Halloween Party


They met on the internet and had been talking for a month on the phone, getting to know one another. They knew each others basics and even some of their secrets. However, when they both agreed to dress up and go to a Halloween party that was open to the public, and actually meet and maybe live out one of their fantasies, both spent days stammering for reasons not to attend. In the end the curiosity and desire won out. After all, they didn’t have to go through with their mutual fantasy of having sex in a public place with a virtual stranger all they had to do is meet. No promises of anything.

Since they never met, they agreed they would see if they could find each other at this Halloween Party. They knew the basics of course; she was 5′ 2″, brown hair that fell to the middle of her back and deep brown eyes. She would be dressed in a black dress, cut mid thigh in the front and full length in the back, shimmer of lace will cover her face and trail her front and back. Lighten make up and fang caps that cover her mouth, she was Dracula’s Bride. He was 5’10” eyes of golden amber and deep dark hair, slicked back. He would be wearing leather pants, a black shirt, leather cape and thin leather mask over his eyes, phantom lover. They would attend separately and leave the same way if they chose.

She entered the Halloween Party and walked around the room, taking in all the details of the party. Fake spider webs were thrown around everywhere, Skeletons and Witches hanging around, Tables covered in spider sandwiches, cat litter cake, with a stiffed black cat guarding it, bowls or candy and treats, dead mans soup, caterpillar sandwiches and to drink there was the witches Brew, gummy worm paradise, and Dracula’s blood. She took a goblet of Dracula’s Blood and began scanning the room.

When she slowly turned she found him, and a desireable treat he was. He was standing back against a wall, foot up and against the wall arms crossed, with a wicked smile on his face, just staring at her. She starred into those amber eyes for a minute and smiled at him, brought her hand up and gave him the signal to follow.

He watched her turn and start to walk toward the balcony, she took his breath away the minute she walked in the room. She was not a drop dead gorgeous woman, not a kartal escort perfect, thin body, maybe it was just the months of teasing and the inclination of what might come. What ever it was she was definitely having an affect on him he had no idea how to hold on to his control and not just reaching and tasting her. For now, he would just let her lead, after all wasnt that one of her fanticies.

She walked straight out to the balcony and turned to wait for him. “Will you be my hero lover? Wisk me away with all the hopes and dreams attached?” She raised her hand and he placed his in hers and she pulled him to her hard as she could.

When there bodies were together, as close as she could make them, she raised her deep brown eyes to stare into the amber of his. “I am going to have you now, be my lover. I am going to make my hero, mine.” Kissing him deeply her hand traced down his body to where he was growing and she touched and teased. She brought her leg up to rest around his thigh. The other hand holding onto his neck, when the kiss ended they were both out of breath.

He said nothing, words failed him as she just stared into his eyes. He could feel her all over him but she never moved, just her eyes and the passion and desire that was building there. He seemed almost powerless with this woman. When he realized she was releasing him and pulling his pants down some, he looked back into the party to see if anyone was paying them any attention. He heard her whisper…”my hero” and then his head fell back and he heard himself moan as he felt her mouth and hands find there way down his hard hot cock. She was feasting upon him and being wild yet gentle at the same time. The thoughts of being caught, were not there anymore. The only thing he saw and felt was her. She kept him grounded but at the same time made him weak. He was lost. He knew he was lost to her, with her….. She licked and sucked and played with him for a long time, what seemed like hours, maybe it was, with her time seemed to stop. Taking him out kissing him gently on the tip of his cock and licking his sweet juice that escaped in small doses, from time to time. She had a way with him, his body.

He was so close to cumming but he said nothing. She never even slowed. When he slowly moaned and kartal otele gelen escort then realized what he was about to do he started to tell her but she stopped her mouth looked up to him as he looked down and she took him out of her wet hot mouth, rubbed him and then stared into his eyes as she accepted him back into her mouth and pumped him until everything he had built up flowed down her mouth, her throat. He could have screamed with pleasure as she tenderly licked him clean, bathed him with her mouth. Caressing his body, everywhere she could touch. He thought he might pass out from all the pleasure she was giving him.

She rose, kissed him, deeply and he could taste his own pleasure inside her mouth and he groaned. She touched his chest and ran her hands all over his body. Never stopping, saying only the he was her hero over and over again, she looked into his eyes from time to time and a smile would cross her mouth but she said nothing else.

It didn’t take long for his body to respond to her again. She had kissed him everywhere, though they were clothed, other than the front of his pants, he could feel her mouth, her breath, and she left nothing to doubt. She worked him like a puppet and he just did as she guided. There was no one; nothing, that could penetrate the bubble they seemed to be in. The noise was silence except her words and his deep throaty moans. He had never felt so…wanted and desired.

She pushed him gently onto a lounge chair, he just watched as she traced her body and breasts her hands on each side of her breasts, pushing them close together and leaning forward bringing them so very close to his mouth. His mouth began to water and he licked his lips. He felt little control but was astonished that he hadn’t even tried to remove her clothes and fuck her mad. His mind was racing with the thoughts but his body never even tried. She reached behind him and suddenly there was a sweet and erotic smell and a velvet object tracing his face and mouth, a lavender rose. She continued down his neck traced his ear, from side to side and down his chest. She watched his eyes, gentle moans escaped his mouth but there were no words. The scent was strong and sexy, he thoughts were laced with the exact thought that kartal eve gelen escort was what she seemed like to him; sweet, strong and sexy, just like the lavender rose.

When she rose off him, she removed her panties and handed them to him, he just watched her. She then straddled him and slowly took all of him. She moved so slow and oh my how so soft her insides were. Her woman hood was tight wet and hot, he thought for sure he would explode within seconds. His blood was boiling and all he could seem to think was SLOW…He had no idea why. He wanted her so bad wanted to turn her around and ram into her but his body and mind just went SLOW. She made love to him gently, slowly, she would lick his mouth, kiss him gently, nibble his lips, kiss stronger with passion, kiss his chest and just rock onto him, into him. But never did she attempt to move faster. She explored him, every inch of him. She came several times but never stopped. Just kept making love to him like there would be no end, that all she wanted was him and she was taking him to extreme lengths.

She rose off him stared back into his eye moved her dress above her and got on her hands and knees. He needed no invitation, as he placed himself behind her and pushed back into her wetness and they exploded with need, lust, power….. there was no stopping them. He rode her hard and reaching between her legs he touched and caressed her clitoris. She would reach to caress his balls and push against him like she could never get enough. When he exploded, they both screamed as she shook inside him, exploding around his cock. They collapsed together and he pulled her into his embrace.

When a slight slap hit him in his face and he jerked awake. There stood one of his buddies. “Parties over and you slept through it man, your lame.” He looked around but she wasn’t there. He jumped to his feet. Where was she?

Inside his cape there was the lavender rose and a note

“You’re my Hero!!!”

His buddy stood staring at him, as he tried to wipe the dumb smile off his face. They left the party. Driving home. He couldn’t stop remembering their passion and need for one another.

He was at his apartment 15 minutes when the door bell rang, cursing to him self wanting the time to try to get a hold of her, convince her that they had to be more that just internet friends. He went to the door, pulled it open with more force than necessary, only to find her in a lavender dress, 6 lavender roses out stretched to him and a smile that said it all.