Going Home: Excerpt of Chapter 1


Chapter One: An Excerpt

The fields on either side of the winding rural highway are alternately planted with corn, then soybean; the year before each field was planted with the other. It’s only May but the soft winter has allowed farmers a head start. Small placards atop of thin posts identify the fields: Garst, Pioneer, Triton. Occasionally a house rises in the distance, lording over the greenness stretching almost to the shoulder of the road, sometimes not. Ownership, then, falls to the placards and the Never-men who plant them.

Late afternoon rain brings a premature curtain to the long day. I’ve been driving since 4 a.m. and can’t recall even an hour of sunlight all that time. The windshield is fogged with the graying stain of too many cigarettes; the back seat is littered with CDs and fast food wrappers.

Jenny is closing the door to the gym when I pull the F-250 into the tiny side lot of the high school. Her clipboard serves as a makeshift umbrella, covers her head and face. I don’t see her look up but she walks directly to my parked truck. I roll down the window.

“You look tired,” she said, but I could have said the same of her.

“Indoor practice today?”

“And yesterday, and the day before. We’re not ready for tomorrow, Collin. I’ll tell you that.”

Jenny Haines, nee Knowles, is as beautiful today as the day she married her fuck of a husband. She knows he’s a fuck, I don’t have to remind her of that, but Jenny has spent the last twelve years of her life turning losers into winners. Four years in high school, four years in college, and now in her fourth year teaching in the same school she took to the state track tournament in her junior and senior years. Jenny’s turns losers into winners, but always on an athletic field.

We meet at the Edge-O-Towner. Jenny is not concerned about the townspeople or their gossip; the townspeople know her husband’s a fuck. She whispers that Larry won’t be back until at least midnight, if then. We embrace and hold each other.

I sit in the corner of fixbet the bed and Jenny kneels between my legs. She holds my cock in her hand and kisses the head, furtively at first, then gently. Slowly she opens her mouth and slides the length of my unit between her lips, bobbing her slowly. I want to push deeper, but try to stay patient, waiting for her to take control. “I’ve thought about this for a long time,” I manage, but I’m not sure she heard me. I push in, then take some back. My moist rod is getting thicker and the veins begin to strain a little. I want to pull out and tell her so.

“I’m gonna cum if you keep that up. You’ve got to slow down a little.”

“I want you to cum Right now. All over me. All over my tits and face,” she said.

I watch her take one hand from my cock and slip it between her legs. Her hips gyrate and she pumps my joint with her fist and lips. The sound of wet slapping gets louder and faster. I pump her mouth and shudder. She pulls away and I jettison onto her chin again and again, watching what she can’t lick drip onto her tiny 32As.

In the shower we soap up. My penis is harder, but not all the way ready for round two. I turn Jenny around and soap her back, playfully reaching around her and “accidentally” brushing each nipple in turn. I grind my pelvis against the small of her back and massage her shoulders. She moves to the press of my hands. I start again just beneath her ponytail and rub down her spine. At the top of her buttocks I stop and reach around to just above her soft strawberry-blonde pubic hair. One hand kneads her left nipple; with the other I press my middle finger into her drenched slit.

My hard-on is climbing Jenny’s back. I can feel balls tightening up again. I cannot believe I’m going to cum again, and try to concentrate on Jenny.

My middle finger, then middle two fingers, slide in and out; her left nipple is harder than my cock and I pinch it, wanting to get some sign that I’m hurting her. I get no indication and fuck her with my fingers faster fixbet giriş and pinch a little harder.

“That’s it, Collin, go faster.” Jenny is out of breath. Slowly she says “I’m…going…to…bounce on that fucking…cock of yours…all…fucking…night.

Jenny’s right hand joins mine at her twat and at least four fingers are pounding into her. She is standing more upright now, our fingers rubbing her clit on the way into her cunt.

“Oh my God, Collin, I’m coming AGAIN,” Jenny said. She turns around and faces me. Her hands grab my cock and start pumping. I shoot into the air and dribble all over her pumping fist. She is shaking a little, crying a little, too. My legs are weak and we lean together. Kiss. I can taste a little of my own cum.


Jenny is swirling her tongue on the underside of my sac. I can feel my balls moving from one side to the other. My cock is hard again and is resting on my stomach. I cannot see Jenny’s tiny titties, but imagine them flattened against the bedspread. Her hair is wet, so is the bedspread; my balls are dry from her soft blows and teasing. She takes one testicle, then the other, and sucks gently. Her tongue slides into my asshole at times.

“I want to fuck you, Jenny. Right now.” I try to make it sound like a command, but it sounds desperate.

“I want to fuck you, too, but I’m just not ready.” She is giggling, I think. Jenny spins around and her pussy is at my face. “This’ll get me ready.”

I taste soap and orgasm. I lap from her navel to her anus, then focus on her slit and clit. Jenny bucks her hips up a little and I clamp down on her tiny erection with my lips. I suck it greedily and bite gingerly. Jenny shoves it closer to me and her orgasm rushes onto me, filling my mouth with delicious wetness and warmth.

“Bite my clit, chew it Collin. I‘M COMING AGAIN. Lick my pussy. Keep licking it. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never….AHHH. Lick my cunt.”

Jenny’s mouth found the head of my cock. She is kissing the shaft slowly, shouting orders at me. I want to cum again, but I know better things await. I turn my attention to the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen.

Jenny hovers over me, still in sixty-nine, but kneeling, straddling my head with her knees. She is looking at my cock. It is harder than it has been all night. I look at her small breasts hanging over my stomach. The small areolas circle bullet nipples. Tiny tits have always been a turn on for me, and this is the first real look at them since I got back to town. I shift a little beneath her, and the titties move, too.

Jenny’s cunt hair is matted and smears on my chest when she turns and slides to my cock. She is righted in a second and I slip into her with no hands. Her muff is hot and grabs my rod like her fists did earlier. Jenny moves up and down, up and down, slowly then faster. I raise my hips and watch my cock push into her bush, then out again. Her young breasts are steady as she bounces; she rubs them with her palm, then clips each nipple with thumbs and first fingers. Her head is tilted back a bit, but she is looking into my eyes.

For the first time I notice the rest of the room is dark. Only the light by the bed keeps us from total darkness; it serves as a sort of tent against the blackness and casts Jenny’s shadow out as a sort of beacon.

“That’s good,” I try to say, but it is more of a moan, and deep, guttural.

“Keep that up, Collin. We’re going to change speeds here in a second.” Jenny is taking control. I have never felt my cock this hard, or wanted to be so deep inside a pussy.

“How are you going to cum, Collin? Maybe you want to cum inside of me. Shoot that sweat jizz into my pussy. I’ll pull that cock out and suck all the cum off your shaft and present you with a nice clean dick.”

“Maybe I’ll cum on you from behind. Poke a little at that tight asshole, then spill onto your ass.”

“Whatever makes you happy, lover. You’re making me happy. Just keep that big dick pumping away until I cum again. I’m going for a personal record.”

Then things happen in this order: the phone rings, I explode into Jenny’s twat, she licks jism from my shaft and pubic hair, presents me with a clean, limp prick, and answers the phone.