Happy Anniversary?


This is a complete fictional story based on an online conversation I had with a “straight” guy. There’s man on man sex, some bondage, water sports, anal, and domination. Pure fiction, so if you’re not into any of this stuff, please, don’t read it.


“You’re rock hard, aren’t you,” I state.

“Yes, I am,” you reply, somewhat meekly. “I don’t know why I feel so sub to you.”

“But, you enjoy getting so fucking hard.”

“Yea, so hard it hurts.”

“Wow, that is so hot, you have to love it,” I reply.

“I feel embarrassed to be so sub, so bi” you confess. “But, so turned on by man on man sex.”

“You know you’re going to cum really hard, don’t you,” I say stating the obvious to both of us.

“Yes, I need to,” you say, “it hurts.”

“How do you want me when you cum?” I ask.

“Dressed as a mistress.” you whisper.

“In a black leather corset?”


“Black leather thong panties covering my cock?”

“Yess, yesss.”

“Garter belt, black seemed nylons?”

“Ohh yesssss, yessssss,”

“Black leather thigh high boots, with platform heels?”

“You have these things??” you question me.

“Yes, don’t get them out often, but they are in the closet,” I respond.

“That would kill me,” you sigh.

“You’d have to lick them,” I command.

“I….think…i would,” you meekly answer.

“You could polish them for me,” I suggest, “with your precum.”

“You are making me crazy,” you confess.

“You know you want to rub your cock on them,” I snicker, “while i am wearing them.”

“I will do anything you want while you wear them,” you swear.

“Go put on your bra, crotch-less panties, garter belt, nylons and heels,” I command, “all in virgin white.”

You leave to go to the bathroom and I go to my room. I dig through the closet and find my dom gear. Before I put it on, I make sure I put my best goth makeup on, really dark eyes, black lips, etc. I spike my hair as well. I look either hilarious, or really fucking scary, depending on your mood. Just before I leave the room, I text your wife.

As I walk back to the living room, I see you standing there, the vision of chastity, almost. All bornova escort in white, and looking very nervous as you see me enter, all in black, my boots clicking on the floor.

“I’m going to tie you spread eagle on the floor,” I say flatly, “gagged, of course.”

“Ohhh, you are making me so hard,” you state the obvious. You hard cock is pointing our proudly from your panties.

I slip the ball gag into your mouth and secure it as you lay down on your back. I get the padded restraints and get you into position. Arms spread wide, legs wide, cock pointing straight up. I must admit you do have a gorgeous cock, and I have enjoyed sucking it to completion many times. And, you thought you were so straight.

“I’m going to nuzzle your cock with the toes of my boots.”

You let out a long moan as I stick the toes of my right boot up against your cock and balls. You are soooo vulnerable lying on the floor, bound and gagged.

I work your crotch for a while with my boot, then, I go to stand by your head, and put my boot on your neck…. and push down.

I hear a lot of moaning coming from under your ball gag.

“We’ll see how much of my weight your throat can take,”

It doesn’t take long before you are gagging for air. The gag in your mouth does not let you scream.

“I know, I know,” I say soothingly, “I knew you would gag.”

You are struggling, but you can’t move much at all.

“I might be persuaded to let you have some air,” I offer.

More struggling, and your face is turning red.

“Yes, you are about to pass out…. or worse,” I say.

I look to see that you are growing harder as you struggle under my heel.

“Yes, your cock is purple it’s so hard,” I snicker. “There is one thing you do that i like that might save you.”

You look at me wide eyed, struggling and helpless under my sexy body. Your appraisal of my looks, not mine. You are powerless.

I take my foot off your throat, and pullout the gag, leaving you gasping deeply.

I start to take off my thong as I stand with my boots on either side of your head. I see you watching as it slides down my nylons and over my boots. My heels are buca escort against your shoulders.

“You look like you are going to pee,” you say.

“That is actually an excellent idea,” I ponder, “but not now.”

You look up struggling helplessly.

“Open your mouth.”

I see you trembling as I open your mouth. “Nooo please no,” you beg.

I start to squat down, my cock goes into your mouth.

“Suck me.”

You start helplessly licking me, bathing my cock. I move forward a little.

“Get my balls, too,” I command.

You look so humiliated as you helplessly lick them, suck them clean.

“And, behind them,” I further command.

You are unable to move or resist, so you start licking behind them.

“Now, rim my asshole.”

“Nooo please,” you beg.

“Oh please, now you protest,” I sarcastically answer. “Lick my asshole, faggot.”

I feel you licking it deep.

“You love that,” I state. “Get your tongue in deep into my ass”

I feel you extending your tongue, pushing it deep.

“Gawd that gets me hard,” I moan.

“Do you feel the boots playing with your cock?” I ask.

I hear a muffled “Yes.”

“It’s your wife, watching as you tongue fuck my ass,” I say, “She has on the exact same outfit as I do, no panties, of course.”

I hear you moaning loudly, tears rolling down your face as you rim me.

“Show her how much of a faggot you’ve become,” I order.

You continue to rim me as tears roll down your cheeks. “Tell her you love tonguing my asshole,” I say, moving off you, watching her walk over to you. “Tell her!”

She watches you with a look of combined pity, discussed and amusement.

“I love your outfit,” she smirks, “so sexy.” She’s looking at you so pathetically. She sees how hard your cock is, harder than it is for her.

“Your cock is harder than when you are with her, isn’t it?” I ask.

“Yes,” your meekly reply.

“Tell her how much you love my ass.”

“I love your ass,” you moan, as tears fall down your cheeks.

“And my body.”

“And your body,” you moan and cry as you say it.

She kneels over your head facing çeşme escort your feet, and I kneel behind her. I drop my cock into your mouth again. She laughs as she begins to finger herself.

Get me nice and wet, slobber all over my cock,” I order you.

You are sucking, spitting and drooling on my cock, as she laughs sadistically and fingers herself. I start rubbing my cock in the spit and drool all over your face.

She whispers back in my ear “I want to piss on him.

“Do it, he won’t move an inch,” I tell her.

She let’s go.

“Open your mouth, faggot,” I tell you.

You start moaning as her warm flow covers your face and run down your neck. Your mouth opens and you begin drinking from her as her golden stream pools on you. I run my cock into the stream for a moment to get it all wet. You are struggling, but can’t move. I do notice your cock rock hard and oozing precum like mad. You know your struggling is hard, but useless.

She laughs sadistically, as I ram my piss covered cock into your mouth hard, with your mouth wide open. I hear a muffled yell from you as you taste her piss. She finally stops peeing, but your are covered in her piss.

“I can see we are going to have to give you a complete piss shower soon,” I comment.

You cough up spit, her piss, precum, drool all over my cock, and probably some tears in there too. She laughs, but not for long, as I pull out of your mouth and line my cock up with her asshole.

“I’m going to sodomize your wife as you watch,” I tell you, pushing my cock into your wife’s tight asshole.

Her head is right over your cock as you see me drive my cock deep into her tight ass. She presses her clit right onto your mouth, and from her gasp, you must have started licking her immediately.

I fuck her hard, deep. I can feel her contracting in orgasm more than once as I fuck her hard and deep. I know I won’t last long with all the foreplay. I feel your tongue on my balls as I pump her a last few strokes. Then I release a huge load of cum deep in her ass.

I pull out after a couple of jets and let the rest hit her ass, and your forehead. This must be too intense for you, and you orgasm hard, jetting your cum into your wife’s face and hair. I pull her up by her hair and turn her head to give her a long deep kiss. I can taste your sweet cream on her lips.

We pull off of you and can see you are feeling so drained you are dizzy.

“Happy anniversary, baby,” says your wife, as she kisses you deeply.