re welcome.’ He slapped my arse playfully. My wife rolled off him onto the bed. She opened her legs, bringing her knees up, so that we could see just how full of cum she still was. ‘Well boys,’ she said. ‘Did you enjoy that ?’We laughed, clapping our hands together in a joyful High Five. Lauren frowned at us mischievously.‘So which one of you,’ she said, ‘Is going to lick me clean ? I can’t go down to the bar like this.’I looked at Terry, and he looked at me. ‘After you, mate,’ we both said at the same moment. Then we looked sheepishly at my wife who scooped up fingerloads of our cum, licking it slowly, savouring and obviously loving the salt-sweet taste.‘Ummm …’ we began, our courage failing us.‘Don’t worry, boys,’ she said. ‘Next time … But please go and run the bath.’We bolted for the bathroom. It had been a very happy anniversary.- END –