Girl’s Night Pt. 02


Fisher was upstairs, making the bed when he heard the front door opening, signaling Sophie’s arrival home. He looked down at the list on her dresser, frowning. He had not completed four tasks. He reapplied his pink lipstick and kissed the paper above the words “make bed with gold satin sheets” as he was instructed. He then scurried downstairs, incomplete list in hand, to pour her a glass of red wine.

She greeted him with a smile and a deep kiss. “Hiya baby, did you have a fun afternoon?”

“Yeah,” Fisher answered sarcastically, “it was stellar. One thrill after another.”

She chuckled softly and took her wine and the list. Sitting on the couch and crossing her legs she smiled broadly as she read. “Four things left undone, not too bad. Did you have fun organizing my panty drawer sissy bitch?”

“Yes Mistress,” he answered, even though it was a colossal tease.

She examined him closely . “I’ll bet your pathetic cock was hard the whole time wasn’t it? Of course it was, you’ll never learn that lesson I suppose.”

“I’m sorry Mistress.” he said, his face burning with embarrassment.

“Yes, and if you’re not now, you soon will be.” She smiled and went back to the list. “Bed made, laundry done, groceries purchased, I thoroughly enjoyed the picture of you in the freezer section by the way, and upstairs vacuumed. All that and you lubed and reinserted your anal beads three times.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And what haven’t you done?”

“Dinner is not finished, the table is not set, the bar has not been cleaned and the bookcases have not been dusted and organized Mistress.”

“I have decided I will spank you one time for every character of the list of tasks not completed.” She held the list up. “Count them Candi. I will double check when you are finished, and if I come up with a different number I will double it.”

Fisher counted slowly, his hands trembling as he passed 50, 75 and the 100. “One hundred 15 Mistress.”

“Did you count the numbers on the list as well Candi?”

His heart sank immediately. “No Mistress. I forgot.”

“Are the numbers not part of the list of tasks you silly blonde slut?”

“They are Mistress.”

“So one nineteen times two gives you two hundred thirty eight. My god that’s a lot, isn’t it Candi? Your poor little ass is going to be so, so red.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“We will do 24 at a time, 10 different times. And seeing as how your cock is my plaything, and wont be getting used tonight, each time I will adorn your cock with pretty pink ribbon so you won’t lose count again. Sound like fun Candi?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good girl, now get over here and lay across my lap.”

Fisher walked over to her slowly as she inched forward on the couch until her perfect ass perched on the edge of the dark leather cushion. She smoothed her skirt and patted her lap gently as he knelt and leaned over her thighs.

“Elbows on the ground naughty maid, I want that ass high in the air.”

He slid forward and rested on his elbows, his short skirt and crinoline fluttering toward his waist and leaving his bottom completely exposed.

Sophie rubbed his ass gently as she spoke, “mmm, still a little pink I see Candi. Shall we begin?”

“Yes please Mistress, I’m a bad girl and I deserve to be punished.”

Sophie didn’t answer with words, just one resounding slap after another. She counted aloud as Fisher thanked her for each one, and when she reached twenty four his ass was stinging and his breath was coming in ragged gasps. She slid her legs out from underneath him and told him to stand.

“Time to decorate that pretty cock of yours. In the den, where the table is that I wrap gifts on there is a selection of ribbons. Bring me the skinny pink one and a pair of scissors. Our dinner guest will be arriving soon,” she smiled as Fisher’s jaw dropped, but offered no explanation as she rose beside him. “so I suggest you be quick about it.”

Fisher’s mind was a jumbled mess again. Dinner guest? Who the hell would she have invited? Nobody knows about this part of his life. Who had she talked to? He wanted to her to stop this, or did he? He was semi-aroused after the spanking, and this afternoon had been dangerous, but also exhilarating. She had pushed his limits with the nurses… Oh, god. No. She wouldn’t have. He practically ran back to the living room, as much as one can run in sky high heels with a string of beads in their ass.

“Sophie, please…” he pleaded, “tell me who is coming.”

“Aww,” she mocked him with both her tone and expression. “are you nervous? I’ve forgotten how hot you are when you’re dressed up and a little scared. Turns me on so much to have this much power over my slutty maid.”

She took the items from him as Fisher asked again, “Tell me it isn’t the woman from the clinic Sophie, she hates me.”

“You’d better remember to address me, as well as her, correctly when she gets here, or I won’t be responsible for what we do to you. Remind me, what did she like to be called?”

“She konak escort is to be called Domme Jennifer, Mistress.”

“Better Candi, now come here, and lift your uniform skirt for me,” she commanded.

Fisher did as he was told and shivered as she wrapped a cut length of ribbon around the shaft of his penis, right behind the head. She pulled it tight, but not uncomfortably so, and tied a neat bow on the top.

“Very cute Candi,” she exclaimed, “I cant wait to see all ten on there. Its going to make an exquisite photo, don’t you think.”

Begrudgingly he agreed. “Yes Mistress.”

“You’d better work on sounding more convincing slut, and lose the attitude.”

“Yes Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress.”

“You’re about to be, keep that skirt up and cross your ankles. 24 more spankings. Right. Fucking. Now.”

“Yes please Mistress, I’m a bad girl and deserve to be punished.”

“And because of your attitude I’m going to spank you with something I was going to save until later. Maybe you’ll have a little more respect after 24 swats with my sorority paddle, you fucking whore.”

“Yes please Mistress. I am very sorry, and beg you to teach me.”

He heard the whistle of the paddle behind him and the blow resonated off the bookshelves, and echoed down the long hallway to the den. He groaned his thanks as the stained hardwood found the fleshy part of his ass over and over again until Sophie was finished with him. She forced Fisher to kiss it when she was finished and the heat of the board warmed his glossy lips. He retreated to the kitchen after she adorned his cock with another bow next to the first and dismissed him with a wave of her hand and a grin.

He was in agony as he walked between the dining room and the kitchen. Back and forth with plates, silverware, napkins, glasses and serving utensils. Every step making the skin on his ass seem alive with electricity, and the muscles beneath ache with vulgar waves of pleasure. The clock chimed at the hour of seven and Fisher was making his way to the bedroom to lube himself again when he heard a knock at the front door. He stopped short, unsure of what to do, his whole body trembling.

Sophie came out into the hallway, smiling broadly as her eyes met Fisher’s. “Don’t just stand there Candi, answer the door. Are you my sissy slut maid or aren’t you?”

“I am your sissy slut maid, Mistress.” God, did Fisher hate his altered high pitched voice.

“I know you are. Now be a good girl and greet our guest.” She blew him a kiss as he walked by her to the front door, and Fisher could feel her eyes staring into his back.

He opened the door, his heart pounding, his jaw dropping when he saw Jenny. Her clinical garb was gone, replaced by a pair of tight fitting dark indigo jeans, bronze suede high heeled pumps, short dark brown leather biker jacket and a fitted black t-shirt. Her blonde hair, no longer in a pony-tail fell off her shoulders in pristine cut waves, her glasses were gone and her bright blue eyes shimmered as she smiled.

“Are you going to let me in Candi or are you just going to stare at me like a ditzy blonde maid?”

“I’m sorry Domme Jennifer, you look so… different.” And by different, Fisher meant hot. Her scrubs had hidden that hard, and subtly curved body, and seeing her now an ache grew that pulled the ribbons on my cock tighter and tighter.

“Stop gawking and let her in Candi,” Sophie said with a chuckle, “you’d think you’d never seen a hot blonde before…”

Fisher moved aside and Jenny strode by him, slapping his face gently as she whispered. “Good to see ya again gorgeous…”

“Thank you Domme Jennifer,” he answered softly, blushing. He swung the door closed, but before the latch caught Sophie called out to him.

“Be a good maid and get Jenny’s bags from her car, sissy slut. Bring them up to our bedroom and then carry on with your tasks. I believe the clock just chimed the hour, did it not?”

“What a good maid,” Jenny said. “It’s the silver Audi.”

“Yes Domme Jennifer,” Fisher answered quickly. “Right away Mistress.”

He opened the door and heard them whispering and then a loud laugh from Jenny, enjoying Sophie telling her of his hourly duty. Fisher thanked God for the descending darkness and that Jenny had found a spot close to the house. He reached for the rear passenger door of her car and pulled the handle and was greeted by a shriek of her car alarm and flashing lights. He scrambled backward and tripped, landing square on his abused ass, looking around in a panic as the alarm seemed to echo around the neighborhood. Fisher was desperately trying to get to his feet when he heard stifled laughter from behind him on the porch. He looked up and both Sophie and Jenny were holding their hands over their mouth, nearly doubled over with glee at his predicament. Jenny finally composed herself after what seemed like an eternity and pressed the button on the key fob to stop the incessant noise and unlock the doors.

“Gee, I kuşadası escort hope the neighbors didn’t hear that.” Sophie’s teased sarcastically.

Fisher retrieved two bags from Jenny’s backseat and hurried inside as fast as his bruised backside and ego would let him. His heels clicked on the hardwood steps loudly, but not loud enough to drown out the peals of laughter from the two women in the living room. He caught a glimpse of himself in the bedroom mirror and cursed at his reflection for liking any of this, hoping that it would all be worth it. And judging by Jenny’s two bags, she was going to be here for the night, but why was he putting them in our bedroom, and not the guest room?

Those and the rest of his questions would have to wait as he hurried to prep myself in the master bath. He had to stifle more than one moan as his hands shook and by now, the beads slid out and back in with ease. He had not doubt he would be teased unmercifully for being wet all afternoon and into the evening. He took several deep breaths as the ribbons began pinching again, washed his hands and headed downstairs to the kitchen. More laughter from the living room as he prepped dinner and he was shocked when he walked in to see their fingertips entwined as they casually sipped red wine.

Sophie pulled her hand away slowly as she saw Fisher’s face. “Whats wrong baby?”

“You… you’re holding her hand Soph… what’s going on?”

She got up slowly and smiled, “aww, is my little slut jealous?”

“No…” Fisher answered meekly as her free hand rested on his stomach. “I just don’t understand why she is here.”

“She is here because I like her and I invited her. Do you want to stop playing?”

“Sophie, no… I…”

She cut him off. “That’s the last time you call me by my name tonight Candi. Do you trust me?”

“Yes of course I do but…”

Again she interrupted. “And do you know that I love you and I’m never happier than I am when I’m with you?”

“Yes, I know,” he answered, suddenly very docile. “I’m sorry. I love you my Mistress.”

Her hand travelled up over his body, to the side of his neck and to the back of his head. She pulled Fisher roughly to her and pressed her lips to his. They parted slightly and he felt her tongue probe his mouth. Fisher gave his mouth to her as her tongue swirled around his. She broke the kiss and smiled warmly.

“Is my slut maid feeling better?” she teased.

“Yes Mistress, much better. Thank you Mistress. Um, dinner… dinner is ready.”

She broke the embrace and turned to Jenny, extending her hand. “Shall we?”

Jenny smirked at Fisher devilishly and rose gracefully to her feet as her fingers entwined fully with Sophie’s. “Don’t mind if I do.”

They brushed passed him and Fisher watched them go hand in hand across the hall to the dining room and retreated, sullen and defeated, to the kitchen. He fetched the platter with the lamb chops and the other dishes and made his way out slowly, teetering with every step in his heels. They stood as he placed the dishes in the center of the oval table, watching him intently. He backed up, admiring my accomplishment and looked from Sophie to Jenny, wondering why they hadn’t taken their seats.

“It looks amazing Candi, my sweet,” said Sophie thoughtfully, “just one problem. Why are there three place settings?”

“Did you invite someone you sneaky little slut?” Jenny teased.

Fisher looked back and forth at them, slightly confused.

“Oh look,” exclaimed Jenny, “she thought she was going to eat with us! Candi, you are quite the bimbo today, aren’t you? First falling down, and now, thinking the help eats with guests?”

“Elbows on the table Candi, you must learn your place,” Sophie said softly. “Jenny would you like to do the honors?”

“If its alright with you Miss,” Jenny said as she pulled out her chair, “I’d like to sit and watch the sissy maid learn her lesson.”

“Of course sweetie. Now Candi, I want you to look at Jenny while you get spanked, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress. I understand. I am a bad girl and will look at Domme Jennifer while you teach me my lesson.”

Jenny stared at Fisher and smiled as the spankings rained down upon him. Sipping her wine slowly, she licked her lips as he repeated his submissive mantra, her enjoyment growing as his resolve cumbled. For the first time that day, the pain and humiliation crested and Fisher felt tears welling inside his eyelids.

Jenny leaned forward, her lips curled into as sneer. “Cry for me you pathetic bitch, cry like the worthless cocksucking whore you are…”

The final blow came and Fisher whimpered his last thank you to his Mistress leaving tiny twin puddles of tears on the red oak table.

“Do you know your place now Candi,” Sophie asked as Fisher struggled to compose himself.

“Yes Mistress,” he answered.

“We shall see. Fetch the bottle of wine, maid, your ribbon and the scissors.”

As he walked away, he had the horrid foça escort realization that he was aroused again, painfully so. His new dom had chastised him, shamed him and emasculated him, and there he was, never more aroused in his life. He didn’t want to like this, but he did. And they both noticed when Fisher walked back into the room.

“Do you see this Jenny,” Sophie said, “such a dirty girl isn’t she?”

“You were right,” another wicked grin, “the meaner we are the more she likes being a submissive slut. She’ll be begging for a real cock so she can cum by the end of dinner.”

Sophie cut a strip of ribbon and turned to Jenny. “She can beg all she wants, watch this. Lift your skirt and tell Jenny what the rule is tonight.”

Fisher’s voice trembled as Sophie tied one more ribbon around his shaft. “My cock is Mistress’ plaything and will not be used tonight except for decoration Domme Jennifer.”

“And she gets a new one each time she is spanked.”

“And why exactly are you getting spanked Candi,” Jenny asked.

“Because I didn’t complete all my duties…”

“Sissy maid duties…” Sophie interrupted.

“Because I didn’t complete all my sissy maid duties, then miscounted the numbers for my punishment Domme Jennifer, I am to be spanked 240 times before the end of the night.”

“Should be an interesting night then Candi,” Jenny said, “don’t you agree?”

“Yes Domme Jennifer.” Fisher felt his face redden, and his cock stiffen, as he answered.

“Put your skirt back down maid,” Sophie admonished. “Go clean the bar while we enjoy this wonderful dinner. We will call you if we need anything.”

“Yes Mistress.” Fisher was starving but walked away dutifully before they changed their mind, sighing as he looked over the wet bar. It wasn’t very large, built into the wall as it was, but he knew immediately why Sophie wanted him to clean it. It was the mirrored wall behind it, that he would not be able to get away from. He kept catching glimpses of himself, re-arranging, re-organizing, straightening and it was if he was watching a stranger, a very hot and dirty stranger. His manicured nails kept getting in the way, tinking and dinging the glass, frustrating him much the same way they had when he was folding Mistress’ things. The clock striking the hour brought him out of his haze, and he heard laughter from the dining room as he ascended the stairs.

After he was finished, Fisher took his first step down the stairs and realized the artfulness of this particular domination. After so many lubricated insertions of the beads, they no longer stayed in on their own. He had to take short, dainty strides or risk having the beads slip from him. The muscles of his ass had to be constantly flexed in order to comply now, meaning he was feeling each and every sensation. And it felt as if the muscles to control that also worked to control the rise and fall of his ribbon adorned cock. He smiled inwardly at how easily Sophie had made him suffer.

“All finished Candi?” Sophie called from the dining room.

“Yes Mistress,” he replied breathlessly, “the bar is straightened.”

“Come in here and clean up our dinner plates.”

“Yes Mistress,” He replied again, scurrying into the room as quickly as I could.

Jenny chuckled. “You seem to have a different walk, maid…”

“Yes Domme Jennifer,” He croaked. He could barely walk and talk. “Walking like this is the only way to keep the beads inside me…”

“Are you wet from being your Mistress’ bitch all afternoon?” she asked.

Fisher looked down at the ground, his nails digging into his palms. “Yes Domme Jennifer.”

“Look at me and tell me,” Sophie demanded.

Fisher raised his eyes to Sophie’s and spoke softly. “I am very wet from being your bitch all afternoon Mistress, its difficult to keep the beads inside me.”

“Not inside YOU, you dumb whore,” Jenny responded, “inside your sissy pussy. Try again.”

Fisher shuddered as he flexed again, his altered voice raspy and lustful. “I am very wet from being your bitch all afternoon Mistress, its difficult to keep the beads inside my sissy pussy.”

Sophie rose from her seat slowly, “I’m sure it is my dirty little slut. And I’m sure your pussy is just aching to be fucked by something thick and hard isn’t it?”

She had him backed into an inescapable corner. If he answered no, his torture would continue and he would eventually fail. If he answered yes, he had no doubt she had something nefarious planned that he would be forced to accept.

Her hand snuck under Fisher’s skirt and his swollen balls were wrapped in her warm fingers as she kneaded him gently. “Answer me loudly sissy bitch.”

“Yes Mistress,” he responded, his voice resonating throughout the brownstone. “My pussy is aching to be fucked by something thick and hard.”

“Well, that’s too bad,” Sophie spat, “you don’t deserve any pleasure. Do you?”

“N.. no.. Mistress.”

“What do you deserve, whore?” Sophie’s fingers clamped tighter with the slur.

“Whatever you desire Mistress,” he cried out as the pain intensified.

“And right now what I desire is to watch while Jenny spanks your balls because you forgot to include her in that last declaration. I saw you using a large wooden spoon earlier, maid, rinse it off and bring it to Jenny.”