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GOLF CAN BE FUNI met my future husband at the hospital where I worked, I was a student nurse, 18 years old and had only been there for a week, his mother had just died, she had been in only a few days, apparently she had suddenly felt ill, gone to the doctors, he had sent her to hospital for tests, they knew something was wrong but until she had an MRI scan they couldn’t be sure.It was a tumour and she just went and passed away, just like that, he and his Dad were obviously devastated, they stayed with her for sometime then left to break the sad news I suppose, this wasn’t what I had entered nursing for, not this.He came back with his Dad two weeks later to thank staff etc, they brought flowers and some small gifts, which broke my heart, to think that they had thought of us at this time in their lives, and his Dad made a very sizable monetary donation to the cancer ward.I was just going off shift, and called into the coffee shop on the way out before I went home, for a warm drink, and in there was John, the son, I realised how good looking he was, I hadn’t noticed before because of events, I had just broken up with my boyfriend so was feeling low myself.I joined the queue, 3 behind him, he happened to turn and glanced at me, he turned away then did a double take, he had recognised me and smiled, he got his bits and pieces, I wondered where his dad was, I got my coffee and I paid for it, as I went to a table he waved at me and I went and joined him, we chatted, talked about his mum, me and him.He was an only son, and he worked for his dad who runs a large electrical engineering company and employs about 90 staff, he had just served and finished his apprenticeship as an electrician, and was now in the office learning that side of it, he was treated like any other employee but all knew his was being groomed for his dad’s job when the time came.John was 21, I was 18, and we seemed to hit it off because when I looked my watch we had been nattering for over 2 hours, I said, oh dear I must go my mum and dad will wonder where I am, he apologised for keeping me and would drive me home, I gratefully accepted, and that was the start of our romance, it led to our wedding nearly 3 years later, on my 21st birthday. I had always wanted to be a nurse, I left school at 16 with the necessary qualifications and went on to higher education until I was 18 with my focus on nursing, and I was quickly accepted at my local District Hospital. But I got disillusioned about it because we were treated more like cleaners and messengers than nurses; patients seemed to me to be more of a side show than the centre of our attention, which was the way it should have been to my way of thinking. I talked it all over with John and we decided I would take a break from it after our wedding and try and recharge my batteries as it were. We had fantastic honeymoon in the Caribbean, returned home and went back to work, I was now Mrs John Chalmers. I gave a months notice sadly, but I just had to get away from there, I just wasn’t happy really.Anne is my name, I’m 5feet 8 inches tall, my body would fall into the voluptuous bracket I suppose, thick dark, almost black wavy hair, long and down past my shoulders, I weigh about 9 & half stone so you can imagine where my voluptuous thought comes from, my boobs are big, my nipples are big, and touchy too, and so is my bum, but not overly big, it’s just nice to get hold of, ask John!My face I have been told, is very reminiscent of Fergie who sings with the pop band The Black Eyed Peas, my lips certainly are, John moans like mad when I blow him, my eyes are big and green, I love them, I have really nice legs, slimish at the waist, ha ha ha ha, I know I am very attractive, and John and I are happy with me too! I love all the things young women do, short skirts, low tops, stockings, suspenders, heels etc, but more to the point, so does John and I like to keep him happy at home!And he is happy I can assure you, I’m a bit aggressive when it comes to sex, and I certainly lead the way in our house, I give him what he wants and needs, and I get what I want too, a husband that will do almost anything I want in or out of bed, and sometimes he has no choice because he can, and often does find himself tied to it while I have my fun with him! Especially when I sit on his face, with my smooth bald shaven pussy, I love having it like that, and so does John. We are both fairly highly sexed but I think I am higher sexed than he is, because Im up for it more often than he is, which annoys me sometimes, but hey ho, we can’t have everything in life can we?I often call into his head office which is in the centre of town if I’m out shopping, and sometimes I go to lunch with him, or if he is busy or out of town his dad takes me, I love his dad to bits, he the most charming man I have ever met, it’s easy to understand why he is as successful as he is.His name is Alec, he’s in his mid forties, good looking, but it’s actually like looking at an older version of John himself, John is inch or two taller, but Alec is broader, he also trained as an electrician and started his business as soon as he came out of his time, worked extremely hard, and was obviously very successful, and he will tell you himself, that he had plenty of luck in landing some very good and lucrative contracts.I found also that I could talk to him, in all sorts of ways, he was a good ear, and a shoulder if I felt that way out, us women hey? He asked me if I ever got bored just being a housewife, I told him I did sometimes, but generally I was okay with the way things were.How about golf he said, have you ever thought of playing it? Yes I have I said to him, I would love to have a go, but I don’t have any bats! He laughed like a drain when I said that, they are called clubs he said, and laughed some more.John doesn’t play Alec told me, I know it’s something that has never caught his imagination, he’s had a go, but he’s not bothered about it, but I love it, I play regularly, and I have a handicap of 8 he said proudly. I had no idea what he meant.What are you doing this afternoon he asked me? Nothing at all important I said, and asked why? Come on he said, lets go, where to I wanted to know, to my golf club he told me, we are going to buy you a set of clubs, or bats if that what you want to call them, he laughed again at that.He called his secretary and told her he wouldn’t be back that afternoon.We arrived at his golf club, where he was a member and also a past captain, giresun escort wow I said, not knowing what that meant either, he took me in to meet the golf club professional and introduced me, Tony he said to him I want you to fit her up with a complete set of clubs, bag, trolley, golf balls, all weather suit, gloves, mitts, everything okay, and book her in for 10 lessons please, okay?The golf pro was positively beaming, this was a great sale for him, what I didn’t know was, what Alec was buying me would cost nearly £1800, he disappeared for a while, I was being suited and booted as it were, he came back and off we went onto the practice ground, where I got my first lesson. I don’t think I hit a ball in the first 10 attempts, but I did hit one eventually, the pro said, stand like this, hold yourself that way, put your arms down like this, hold the club like that, he worked on my swing, hold it this way he said, hold it that way, bring it back like this, swing through like that, it went on for an hour, when we came off I was exhausted but very happy, I had really loved it.I was hooked, I went everyday for the next 10 days for my lessons before the pro would allow me on the course for my first lesson game, it was the most thrilling time of my life, me him and Alec went round the course, I don’t know how many shots I had but it must have been about 170 or more, but never mind, the fact was I was at home here!John was also so happy for me because I had found something I felt I could do and eventually be quite good at too, it would occupy me in part of the day, and I would be there at home for him at night for dinner etc.He was progressing within the firm now, his aptitude for it was there for all to see, every one in the office realised that they had another Alec on their hands, demanding but very fair, and he would be as good as Alec was, to work for in the future.He was site managing contracts also, which meant him travelling around the country, and having to stay some nights away, sometimes 1, 2 or even 3, which was what his dad had done while building the business.My life was as good as it could be, and I loved the way things had turned out for us, His dad he would often call round for dinner, where we would talk of nothing but golf, but not while John was there because it got on his nerves a bitWhen John was working away, I would meet Alec after he had left the office and we would go to the club, of which I was now a lady member, and play, or sometimes just onto the practice ground. It was there that I began to notice, that as I got ready to practice hitting my shots, he would be in front of me making sure I was doing it correctly, he was also staring down my front at my heaving tits, I don’t know why but it gave me a thrill, I enjoyed his attention, and I made sure he got a good look, I even surreptitiously opened an extra button.The next time we went I made sure my skirt was short, and my top was loose, I was enjoying teasing him, I had him in front of me making sure I was doing it properly, can you stand behind me Alec I said, he did, am I okay there I asked, oh yes you are he said, I could feel his eyes burning into my lovely rounded arse!He came up behind me, reached around me to help me hold the club correctly, and it was then that I felt his erection, what a thrill ran through me, I was stunned in to stillness, right here we go he said, and lifted the club back, held in both our hands, and his prick rubbed all the way around my arse, I nearly came there and then, wow!He came back in front of me, my face was burning, beet red, I could feel it, not only in embarrassment that I had gone along with it, but I was aroused too! I could see in his eyes that he was thinking that maybe he shouldn’t have done that. I was preparing for another shot, and looked at him, to question, was my stance and grip alright, he was staring glassy eyed down my well open top.Alec I said, can I make deal with you? What he asked. If you can get me to hit a ball past the 125 metre marker you can have my tits tonight okay? Stunned! He really really was, wow, he said and went to work like someone possessed, 20 minutes later the ball was 5 metres past. He grabbed the clubs, piled them into the car and we were on our way home within 10 minutes, I had made a promise that I shouldn’t have made I thought, but what was I to do now, we were flying home, I couldn’t say no now could I?We got home and went in; there was a message on the machine from John saying he was going to dinner with a client, and that he would call me tomorrow.I looked at Alec, he looked at me, well I said after a long moment, I’ll go upstairs now, you come up in 10 minutes ok? I went up on wobbly legs, despite my misgivings, I was turned on, and I couldn’t help it.I went into my bedroom, got undressed and put on a light almost transparent night dress that was short at the hem, and a pair of backless high heels, I looked at myself in the mirror, Mmmm girl you are looking good there, if he’s going to get a handful, he might as well enjoy the sight too, I said to myself.I heard Alec on the stairs, he knocked on my door, come in Alec, I told him, he entered and stopped dead in his tracks, his mouth was hanging open, my goodness Anne you look absolutely fabulous, I had no idea that you were as beautiful as this, he said.Come here I told him softly, I knew this wasn’t going to be him getting to grips with my tits now, it was going to go all the way, I wanted it, I wanted him, and it was obvious that he wanted me, by the size of the bulge evident in his trousers.I had only been back off my honeymoon 8 weeks, and here I am about to be unfaithful to my husband with his dad!But I wasn’t going to stop now, it was too late, he approached me slowly, put his hands out and took hold of my sensitive nipples, I nearly blew up at his touch, it felt so erotic, so exotic, to have my father in law tweaking them, he closed the gap tight between us, put his arms around me and we shared our first kiss.He leaned into it, and I pushed my lips to his mouth, his tongue parted them and softly entered my mouth, I was about to cum, I knew it, I was on fire! He guided me backwards to my bed, the bed I shared with his son, my husband, I was undoing his shirt, I opened it, and sank my mouth over his nipple, he moaned out, Oh God, Anne!He lowered me onto the bed as I was undoing his belt, I unhooked the button and pulled the zip down, he can take them off I thought myself, I want his prick in escort giresun my hands, and that what I did, he gasped ever so loudly when I closed my hands around it and squeezed.We both got him out if his clothes, my top came off, my tiny thong was just ripped straight off me, which excited me even more, I had never had that done to me before.My shaven pussy was heating to boiling point, we were kissing passionately now, tongues were at war, his fingers were ripping at my rock hard nipples, fingers were in my pussy, he stopped, looked at me then my pussy, shaved he murmured, you like I asked seductively?I love it darling he said. Darling he called me, I was going over the edge and I hadn’t even had his prick in me yet, Oh Alec make love to me, fuck me please right now, do it, or I will batter you! I wailed.He laughed at that, but did as instructed, he got over me, I parted my legs to get my knees under his shoulders and feet over his back, he drove his luscious hard cock straight into my love pot! We both came in seconds, his spunk shot right up and into my womb, it was so hot, I felt it burning me, he apologised for being so quick, I told him I didn’t care because I had cum too.He kissed me so lovingly, my heart broke, it was a kiss of love, need, passion and desire for me, it told me that itself. I kissed him back with the same intensity as his.He rolled off me and his prick fell out leaving my wet slit lonely, and pulled me into his arms, where we held each other tightly, we kissed some more, touched, and fiddled with each other, I was up for another go, but didn’t want to rush him, I had no idea if he had been active since his wife had died. I had hold of his beautiful cock, I wasn’t going let it go to anywhere but in me, if I didn’t get another fuck soon, he was going to get a thunderous blow job that would lift his scalp! I continued playing with his cock and balls, he played with my nipples, tweaking and twiddling them, and alternated that with my pussy.I don’t know how long we teased and loved each other but I suddenly realised his cock was coming back to life, Oh wonderful I thought, another fuck is what I’m going to get.So I pushed him onto his back, my turn I whispered to him, lay back and enjoy me, I kissed him.I raised myself over him and straddled his body, I had his prick in my hands, I wasn’t going to chance it going down, so I was wanking him as I went along, he was at full erection now, and I lifted up one shapely leg and impaled myself on him, we both gasped together.Placing my hands on his upper chest, I began to ride myself on him, he held my thighs, in between driving me further up the wall by grabbing and twisting my nipples almost painfully, we spent quite a time like this before the pot started to boil nicely I was leaning down and kissing him, then leaning backwards and feeling his balls with my finger tips and nails, he loved that, especially when I got my nails under his tight sac and scratched at that bit between arse and ball sac!I fucked him to ejaculation, he spurted his hot cum up into me, and I came on him, then I collapsed down on his body. What a glorious two fucks we had had, I was sated completely, and I knew he was, I stretched my legs downwards, and lay full length on him, I kissed him with all the love I could muster, it was heaven.Later as we lay together, we talked about what had happened between us, he offered never to approach me again, saying it was his entire fault but he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off me or my boobs, and that he would now dress and leave.Leave? I said to him, you try getting out of this bed tonight Alec Chalmers, and you will be eating hospital food for the next 6 weeks I threatened him, he nearly choked laughing, I guess you want me to stay then? I snuggled tight into him; John isn’t home for another 2 nights I said, you are staying here and spending your time fucking with your beautiful sexy daughter in law, aren’t you Daddy!I’m calling in tomorrow and taking 2 days leave, I have holidays owing and they can do without me for a while, he told me.Tell me that again he said. What I asked Daddy! Daddy I repeated, you are my Daddy and now you are my lover Daddy. Daddy I said, John has never fucked me in my bum; he won’t do it, will you? I pleaded. You bet I will my baby girl; Daddy will do whatever you ask okay?But it will have to be tomorrow he whispered, I couldn’t go again just yet, that’s fine I told him, we have plenty of time for everything as I swooped on his cock with my mouth. Whoa! He shouted and held my head in his hands, Anne, my baby, daddy loves you and this, don’t stop no matter what. I won’t I mumbled, my mouth full off his fabulous cock meat.We headed for the shower, where we played and fingered, sucked and licked, kissed and cuddled. We slept later; I woke in the middle of the night for a gentle suck on that cock of cocks, and went back to sleep in his arms.The morning broke over us in the form of bright sunshine streaming through my bedroom windows.I kissed Daddy awake, he smiled at me, good morning my very own super sexy baby girl, he said to me. I love you Daddy, I said. I know, and I love you too, but we need to talk darling he said, there it was again, darling, I am his darling!We must never let John know about this he said. He won’t find out from me Daddy, I told him. Nor me baby either, were his words. Good I said, now get turned over on your stomach! What for he said as he turned over, Im gonna give you a going over I told him, and climbed onto his back, laying right on top of him, my legs between his, I pushed my hands under him and grabbed his cock in one hand and his balls in the other, you realise now don’t you I said that if I decide to lay here like this, you have no way of escaping me, do you know that?I didn’t, but I do now my mistress, he said, I was immediately turned on, my mistress he had said!I went at his cock and balls like I was insane, I stroked squeezed, tickled, bit his neck at the back, he was becoming as stiff as a rod of iron, I pulled my hands out and knelt between his thighs, he started to turn over, I put my hand in the middle of his back and said Huh Huh, you stay right there mister okay!Yes mistress he said again, I don’t know if he knew what this was doing to me, but I did, I was beside myself with arousal and desire for him. I straddled his left thigh now, and inserted the middle finger of my right hand up and into his arse, he groaned, pain I thought, but I didn’t stop, I was giresun escort bayan where I wanted my finger to be, John wouldn’t let me do this, there was no way I was going to accept a no from my Daddy!He was involuntarily wiggling his bum around; I pushed my left hand back under him, and got his cock, rock hard!I toyed with him and his cock, I was in blissful delirious heaven, I was getting what I really wanted from my husbands Dad, I drew my finger out of his bum, threw myself onto my back, fuck me I ordered him, and fuck me now, or else I growled at him, I was above arousal now, I was a woman who wanted a fuck, and a fuck I was going to get!And we had the most glorious fuck there was to be had, this side of the universe, making love with John wasn’t like this I said to myself somewhat sadly, but at least I knew this wasn’t going to be the end of it, Alec wanted me as badly, if not more than I.And he was going to get me as often as possible and as much as possible. We finally got out of bed and went to breakfast, he had called his office, and told them he wouldn’t be in for the next 2 days, and if anything important occurred they couldn’t handle, then to call him, but that was all In the early afternoon I said, Daddy you told me last night, with a pout on my lips, that you would fuck my bum today, and as sulkily as I could too. He looked at me with a lovely smile on his handsome face; you want Daddy to have your virginity baby, you going to give it to me?Yes Daddy so badly, please fuck my bum hole now daddy please? Come here baby, he told me, I went to him, he was sat down, he pulled me close, now my mistress, what shall I do about you? There it was again, mistress, it turned me on like a tap.Suddenly I was over his lap, my hands and arms quickly pulled behind my back, I was immobilised, he started to spank me, and hard, very hard, Daddy I yelped, please you’re hurting me, I squealed.Am I? he asked, well I never, who would have thought that hey, he continued my thrashing, I was crying uncontrollably, sobbing my heart out, begging him to stop.He stopped it, but then my pussy was roughly fingered, I didn’t know it, but I was sopping wet, so turned on I came all over his hand, my pain was now total pleasure, then it was my arse’s turn to be fingered roughly, he drove his middle finger in and out, which was easy, because my juices were all over my nether regions, someone’s finger was up my arse at last! I came again; I had never ever cum twice in succession like that.He slowed and then stopped, feeling okay baby? He asked. Yes Daddy, I feel wonderful, my voice catching in my throat. Good, now get yourself upstairs, on the bed, on your knees and wide apart, arse up, head down, and wait for me, I’ll be up soon to fuck your virgin bum, and if you aren’t in place you’ll get another spanking, understand? Yes Daddy, I shot upstairs faster than Hussein Bolt!It must have been 30 minutes before I heard him, he was in the bedroom with me, I couldn’t help but whimper, oh Daddy!He didn’t speak to me, I just felt something cold around and in my bum hole, it was his finger, gentle, caressing, it was oil, baby oil, working me up, good baby he whispered to me, as I shivered at his touch, I was thrilled and so turned on, then he was kissing my burning bum cheeks, he was making me wait, but I daren’t tell him to hurry, because I feared another thrashing! He got behind me, and I felt his cock nudging at my hole, any second now I thought, but that second turned into a minute, please Daddy, I was moaning and moaning, please please Daddy do me, fuck me, fuck your baby girl please Daddy, I was begging now.With a mighty shove he was in me, and buried up to the hilt, the pain was tremendous, but he held me in place, steady baby he said.Yes Daddy, I groaned as he rogered my arse thoroughly, it was hurting, but that was turning to absolute pleasure now, at long last my arse was getting the fucking I had wanted for more years than I can remember. John was going to do this to me whether he likes it or not, I promised myself!Daddy reached around me and got my clit; I exploded all over him, me and the bed. He shot his spunk deep into me; my bum felt like it would burst like a balloon, I was full, solid! I had to lay down, I couldn’t stay up on my knees any longer, please Daddy I’ve got to lay down, I am fucked literally I said.He slowly pulled his softening cock out; I swear I heard a plop! I gently lay down, I was shattered, I had learned an awful lot this last day and night, and still thought there was more to come, not only from him, but from me too!There was too, we had a dinner that we prepared together, watched a little television, with me in his lap, we were constantly kissing and cuddling, and we went to bed about 8:00 pm.I was laying on my back, legs wide apart, he was laid face down between them, arms under and around my thighs holding me still, licking, sucking and chewing on my bald pussy, I had already cum once and was on my way to another, when the phone rang, I looked at the phone it was John.I looked down at Alec, and mouthed to him, John, and to stop, he lifted his mouth of me and I picked up the phone, as I said hello honey, Alec dropped his mouth and tongue right back into my pussy, my head threw itself backwards, I came immediately, I just blew my pussy up into his face and mouth, I squirted my juices all over for the first time in my life. John asked me what I was doing, Oh honey, I gasped I have my vibrator in and I was just on the way when you called, I’m so sorry I said, I was scowling at his grinning dad Alec now.I flopped back onto the bed as I chatted to John, he asked how my golf was going, just great I said, you’re dad is a terrific teacher, I said breathlessly, I had to giggle as I said that, if you only knew John I thought, if you only knew!My pussy was under attack again, he was licking up and down all the way, he lifted my legs over my head, and he was treating my arse and pussy like a lollipop, but when he buried his tongue in my little hole, I came again.John, very kindly said, he would leave me alone as I was obviously busy, but he would see to me when he got home. Yes honey I told him, and hurry okay?You got it sweet cheeks, I love you he said. I love you too I answered, and it was truthful I suddenly realised; I did still love my husband, as well as the fact that I was in love with his dad now too.My life is a full one now, I am happy, so happy, no one could feel better than me, I go to Alec’s house sometimes, he comes to mine when John is away, And we still have fun on the golf course too; when it’s quiet we have fucked in the little rest rooms that are s**ttered about.By the way, I am expecting twins in 3 months, who’s the father? You tell me.