Standing together with my Wolf in the kitchen, I look him in the eyes. I am a smidge taller because we are standing barefoot. His boots always make him able to look down on me. You had been using me as a chew toy for the greater part of the weekend. We had to be subtle because of the full house, it adds an extra edge of being forbidden.

You have been catching my eyes all day. I never know if I will see your gentle brown eyes or the dark wild eyes of the Wolf waiting to devour me. You stare me down with a half lidded hungry expression. I calmly meet your eyes and when I can’t take the intensity any longer I drop my eyes to the floor. If you are close enough to me I hear your words.

“Good girl.” Whispered gently.

You know the words make me melt. I love your long graceful lashes and magnificent coffee colored eyes. I am on my fifth panty change in the 8 hours I have been awake. You keep making me soak through them. If we were alone in the house I would just take them off and let my juices run down my leg and then I would taunt you with it.

Standing alone in the kitchen, I place your hands around my throat. Your eyes look at me gently, silently asking me if I know what I am really asking. We have only ever briefly spoken about breath play, and that was quite a while ago. That was before I pulled all of my limits off of the table. görükle escort The moment when I decided that I wanted to experience anything you were willing to do to me or any boundary you want to push. I told you that I trusted you. I nod.

I relax because you still don’t move. I don’t think you are going to take me down, and find myself oddly disappointed. Suddenly your hands seize my throat. You revel in my shock. Terror claims me, as I desperately look for the kind eyes that I love so much. There is only my Wolf’s dark hungry eyes trying to devour my soul.

Seconds crawl by, calm and peace flood me, fulfilling my soul. Tears rise unbidden and wash over me. When I can’t take another second I try to reach for breath. The sweetest breath claims my aching lungs, healing them and my soul.

I am transcended to the safest of headspace. Down the rabbit hole abyss you hold me captive. The slate of my chaotic mind is wiped clean. I am where I belong.

In the kitchen, standing in your arms swaying to the music that isn’t there I feel so fulfilled. I rest my head on your shoulder and completely relax. I have to remember where I am, but never seem to in time. I feel the slightest tickle of your beard on my now open neck and throat.

I forgot where I was. I have a swift moment of panic and I stiffen in you arms görükle escort bayan and try to pull away, but you hold me too tightly. Your teeth take hold of my skin just at the base of my throat. The bite deepens and I feel your teeth coming closer together until they almost touch.

My gasps, then scream is buried deep into your shirt and neck. It always takes a few moments for the endorphins to kick in. The excruciating pain begins to ebb and my mind swirls. The mind fuck that started from the moment your teeth grazed my skin, kicks the final twist. I cum, hard into your chest. My fingers twist into your hair as I try to hold onto my sanity.

My knees give out, your teeth clamp tight and then quickly release. You gently allow me to sink to the floor. On my knees for you, I try to collect myself. My head is buried in your crotch. Your cock is rigid hard under my head. I take the moment to nuzzle it. Your groans reward my effort.

“Come here little girl.” You growl at me, while snatching me by my hair.

You spin me around. My hair and head are forced down and forward while I am still standing. Your teeth sink into the scruff of my neck. It hurts so deliciously. I ache for more. I whimper in pain and lust.

You shake me helplessly like a puppy. I am quickly pounced and pinned by your body. I feel like bursa escort I am being pressed through the floor. The ice cold wooden floor goes unnoticed as the click of your knife opening freezes me instantly.

My skirt is roughly yanked up. My panties are brutally cut from my body. My shirt yanked over my head. I lie naked at your will. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I love being your slut. I crave being your meal, Wolf.

“Ali, cum! Cum for me slut!” Growled into my ear.

Your hand clasps tightly over my mouth reminding me that we are not alone. I cum for you writhing and screaming against your hand. Your body pins me to the floor keeping me from making too much noise and rousing the house.

Searing pain brings me from my orgasm. Your knife draws slowly across my neck. Blood immediately wells up. Your mouth and teeth cover the wound and bite down. The endorphins overwhelm my body and I cum for you again.

I cling to you for life. I try to hold on to you and cling to the threads of my sanity. I can’t stop screaming in pain, in pleasure, I just don’t know anymore. I am in the darkest depths of the rabbit hole. You are the only reality I know anymore.

Pain ebbs. I can breath again. I can’t see through the tears, but I know you are there. I am surrounded safe in your arms. My tears are gently wiped away.

“Good girl Ali, I’m proud of you.” Your words bring me so much joy.

I lay with you, on the cold wooden kitchen floor. I love who I am when I am with you. I love being broken by you so that I can rise from the ashes once again.

“Thank you my Wolf.” I whisper quietly.