Girlfriends Revenge.


Girlfriends Revenge.This happenend last friday night. I was home alone watching tv, and wanking myself to internet porn. Word had gotten back to my GF, that three weeks earlier, I had fucked a girl from my work. No sex in three weeks. To make matters worse, she had gone out drinking with her co-workers the past two friday nights. Both times she had gotten home about 10pm. Last friday was different. I went to bed, drunk about 1am, and no sign of her. Just after 3, I awoke to a loud knock at the door. Lucy was home. I went downstairs to let her in, and man, was she wasted! She staggered in and flopped on the couch. I noticed her hair was wet, and she had no bra on under her white blouse. “Where have you been?”, I demanded. “Oh nowhere. I just went back to a girlfriends house, and fell asleep on the couch. No harm done”. “Really”, I said. “your hair ataşehir escort is wet, and you’ve no bra”. To that, she answered, “I vomited back at Tina’s house, so I had to have a shower. I guess I just forgot o put my bra back on. Anyway, I’m tired, let’s go to bed”. Lucy went upstairs, and I followed, determined to catch her out. She stripped off to her thong, and got into bed. In bed, i lay behind her and tried to feel the front of her panties. “Cut it out”. I tried again, and this time i felt they were wet. “You’ve had sex, havn’t you?” I asked. “No, way, now go to sleep”. I waited a minute, then slipped my finger inside her panties, into her gaping pussy. Staight in. It was warm, and sticky. She had been caught out. I opened my mouth to speak, but Lucy turned around and kissed me.”Let’s forget about ümraniye escort what you did to me, I’m horny and want to fuck now”. Trying to use sex, so I would not catch her out. I was angry, but at the same time horny after three weeks of wanking only, and the thoughtof lucy being fucked by anotherman began to turn me on. I kissed her back forcefully, and began to rub the front of her panties. She moaned, and bucked her fanny hard against my fingers. I rubbed her furiously, and her panties were soaked. I tore them off, and easily slid three fingers inside. I could feel her lovers cum on my fingers. This excited me more. She was squealing, when i stuck the fourth finger in. “Lick my cunt”, she screamed, loud enough for both neighbours to hear. “Fucking bitch”, I thought. “Go on, kadıköy escort eat it. This is your punishment”. Reluctantly, i went down, and licked at her smooth pussy lips. She grabbed my head, and pushed it hard into her minge. My tongue went in her hole. It was salty and sticky, yet sweet. It turned me on more than ever. I nearly came then. Greedily, I lapped at her soaking wet hole, juices running down my chin. “I’m gunna cum, I yelled”. I stuck my cock in her soaking pussy, and came instantly. I hardly touched the sides. She must have been fucked real good. “Did you like that?” Lucy asked. “We’re even now, and your a fucking idiot. I had Tina cued up for that threesome you always ask for”, she said. “Instead, I had my turn,with Tina’s hubby, and his mate. While she watched”. “Are you fucking serious, Dirty fucking whore!” Now i was angry. She went on, “Two cocks, both larger than yours, in my pussy at once”, she laughed. Not surprisingly, the thought of this made me hard once again. I roughly grabbed her, kissed her, and stuck my fingers in hey pussy which now had three different mens loads inside. We fucked twice again that night. I am still waiting my threesome with Tina!