Gyno Fetish Fulfilled


Krista walked into the office and sat in a seat across from a man sitting at his desk. He looked completely professional from his head to his toes. He was wearing a black polo shirt with khaki pants and smart brown shoes. His hands were folded together neatly on his desk, his middle finger sported a tastefully thin gold band and he wore a golden Rolex watch on his left wrist. The man wore thin brown-rimmed glasses, he had smooth, brown, combed hair and the only hint of unprofessional nature was a slight five o’clock shadow on his cheeks and along his prominent jaw line.

Even Krista looked very professional; she was wearing a loose blue skirt that fell to her knees, a button-up white shirt and high heeled pumps that covered her entire foot. Her wavy blonde hair was tied up in a loose ponytail, she wore minimal make-up and she had taken out all but two of her ear piercings for the event.

“Krista Engel I presume?” the man asked in a loud but comfortable voice.

“Yes,” Krista replied, her green eyes sparkling and her heart beating quickly in her chest.

“So you would like to join our team?” he asked. Krista nodded. “Well of course, why else would you be here today?” Krista giggled nervously.

Krista did not look like a porn star or any sort of pornographer for that matter. She was simply curious about the subject. She played with her fingers in her lap, nervously, and looked back up at the man.

“Where are my manners?” he said smiling, “My name is Craig. Craig Schultz.”

“Nice to meet you,” Krista said, “I had been expecting to meet with David again today.”

“David only interviews the candidates, I’m here to tell you what to expect,” Craig said, a hint of sternness in his voice. Krista nodded.

“I…” Krista stammered, “I am starting today…right?” Craig nodded.

Krista did not necessarily enjoy pornography. She would watch it every once in a while, but never found a lot of enjoyment in watching women with silicone breast implants and men with 10 inch long dicks screwing in less than ideal and less than realistic settings. She had always had fetishes though and one of those fetishes involved gynecology. Krista visited the gynecologist once a year, like any women should, and never received any sort of pleasure of the sort. However, when she browsed the internet on lazy Saturdays and Sundays she would often find herself looking up gynecology fetish photos and videos to watch and get off to. She figured that she would finally try one out for herself. After all, she was an attractive woman – as attractive as the women that she would see in the fetish videos and pictures at least – and she could think of nothing more scintillating to her fetish than to actually participate in it on video.

“We’re hoping that we’ll be able to get through the entire shoot today,” Craig explained, “If we’re unable to finish it, we’ll continue through it tomorrow. If you wish to make more of our films, then you may request to do more.” Krista nodded. “As you can probably imagine, there are very few women who are willing to do this kind of video, so any women that are willing to come back and do more films are more than welcome to do so.”

“What is the filming like?” Krista asked, her knee starting to bounce in anticipation of what would await her later on in the day.

“It is a fairly simple process,” Craig explained further, “I presume that you’ve had a real gynecological exam before…” Krista nodded again. “Of course. It is very similar to your regular gynecological exam. You, personally, do not really even have to do anything except for follow the instructions that your ‘physician’ will tell you to do.” Krista nodded, with a bit or relief, she had not received any script, and she had hoped that there would be no rapid memorization.

“Now, it is possible that you will be subjected to some things that you are not used to in your regular exams,” Craig said. “Our viewers are very accustomed to seeing full exams. You can expect to participate in a breast, vaginal, and anal exam and our ‘physician’ always takes a woman’s temperature rectally and douching and enemas are often standard. In a few minutes I will give you a sheet to fill out that will allow you to check off what you will and will not consent to. The enema and douching are often optional and the sheet will also help us place you with the appropriate ‘physician’.”

“Your physicians…” Krista said, “are they all women, male, or mixed?”

“They are mostly male,” Craig replied. “We have two female ‘physicians’ who are both homosexual and are usually used in our gyno sex films.” Krista nodded as she swallowed a lump in her throat.

“I…” Krista stammered. “I’m not going to be having…sex…with the ‘physician’…right?” Craig smiled.

“Only if you want to,” he said. “That will also be asked on the list of procedures.” Krista nodded with a sigh of relief.

“You will be dressed in some different clothing after everything is taken care of as far as paperwork balçova escort is concerned, and after about a half hour, we should be ready to start filming,” Craig said. “Do you have any further questions, Krista?”

“When will I be paid?” Krista asked.

“Immediately after filming, via a discreet check from our company,” Craig replied.

“Great,” Krista said.

“Now…” Craig said reaching down into a drawer next to him. He pulled out a manila folder that had Krista’s name written across the top and was filled with paperwork. “In here you will find a questionnaire, the list of procedures for you to look over and consent to, a general consent form, a sexual health form, and a simple form asking for some general information including who to make our checks out to and things of that matter.” Krista nodded. “You can go ahead, take this…” he handed the envelope to Krista, “go out into the back waiting room, and I’ll check up on you in a half hour to see how you’re doing and we can start!”

“Thanks,” Krista said standing up.

“Thank you,” Craig said. Krista left the room with a folder thick with paperwork and walked down a hallway that felt both sterile and slightly dirty to the second waiting room. As Krista sat down on a brown chair in the second waiting room, she could hear the faint sound of a woman having an orgasm in a room nearby. Krista’s heart jumped as if she just now suddenly realized what she was getting herself into.

She took a deep breath and opened up the manila folder. The first sheet was a simple 1 page consent form stating that she was allowing herself to be filmed and she was informed of where it would be shown – online – and that she agreed not to sue for the publication of her soon-to-be-shot video. She quickly signed the sheet and dated it and moved onto the next sheet, a sexual health form. It asked basic questions including Krista’s sexuality, history of her partners, STIs and other matters of importance. Krista whizzed through this sheet as well and moved onto a questionnaire about her sexual history: if she ever had vaginal, anal and oral penetration, how often she masturbated and with what, fetishes, turn-ons and turn-offs and many other questions. This sheet took a bit longer for Krista to fill out, but she did it as truthfully as she could and moved onto the next form that she needed to fill out involving her address, phone number, e-mail and who the company needed to make checks out too. Krista filled out this sheet quickly as well and moved onto the very last sheet, the list of procedures that she could consent to. She read down the list, most of them were what she would expect, others were a bit more unorthodox to her. She consented to most everything, but had a hard time deciding whether or not she wanted to be examined while restrained, whether or not she wanted catheter insertion. She knew she did not want an enema and she was not a fan of douching, but did not consent against it. She knew for sure that she did not want any sort of intercourse with her exam and she wanted it to remain as professional looking as it could for a fake exam. She finished filling out the sheet and signed it at the bottom. She tucked all of the sheets away in the folder and placed it on the table next to her. She crossed her legs and folded her hands in her lap and waited for Craig to return.

“Go ahead and sit right there…” Craig said to another girl walking in with a manila envelope under her arm. He turned to Krista, “Are you finished with your paperwork?” Krista nodded. “Great, I’ll take care of this right away and we’ll get you back in just a minute!”

Krista looked across the waiting room at the girl that had just walked in with Craig and smiled meekly.

“Your first time?” the girl asked. Krista nodded. “It’s not too bad. And it’s a good way to make money.”

“How many times have you done this?” Krista asked.

“This is my third time,” the girl replied.

“Do you like it?” Krista asked. The girl shrugged going through her paperwork.

“It’s okay,” the girl replied. “I don’t like having sex with the men, I don’t suggest it.” Krista shook her head ‘no’ vigorously. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad…it’s just not for everyone.” Krista heard the familiar woman screaming in orgasm down the hall, the girl across from her smiled.

“That’s Holly,” the girl said. “She’s always here. She’s the famous one around these parts.” Krista nodded and looked down into her lap. An uncomfortable silence fell over the waiting room until the silence broke with the opening of a door.

“Krista?” a voice asked, Krista jumped up and looked over towards where the voice came from. A middle aged man was standing wearing a simple t-shirt and a pair of khakis like Craig, he had a receding hairline and was wearing a gold chain around his neck.

“I’m Krista,” Krista said in reply. The man nodded.

“Follow me,” he said.

Krista followed the man bayındır escort down yet another hallway and into a room that had the number 20 on the door.

“My name is Curt and I will be working with you today,” the man said.

“You’re the…” Krista said immediately looking down at his hands.

“The gyno, yes,” he said. “You’ve never done this before, eh?” Krista shook her head ‘no’. “Just follow what I say and things will go simple and quick.” Krista nodded.

Curt opened up the door to room number 20 and the two of them walked in. Krista looked around at her surroundings. On the right side of the room there was a sterile gynecological table being rubbed down with rubbing alcohol by a man that looked almost identical to Craig. Next to the table was a rolling stool and a metal rolling tray with various instruments that Krista only had a brief second to look over. On the wall were a couple of standard posters of female genitalia and the inner workings of the female anatomy. There was a stainless steel sink next to the exam table and a desk parallel to the exam table with a chair behind it. To the other side of the table was a thin screen separating view from the desk. Krista walked fully into the room and realized that the other side looked completely like a movie set with two cameras, lights, a white screen and two cameramen.

“So, the gist of this is you following Curt’s instructions,” one of the cameramen said. “You’re going to walk into the room again, shake hands with Curt and introduce yourself. Your name for this is going to be Sarah Moore and you’re coming in for a yearly check-up and because you’ve been having problems recently with pain while having sex.” Krista nodded. “Curt is going to hand you an exam gown and you will go behind the screen and undress, then the exam will begin.” Krista nodded again, her heart starting to beat faster.

“Shall we start?” Curt asked. The two cameramen nodded and the lights suddenly flashed on, very, very brightly. Curt walked over to the doctor’s desk and threw on a white coat and donned a stethoscope around his neck.

“Krista, go wait outside the door until you hear us say ‘Action’ and you may enter,” a cameraman said. Krista nodded and left the room.

“Action!” Krista heard and she walked into the room.

“Hello,” she heard Curt say. Krista walked across the room and to the doctor’s desk.

“Hi,” Krista said.

“Sarah Moore, I presume,” Curt said. “And why are you with us today?”

“It’s time for my yearly check-up and lately I’ve been having pain problems during sex,” Krista replied. Curt nodded.

“Well, we will just have to see what is going on down there then!” he said. “Please take this and go ahead and undress behind that screen over there.” Krista took the gown from Curt and walked behind the screen as she was instructed to do. She slowly started to undress out of her clothes. She couldn’t believe that she was doing this. As she took off her bra she could sense all of the eyes in the room on her. She quickly slipped out of her panties and threw on the exam gown.

She stepped out from behind the screen and hopped up onto the exam table. Curt walked up to her, took his stethoscope, placed the ear pieces into his ears and pulled apart the front part of Krista’s gown.

“I’m going to check your heart and your breathing,” Curt said. Krista followed Curt’s instructions and breathed in deeply when she needed and sat perfectly still on the table. The two of them made small conversation while the two cameramen filmed.

“Now Sarah, I need to check your breasts,” Curt said. He pulled the gown off of Krista’s shoulders. She felt cold and exposed. She watched Curt carefully as his hands started to move towards her left breast. Curt began to rub around in circles and slowly pinched Krista’s nipple. Krista felt the need to squirm, but remained still, not wanting the cameras to cut. Curt moved onto Krista’s right breast and repeated the process again. The right breast Krista felt he squeezed a little bit harder, but she was not actually sure.

“Lay back please,” Curt said. Krista followed his instructions, trying to squirm in a way to bring the gown back over her breasts but she had no such luck, if anything, the gown fell further down her body. Curt pulled out the stirrups on the table, a clanking sound that was unmistakable to any woman around. Curt took Krista’s bare feet, one at a time, and placed them in each of their respectable stirrups. Krista kept her knees clamped together and Curt pulled the gown out from underneath Krista leaving her completely naked on the table in front of Curt, two male cameramen and another male assistant. Curt pulled Krista’s knees apart and bent close to her head as he knew that the cameras were currently zooming in on her open pussy.

“You’re in a pornographic film,” Curt whispered in Krista’s ear, “you’re here to show your goods to the world, not to hide them.” Krista swallowed hard bayraklı escort and nodded, opening her legs up just a tad more.

Curt threw on a pair of rubber gloves and stood over Krista.

“Now I’m going to give you your manual exam,” Curt said. Curt pulled apart Krista’s pussy lips with one hand, making sure that she was fully exposed to the two cameras. Krista took a deep, shuddering breath and swallowed hard. The stranger’s hand on her most private areas was a bit disconcerting. Suddenly, she felt his finger probing around her clitoris, and within five seconds, she felt a thick finger disappear into her vagina. Curt moved his finger around and quickly inserted another finger inside of Krista. Krista squirmed this time unnerved by the foreign touch.

“Cut!” a cameraman shouted. Curt groaned and Krista breathed a sigh of relief as she felt the middle aged man’s fingers leaving her body.

“Krista,” the second cameraman said, “you must remain as stoic as possible. This is not a forceful film. It’s just a simple procedure, every woman goes through it…” Krista stopped listening to him as he trailed off.

“Are we ready?” the first cameraman asked looking at both Krista and Curt. Curt nodded and Krista shyly said ‘yes’. “All right then. Curt, fingers back in Krista’s pussy…” Krista jumped as Curt jammed his fingers deep inside her again, “and…action!” Curt’s fingers swirled around inside of Krista, bumping up against her cervix, and jostling her uterus around. Curt brought a hand to her abdomen and began to palpitate her stomach in the matter that a regular doctor might.

“Does this hurt?” Curt asked, in his doctor’s role. Krista shook her head ‘no’ as she bit her bottom lip shyly. “Good. Then it’s time for me to start the visual internal exam.” Curt’s fingers left Krista again and Krista let her head fall back onto the exam table. Curt pulled over the rolling stool and grabbed a plastic speculum off of the sterile metal tray next to the exam table. He rolled it around in some lube already lying on the table and rolled over between Krista’s legs.

Magically, it seemed, the table started to rise from where it sat. The male assistant was back behind the cameras doing what needed to be done, for this part of the video, the table needed to literally rise up above Curt’s head so that Krista’s privates were still in view of the camera.

Again, Curt pulled apart the lips of Krista’s pussy and searched out for her pussy amongst the folds. He smeared a little bit of lube around the opening with his gloved finger and brought the speculum up. To Krista, this process felt like it was taking forever, like her life was suddenly playing in slow motion. Then, with hardly any warning, she felt the cold lubed speculum plunging into her. Her legs spread further apart and her eyes closed as she winced in pain. It was larger than what she was used to in her usual exams with real doctors. Curt began to click the speculum open and as he did Krista felt herself spreading open more, more, more and more. Without warning, at this moment, the cameraman to the right began to walk closer to Krista, the lens on his camera zooming in on her gaping womanliness.

Curt rolled out of the way, allowing the cameraman to get closer to Krista than she felt she could be comfortable with, but she did not move an inch. She didn’t feel like she could anyways. Her legs were splayed so far apart, and the speculum inside of her was open so wide she was sure that if she even tried to sit up that it would hurt her internally more than it would help her. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she could see her breasts bouncing up and down with each thundering heartbeat.

“Well Sarah, nothing looks out of the ordinary,” Curt said. “I think it is safe to say that the pain you are experiencing during sex is nothing more than being unaccustomed to the male genitalia.” Krista nodded. “How long have you been sexually active?”

“Only two months with my current partner,” Krista said off the top of her head. Curt nodded and wheeled back in front of Krista and closed up the speculum while it was still inside her and pulled it out with a loud ‘pop’. As soon as Krista felt the speculum leave her body, the tenseness in her arms and legs released and her body felt like jelly for a split second.

“All right, Sarah,” Curt said, “now I’m going to ask you to sit up.” Krista sat up, she felt a twinge of pain in her middle. “Roll over, please.” Krista rolled over onto her stomach. Her head was face down on the sterile table and she suddenly felt a sense of uneasiness because she was unable to see anything going on.

“Cut!” a cameraman shouted. Krista propped herself up on her elbows.

“Now what?” Krista asked, ready to get this over with.

“Listen,” Curt said getting close to Krista’s face, “most of the women that we film have problems at this part of the video. You okayed almost everything that we will film in this part, but even so…” Krista’s eyes searched Curt’s trying to find a simple explanation. “You consented to being examined while retrained…” Krista’s heart skipped a beat. Why did she have to consent to so much? As the thought went through her head she felt a foot being slipped through the foothold of the stirrup and a cuff being fastened around her ankle.