Giving a Schoolgirl a Ride Home


This is a work of fiction. All characters portrayed are fictional and over 18 years of age. However, the school and its cute uniform exist and can be viewed online for visual context.


Winding down my car window, I call her over. I was parked outside the grand sandstone and wrought iron gates of the all-girls school: ‘St. Catherine’s Toorak, Private School for Girls’ and it was the usual pickup time at the end of the school day.

It was one of those hot, Australian Summer afternoons with the sun beating down relentlessly and cicada chirping noisily in the trees.

Blonde, petite and pretty she had immediately caught my eye. I wanted to speak with her to check that she was of suitable age to offer a ride home.

“Huh?” She sauntered over to me in her blue-grey school uniform, leaning into the open window to size me up. Beads of sweat were visible on her forehead.

“You eighteen?”

“I sure am!” she gleamed. “Daddy threw a huge eighteenth birthday party for me last week.”


“Good. You’re … err, I mean … it’s … too hot to be standing around here. Jump in – I’ll give you a ride home in air-conditioned comfort.”

She thought for a moment then gave me a cheeky little grin. Her blue eyes sparkled mischievously. “It’s soooo hot today.” She stood back and pulled her dress down right across her body. Her little tits stuck out proudly. “I’m terribly sweaty in my school uniform, Sir. I’d love to cool off but I wouldn’t want to get your car seats sticky.”

“That doesn’t bother me, sweetie. I’ve got wipes and can clean up the mess later. The seats are … genuine leather.” I slapped the soft cow skin with my hand. She raised a gorgeous eyebrow in mock admiration.

Shifting her body and smiling sweetly, she looked me directly and said: “I’m in the mood for some fun.” She leaned back into the car window, this time further in, to whisper in my ear: “For sixty dollars an hour you can drive me to your place and do whatever you want to me.”

I gulped and looked at her incredulously. Was this really happening? A super hot St Catherine’s girl offering herself to me at the drop of a hat? Wow. A typical St Cath’s slut, I mused to myself.

Quickly regaining my composure, I looked straight ahead and growled in a low voice, “GET IN THE FUCKING CAR.”

She ran around to the passenger side, joyfully flinging her schoolbag over into the backseat and sliding in next to me.

She was even more stunning close up. Her pert, sweaty tits were now boldly showing through the material of her school dress. Clearly, she was bra-less.

I swivelled to grab her slender waist and pulled her light frame across to sit on my lap. “I’m going to have fun with you”, I said sternly. Gently holding the back of her head, I locked my mouth with hers, our tongues wrestling and sliding into each others’ mouths. She was certainly eager, grinding her slender body into mine, clad as she was in her cute summer St Catherine’s uniform. There’s something about a cute schoolgirl uniform that turns me into a raging sex beast.

I plonked her back in the passenger seat and pulled out my wallet. “So, sixty matadorbet dollars…” I said lingeringly as I pulled three twenties out. “How much to fuck you without a condom?”

“Oh, I’m not sure … that would be risky because I’m not on the pill.”

“Come on, sweetie. All girls have to get pregnant sometime. I’d be honoured to put a bun in your oven.”

“Well… ok. One hundred … an hour … I guess.”

She pulled her white panties down, over her sky blue ankle socks and black T-bar school shoes.

“So, you want to cum inside this?” she smiled sweetly again and pulled the front of her dress up above her navel to give me a delicious glimpse her bald pussy.

“Yep.” I licked my lips. “One hundred sounds good.”

I switched the twenties for a couple of crisp fifties and handed her the notes. As she took them, I growled, “I’m going to spray seed so very deep in your tight pussy, you little slut!”

Looking her over again, my eyes devoured her. I marvelled at her fit, petite figure. “Are you sure you’re eighteen? You look much younger.”

“Yes, I’m sure, Sir,” she said angelically. “Would you prefer if I was younger?” “Sixteen or seventeen? Or a even younger?”

I smiled, shook my head and said nothing. I reached across and slid my hand up her smooth leg, under her dress and across the smooth, shaven mound of her pussy.

“Just making sure. I certainly don’t need the hassle of getting a seventeen year old pregnant.”

Adjusting her hips, she spread her legs to allow me better access to her pussy, which proved to be sopping wet inside. I slipped a finger into the opening and started finger fucking her. “Hmmmpf … ohh … that feels … so nice”, she blurted. My finger slipped in and out of her easily.

I pulled her across again so her face was close to mine and French kissed her sweet mouth. She made similar sucking noises from her mouth and pussy as I worked both ends.

Breaking away from my mouth, I continued fingering her and she said “I’m … well trained … in … the ways of … passion.”

“Bravo” I said. “A good, old fashioned school for girls.”

She laughed.

“No, I mean I have … studied loads … of porn.”

I dipped a second finger deep inside her and worked her wet pussy some more.

She slid off, moving back to the passenger seat to slowly begin unbuttoning the front of her blue-grey school dress. A mock innocent look on her face and her blue eyes were a-fluttering at me.

“Now that I know some guys like to pick me up outside the school, I guess it’s an easy way to make some pocket money.”

Her perky, sweaty tits now revealed, I unzipped my fly and pointed to my bulging underpants: “Ok – time to earn that pocket money. Let’s find out how far this will go down your throat.”

Crawling over, she gasped as I reached across, flicked up her dress again and slipped two digits up her cunt. Squirming, she carefully folded my underpants down to allow my hard-on to spring up in front of her face. “Oh my God, it’s huge!” she looked up at me, her teenage face wearing a genuine expression of awe.

I grasped the back of her head matadorbet giriş where a sky-blue ribbon was tied around her ponytail and eased her face down. She opened her mouth and was swiftly impaled all the way down the back of her mouth and into her throat. She was a real trooper and didn’t complain as I roughly fucked her head and rammed my fingers up her tender cunt. Occasionally, I stopped pushing and pulling her hair so she could come up for air, strings of saliva and pre-cum spilling from her gasping mouth.

One hand on the steering wheel, I started the engine and off we drove, a pleasant sensation washing over me as I continued to enjoy the deepthroating activity in my lap. What a lovely Summer day it had turned into!

Nearing home, we were waiting at the traffic lights at the top of Toorak Village. A bus pulled alongside and I waved at the disbelieving passengers who, from their elevated position in the bus, could clearly see the bobbing head of a St Catherine’s schoolgirl over my crotch and me reaching over to slap and play under her dress.

At that moment I felt my balls twitch. A reservoir of hot semen strained for immediate release from my balls and I jammed her head down hard. My engorged cock shuddered in her throat and a large wad of jizz pumped in to coat her larynx. Marvellous!

I pulled her hair up and she slipped off the shaft with her lips tightly pursed to contain the fresh liquid inside. A remaining couple of wads spat from the head of my cock to spray across her pretty face.

Sitting up, she gulped the milky load down her throat and opened her mouth in a big smile. The bus passengers were horrified. Maybe they thought she was my daughter! I suppose she was about the right age.

“Button up your dress, honey. You need to look presentable to my flatmates when we get home. I’m going to surprise them with you.”

“You’ll drop me home later?”

“Yep. Later.”

“Are you going to let your flatmates have sex with me? I thought it was just going to be the two of us.”

“Maybe. Well, yes … probably. I’ll give you to whomever I want while I’m paying for it. But, don’t fret my dear, I’ll be the first to bang your pussy and give you a creampie.

We’re almost there. Hurry up and wipe that cum off your face.” I passed her a wet wipe from the centre console.


My flatmates, Bill and Ted, were home watching TV in the livingroom and they sat up, their eyes lighting up at seeing me stride in with this pretty St Catherine’s girl, my arm around her slender waist.

“Say hi to the boys – this is … err … what’s your name, sweetie?”

“Emma. Hi, boys.” She smiled shyly and looked down at the floor.

“I won’t be disturbing you too much if I fuck her in here on the couch?” I enquired.

I sat down and slapped my leg to direct her to join me. She sat on my lap with her back towards me, her blue ponytail ribbon brushing my face. I reached under her dress to find her bald slit again – she had left her underpants in the car – and slipped a couple of fingers up as I reached around with my other hand to squeeze a perky tit.

Bill and Ted looked amazed. It was obvious from their bulging pants that they were eager to get some.

“Mate, can we have a turn after you?” asked Bill. Ted nodded enthusiastically.

I smiled and said, “Yeah, sure, why not fellas? She’s a real little St Catherine’s slut. Let’s have some fun with her before I drop her home.”

Take a video of me giving her a creampie.”

“Awesome, dude!” Bill grabbed his phone and started recording. I pushed her off my lap to get my pants off and got her to lower back down, this time facing me with her wet cunt sliding down my shaft. She gasped as we got it in all the way, and I grabbed her waist and started pistoning it into her.

Devious Ted lubed up a finger and managed to ease it up her arsehole. Emma paused for a moment to adjust to this surprising new intrusion but Ted quickly located her g-spot deep inside and pressed it with his fingertip. Emma moaned at the sensation of having both her holes ruthlessly penetrated.

I skewered her pussy relentlessly and Emma cried out in ecstasy as she orgasmed hard on my cock. Buried far up her snatch, my balls let loose another volley of hot jizz which burst into her tender depths. I growled and pulled her waist down to squeeze the last few squirts of cum into her.

I then took over the filming duties as Bill and Ted both had their turns, slamming her pussy and arse on the couch, carpet and kitchen table.

Ted didn’t seem to want to cum in her pussy, so he pulled out and blew his load over her uniformed back.

But Bill, an ex-teacher at a senior girls school, seemed to find his groove and, with unaccustomed swagger, showed us “how to properly fuck an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl.” He got her on all-fours, grabbed a handful of her dress on either side of her hips and pulled her hard towards himself as he drove his cock into her cunt.

She cried out each time he pulled her dress back and rammed it deep into her, opening up her deepest insides in preparation to receive his virile seed.

Emma’s eyeballs rolled back in her head and her back arched in another explosive orgasm as Billy boy grunted loudly, his cock slamming in and his sack smacking against her sweaty, used mound.

Shooting his load inside her – he cursed as his big cock disgorged a massive stream of warm milky jizz, adding to the mess already inside her.

“That’s how you … properly … do it! Just like … old times,” Bill panted breathlessly, his sweaty forehead furrowed and his depleted cock gingerly slipping out of her vagina. A large glob of cum oozed out of her gash and slid down her inner leg. “Class dismissed!”


“I’ll hang on to these as a little memento.” I grinned as I held up her white, cotton panties in the car. We had pulled up outside her house and it was time to say goodbye.

“Sure … umm, and thanks for the ride home, Sir.” she said innocently with a little smile. “You can pick me up anytime.”

I readied some wet wipes to cleanup her seat. Oozing all the way, she had left quite a mess.


Dropping her panties into my dresser, it was difficult to close the drawer for all the other panties already jammed in there. Many were from other St Cath’s girls but a good many were from Loreto girls as well.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll swing past Loreto Catholic Girls School to check out what’s currently on offer over there…