Gina Continues Ch. 03


When Mr. Lay got upstairs, he laid Gina out on his own bed. She could tell it was his room because there was absolutely nothing feminine about it, and they’d passed by Lauren’s room on to his. Smiling at her, he began massaging her legs, making them even limper. Gina felt like she had absolutely no energy left, the intense teasing with the food downstairs and her orgasm as he ate her out had completely exhausted her… but the massage felt wonderful.

As she watched him rub her body, his eyes taking in the sight of her naked beauty, she contemplated on the advantages of a much older lover. Sure, he was old enough to be her dad, but it wasn’t like she was in high school anymore. They weren’t going out on dates… it was just sex. And his age and experience meant that he was doing things to her body that no guy her age did… plus he was taking the time to make sure that she was satisfied. Everything so was easy, she didn’t have to work hard to make sure that she was going to cum – he did it for her!

Even now, with his talented and soothing hands, the massage was bringing new life back to her body. She moaned a little as his fingers kneaded her thighs, little jolts of pleasure starting to awaken her pussy all over again. When was the last time she’d gotten this much sexual pleasure with a guy her own age? Mostly it was just wham-bam thank you ma’am. Sure, the guys in Europe had been great for new experiences, but even then she’d needed more than one of them to give her as much pleasure as she was getting from Mr. Lay!

And there was just izmir escort something so wonderfully naughty about all of it, that made her feel deliciously bad inside.

“Ooooo… Mr. Lay,” she moaned as his fingers brushed against her smooth mound, “You’re getting me all wet again,” she was practically panting as his hands engulfed her breasts, making the massage something blatantly sexual.

“That’s the idea,” he smiled down at her as her back arched and her splendid breasts were pressed against his grip. With his thumb and index finger he plucked at her nipples which were turning into pink little points on her chest, her thighs spread apart involuntarily as her body started heating up again. Gripping her nipples harder, he tugged firmly, almost pulling her body upwards as he practically milked her chest, twisting them slightly. Writhing slightly, with her mouth open, Gina presented a most enticing site.

Turning himself around, Mr. Lay got into position above her, with one knee on each side of his head. Lowering his balls to her mouth, he let her suck and lick the heavy sack while he groaned with delight, his hands never ceasing their steady stimulation of her nipples and breasts. Gina was a bit surprised at this maneuver, she’d sucked on a guy’s balls before of course, but never while he was pleasuring her at the same time! It was just another level of consideration really.

Unfortunately, her pussy still wasn’t getting any consideration and it was starting to really want some, she could feel alsancak escort her wetness trickling down her ass crack a little, teasing the little pink rosebud that was there. Doubling her efforts on his balls, she tried to communicate her ready-ness for sex. Mr. Lay groaned loudly and, just as she hoped, moved off her and into position between her thighs.

Lifting each of her legs over his shoulders, he had her bent almost in half as his eager dick lined up with her pussy hole.

“Goddamn, you’re flexible,” he said as he began pressing his eager dick into her entryway.

“That’s the beauty of fucking someone my age,” she smiled up at him lasciviously as her hands twined around his neck, “We’re flexible…” she moaned as he entered her, “And tight.”

Gasping, he pressed into her slowly, stretching her out deliciously. Gina wriggled a little, adding to the sensations that were enveloping both of them. Of course, she was tight, and his pleasure was made even more wonderful by the fact that it had been so long since he’d had a steady sexual life. Once again, Gina wondered at the selfishness of his daughter… not only for not allowing the poor man any pleasure of his own, but also at keeping such a great lay from the rest of the women in the world! It wasn’t as if Lauren was taking care of his needs… although there was a dirty idea.

“Ugh…” she grunted, the sudden heavy pounding thrusts took her attention away from thoughts of the man’s daughter and brought her back to the reality of buca escort a thick dick splitting her pussy open, “Oh yeah… Oh Mr. Lay…”

Groaning, as if his name on her lips was the sexiest thing he’d ever heard, he latched his hands onto her bouncing breasts and squeezed. Gina’s legs were pressed almost flat against her body the way his weight was leaning onto her, and she felt like his dick was in her chest it felt so huge. Everything was just pure sensation as he began fucking her harder and harder. With each thrust she was pressed a little bit farther up the bed until her head finally touched the headboard. When it became clear that he wasn’t even paying attention to where she was on the bed, Gina just lifted her arms above her head to keep herself from pounding into the hard wood. In away, with her arms above her head, everything became even sexier… it reminded her of the guy in Europe who tied her up. She still couldn’t move her arms, and it added a level of vulnerability.

She also decided that she liked the way her body looked when it was all stretched out in front of him like that. The new position gave her a little bit of leverage and she started grinding down on his dick every time he entered her, moving her hips in an almost circular motion and really humping back. Putting his arms behind her back, he gripped her shoulders and his face screwed up in a grimace as he started entering her to the deepest depths yet.

Gina let out a high keening noise as she started to cum, her entire pussy clamping down in a death grip on him. Almost trapped inside her convulsing young pussy, the older man gasped and thrust hard, his shuddering release almost eclipsed by her own.

Afterwards, he let her legs slide down so that she was in a more comfortable position, and they both fell asleep with his softening dick still inside of her.