Gloryhole Gurl Part 1

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Gloryhole Gurl Part 1Making of a Gloryhole Gurl! Part 1By KristyJust Like in any marriage after fifteen years ours was getting pretty routine. Every three months I could have sex, in the missionary position, with her wearing flannel Pj’s. Even in the summer she would wear long pants type pajamas and when I would buy her something sexy she would just say it’s not my type and never even try it on! It was only six months after our marriage that she told me she doesn’t like to have oral sex!Well like any red-blooded male I started hitting to gentleman’s clubs around town. The sight of those girls in their sexy costumes was a big turn on for me. Soon my obsession led me to start paying prostitutes for oral sex, after coming from one of those many clubs. It was one of these nights in 1999 that changed me forever!It was 3am and I was cruising downtown look for some fun when I saw the most amazing looking girl working the streets. She was black and about 5’ 8” with the longest legs and real short hot pants. Her breasts were a good 36dd and you could tell she didn’t have a bra on. I pulled over and she came up to my car, in not time I invited her in and agreed to pay the fifty dollars she asked muğla escort for. It was about twenty more then I ever paid but she was hot and I was horny! In no time she had me hard as a rock and soon my hands were finding their way over her body. About the time I reached for her pussy she backed off and told me she was having her period. Not thinking much about it I began to rub her ass, causing her to moan softly as she sucked on my cock. God she was good, she would bring me to the edge and start teasing me, keeping me from cumming which was very different then any of the others I had been with. My hand had worked it way back to her ass and then I felt not the back of a pad but a bulge that shouldn’t have been there!Almost on the verge of my orgasm I quickly put my fingers into her panties and was totally shock to feel a penis! I don’t know why but I came right then and there! She kept sucking and licking on me for a few minutes and began to pull her panties back into place when I asked her if she was a guy. I’ve heard about TV’s and TS’s but had never even thought she could have been one when I saw her. Soon she was explaining the difference to me and we sat there for must escort muğla have been an hour. All the while my cock was coming back to life. She noticed my arousal and decided to take care of me again, boy is that a new one. Before she left she gave me her number and told me to call if I need some quick relief. It was only four days later when I called her and set up a date. She asked if I would like to come up to her apartment close to where I picked her up the first time and I agreed.When she answered the door I was again amazed at her soft features, and how sexy she was. In no time I was on her couch with my pants around my knees and she was really getting into sucking my hard cock. I was playing with her breast and even though I knew what was waiting for me I found my hand getting closer to her clitty. When I reached her panties I pulled them to one side and out popped her semi erect penis. She must have liked it cause her hips began pushing it towards my hand. Instinctively I opened my hand and wrapped my fingers around her. I was in heaven, a beautiful lady sucking on my cock and I was slowly stroking her clit and could feel it get harder in my hand. It wasn’t like I muğla escort bayan would have though, but soft skin and hairless. Soon I knew I was going to have to taste her flesh. It was so erotic the perfume smell and my own arousal had me leaning over to take her clitty to my lips.I kissed the tip, slowly licking around the shaft like so many women had done to me. I pressed my lips to the head again but this time I let it slip between them. I was such a great turn on, watching her react to a flick of my tongue, or the feel of my lips sliding down her shaft. Soon we were on the couch in a sixtynine position with me trying to give the best blowjob ever! As our rhythm increased I tasted a small amount of warm salty, but not unpleasant tasting fluid come from her clit. I wanted her to cum with me and I began using my hands, pulling her into my mouth. Then it happened, her body stiffened and she moaned to me that she was cumming! I felt the surge as her juices entered my mouth, and I tried to swallow all of it. My orgasm was almost at the same time and I felt like I’d never cum so much in my life. Without a doubt it was the most erotic sex I’ve ever had to that time! Since that night we went out a few more time with me always returning the favor and hers being the only cock that I had ever sucked. That was five years ago and not long after we lost touch but it changed me forever in ways I would have never imagined.