Halloween fun


Halloween funHere’s an interesting story that happened to me last Halloween, hope you like it. Last October, a local bar had a Halloween costume contest. Since I had nothing better to do (I’m too old for trick or treat) I decided having a beer and checking out all the silly costumes would be fun. I sat near the bar and almost immediately a sexy, slinky brunette caught my eye. She was wearing a light blue dress, black seamed stockings, and dark brown “fuck-me” pumps. After a short time I went over and said hello. She was smart and funny, and we really seemed to get along nicely, but with the loud music it was hard to keep a conversation going. She told me she had a room at the hotel across the street, and would I like to join her over there where it was quiet. I jumped at the chance! We walked across the street, the whole time I was checking out her tuzla escort tight little ass in that clingy blue dress, and getting more excited by the minute. We arrived at the hotel room, and sat down to continue our conversation. My eyes danced up and down her sexy legs, and I even noticed a little of her stocking top peeking out. My cock was rock hard and needed to be freed from my pants. I leaned over to kiss her, and slipped the tip of my tongue into her sexy mouth, my hands sliding across that sexy ass. After a little while she said “look, I need to tell you something”. “I’m actually a guy who dressed as a woman for Halloween, I bet my friends that I could pick up a straight guy”. I was shocked, I stood up and looked at her sitting on the bed. She was so hot and sexy I could hardly believe it. Thats when I noticed my cock still sancaktepe escort at full attention. I said “look, you have me so turned on, there is no way I can leave like this”. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. “trick or treat”! I pointed it right at her face. To my surprise, she leaned forward and started sucking it. I slipped her dress off over her head. She was wearing the hottest little white bra and a white garter belt holding up the seamed black stockings. It was one of the best blowjobs ever and my cock was hard as a rock. She (he) was enjoying it also, a stiff throbbing cock was sticking up between his legs. I got down to my knees and returned the favor. I had never sucked a cock before, but I really enjoyed it, especially being able to run my hands up and down over the silky stockings as I felt üsküdar escort his throbbing cock in the back of my throat. We moved up onto the bed and began “69-ing”. I was hot for cock now, and so was he. I enjoyed the sensation to having my cock sucked while sucking cock. Soon I felt his cock throbbing harder and before I knew it he was coming all over my lips and chin. I stood up, he slid over to the edge of the bed and sat up. Then I stood in front of him, my cock pointed right at his sexy mouth. He leaned forward and began blowing me some more while gently holding my aching balls. I ran my hands through his long brown hair. I was licking and tasting his thick salty cum when I shot the biggest load into his mouth. To my surprise he licked his lips, then swallowed it. We kissed goodbye, mingling our cum together. I got his phone number, and gave him mine. We both discovered that sucking cock can be a great turn-on, and why should the ladies have all the fun? We made plans to find some local glory-holes and suck some lucky guy’s cock together. I don’t plan on waiting until next Halloween for more of that hot action!