“You’re going to have to try harder than that.”

I clench my fists. For the tenth time, I draw my shoulder blades together and arch my back. I lift my face up to his. I can feel his hot breath on my face, but I can’t reach his lips.

“Dammit!” I groan.

The kiss is out of my reach. My head hits the mattress with a disappointing thump.

“Giving up already?”

I grin. “No!”

I am pinned to the bed, hands above my head, with Zach hovering over me. I hoist myself up again with exhausted, aching muscles. I crave the taste of his sweat. I stick out my tongue, trying to lick his neck.

He pulls back. “That’s cheating. I can’t allow that.”

He takes his right hand to the underside of my jaw. The heat singes my skin. My eyes roll back into my head. Sharp teeth brush my collar bone, drag up my neck and close over my Adam’s apple. Fireworks burst into view behind my eyelids. The room dims.

My neck is cold again. The ceiling comes into view with shocking clarity. Air rushes in to my chest. “Oh fuck, Zach, what was that?!”

I can hear his smirk in his voice. “You like that, pretty boy?”

“Oh, fuck yeah,” I sigh.

“Suck my cock and I’ll tell you what I did.”

“Yes Topkapı Escort sir.”

He grabs my shoulders and pulls me roughly so that my head is off of the edge of the mattress again. Upside down, I can see the light coming through the open window between his legs. His leather pants are molded to the strong lines of his quads. I watch his strong hands roll the pants down. His thick cock rises up towards the well groomed patch of hair on his stomach. I start to salivate at the smell of sandalwood aftershave he puts on himself after a fresh shave.

I can’t resist the urge to reach back my hands to grasp Zach’s firm ass cheeks. He takes both of my wrists in his left hand and presses them back into my chest. He chuckles. “I didn’t say you could touch me yet, did I?”

“No sir,” I groan softly.

“Stay there, pretty boy.”

I freeze in place, knowing that it’s the only way I’m going to get him any closer. He leans forward so his groin is over my chin. “Balls first,” he instructs.

I get my first taste of him then, running my tongue over his sack. The tang of his sweat is delicious. I gently pull one ball into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it before moving to the other. Topkapı Escort Bayan He inhales sharply. “Oh, Eli, you are such a good cocksucker.”

I let his balls out of my mouth with a soft popping sound. “Thank you” I murmur, kissing his thighs.

He hooks his thumb and pulls my mouth open, guiding in the tip of his cock.

“I compressed the carotid bodies of the arteries in your neck,” Zach explains, sliding in the swollen head of his cock. The girth stretches my lips satisfyingly. “It causes a decrease in blood flow to your brain.”

The next 2 inches are in. My whole mouth is full of his gorgeous, thick shaft. My own cock throbs, aching for him to suck me off. I know it’s not my turn yet, not until I’ve paid for touching Sir without his permission.

“It deprives you of oxygen, just slightly, without cutting off your breathing.”

The backwards arc of my neck accommodates the upward curve of his cock. I barely manage to inhale through my nose. “I find that the moments before the blackout produce the most intense pleasure.”

On the word intense, he thrusts the full length of his cock down my throat. Now I truly cannot breathe. The dizzy feeling returns. I try Escort Topkapı to swallow reflexively. Zach has me pinned between his hand on my chest and his cock, now pushed deep into my body. My consciousness gets up to leave me.

“Of course, you have to know when to let go,” he says as he pulls out.

Cold air shocks my lungs. I can feel my eyes bulge open as I inhale desperately. He gives me a moment to appreciate my freedom before plunging his cock back into me.

“It’s a balancing act.”

This time, instead of fighting off the dizziness, I submit to it. Zach’s hands on my chest and his cock in my mouth anchor me to reality while my mind floats off. I let him throat fuck me deeper than I ever have. With each thrust, I feel the sharp edge of the mattress cutting into the back of my neck. I take tiny breaths through my nose in each brief moment when he withdraws.

“Fuck, Eli, you swallow cock like a champ,” he groans. “I’m gonna come!”

On the last word, he withdraws his cock. Through unfocused eyes, I see him grab his cock and stroke it rapidly. I hold absolutely still, watching in rapture as his come shoots out in shiny ribbons.

Zach bends down to kiss me. My raw lips meet his. I feel myself being lifted up in his arms and laid down with my head on the pillows.

“Your turn”.


Thanks for reading my first Literotica submission! Any constructive criticism is appreciated. If this gets enough positive feedback I will write part 2, Eli’s turn.