Goa Interlude


Priyanka and John met on a pen pal site for disabled people. They had both had polio as children. He had messaged her asking if she would like to compare experiences about the disease and growing up with it. Priyanka had agreed and John had messaged a short note about his life. After several days of exchanging messages, they began to chat on the internet. They chatted once a day and soon ran out of stories about the disease and began to compare their lives. It turned out they were both less than happily married. After visiting every day for a month, they came to the realization that they were in love.

They had flirted and suggested different sexual techniques they would use if they ever met and made love. Due to several factors, such as Priyanka living in India and John in America, they often talked about meeting, but neither was willing to leave their spouses. This was partly from a resistance to change and a fear of culture shock.

One day when they were visiting, Priyanka mentioned that her husband had to go to America on an engineering job and would be away for three months. John jokingly asked if he could visit. Priyanka had teased about meeting on neutral ground and having a fling. They had agreed it was a good idea, but the logistics and John’s wife’s presence made it mainly a joke.

Then one day John broke the news that his wife was going to help her sister, who needed surgery and would be gone for about two months. He asked when he should come to visit. Priyanka had teased that whenever he could she’d have a place for him.

John spent the rest of the day calling travel agents.The next morning when Priyanka signed on he told her he would be coming to India This made her really panic, since she had never seriously thought that they would actually meet. The next couple of days were spent discussing where to meet, she was convinced that he wouldn’t come.

Finally Priyanka told him she would meet him at Baga Beach in Goa. Her thought was that he wouldn’t be able to get the arrangements made and would back out.

To her surprise he agreed and told her he would make the reservations. The next day, he told her that a bungalow was reserved and she should check in as Mrs. John Hollis.

He had booked her on a flight to Goa that would be leaving Thursday morning. He would be there later in the afternoon, while she would fly straight on to Goa.

Priyanka enjoyed the flight after the bustle of the airport. She had brought her wheelchair and was assisted by a porter to the loading area where she got into the taxi .

After a long drive, the taxi turned into a driveway in front of a large building. As Priyanka entered the office the clerk greeted her, smiling, “Hello, Mrs. Hollis.” This startled her, but the clerk explained that her husband had described her when he made the reservations. After signing in she got into the taxi and after a short drive was driven up to the front of a bungalow. While the driver unloaded her luggage, she got out and walked up to the door.

As the taxi pulled away, she noticed how hot it was, even though she was close to the sea. Priyanka locked the screen door and undressed, removing the one leg brace, which was damp from her sweat. Her first thought was to be in bed, waiting for him. Then doubt crept in wondering whether he would even show up!

She slipped on a house dress and wheeled herself onto the front porch. At one end of it, a clump of tall, leafy shrubs would hide her from view of the road, but let her look up the driveway leading into the resort. Priyanka backed the wheelchair into the corner and watched, waiting. Her heart was racing, would he come? She would certainly look the fool if he didn’t.

As she sat there waiting, she felt like a child waiting for Santa. She wanted to believe he would come, but the nagging thought kept surfacing that maybe this was his idea of a joke! Finally after ninety minutes, she decided that she would give him another fifteen minutes. As she started to wheel herself inside, her spirits crushed, she heard another car matadorbet approaching. Priyanka quickly wheeled herself into the hiding place. The taxi stopped. She watched as the door opened. John Hollis emerged.

He straightened up, putting his arms in the crutches. Priyanka’s first thought was how big he was and how muscular his arms and shoulders were. She watched as the driver took one small bag and a wheelchair out of the trunk and carried them into the bungalow. John stood there looking at the palm trees and the surf, and then turned and followed the driver inside. She heard John thanking the driver and paying his fare. The taxi drove off and she sat there not daring to breathe. For the first time she was afraid and nervous. What had she done!

John came out the door, looking around; he had a look of near panic on his face. When Priyanka coughed softly, he turned, his face breaking into a smile. “Hello Mrs. Hollis!” Priyanka stood up as he approached. He stood there, looking at her.

She broke the silence. “I was so afraid you wouldn’t come.”

“That’s strange, I about died when I thought you weren’t in the house, I thought you’d stood me up.”

They both began to laugh; they hugged, just holding each other. They stood there, enjoying being close after all the months of imagining.

John spoke softly, “Man, you weren’t kidding, it’s hot here.

Priyanka laughed and at his bidding she sat down and he pushed her inside. “Would you mind if I take my braces off?” Priyanka nodded and watched as he removed his jeans and then took the heavy braces off. He rolled on the bed putting the jeans on. After some struggle he got them pulled up and buttoned. Priyanka held his wheelchair, while he got into it. They wheeled themselves to the front porch and sat in the shade.

The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting, John noticed that Priyanka held his hand and would touch him gently, like she couldn’t believe they were together.

As the sun went down, he asked, “Are you hungry?” Priyanka affirmed that she was hungry. After some discussion, it was decided to order food in from the resort kitchen. Priyanka ordered a Goanese dish of pork and vegetables in a spicy sauce.

They ate in silence, nervously glancing at each other, neither believing they were finally together. When they finished eating they sat on the front porch and watched the waves, as the sun set in the ocean.

Finally John asked, “There’s a tub on the back porch, lets get in it and cool off.”

Priyanka followed as he led the way across the smooth stone yard to the raised wall of the tub. John lifted himself unto the edge of the pool and removed his clothes.

Priyanka watched as he undressed. His arms and face were tanned a deep brown, while his body and legs were nearly snow white. She noticed that he had a pot belly, above a ruff of reddish blond hair.Her eyes went to his cock which was soft and rather small.

He lowered himself into the water and bade her to join him.

Priyanka stood up nervously, her mind was racing, it was one thing to dream of being with him, but the reality might prove different. What if he laughed when she undressed? Taking a deep breath, she pulled the house dress over her head. She stood there, a small, Rubenesque woman, her breasts were full with large brown nipples and under a small belly was a neatly shaved mound.

John’s eyes were glued to her body, “You’re beautiful, Priyanka.”

Priyanka stepped into the tub as he held her hand and helped her. She sat beside him and he put his arm around her shoulders. They sat there, enjoying the coolness of the water on their bodies.

After several minutes of silence, she asked if she could sit on his lap. It amazed her that he picked her up and sat her across his legs, he gently kissed her and was surprised by her tongue entering his mouth. They kissed, a long passionate kiss that ended with them both surprised by the intensity of it.

As they watched the full moon rise in the east, casting a bright silvery matadorbet giriş light Priyanka felt his organ getting hard against her thigh They kissed again and his hand gently cupped her breast.

When they parted, Priyanka decided it was time to take matters in hand. “I want you inside me, help me.” She carefully turned and by lifting one of her legs, she was sitting on his legs facing him. John put his hands under her buttocks and lifted her, gently spreading her lower lips with his fingers. She grasped the hard organ and guided it into her, she was not fully aroused. It was painful, but with him holding her weight, Priyanka wriggled her hips and it slowly entered her, until his cock was fully buried in her body. They sat there, their bodies touching, hugging each other. John kissed her neck as they clung to each other, savoring being totally coupled.

Priyanka locked her hands behind his neck, leaning back, “Suck my tits.” John eagerly began to kiss and lick her breasts, pausing to kiss her deeply. Priyanka could feel her passion rising. Her nipples got hard as his hands stroked her stomach and thighs. They kissed again, their tongues twisting together.

When they parted, they spoke as one, “Let’s go to bed, I want you now.” They both laughed, Priyanka said, “It sounds like we rehearsed that!”

They were laughing as he got out of the hot tub and into the wheelchair. Motioning for her to get out of the tub, she stood up and sat on the edge, to Priyanka’s surprise, he picked her up and sat her on his lap. She laughed as he wheeled them inside and helped her onto the bed.

Priyanka’s mind was racing, wondering how actually making love with him would be, could she actually please him. Suddenly she, she had a thought, “John, get some towels out the bathroom.” She laughed nervously as he wheeled to the bathroom. When John returned, Priyanka was laying on the bed watching him, after laying the towels on the bed, he lifted himself onto the bed.

As he turned to her, even though she was smiling, her eyes belied nervousness. She looked at his eyes and realized he was also nervous and probably afraid. He switched off the light, the room was lit with the soft glow of moonlight, beaming through the windows. They lay there in silence, wondering where to start.

Priyanka took a deep breath and pulled him to her, kissing him, gently at first and then with passion, their tongues touching. His hands stroked her body and thighs as they kissed, then cupped her breasts. John began to gently stroke them, savoring the soft fullness of her breasts. Priyanka put her arms around his neck and pushed her tongue further into his mouth, savoring the sensations in her body.

Taking his head in her hands, she pressed his face to her breasts, John kissed them gently and began to suck on her nipples, feeling them get hard against his tongue. At Priyanka’s urging, he began to lightly bite the soft skin on her breasts. His hands stroked her body, exploring her navel and then stroking her thighs, reveling in the soft smoothness of her skin. Priyanka could feel the hardness of his cock against her leg as he caressed her body. John’s hand softly stroked her mound and then her thighs. Priyanka felt the moistness between her legs as her passion rose.

John kissed her, a long hard kiss, their tongues pushing against each other. Priyanka felt his hand on her thigh and then he was pulling and lifting it, Opening the way to her cunt, Priyanka laid her leg over his leg as he pushed the other leg open. With her legs fully open, his hand cupped her soft mound, rubbing it, then squeezing the lips and rolling them between his fingers, feeling the wetness.

Priyanka was surprised to hear herself make a soft, low moaning sound as she began to undulate her hips. John continued to stroke between her legs, teasing the lips, but not putting his finger inside her, until his hand was wet with her juices. Priyanka whispered, “Finger me, please, do it now, John.”

He gently pushed his finger into the warm, moist tunnel, savoring the soft warmth as he slowly worked his finger deep into her body. Priyanka moaned and put her hand on his as he began to work it in and out, stroking the whole inner surface.

Priyanka groped and found his hard cock, she pulled back the foreskin, rubbing her thumb around the head, feeling the sticky pre-come, wanting it deep in her body. She was about to ask him to mount her when he whispered in her ear, “Priyanka, I want to eat you, may I?” In her arousal, she nodded, unable to speak. He pulled away and lay between her legs, his hand stroking her thighs and mound.

Priyanka felt his hands gently open her lips, the smell touched a spot deep in his brain and he pushed his tongue into her cunt, moving it in and out as it twirled and twisted it in the soft wet tunnel. Then he began to work his way up, caressing the soft, feathery inner lips, with the tip of his tongue until he found the hard button of her clit.

Priyanka moaned as the sensations flowed through her body, holding his face to her cunt as his tongue explored her body. Slipping inside her and then twirling around her clit. Priyanka began to thrust her hips and her moans became steady as she felt the orgasm coming. “Finger me and use your tongue, oh help me, please?” John inserted his finger and began stroking in and out, his hips undulating as his passion over took him.

Priyanka, was totally overcome by the sensations in her body. She heard her voice begging him to fuck her now. John got between her legs and she grasped the hard shaft, guiding it to her cunt. John pushed gently and the tip entered her. he began to gently thrust, pushing, then withdrawing and pushing deeper only to withdraw, then pushing deeper. She put her hands on his buttocks and began pulling him into her, begging, “Fuck me, please, please, please!” He thrust his body forward and slammed it full depth into her cunt.

Priyanka moaned as he began to pump with long, slow strokes, savoring the softness of her body. She savored the feeling of his cock moving inside her as she stroked his body, enjoying the sensation of having him over her with his cock moving in her body. They were silent, Priyanka savoring the sensations of having him in her body, John thrust steadily, enjoying the soft wetness of her cunt on his cock, the only sound was their breathing and the rustle of the bedding.

John stopped, “Priyanka, I’m about to come, I want us to come together.” She gasped as he pulled out and lay between her legs. He kissed the outer lips pushing his tongue into her, then licking the swollen inner lips, savoring the taste and wetness. His tongue found her clit and she felt his fingers pull the hood back, then his tongue began to lick and his lips closed on it as he sucked the hard button. His tongue twirled around the clit as his finger entered her.

Priyanka emitted a soft cry as the first twinge of her orgasm surged through her body. “Fuck me now, oh please, do it now.” John was over her as she guided the hard shaft into her body. He pushed deeply into her and she felt him grasping her legs, John lifted them until her ankles were on his shoulders.

He began to thrust as Priyanka cried out, the orgasm washing over her. “Do it hard, make me come.” He began to thrust harder, taking shorter strokes as she grabbed his buttocks and tried to pull him deeper into her. “Oh God, John I’m coming, oh please keep it up.” He thrust harder as she stiffened, “Oh Jooooohn, Oh God I’m coming!” Priyanka was totally lost in the orgasm, her fingers digging into his buttocks, squeezing and pulling him to her.

John, grunted and thrust harder, she felt his body stiffen and then shudder as he came. “Oh Priyanka, Priyanka, I’m coming.” Priyanka held his body to her as his body twitched, she felt the warm explosion of his seed shooting deep inside her body.

He slowly lowered her legs, Priyanka pulled him to her and kissed him, a long hard passionate kiss. They lay there kissing as she felt the hard organ going soft, inside her. They parted, breathing hard. John pulled out and lay beside her, holding her in his arms and gently kissing her. Priyanka lay there her body and mind floating in the afterglow of the orgasm. They kissed again, then still holding each other fell asleep.