Great Day pt.1

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Great Day pt.1It was a early June morning in Vancouver. Sexy Keegan was s*******n and in her last year of school. When she woke up she walked across the house to the bathroom still in her bra and panties. She was glad that nobody was awake because the clothes she did have on were almost completely see-through. She stumbled into the bathroom and then turned on the shower then stripped off her underwear and climbed in. She grabbed her bar of soap and started rubbing it on her body. Then, as she slowy made it to her pussy, she dropped the soap and started rubbing her sweet clit. As she did she started a little moan. She then moved her hand and inserted one finger into her pussy. She masterbaded many times before, but she still gets surprised by how tight she is. She barely slides another finger in and she knows that another one would overdue it so she starts to move it in and out slowly. She then starts squeezing her left breast. She lets out another moan and moves her hand faster and faster and faster untill she squirts all over her shower. After her came she grabbed the soap she dropped and finnished washing her body, then she grabed her shampoo and washed her hair. After she washed her hair she turned off the water grabbed a towel and dried gaziemir escort off and checked the little clock on the counter, it has been an hour since she got in the shower. She then opened the door a crack to see if anyone was out there. She didn’t see anyone so she grabbed her underwear and tossed it in the hamper and walked out. She was hoping that nobody would come out and see her perfect s*******n year old body. She made it to her room just in time. When she closed her door she hear her parents door open. Keegan walked over to her wardrobe and grabed some sexy purple panties with a matching bra. Then a tight miniskirt and a black sheer top. Then she tossed her cheerleading uniform into her backpack and walked into the kitchen to grab a quick drink before she left for school. “good morning sweety” said Keegans mom. “morning mom, I gotta run” replied Keegan as se ran out the door. It’s only a couple blocks to get to the bus stop then a fifteen minute ride to the school. When she sat on the bus she noticed her crush, Christian Bara. Keegan decided to get up and sit next to him. Christian didn’t notice her even though he could see through her shirt. Fifteen minutes later the bus stopped by the school and Keegan stood up escort gaziemir and started walking toward the door when she felt someone touch her ass. She looked behind her and the only one that could of done it was Christian. She just kept on walking and when she felt him touch her ass again she just blushed. Keegan walked down the hall, knowing all the guys were watching her. She got to her locker and tossed her bider inside then goes to the gym to rehearse her cheerleading routine. “Hey!” said Keegan’s friend Sierra. “Hey” “Are you ready for our trip?” “What trip?” Keegan asked. “Our trip to Calgary, duh” “Oh shit! I totally forgot about that. What time do we leave?” “We leave at 6:00 p.m. Our first show is tomorrow at 10:00. Okay?” “Ya. I got it.” Ring. The bell sounds as Keegan finnishes her sentence. “Shit! I guess we don’t have time to rehearse” said Sierra . Keegan and Sierra walk to their science class. They arrive just before the second bell sounds. They take a seat at the back of the class sitting next to each other. “I like your skirt” Keegan whispers to Sierra. “Thanks”. Keegan places her hand on Sierra’s knee and slowly starts to move it up her leg. Sierra starts to blush as Keegan reaches her panties. Sierra places gaziemir escort bayan her hand on Keegan’s knee and does the same thing. They start to rub eachothers pussy. Keegan slides Sierra’s panties and rubs herb clit. Sierra moans and the whole class looks at her then their teacher, Mrs. Green comes over. They pull their hand out just in time. “Is everything alright Ms. Mackay” asked Mrs. Green. “Yes everything is fine.” “Okay. Then can you tell me the answer to the question on the board?” Sierra looks at the board dunbfounded. “That’s what I thought. Go to the pricipals office Ms. Mackay.” Sierra starts walking to the office “You too Ms. Bellamy. I know you had a part in this.” Keegan grabs hers and Sierra’s stuff then walks to the office. Once out of the office Keegan runs to catch up to Sierra. When she cathces up she easliy convinces Sierra to go into the bathroom instead. They rush into the bathroom and lock the door so they won’t be interupted. They take off eachother skirts and start to rub their own pussie’s. Sierra comes over and takes off Keegan’s panties and starts to lick her her pussy. Keegan lets out a moan as Sierra’s tounge goes over her clit. After a couple minutes of licking Keegan pulls out a little purple vibrator and slowly brings it over her perky nipples then slowly down to her pussy. She slips it in her pussy and starts to move it in and out then she takes it out and slowly starts to suck on it. Keegan turns on the vibartor and puts it on her clit. To Be Continued!