Hampsted Village (Part 3)


Hampsted Village (Part 3)Chapter 10Katie was speeding like crazy to get home and nearly ran into an old man as she was darting onto Winthrop Lane. Every nerve in her body was tingling, her beautiful pussy throbbed with every beat of her heart. Her tires squealed as she pulled into her long driveway and again when she sk**ded to a halt in front. She grabbed a brown paper bag and as she jumped out her beautiful breasts bounced violently while she ran for the privacy of her door. Kat tried to wave as she was walking to her car, but Katie was in her own world. Kat had bathed again and tried to recover from her unscheduled session with the old man. She knew that Margaret would certainly give her hell for being late, but it was well worth it. Kat also knew that if anyone would understand it would be Margaret, and maybe she would be able to give her some information on the new addition to Boss’ lineup. Kat liked older men, but Buford was older than what she’d ever considered. Even with this his advanced age, nobody Boss had ever sent was able to match the old man’s violent intensity.Katie’s bra lost its battle with her bouncing titties as she ran up the steps, and allowed the beautiful pale breasts to spill out and flop against her belly as she reached the landing at the top of the stairs. She left a trail behind her as she ran. Her hoody lay crumpled between the door and the steps. Down the hall to her bedroom Katie left her tank top, her bra, her stretch pants and finally a sheer silk baby blue thong in the threshold to her marital bedroom. The pale silk stained deep navy almost throughout from her aching neglected pussy. A brown paper bag surrounded by mangled plastic and cardboard was the last of the flotsam left behind in Katie’s wake. Katie had been a bundle of nerves on her way to the adult store she found ina hurried google search. Even though her circle of friends and acquaintances was very small, she made sure to pick one far away to avoid running into anyone. She circled the store for 10 minutes hoping that some of the cars in the gravel lot would clear out and she could do some private shopping. She waited as long as her body and the clock would let her, before she finally had to go no matter what. Her body was on fire, and the constant pounding throb in her pussy told her that only being entered would quiet the flames. The clock kept ticking down towards the arrival of her husband and her in-laws and the planning meeting for the weekend’s party. Her tires kicked up dust as she bounced into the pockmarked lot outside the “Rear Door Bookstore”. She took a deep breath and pulled her husband’s favorite Atlanta Braves cap down over her eyes and walked the few long steps to the peeling metal door. This was something she had to do if she wanted to save her fledgling marriage. Katie’s need had to be met and this was her last hope. Her husband had failed miserably again and again, and Katie knew that if she crossed the line to seek help from the men that haunted her mind it would be the end. The end of her marriage, the end of her dreams of family, the end of everything she’d worked for. She opened the door hoping to slip in and disappear, but her arrival was announced to all by a loud electric chime. While Katie’s struggled to see through her sunglasses in the dimly lit store, the eyes of the other patrons eagerly darted to the door and ogled the blushing blonde. She was forced to take off the shades as she quickly scanned her surroundings. It was just a big room with rows of dvds and novelty gifts. Along the walls hung blow up dolls and every type of sexual instrument one could imagine. She saw and felt the men staring at her as she walked around the room keeping her eyes on the wall. She searched up and down the walls for what she had come for, but nothing seemed to fit the bill. She heard faint whispers and laughter from a far corner, and knew she was the inspiration. Her heart pounded and her stomach tightened in knots, where was it? Even in the hoody and stretch pants, Katie could not hide the incredible feminine gifts she was blessed with. The men in the store all imagined their “penthouse forum” prayers being answered by the blonde angel that had just strode into their lives. Imagining the desperate young girl losing control and servicing their angry cocks right there in the store. Katie finally came to a section of dildos and vibrators of every shape and size. There were purple and pink and blue and glass and metal toys from floor to ceiling, but none of them would work. Katie didn’t hear the approaching store owner over the passionate moaning coming from the porno loop playing on tvs throughout the store. The gray bearded man watched her ass move in her stretch pants as Katie crouched and stood on her tiptoes reading the various descriptions and peeking through the plastic windows at the toys inside.“Sumpm I can help ya fine’ sweetheart?” Katie almost screamed from the redneck drawl coming from close behind her and wanted with all her heart to ignore it, but her frightened jump at the sound had already signaled her acknowledgement. “Ummmmm…no thank you I’m just looking around?” Katie only glanced at the worn red face of the man, then looked quickly from box to box. Wishing she could find what she was looking for and get the hell away.“Well I reckon we got jist about anything a purty young thing like you could want roun here. That one ova there with the rabbit on it is the mose popular it seem.” He followed behind her pointing out various things as she searched hurriedly for what she needed. She came to the end of the long wall of toys, without having found her prize. She knew she could never work up the courage to enter another place like this again, she knew she had to find it here or not at all.“Ummmm…” Katie blushed profusely, fighting back an urge to giggle at the absurdity of her plight. The giggles forced a smile to her lips, and her beautiful eyes glanced up at the bloodshot eyes of the owner. “This is very akward for me, and I’m really in a rush, so I guess I’m going to have to ask for your help. Do you have any toys like this…but with like darker skin or whatever?” She pointed to a clear plastic container housing a veined lifelike latex dildo with a flexing young model on the side. Katie was actually impressed by the detail and the texture. It even looked a little like Jackson’s penis but maybe a little longer and thicker. It was called the boy toy, and the box advertised it as a “beginner’s toy” and had a little circle reading “6 x 3.5”. “And bigger too I guess.” Katie wanted to crawl in a hole and die, she couldn’t bear to look up at the man.“Darka skin?” He paused for effect, “An bigga ya say?” There was laughter and judgement in his voice even if Katie didn’t look up to see it on his face. “Well now we don’t get to much call for items like dat roun hea. I guess you yankee girls are a lil more…open minded than our southahn ladies.” The shaming continued as he asked another old redneck man stocking shelves where they kept the “negra dongs”. Katie followed the racist old bastard between the rows past an old man in overalls looking at babysitter porn and a fat young man in a stained t-shirt browsing bondage videos. She could feel their eyes on her and she knew what they all must be thinking. She shuddered at the thought of them naked and surrounding her. She imagined what they would do to a girl like her who didn’t want to “stick to her kind” as she’d heard others say in the south. The other worker pointed over to a row of cabinets behind the counter. “Theys over yonder behin the homo movies an the rest of the sheeit we never sell.” His eyes were cold when he looked at Katie, and she knew to be scared of him.The owner grunted as he bent down and searched through the cabinets. The other men in the store had all moved closer to Katie, looking away when Katie’s darting eyes would catch them staring. She turned back around when she heard the owner clunk down some boxes on the counter. “The dang distributa makes us take these dang things with the rest of they stuff. Y’know we got bigga ones in normal collas too dahlin.” His eyes were genuinely puzzled and sad. He looked at this vision of white purity and beauty asking for a replica of a black man’s penis. What a waste he thought to himself.Katie tried to hide the rush of excitement she felt when she saw the closest thing she’d ever seen to a black penis. Through the glare of the fluorescent lights on the plastic boxes she saw huge veiny dark symbols of power and virility. She heard the fat man giggle when she reached out to touch the samples of the fake cock’s material that were stuck to the side of the boxes. Her fingers tingled and her pussy gushed when she saw her own pale fingers and her huge diamond ring against the backdrop of huge black cocks. She was gliding her fingers back and forth over the soft lifelike samples when the owner cleared his throat. fethiye escort Katie snapped back “Ummmmm…I’ll take both I guess.” She fumbled in her purse for the envelope of cash she took out of the atm for this secret purchase. “How much?”“Well now I aint quite sure. We aint neva put a price on these here. How much they worth to ya dahlin?” The old man smiled revealing his few remaining tobacco stained teeth and rested an elbow on the counter. The other three men in the store all laughed and were now all gathered around the counter as well. Katie’s mouth was open but not forming words. They were priceless to her, they were her solution to a happy marriage, they were lifeline to the future she’d always dreamed of. “Ya know maybe you jus aint had the right white feller. Seems a damn shame a nice white lady like ya’ll with them a****ls!” The old man who had been stroking a tiny bulge in the crotch of his overalls while looking at girls the same age as his great grand-daughter offered his two cents.“Yea hon you otta try some mo of ya own kine befoe ya go givin yaself to some nigga. They jes gonna gitcha on d**gs an pimp ya. Das what dey do to white women. Wussya husbin think about alla dis? You otta be shamed of yaself. You a disgrace to yo people. You whas wrong wit dis country! Damn whores betrayin yo race jus cuz dem negras got big donkey dicks!”The scary clerk was only a few feet from Katie’s stunned face. His bald head was beat red as he panted his beer and cigarette breath into the air. “Here’s all the cash I have! Take it and let me go!” Katie threw the envelope at the owner who slowly picked it up and began counting each sticky new 20 and laying it on the counter.“380…400…Well now these mus be very impotant to ya young lady. Speakin of young, can I see yo ID? Caint be too careful these days.” The owner knew she was of age, but was enjoying making her squirm. He also enjoyed watching Clem get all worked up. He was the one who put the black dildos in the cabinet, after he caught his wife and daughter on the floor of their trailer kneeling in a circle of black thugs. He was sure they were being ****d at first but as he looked through his screen door he saw his queen and his princess having the time of their lives worshipping 6 young black men. He busted in the door intent on killing them all with his bare hands, but he barely made it in the trailer before he was beaten down and tied up. He laid on his own musty couch hogtied and watching the black men degrade and abuse his willing women. After that, the sight of those perfect replicas of the cocks that had wrecked his home always sent Clem into a frenzy.Katie noticed Clem leaning over the owner’s shoulder to see her ID, and instantly realized she was giving these men everything they needed to expose her. She boldly snatched the driver’s license from the owner’s hands, “So are we all satisfied gentlemen? May I please make my purchase and leave?” Katie’s ever increasing sexual frustration had turned her fear and embarrassment into anger. “Yes maam $400 for the lot. An I even throw in dis one too.” The owner stuffed the small “boy toy” Katie had handed him as an example of what she wanted on top of the other two boxes and pushed it across the counter. “Ya’ll be careful now missy, I don’t know how dem folks on Stewart Hill would take to findin something like deez hea.”Katie grabbed the bag and spun towards the door. Squeezing in between the old man and the fatty. She kept her head down as she walked past the grimacing redfaced Clem who was standing by the door. “Fuckin Whores.” He whispered as she strode past with her arms full of black cocks.Chapter 11After having lunch and flirting with the flustered waiter enough to score a few cocktails, Scarlett and her friends were back to scouring the boutiques for shoes and bags and anything else that caught their eye. Scarlett didn’t have much luck at Nieman Marcus finding what she wanted. Most of the couture items just weren’t cut to cover a girl like her. Even the gays working in the formal wear department were drooling over the young girl. Scarlett loved all of the attention, and it didn’t hurt that her mother spent more time there than at home. What few dresses she could even get over her wide hips were no match for her heavy breasts. The bottles of champagne at Nieman’s and the cosmos with lunch had all of the young ladies louder and more boisterous than ever. After a brief slurred argument on the street corner, Scarlett and one of her friend’s separated from the pack to browse a dress shop across the street. “All of the mannequins are black Scarlett, that’s just some ghetto rag shop.” One of her friend’s called out as Scarlett and her friend laughed and skipped through the intersection. The herd of attractive obviously shitfaced teenagers was drawing quite a bit of attention on the crowded streets. Tires even squealed when one driver almost wrecked while watching the busty redhead bounce and jiggle through the crosswalk.Their liquid courage spurred them inside, the clothes in the window and the music escaping the open doors told them that their friend was at least half right. It was a store for black women, but the clothes were actually very pretty. They giggled over the threshold and began checking out the folded stacks of jeans and shorts as well as the racks of colorful dresses. The speakers were aimed outside the store, so inside it was quiet and surprisingly cute. At first the place seemed void of staff, the two southern debutants holding up dresses and different outfits to the many mirrors around the store. It was quite obvious that Scarlett’s friend didn’t possess the natural gifts required to fill out these clothes, but Scarlett was finding everything she’d been looking for. “Welcome to my store ladies. Can I help you find anything or perhaps show you to a changing room?” The two teens were surprised by the voice from behind them, as they turned to see its owner.Cass Tucker was a tall woman with dark skin and beautiful natural glow. Her short natural afro and her angular jaw combined with her muscular arms and shoulders would have been almost masculine if it weren’t for her large breasts and an ass that defied logic and gravity. She towered over Scarlett and her friend in her high heels, sizing them up with her well trained eyes. “Unfortunately sweety I don’t know that we are going to have much for you here. Our clothes are for my girl over here, girls that have to find stuff to go over these big ole titties and not let em get all saggy.” As she spoke she grabbed and lifted her own enormous dark breasts causing the plunging neckline to spill open. “Let me pick out a few things for you sweetie and you can model for me. I guarantee you’ll like it better than what you got at Niemann’s.” She pointed to the green garment bag Scarlett was clutching. Scarlett was enthralled with the beautiful black woman. Her smile and her disarming dialogue had Scarlett giggling and excited to try on some clothes. Her friend however was very much done with the whole experiment. After Cass walked away to gather some options, she could be heard arguing with Scarlett. Eventually she left Scarlett alone in the strange store and went off to find her more proportionate friends. “I didn’t mean to offend your little narrow friend sweetie. Don’t worry I’ll take good care of you. You ready to try on a few things?” Her hand was on the small of Scarlett’s back as she pointed towards the back of the store.“Yea, I grabbed a couple things too. Don’t worry about Hunter, she’s kind of a bitch anyway.” The skin on Scarlett’s back under Cass’ large warm hand tingled at her touch as she walked beside her. “It really does suck trying to find stuff that fits when you aren’t built like a 10 year old boy.”The two of them laughed as they walked through swinging doors into the back. Cass was explaining the origins of her store and how she designed the clothes herself for women like them, when they made it to a door labeled changing room. It wasn’t the private stall with a seat and a mirror like Scarlett was used to. This was a large room with mirrored walls and a couch and chair in the middle. On a nearby rack hung a variety of dresses and tops that Cass had picked out. “Soooo where do I change then?” Scarlett looked confused.“Awww come on you ain’t shy are you sweetie? You aint’ got nothing I aint seen before! Now just go on ahead and getcha clothes off. You can leave your bra and panties on if you want to.” Scarlett tried to argue and ask for privacy but Cass just walked away towards the rack with her wide hips and huge bottom swishing in the tight flowered dress.Scarlett unzipped with skirt she’d worn and slowly wiggled it over her hips before pulling the straps of her tanktop down and off her arms and rolling it down over her titties and belly to the floor. She admired herself in the mirrors, turning and appraising every angle. Her porcelain skin was flawless. escort fethiye Her large round ass sat high and proud creating a shelf as it jutted from her back and rounded down to the pale thighs of an athlete. Her pale pink thong only screened the landing strip of redhair above her teenage pussy, and her matching bra strained to contain her pale boobs. The wide shoulder straps and the four clasps in back spoke of the weight it was supporting. Cass whistled appreciating the young girls beauty as she approached with a flowered print dress similar to hers. “Good lawd girl I didn’t know they made white girls with bodies like that!” Scarlett blushed and smiled, laughing nervously as she took the dress and began slipping it on. The way Cass was looking at her was totally different from the way the other girls in the locker room always looked at her. There was no judgement in her eyes, no “who does she think she is” on her face. As she tucked her boobs in under the thin material she smiled at what she was seeing in the mirror. Cass moved in behind her and pulled and smoothed the dress into place. She ran her manicured fingers down the hourglass shape of the young white girl’s body. “I think you look good enough to eat girl. What do you think?” Her hands now on Scarlett’s shoulders massaging them.“Ummmmmm…I really really like it!” Her face showed her contentment at finally finding something made for girls like her. “Put this one in the keep pile, and let’s try the black one next.” Scarlett began slipping free of the first dress while Cass went to retrieve the next contestant. Back to just her bra and panties she took another look at herself in the mirrors. Her nipples had grown considerably larger and were straining the pink silk bra. She could probably explain it away as being chilly, but the way her skin tingled when Cass touched her gave her doubts.“I know you said the black one, but we both know you can wear that well baby. I want to see you in this.” She held up a strapless lavender cocktail dress that didn’t seem long enough to really be much of a dress. “I’m coming out with a line of sexy evening wear and I would really love to see someone besides myself in some of the clothes. Pleeeeease cutie!” She held her hands up in mock prayer squeezing her massive black breasts together and almost out of her dress. “But you’re gonna have to take that bra off and let the girls free. I’ve lined the dress with spandex for support and lift, so ya titties ‘ll be stickin up nice and high.” Even on the model stand that Scarlett was standing on, Cass still had several inches on her. She leaned down and rested her chin on Scarlett’s shoulder, smelling her hair and her skin as she stared into the green eyes looking back at her in the mirror. Her breasts pressed into Scarlett’s back and she could feel the nubs of Cass’ nipples as her arms slid around and her large dark hands locked just above Scarlett’s panties. Scarlett’s skin tingled and her mind reeled from intoxication, excitement at this new experience as a “woman in the city”, and bewilderment at how she wound up here half naked in the arms of a strange woman. There were also the signals of her own body inundating her thoughts. Her nipples were fully erect and throbbing, her skin tingled under Cass’ soft warm hands, and there was a warmth spreading through her pussy as it became more and more aroused. Cass slid her hands up Scarlett’s tummy her fingers spreading over the warm pale skin until they met again just below her heavy breasts. “Come on Miss Scahlett! I beez mose grateful if ya jus set deez titties free!” Cass put on her best “slave voice” as her hands lifted and bounced the beautiful pale titties, her thumbs brushing over the obvious bulge of her nipples. Cass knew that she would find out what this white girl was made of by the way she reacted to this. She smiled when she felt Scarlett shudder and her knees give ever so slightly as her hands brushed back over her huge nipples. Scarlett didn’t know what to do or what to think. She could hear the arguments against it in her head even as she reached behind and unsnapped her bra. Cass’ hands were still under her breasts, the thumbs now on the side holding the bra up as Scarlett let it fall from her shoulders. Even through the mirror Scarlett couldn’t hold Cass’ adoring gaze. “You really think the dress will fit?” Scarlett’s voice quivered as she tried to speak and cut the sexual tension. “I don’t think I can wear it anywhere until I go to Athens in the fall. My mom would cut it up and throw it away if she saw me in it.” Cass laughed as she removed her support from Scarlett’s bra and tits, letting the bra flip down and her those massive young titties spill free. So quick was their escape once released that it pinned Scarlett’s bra under her heavy tits. “Oooops. Happens all the time to me too girl.” She laughed as her hands returned to cupping Scarlett’s now bare breasts. The sensation of such large soft hands warmly engulfing her sensitive breasts was almost too much for Scarlett. Her face was hot and her ears rang, her chest heaved. After holding the beautiful breasts in her hands for a few precious seconds, Cass lifted them and removed the bra. Releasing Scarlett from her embrace but not the spell she had the pretty white girl under. “I think you be betta off taking them panties off too Miss Scarlett. I know they tiny but you still would have a line in this dress. Besides the men love it when you act like a dirty girl sometimes.” Cass walked back over to the racks and began browsing shoes, but watched Scarlett swaying in the mirror. She watched as she rolled and wiggled her panties over her hips and from between her beautiful ass cheeks. The sensation of the wet suctioned silk being peeled away from her throbbing young pussy almost made Scarlett moan and Cass giggle. “Dayum Miss Scarlett, you are one sexy ass white girl! I usually don’t go for white girls, but you are stunning young lady.” Cass came back with two dresses and a pair of high heels for Scarlett. “I would put the dress on before the shoes, cuz if you aint used to heels then you might fall and hurt that pretty face.” Cass dropped the shoes on the floor behind her so that Scarlett would have to turn around and bend way over to retrieve them. “I wear heels all the time for the stupid parties at the club or around my neighborhood, but none that tall.” She pointed to Cass’ heels, and as she wondered how Cass managed to move so gracefully in such precarious footwear she was shocked to see Cass’ dress fall to the floor and cover the heels. Her eyes traveled quickly up two long beautifully sculpted legs, and rested up on Cass’ “natural” pussy covered but not overgrown with dark hair. The furry dark lips contrasting beautifully against the engorged bright pink clit jutting out between them. Scarlett realized she was staring but she couldn’t help herself. Cass was unlike any woman Scarlett had ever seen with the exception of her own mother or herself. Her eyes traveled up the flat dark stomach but just above the belly button they met with the enormous silver studded nipples at the ends of Cass’ enormous pendulous tits. “I…I’m sorry I don’t mean to stare…” Scarlett’s upper chest flushed red with embarrassment or excitement. “You are so beautiful! Like a statue or something.” Her eyes traveled up and down the smiling black woman’s body as she stammered. If she had been quiet she could have heard the cheer of the men on the other side of the mirror. Chapter 12They had all come to see Cass do her afternoon show but they were getting a special treat. Cass would bring in girls once a week or so, but this white girl was special. The patrons of the “Honey Hole Gentleman’s Club” weren’t used to seeing white girls doing the peep shows and this one looked like she was about to do a whole lot more than try on outfits. The crowd had doubled once word got out about the show at the Honey Hole. Cass knew Scarlett would be a hit. She inherited the Hole from her father when she graduated college. Her daddy didn’t expect her to run it, but she could keep the profits from the little dive. The way the neighborhood was changing, the real estate was going to give Cass’ a nice financial cushion and enough equity to set up the dress shop at the back of the building that faces the other block where the boutiques were popping up. Her father was so proud when he saw how his baby girl had joined the two worlds together. He was not one to be uptight about men drooling over his daughter as long as she was making money. Cass had to take a little more out of her equity than she’d wanted to get the mirrors installed and her shop set up, but she was finally starting to clear a profit and today was going to be a record setter.“Shhhhh…it’s ok baby don’t be nervous. I just wanted to see how I look in a dress like that.” She walked closer to Scarlett, her huge black ass bouncing behind her. Scarlett could smell fethiye escort bayan her body oil and see it glistening on her beautiful dark skin. Scarlett’s heart pounded in her throat as she looked up into Cass’ smiling glossy lips and her sincere dark eyes. With one step closer the two women were only separated by the mashed flesh of their breasts. Scarlett peeked at the spectacle of her own pale tits against those dark mounds of Cass. She felt the cold metal of the nipple rings against her own pale pink areolas. “What do you? Why are you? What am I do…” her lips were quieted by the soft lips of Cass pressing against them and quickly parted by her probing tongue. Scarlett moaned and whimpered into the engulfing mouth of the beautiful black woman. She was held tight in her firm arms and she was being pulled into Cass by the two soft hands on her ass. The men at the Honey Hole all moaned at the sight of the two beauties kissing and melting together.“Did you like that Miss Scarlett?” Cass broke her lips away and kissed up Scarlett’s neck to whisper the question in her ear. Her hands squeezed and spread Scarlett’s pale ass for the viewer’s pleasure and her own. “I think you did baby. I think you want me to kiss you again don’t you white girl?” Cass kissed and licked down her neck and under her chin and around to the other ear. She could feel Scarlett melting in her arms. “I think you want me to kiss you all over don’t you baby?” Her breath was hot on Scarlett’s skin and her whispered words tickled her ear and raised the hair on her neck. Scarlett only had to nod once before she was once again being devoured by the towering Nubian goddess.The patrons of the Honey Hole were treated to an amazing display of female beauty and sexuality as Cass opened up an unimagined world to the young Scarlett. Only a few feet away from the glass Scarlett lay on her back with her legs up high and spread wide. Her hands gripped Cass’ head and her lower back arched to lift her beautiful pussy towards the long lashing tongue of Cass. The men watched silently, listening to the moaning and slurping being piped through the speakers. Cass whispered encouragement, instructions and praise as the young white girl wiggled and convulsed on the floor. Cass’ incredible tongue brought Scarlett to unbelievable climaxes twice before Cass slid a long smooth finger inside the young girls flowing pussy. She laid beside the moaning teen writhing on the soft rug. Cass’ chin and mouth shined with Scarlett’s cum juice. She kissed Scarlett’s trembling lips and gave the young girl a good taste of her own sweet pussy. Scarlett sucked the beautiful tongue that had shown her heaven and tasted her flower’s nectar. Cass’ finger worked slowly in and out of the tight wet hole; gradually increasing its pace while she used her thumb to tease Scarlett’s clit. She devoured Scarlett’s flushed titties, sucking as much of the tender flesh into her mouth as she could. When her eyes weren’t rolling back in her head, Scarlett was watching the beautiful African queen devouring her body. With three fingers now inside her Scarlett was already feeling more from this woman than she’d ever felt from one of her boyfriends, and she was learning the pleasure of being stretched.For over an hour Scarlett was pushed over the edge by the masterful manipulations of her new teacher. She was no longer capable of making words; she was reduced to a quivering, squirting fucktoy. The men in the bar would do a shot each time Cass would bring another blast of sticky squirtjuice out of the young girl and all over the two way mirrors. When Scarlett finally passed out Cass stood over her and began abusing herself as she had her latest victim. Her dark skin shining with sweat and girlcum as she fucked a geyser of her own juices out of her cunt and all over the u*********s Scarlett. Afterwards she laid next to the peaceful redheaded angel basking in the afterglow of victory. Seeing the time she stood and waved goodbye to whoever was still watching on the other side of the mirrors and began to wake the sleeping beauty. Chapter 13Katie held a black phallus in each hand as she lay back on her Egyptian cotton sheets and examined the detail of her costly new purchases. Her heart had not stopped pounding like a sprinter’s since she hatched this latest plan. Her body had not stopped craving fulfillment either. What she wanted was something she had never come close to feeling before, something nobody she’d ever known could give her. The black dildo in her left hand was molded from a porn star by the name of Marcus, and even came with a folded up 8×10 poster of the model. He was bald, muscular and his cock turned slightly upward. Her fingers could not fully encircle the thick shaft, which was another foreign sensation to her. The second toy had no indication of who had inspired it, but it was longer and thinner than the first. They were both made of a pliable silicone and ornately detailed with veins and color variations. The second had a suction cup behind the fake ball sac, it took the naïve Katie a few minutes to figure out its purpose. She set the unnamed cock on the bed beside her and focused her attention on “Marcus”, gripping it with both hands. She rubbed the lighter colored head against her throbbing rigid nipples, marveling at the sight of the darkness against her pale skin. She nested the cock between her hanging breasts and trapped it there by pressing the soft warm boob flesh around it. Her tits engulfed the large black cock easily, leaving only the head to poke out against her chin. She playfully flicked her tongue against the tip, craning her neck to get her lips around it. The sensation of her lips stretching well beyond the point she was accustomed to in order to accommodate any penis she’d ever taken in her mouth was a thrill to Katie. She imagined what that stretch would feel like when she put it to her other lips.She pushed the cock from the base up through her mashed tits and further into her mouth. Her jaw popped slightly, bringing a wince and whimper of discomfort as the fat head pressed her tongue against the floor of her mouth. Her eyes rolled back in her head, not even the bitter taste of the material could dampen the sheer pleasure of this new sensation. She laid back on the bed in a sea of pillows and began feverishly pumping the cock in and out of her mouth. Spit loudly sloshed in her mouth with each thrust, and the black cock began displacing a steady stream of clear drool out of each corner of her stretched lips. She writhed on the bed, her engorged clit enjoying the pressure she could achieve by squeezing her legs tightly together while she fucked her own mouth. When her eyes opened she could see how little of it she was actually able to accommodate, and she began feeding herself more and more until she gagged loudly. The loud wretch and the resulting watering eyes brought a moment of shame and disgust to the young newlywed. What was she doing? Why was she acting this way? What had changed in her to awaken these dormant volcano?This moment of self analysis was not long lived, and was quickly drowned out by the screaming needs of her neglected womanhood. She slowly pulled “marcus” from her lips, the black cock looking even more beautiful with a sheen of her saliva coating it. She trailed the dripping wet toy over her breasts and down her flat stomach, leaving a glistening trail of slime as it moved towards her pulsating pussy. She slowly rubbed the head from her engorged clitoris down to her oozing hole. Her eyes fixated at the sight of the dark head pushing out the smooth pale outer lips of her cunt and then coming into full view as it grazed her clit. She continued to tease herself, fearing the pain of finally being stretched.“Please fuck me Marcus! Please give me your big black cock!” Katie’s voice was deep and throaty as she begged the owner of her new favorite toy to fuck her. She positioned him at the entrance to her beautiful betrothed pussy and began to push it inside her. She felt the pressure against her intimate folds. She felt herself spreading. She saw the very tip disappear inside her, followed slowly by more and more of the magnificent black cock. The sensations she experienced after that were unlike anything she’d ever known before. It was satisfaction at long last. It was fulfillment. It was what sex was supposed to feel like.The hours flew by, as the tally of Katie’s screaming orgasms mounted. A dark stain of her juices spread across her sheets until she tossed “Marcus” aside and took the other model into the bathroom and stuck the suction cup on the counter so she could mount it. She watched herself fuck the black cock in the full length mirror through another series of orgasms to the point that her twitching legs could no longer support her. She slipped off the counter and onto the floor. That black cock still stood proudly erect with a creamy ring of lathered girl cum all around the base, while Katie panted and moaned on the cold tile. She knew she should get up and hide the evidence of her sins, but she was too tired and too happy to move. She drifted off to sleep and to dream of more black cock.