Ghost in the Machine Ch. 1


Lisa Harrison stepped into the dark room. She was naked and her long red hair was pulled up into a bun. The door closed behind her with a heavy clang. What I won’t do to earn a couple of bucks, the young college student thought. She started when she heard a booming voice ask her to step into the center of the room and stand on the X painted on the floor. Lisa started to walk forward. And as her eyes grew accustomed to the lack of light she saw a yellow X a few feet ahead of her.

“Hold your arms out strait and spread your legs a bit,” the disembodied voice told her, “and try not to move while we conduct the scan.” She held her arms out and heard the sound of electrical equipment turning on. A thin beam of light projected itself on her chest. It went all the way down to her vagina. She was told to shave all of her pubic hair off before hand. This wasn’t a problem since she usually kept it trimmed pretty close. It started to move around her body to the left at a slow rate. The beam scanned every inch of her body, reading off her dimensions down to the very millimeter. It’s a good thing I’ve stayed in shape, she thought to herself, or this could be a little embarrassing. She had a nice body, long shapely legs, tight ass, flat stomach, and a pair of large firm 36DD’s. When the first beam finished scanning her body, a second one started on her left hand and worked it’s way over; followed by a second beam that scanned her from underneath.

When the last beam had turned the door she came in opened and the voice thanked her and told her she could get dressed now. She walked into a brightly-lit room. It was white and empty except for her clothes that sat upon a long wooden bench that ran the length of the room.

When she had finished putting her clothes on, someone knocked on the door. The door cracked open and a female voice asked if it was all right for her to enter. “Come on in,” Lisa replied.

A young blonde in her early twenties came into the room carrying a clipboard. She wore a white lab coat. The ID badge attached to it said V.R. Research and Implementation and that her name was Jennifer. “Your tactile response suit will ready in a little while. But right now I have some forms I need you to sign.” She handed Lisa the clipboard. The top sheet of paper had “Test subject consent form” written across the top. It contained the amount of money she would receive for participating in the study, and a lot of legal jargon absolving the company if something should happen to her. On the last page was a blank line for her signature. Jennifer pulled a pen from the pocket of her lab coat and handed it to Lisa. “Now just wait in here while I check on your suit,” Jennifer said while taking the clipboard kaynarca escort back from Lisa.


When she left Lisa sat down on the cold bench and thought about the sign on the school billboard that lead her to this. She was looking at the ads trying to find a job. Moving out of the dorm into an off campus apartment had been more expensive than she thought. The sign had been pretty plain. It read “Need female test subject to try out new technological breakthrough. Some nudity required.” and then had a number to call. She was a bit of an exhibitionist, it paid three times what the other ads did, and she figured it would be easier than getting a real job.

When she got home later that day, she called the number. She talked to a doctor Janet Williams who told her that they were experimenting with a new kind of virtual reality system, the most sophisticated of any before it. It was a virtual sex system. The ultimate safe sex. She also told Lisa that she would have to wear a specially tailored suit that would read her body movements and give sensory responses. Lisa was intrigued by it and made an appointment right then.


The door opened and Lisa snapped back to the present. Jennifer walked in carrying a black bundle in her arms. “Here it is,” she said as she handed the bundle over to Lisa. “I will have to help you into it,” Jennifer continued. “I must make sure that it is positioned correctly on your body or it will not work.” Lisa nodded at the statement and started to disrobe. She really didn’t mind changing in front of Jennifer; the dorm had community bathrooms so she didn’t mind being naked in front of another woman. The suit was a one piece with a zipper down the back. It was made out of a stretchy, almost rubbery material. On the outside were connectors to attach various wires to it.

After she put her legs through it, Jennifer came over and made sure that her legs and knees were in the right places. Lisa pulled the suit up to her waist and again Jennifer reached down the inside to make sure that Lisa’s pussy was in the right position. Lisa almost jumped when Jennifer touched her bare lips. I must be more excited by this than I thought. Jennifer then grabbed her ass as she adjusted it too. When Lisa had the whole suit on Jennifer reached around from behind her and grabbed both of her breasts. As she moved them around inside the suit, Lisa could feel her nipples start to harden. Jennifer then pulled up the zipper in the back and Lisa looked down at herself. The suit fit her like a second skin. Her large breasts were pushed up and forward by it. “Please follow me,” Jennifer said and walked out the door.

They walked down a long orhanlı escort corridor to a door that had the sign “V.R. Test Suite” over it. They pushed through the big double doors and into a very large room. Jennifer led Lisa over to a reclined chair sitting in the middle of the room. Lisa sat down in it and another woman walked up to her. “Good afternoon Lisa,” she said as she extended her hand in greeting. “I’m Doctor Williams. We spoke on the phone. How are you feeling today?”

“Alright I guess.” Lisa replied, shaking the offered hand.

“Good, now let me fill you in on what we will be doing today. We are going to be starting off slowly today. We just want to see if the tactile interface is working properly. I want you to concentrate on what you’re feeling. After the experiment is done, we will need to know if there are any places on your body that you couldn’t feel.

“Now because the human brain tends to only accept one version of reality at a time, we won’t be able to communicate with you. Even if you could hear us, your brain would block it out. Do you have any questions before we start?” Lisa shook her head. “Good, then we can start getting you ready.” She motioned to a couple of assistants who started connecting wires to the suit. Then they put a pair of gloves on Lisa’s hands and a big helmet over her head. She heard Doctor Williams’s voice again saying, “We’ll begin in a few seconds.” Then there was a big flash of light.

The flash temporarily blinded Lisa. When her vision returned she was no longer sitting in the lab, but standing inside a pastel colored room. She could hear New Age music playing from the little radio on the wall. There were pictures of the human muscle system on the walls and she could smell incense burning but couldn’t find it. In the center of the room was a massage black leather massage table. She looked down and noticed that she was only wearing a towel.


“How’s it going so far?” Doctor Williams asked.

“So far, it going well,” Jennifer answered. “The simulation is stable and her vital signs are normal.”

“Good, I just hope that nothing goes wrong this time.”


“Hello there” said a masculine voice behind Lisa. She jumped and spun around to see a very attractive man holding a towel. “I’m very sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Lisa giggled and said, “That’s alright.” She smiled,” I guess I’m just a little nervous. This is my first time here.”

“Well, if you’re that tense, then you should have come to see me sooner.” He smiled back at her and offered his hand. “My name is Jack.”

“Lisa,” she responded as she shook his hand.

“Why don’t you hop up tepeören escort on the table and we can get started.” He patted the table and then turned around to get something out of a cabinet.

Lisa opened up her towel and took a quick look down. Her body looked exactly as it did in the real world. She got up on the table and laid face down upon it. She heard the man rub his hands together as he walked up to her. When he placed his hands on her back and started rubbing, Lisa jumped. “Are you alright?” her asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. That just surprised me,” Lisa replied. “It felt so real.”

“I should hope so,” Jack said, sounding a little surprised at her response.

He doesn’t know he’s a simulation, Lisa thought.

Jack’s hands were quite strong, and the oil he was rubbing on her back smelled of jasmine. His hands pressed hard into her muscles, but not so hard as to cause pain. He must have felt a knot in her back because he started to concentrate his efforts into one place. Lisa let out a loan moan as she felt the tension drain away.

Jack’s hands moved down her body to her legs. He squeezed the back of her thighs and ran his hand down the length of the leg all the way to her feet. He ran his hand along the inside of her thighs on the way back up. His hands stopped at where her legs met, but as her continued massaging her legs this way, Lisa’s thighs would get farther apart. After a few minutes his hands brushed up against Lisa’s swollen outer lips. An electric shock seemed to pass through her body. Well, I know THAT part of the suit is working, Lisa joked to herself.

Jack then started to rub the sweet smelling oil onto her ass. Lisa moaned even louder this time and started to feel a tingling from her vagina. He took a cheek in each of his hands and rotated them in opposite directions. Lisa had to bite her lip to keep quiet since this motion made her pussy lips rub against each other. He leaned in close. “Roll over onto your back,” he whispered into her ear.

As Lisa rolled over, she saw Jack apply more oil to his hands. He took her hand and started to rub her palm and up her arm. He stopped when he got to her armpit and walked over to her other side. This time when he got to the end of her arm he started to rub up and down the sides of her ribcage. When he reached the last rib, his hands moved up to her chest.

Just then, Jack started to get fuzzy, like a television signal that was too weak. Lisa looked around but everything else seemed to be fine. There must be a glitch in the program, Lisa thought. I should remember to tell Dr. Williams about it. Jack started to phase back in. He looked down at his hands and smiled, then he put them back onto Lisa’s chest.


Jennifer dropped her pencil on the floor. As she bent over to pick it up, she didn’t notice the monitor she was watching blank out for a second. It continued its readout of Lisa’s vital signs by the time she got up off the floor.

To Be Continued…