Hanukkah Tradition Ch. 04


This is not just a holiday story, but rather a tale of two newly weds, Rachel and Geoffrey, who have begun a new holiday tradition on this, their first Hanukkah together. In the spirit of the holiday they are exchanging eight sexy gifts on each of the eight nights. You don’t need to be Jewish to appreciate the story. Neither must you have read the other parts of the series, but you might appreciate it more if you have. Enjoy!

“Well, what do you think?” he asked while spinning around and modeling the hunter green sweater I’d given him. We’d just finished half a bottle of wine between us and we were both feeling pretty giddy.

“Very nice. Seems to fit well,” I said giggling. He spun around with hands on his hips, modeling like a professional. “But I think if you wear it in public, you’d want to wear pants.” His naked ass and half hard cock were clearly on display just below the sweater. Ever since the beginning of this new holiday ritual, Geoffrey stayed at least half hard all the time and as the days went by, I was more and more enamored by this tradition.

“Okay, let’s clean up some and then you can open your real present,” I said with a wink. Geoffrey helped pick up wrapping, and ran upstairs to change into boxer briefs and silk pajama tops and bottoms. I was wearing the beautiful skimpy robe he’d gotten me last night, with little matching pink panties and fuzzy pink socks. The socks didn’t really go with the outfit but my feet were cold.

Geoffrey came bounding down the stairs like an excited little kid and stood in front of me dancing anxiously back and forth on his feet. It was cute to see him so enthusiastic and impatient. I had him sit on the couch while I went to get the present.

I walked over to him and sat in his lap, handing him a little box. He took the box in his hand, shook it and heard something rattling around inside. Geoffrey looked around, figuring there must be more to the present than this. He searched my eyes asking without words, is this it?

“Just open it, silly,” I laughed. Ripping off the bright paper quickly, he pulled out a little box and quickly opened it. He just sat there, slightly stunned, looking at the contents.

“What’s this?” he said, obviously confused.

“You can’t tell what it is?” I replied, being coy.

“Yeah, Rach…it’s a dreidel. I don’t get it,” Geoffrey said, sounding a little disappointed. He held the box up to me, as though I didn’t know exactly what the contents were, and waited for an explanation. Inside the box was a simple green wooden dreidel, the kind any Jewish households with children has a zillion of lying around at Hanukkah.

“I don’t know, honey. I just thought it might be fun,” I said. Teasing him was so entertaining. He pulled it out of the box, held it up to inspect it closely, looking for something about it that could possibly be considered sexy. No, it was just a standard dreidel, with four sides, each with a Hebrew letter, Nun, Gimel, Hey and Shin.

He looked into my eyes and I couldn’t continue with a straight face. I took the dreidel from his hand and pointed into the box. “In case you’ve forgotten how to play, I put the instructions in there too.”

Geoffrey rolled his eyes, muttering to himself, “How am I going to forget how to play? I played dreidel every single year with my sisters.” He pulled from the box the folded paper I’d printed from the computer and I snickered out loud when I saw his eyes widen. The paper inside said:

Strip Dreidel – Instructions Nun – Nothing happens, pass to next player Gimel – Player gets one sexual favor of his choice Hey – Player chooses one article of clothing to take off opponent Shin – Player must take off one article of clothing

Geoffrey beamed and kissed me hard. “I love it,” he said. Running to the kitchen, he grabbed the rest of the bottle of wine and our glasses and brought them to the dining room table. He turned out all the lights other than the kitchen light and the glow of the menorah candles and sat down opposite me at the table.

Holding the dreidel in his hand, he asked, “Who goes first?” I smiled and took a long sip of wine, watching as he excitedly spun. We both held our breath in anticipation as it finally came to rest on Hey. Good start for him. He chose for me to take off the socks, while promising to warm me up if I got cold.

We took turns, slowly losing articles of clothing. I was anything but cold as I sat nearly naked and asked Geoffrey for the sexual favor of a long passionate kiss. He made a big production of pulling me out of the chair and into his arms, pressing his lips to mine. My knees became weak when he snaked his warm tongue into my mouth, sensuously caressing the insides of my lips. He pulled away from the kiss and I was left somewhat breathless and very turned on as he grinned and turned back to his seat. I sat down slightly stunned, vaguely remembering that this was part of the game.

We both sipped wine, feeling more and more giddy with the heady combination of alcohol and sexual energy. We played leisurely, laughing between longing glances, and I felt my insides flutter with escort kartal anticipation of how the game would proceed. Geoffrey took great delight in removing my last article of clothing, my little pink panties, as he made me stand in front of him and took them off deliciously slowly. He ran his hands gently over my hips and bottom and it was then I realized how wet my pussy had become.

Sitting bare and feeling a warm glow emanating from my middle, I spun the top. Squealing with delight at my good fortune – the dreidel landed on gimel, a sexual favor for me – I requested that Geoffrey lick my sensitive nipples. He grinned at the request, and gently directed me over to straddle his thighs. With his hands on the small of my back he pulled me closer, the tip of his tongue brushing lightly at first over alternating nipples. So expert was he at taunting my nipples that I felt my wetness begin to leak a little against his boxer briefs. As his lips closed over my left nipple, I began grinding my hips against his lap, cursing my fortune and wishing I were grinding directly on his naked cock.

My eyes closed, my head tilted back and my arms wrapped around Geoffrey’s neck, I concentrated on how skillfully his tongue brought my nipples to aching hardness. How lucky that I found a man so sensuous and talented with his tongue. Just as I was beginning to get very stimulated, he lightly tapped my hips and pulled his lips from my nipple with a slurp. His turn.

His roll and he was forced to remove his last article of clothing, his briefs. Mockingly he made a big production of sliding them off slowly, standing close to my chair. Once released from his underwear, his throbbing manhood sprang up and I would swear I could feel the heat emanating from him so close to me. It was hard not to reach out and touch him but I figured it would ruin the fun of the game. There would be plenty of time for that.

We both giggled as we joked about how the new adult version of the game was progressing. As Geoffrey stood up to get us some more wine, I watched his mostly hardened member bounce in front of him and my mouth began to water. When he returned from the kitchen, he was laughing hysterically.

His laughter was infectious and when I asked what he was laughing about, he answered proudly, “I have a new version of the dreidel song!” He began singing:

“Oh Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, I lick her night and day, And when she’s wet and ready, With Rachel I shall play.

She has a lovely body, With tits as soft as sin, And before we get all tired, We fuck and then I win.”

At this we both laughed. I don’t know when I’d ever been so delighted to play dreidel.

We decided that now that we were both naked we’d just keep taking turns rolling and as we each got gimel, we’d come up with more sexual favors to ask of each other. The favors thus far had been pretty tame, but as the game progressed, I was so much more excited. When Geoffrey rolled gimel first, I silently hoped he’d step up the requests.

“Okay, Rach, I’ll have a lap dance.” I laughed but looking into his eyes, I saw he was not joking. We’d danced together many times, and I’d occasionally made a production of a sexy strip tease for him. But I’d never danced just for him like that before. Secretly I’d often fantasized about dancing this way for men but when it came time to do it, I feared I’d look silly.

I couldn’t ever remember telling Geoffrey that it was one of my fantasies to writhe to music and bring men to a sexual pique with only the movements of my body. Looking at Geoffrey’s expectant grin, I surmised that his request probably has less to do with my secret fantasy than with his interest in seeing me dance sensually for him.

Looking into his eyes, daring me to continue while simultaneously lovingly supportiing me, gave me all the encouragement I needed. Also, somehow it was easier to do knowing that it was just part of the game. I stood up, walked to the stereo to put on a sexy song. Quickly settling on a song with a slow pounding beat, I walked toward him as seductively as I could manage.

Geoffrey’s eyes glowed with excitement. He had literally moved to the edge of his seat in anticipation. I leaned down to lightly kiss his lips as I pressed my hand against his chest, coaxing him to lean back in the chair and relax. I began a sensuous dance around him, closing my eyes and feeling the pounding rhythm move my body. I moved around his chair, trailing my fingers over his skin as I continued to dance, swaying my hips. Whether it was the thick sexual anticipation of the night or the fact that my loving husband was watching my every move with lust-filled eyes, I was empowered with newfound confidence.

Standing in front of him, I moved closer as he spread his legs. His hand rested on his hard cock, barely moving, and his intent eyes never wavered from my body. Loving the attention, I turned around and bent way over, spreading my legs wide and holding my ankles. I was sure he could see my pussy and how aroused I was as I stood back up and undulated my hips. When I turned back around, his amused smile had uğur mumcu escort turned to an expression of desire and need and his hands gripped the sides of the chair so hard the knuckles were white. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who was becoming anxious.

Swaying to the music I leaned close to him, steadying myself with my hands on his shoulders. I rolled my hips closer, my smooth center grinding very near his lap without touching. My breasts swayed in front of him, with my nipples hard and swollen from his earlier nibbling. I looked down to see precum forming at his purple engorged head, and smirked to myself. What an amazing sense of power, making a man hard without even touching his cock. I turned around, holding the edge of the table, and leaned way over. The song ended just as I saw him start to reach toward my hip with his hand, but before he could touch me, I stood up and spun around.

“Okay, my turn!” I said, smiling. Geoffrey groaned, half joking. This game was teasing both of us. When I sat back down and took another long sip of wine, I pondered how much I enjoyed dancing for Geoffrey. Considering the state of his erection, I judged he had enjoyed it as well. I actually looked forward to the chance that I could dance for him again so I could explore further this fantasy of mine to turn a man on without even touching him. Something about the idea seemed so empowering and I began to understand why women would enjoy stripping for a living.

We both took turns rolling and it was my turn next to pick a favor. My eyes lit up and I quickly retrieved a throw pillow from the couch. Geoffrey watched longingly as I sat on the table directly in front of him, carefully placing the pillow behind my head. I spread my legs wide and put each of my feet on his knees.

“Touch me,” I said, half begging. My pussy was so wet and I could feel my clit aching to be fondled.

Geoffrey didn’t flinch as he looked into my eyes and asked with mock confusion, “Touch you where, Rachel?” He loved teasing me.

“Touch me here,” I answered, tracing my index finger lightly over my slit.

Geoffrey reached out with both hands, teasingly sliding his fingers along the crease where my thighs met my hips. “Here?”

“Mmm hmm,” I answered, wriggling a little on the table to get more comfortable and spreading my legs wider. My smooth pussy lips were puffy with wanting and he began his caress. The coolness of his breath brushed over me as his fingers slid just slightly between the lips. His eyes never left mine as he expertly traced up and down along the slick slit. I tipped my hips upward, wanting him to continue. Wanting him to finger me. Needing him to be inside me.

“Here, Rachel?” he asked as he slid his index finger just an inch inside me. I closed my eyes, beyond answering rationally. My head tipped back and eyes closed as my senses began to swirl in my head. With one hand Geoffrey spread the lips of my pussy wide so that my engorged clit was exposed. He never touched my aching clit as he slowly, tantalizingly, began sliding his digit deeper inside me. The moist sound of my juices on his finger filled the palpable anticipating silence in the room.

Finally buried deep within me, I felt him upturn his strong finger inside, pressing against my g-spot. He knew this would drive me wild. As I began to involuntarily squirm on the table, his finger began to push inside me in a steady rhythm and I forgot about the game, concentrating only on his ministrations.

Just as I was nearing release Geoffrey suddenly eased his finger from my pussy and announced, “My turn.” My eyes flew open and I realized that it was a close call as to which of us could tease more. My exasperation was made infinitely more tolerable by the fact that I knew before the end of the night we’d both be satisfied. For now I was content to stand from the table and return to my seat. I crossed my legs, resisting the urge to reach down and touch my clit, knowing that prolonging the anticipation would only make it better.

We both rolled several times with no luck. I was tempted to suggest we put the dreidel away so we could move the game to the bedroom. Seeing how excited Geoffrey was to continue, I nixed the suggestion in my head

He got lucky again and sat back in his chair carefully calculating which favor he would request next.

“Touch yourself,” he said. My eyes lit up. Finally! I had been aching to touch myself for well over an hour. Geoffrey and I had masturbated in front of each other on many occasions and we both found the idea very erotic. Geoffrey had told me many times that he knew of no sexier sight that the look on my face as pleasure of my orgasm washed over me. I eagerly reached down, spreading my legs, ready to start, but he stopped me with his words.

“Over here, on my lap,” he said. Taking my hand, he led me to his lap. Then turning me around, he directed my hips down to sit on his naked thighs. He pulled me to him so that my back rested on his chest. He spread my legs wide apart, draping each of my legs over his and then spreading his legs wider. My çavuşoğlu escort pussy was very open and I felt his shaft hard and nestled against my ass. Geoffrey leaned way back in his chair, gently caressing my face and encouraging me to lay my head on his shoulder. His lips were close to my ear and his arms wrapped around me. I squirmed a little, getting comfortable.

“That’s it, baby,” he whispered, encouraging me. “Do it now. Touch yourself.”

I closed my eyes, slowly trailing my fingers down over my hard nipples on the way to my throbbing center. Geoffrey stared over my shoulder in front of me, watching closely as I teased myself gently, making it a little show for him. I felt his breath on my neck as his arms wrapped around me, his warm hand lightly pinching my sensitive nipple.

“Your pussy is so wet. I can see how hard your little clit is from here. Show me how you touch yourself. Slowly,” he coaxed. I think Geoffrey must have realized that as excited as I was, I was capable of having an orgasm very quickly. Reaching down I ran my finger between the spread lips, not touching my sensitive clit. My eyes were still closed and I was not surprised to feel how incredibly wet I already was. Reaching further down, I could feel the juices dripping down to my ass as I ran my fingers up and down over the slit. When my fingers moved more quickly, he laid his hand over mine, slowing my pace.

“Your beautiful pussy is so wet and tight inside,” he said, rolling my nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. “Show me how you finger fuck yourself.” At this suggestion I had a sharp intake of breath. I loved hearing him whisper sexy things into my ear.

As I slipped one finger inside, I concentrated on the warmth and tightness. I curled my finger up in hopes of approaching my g-spot inside. I knew from many hours of solitary exploration that I’d never come close to being able to reach that angle but it never stopped me from trying. Geoffrey moaned quietly behind me as he saw me push another finger inside. I felt his cock nestled underneath me, pulsing and hot against my skin. Keeping one of his hands cupping my breast, he moved the other to my pussy. He splayed my lips apart so I could push just a fraction of an inch deeper.

“Oh baby, I can see everything from here. I love watching you fuck yourself.” His talk only got me more worked up as I started moving my fingers in and out more quickly. His fingers splayed me open and exposed, and I began to lose myself in the tingling sensations building deep within me.

“Okay, Rachel, now slowly, I want to see you touch your clit. Slowly.” Following his instructions I slipped my fingers from my wet hole and dragged them up just a couple inches to my clit. Expertly I started swirling my fingers around my clit as I felt him dip his finger into my pussy. Squeezing tightly on his finger with my inside muscles, I heard him chuckle. He loved seeing me this aroused.

Sweeping my fingers slowly over my aching clit, I felt him pull his wet finger from me and bring it up to my lips. Without thinking I opened my mouth, pulling his finger in with suction from my lips, tasting my own juices. Suckling hard on his finger, I started to rub more feverishly over my clit as his breathing became more ragged against my neck. I was so excited and felt a huge orgasm building inside me. But before I could cum, he gently pulled his finger from my mouth and pried my hands from aching center. He held my hips, helping me stand up. Now this was getting frustrating, I thought. Walking to my chair, I could feel my pussy leaking juices between my thighs. My eyes half glazed with lust, I just sat there staring at him.

“Rachel, sweetie, its your turn,” he gently reminded me. The intense sexual tension was making it hard to remember this was just a game. I picked up the dreidel to roll. Back and forth we passed the top until finally he rolled gimel again. Geoffrey was always very lucky. This time he said nothing, walked in front of me and leaned back on the table. I bent forward in my chair, his hardness jutting out inches from my face.

Looking directly into my eyes, he said nothing and I guessed what he wanted. I reached out to touch him, feeling the heat of him, and started slowly stroking. His eyes never left mine as he gently pulled my hands from his cock. I watched his face closely, waiting for instruction while he seemed to be choosing his words carefully.

“I want to feel your lips on me,” he explained, “but I want you to keep your head still.” This was an interesting twist. When I came up with the idea of a sexual dreidel game, I hadn’t realized that this was a way to try new things and I was thrilled to gain new insight into what Geoffrey thought was sexy.

I licked my lips as Geoffrey gently held the sides of my face, playing his fingers through my hair. He gently pulled me closer to his middle and I opened my mouth, taking the head inside. The salty taste of precum covered the rubbery head and I heard him groan as he slowly slid his cock deeper into my mouth. I concentrated on keeping my lips tight around him as he slid further along my tongue to the back of my throat. My nose was nestled in his neatly trimmed pubes and I breathed in his clean sexy scent. From experience, Geoffrey knew exactly how much of him would fit in my mouth without making me gag and he was certainly close to that now.