Going to Grandma’s House Ch. 02


I still can’t believe my family has been having sex with each other for years. I have not been able to go back to my grandma’s house for a while due to school. But I decided that I wanted to have her again.

I called my grandma on Wednesday to see what she was going to be doing on Friday afternoon; she told me nothing that she was aware of and then invited me over. I accepted without any hesitation.

I finished out my classes for the week and was ready for some fun with my grandma, Friday afternoon finally got here, and I was antsy as hell with anticipation to get over to grandma’s house.

I got cleaned up and headed to see my grandma she was outside laying by the pool in her two-piece bikini looking sexy as hell. I stood in the door checking her out before I said hello to let her know that I was there, she all of a sudden called out “Hi Josh, come out here and give your grandma a kiss.”

I was chuckling shaking my head as I walked over to her. I stood over her and just stared at her perfect body as she grabbed my hand to pull me down towards her. I sat on the edge of her lounge chair and kissed her deeply and passionately.

When I pulled back I heard a noise coming from the house; I gave my grandma a questioning look then my mom walked out onto the patio. My jaw dropped open seeing her in the skimpiest two-piece bikini I’ve ever seen. Hell, it barely covered or held up her C cup breast.

I could hear both grandma and my mom giggling, looking at both of these beautiful ladies I got an erection causing my shorts to get tight I had to adjust myself to get comfortable on the chair.

My mom had a big smile on her face and laughed as she said Hi to me. “Josh honey close your mouth you will catch flies.” I closed my mouth and knew I was drooling.

Grandma put her hand on my leg rubbing it; I looked down at her as her hand started going further up to my crotch. I raised an eyebrow at her. She had an innocent smile on her face as she started rubbing my cock through my shorts. “My goodness, Josh you seem very happy to see us today.” She jokingly asked me.

I gave her a cocky smile before I replied: “I believe you can tell by my cock that I am very excited to see you, ladies.” We all started laughing together.

Grandma patted my leg before she started talking “Josh why don’t you either get changed into your swimsuit or nothing and join us.” I smiled at her as I stood up and stripped off my clothes.

I stood there naked in front of both of the ladies with an erection smiling. My mom was the one that surprised me by saying “Your right mom he is built just like his father and grandfather.”

Grandma replied to her “Yes, it is and feels just as good as theirs also. The one benefit is he is young, so he stays hard longer and gets an erection faster.” I just stood there moving my head back and forth between the two of them. I could not believe that my mom and grandma were comparing me to my dad and grandpa.

They both just laughed at my reactions. I went to another lounge chair and sat down between the ladies. My mom was on my left and grandma was on my right. I kept turning my head looking at them both.

My mom was the first to untie the strings of her bikini top and pull it off. I stared at her round more than a handful breast he areolas were brown about the size of a quarter. Her nipples were xslot giriş pebble hard, making her breasts very suckable.

I turned my head to look at my grandma, and she had taken her bikini top off also. For being in her late fifties, she still had beautiful breasts. Hers sagged slightly and were a D cup that moved towards her sides when she laid down. Her areolas were more of a pink and the size of a fifty-cent piece with hard nipples.

My erection has subsided a little bit but now looking at both of ladies’ beautiful breasts I was fully erect again. God, I was getting blue balls I needed to get some relief soon.

I was laying in my chair with my eyes closed and I started hearing movement around me I looked over at my mom and then my grandma they had both taken off their bikini bottoms. OMG, their beautiful pussies! My mom’s pussy is entirely bald, and grandma has a landing strip. I was drooling looking at both of them.

My mom shaded her eyes with her hand to look over at me with a smile and asked me “Like what you see?” I just nodded my head in response.

My mom flipped over in her chair and asked “Josh honey can you put some sunscreen on my back I don’t want to burn.” I got out of my chair walked over to her.

I grabbed the bottle of sunscreen that was on the ground next to her; I sat on the edge of her lounge chair. I squirted some of the sunscreen onto her back; she shivered from the coldness of the cream touching her warm skin. I put the bottle down and rubbed the sunscreen onto her skin.

I got down to her lower back and paused, my mom, turned her head to look at me with a raised eyebrow. I continued down to rub the cream on her ass cheeks. Both my mom and grandma took care of themselves by going to the gym and doing yoga and doing this, they both have nice tight round asses.

I put more sunscreen in my hand and continued down her legs. Once I covered her entirely in sunscreen, I moved my hands back up here legs lightly until I got to the crotch.

My mom turned onto her back and spread her legs slightly, so I got a better view of her snatch. I could smell her, and it was delicious. I lightly ran my fingers over her slit; she moaned, so I moved my fingers inside her lips and felt that she was wet and ready.

I slid my finger down to her hole and inserted my finger. I was tickling her g-spot while she started moving her hips in rhythm with my hand. I used my thumb to rub her clit in circles my mom grabbed my hand pushing it deeper into her quim as she had an orgasm.

She laid back against the lounge chair with a big sigh. My cock was steely hard I stood up and started stroking my cock with my hand.

I looked down at my mom, and she started rubbing her pussy with one hand while the other hand was pinching and pulling on the nipple of her left breast watching me stroke myself. I couldn’t take looking at her any longer I walked over to her left side with my hard cock bouncing in front of me.

My mom wrapped her hand around my cock then licked the precum from the tip. I shivered from the sensation her tongue caused me. Next thing I knew she took my cock all the way down with very little gagging.

I placed my hand on the back of my mom’s head moaning as she kept deep throating my cock. I had my eyes closed while I was getting sucked off by xslot my mom. I opened my eyes to see that my grandma had got between my mom’s legs licking her pussy.

Watching my grandma eating out my mom was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I couldn’t hold back any longer without warning I shot my load down my mom’s throat, and she swallowed all of it. She kept sucking my sensitive cock until I pulled away from her.

I stepped back to watch grandma eating out my mom; mom was on the verge of having an orgasm. She arched her back lifting her hips while pushing grandma’s face harder into her pussy. My mom screams with her orgasm, and I watched grandma lap up all of her juices.

My grandma came up over my mom and kissed her hard sharing my mom’s flavor with her. I was standing there in awe watching them, and my cock got hard again. I laid on one of the lounge chairs and called my grandma over to me.

“Come here and ride my cock grandma!” I instructed her. She got on her knees straddling my hips. I reached down to finger her quim to make sure she was ready for me. I discovered that she was sopping wet.

I put my hands on my grandma’s hips guiding her down onto my cock. She slid down to the base and sat there for a minute before she started grinding against me. She leans forward to begin kissing me, and I can taste my mom on her tongue. I grabbed her ass cheeks and began thrusting harder into her snatch.

My grandma was moaning while kissing me, she moved to tuck her head into my shoulder and as I was pumping into her. She had an orgasm while biting on my shoulder to stop herself from screaming.

I kept pumping into her, and I knew that I was a long way off from coming again and I wanted to be inside my mom. I didn’t even have to say anything to my grandma she knew what I wanted and got up from my cock.

I looked over at my mom who was fingering herself while watching grandma and me fucking. When grandma was off of me, I held my hand out to my mom. She got up and climbed onto my lap grabbing my cock guiding it into her wet pussy.

She sat there getting used to me then started moving. She was bouncing up and down hard and fast on my cock. I could not believe how hard she was fucking me. I wanted it to slow down so I could savor her.

I swatted my mom’s ass to her attention when she opened her eyes to look at me “Mom I want to take this at a slower pace lets which positions.” I informed her. She pulled off of me, and we both got off the lounge chair. “Lay down,” I told her.

Mom laid on her back spreading her legs wide. I crawled between them and guided my cock back into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around mine and moved to meet every one of my thrusts.

I went at a slow, steady pace feeling her pussy muscles gripping my cock. God for being a mother of two and in her early forties she has a tight pussy. We continued fucking for another twenty minutes or so when I started feeling my build up knowing I was going to cum.

I shifted up in my knees lifting my mom’s legs up high onto my shoulders as I started thrusting harder, slamming into her pussy. She put her hands on my nipples and started pinching them. It was sending a shooting sensation straight to my cock.

I reached down and started rubbing my mom’s clit, as I was starting to cum she squirted all over my hand. My god that was so fucking hot I slammed one time into her pussy as I released my load.

I laid on top of my mom holding her and kissing her until my cock softened and fell out of her. It dawned on me that I came inside my mom. I jerked up, and my mom asked me what is wrong.

“OMG! Mom, I just came in you. You could get pregnant” I stated to her in urgency.

She started laughing and informed me “No honey I had my tubes tied after having your sister. So, I cannot get pregnant.” I let out a sigh of relief and got off of her, and I needed to cool off, so I jumped into the pool.

When I surfaced, I swam to the wall and looked at both my mom and grandma seeing the look of content on their faces. I smiled to myself feeling good knowing that I put that look on their faces.

While I was in the pool, I noticed movement in the house, Shit someone seen us! I climbed out of the pool grabbed a towel that was laying there wrapped it around my waist and went into the house.

I could not believe it my sister was standing there staring at me in shock. I just stood there looking at her waiting to see if she would say anything. She didn’t so I did “Cassie how long have you been here?” I asked her.

She cocked her head to the side and replied: “Long enough.”

“What did you see?” I asked her.

She opened her mouth to reply then closed it and then said rather loudly “I saw you fucking mom!”

I put my hand on the back of my neck to rub it while looking at her. “Cassie, how can I say this? I don’t know if you know this or not, but our family, mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa have been having sex together for years. I just learned about this recently myself and had joined in on the family secret.”

Cassie just stared at me in shock then ran off without saying anything. I heard her car start and drive off. I let out a big sigh turned around and went back outside.

Grandma and mom were still on the lounge chairs. I sat on the edge of grandma’s chair and told them what just happened. My mom was the first to speak up “I was hoping to give her a few more years before introducing her to the secret.”

I just looked at her shaking my head before I responded: “Mom she is freaked out!”

Grandma patted my leg “No worries Josh we’ll talk to her when she calms down and explain the situation to her as I did to you.” I just nodded my head at her.

I had to get going because I had plans with friends to go out. I informed grandma and my mom “I am going to go shower and get going I have plans later.” They both nodded their heads at me. I went in the house got showered and dressed.

I stepped out on the patio to see my mom and grandma sunbathing in the nude still. I laughed as I went to each lady and kissed them goodbye.

My grandma held my face “Don’t be a stranger and stay away so long.” I nodded my head with a big smile and kissed her cheek.

As I was getting up my mom grabbed my hand I looked down at her “Josh like we said no worries about Cassie. We’ll talk to her okay.”

I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek also and replied: “I’m not worried I just don’t want her to be upset with all of us.” Both ladies nodded their heads as I said goodbye and left.

I got back to my apartment to find my sister sitting on my couch waiting for me. She startled me because I was not excepting her. “Cassie, what are you doing here?” I asked her.

She looked at me as she got off the couch and walked over to me. “I’m here because I want in on the family secret with you!”

To be continued…