Getting Rid of the Blues Ch. 06


Sue stood there waving, hoping Alex had actually joined them. She could still feel John’s cum dripping out of her pussy onto her legs. She had always enjoyed that feeling, and when John came, she knew she would have a chance to feel it. John’s hand massaged her ass while she waved.

“Just what do you think you two were doing in there?” asked Jake as he watched Alex’s car make its way down the street.

“If you don’t remember what that is, isn’t that your own fault?” sneered Sue.

“Sue! Be good!” exclaimed John.

“What?” asked Sue. “He doesn’t play with us or anyone in the group anymore. If he can’t tell it was a good fucking from where he was standing, then it’s his own fault.”

Jake turned to Sue and smiled, “Of course, I remember what a good fuck is, and I remember many good fucks that included my cock in everyone of your holes. I asked what the hell were you doing in front of a patron.”

“Her name is Alex. She was giving me the eye. I invited her to watch,” replied Sue as she rubbed her slick thighs together. Her cunt was still feeling warm and wet from the good stretching John had given it. Her attention turned to a fond memory she had of Jake. Though Jake was not as wide in girth, he definitely had length. Whenever Jake fucked her, he had a way of burying himself so deep. Sue could almost feel his cock bumping her cervix. Yeah, it could be a bit painful, but she always liked a bit of pain with her sex. That little bit of pain always made her orgasms that much more powerful. This memory in particular was that of her straddling Jake’s lap, facing forward. Jake’s cock was pounding and grinding into her cervix, and she kept coming over and over again while John sat in front of her on a small coffee table. His thumb would stimulate her clit while he told her to cum for him.

Sue smiled at the memory and backed her ass up against John’s hand. She glanced back at him with a look that he knew all too well. John knew that look meant Sue was not done for the night, and she wanted to continue her sexual adventures. He grinned knowing he still had at least one or two more good orgasms left in himself and that Sue would definitely enlist Jake’s help in curing her need for the night.

Jake saw the look between his two employees and kurtköy escort shook his head. He wandered back into the bar. He moved to the back corner and grabbed the brandy snifter. The sight of Alex grabbing her purse stirred feelings of excitement and sadness. It is excited him to see her embarrassed. He felt sad to see her leave in such a rush. He stopped for a moment at the booth. He could almost imagine Alex sitting there with her legs open, fingering herself. He blinked back the thought and started to move back to the bar counter. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw something silver lying on the floor. Bending down, Jake realized it was a cell phone.

What do we have here?

Jake placed it in his pocket and made his way back to the bar. This is exactly the chance he wanted and needed. The woman, whatever her name was, would have to come back for it. She wouldn’t be the kind to simply let it go. Sue was sitting on the bar with her legs open. Jake could smell the scent of sex on her when he stood beside her. It began to excite him and raise his own testosterone.

“What did you find on the floor?” Sue asked as began stroking Jake’s arm. John stepped out of the storeroom and made his way back behind the bar. Edgar, the drunk, was still passed out on the table when he passed.

Too bad, guy! You missed all the fireworks.

“It is a cell phone,” replied Jake as he leaned over the counter to grab the bottle of bourbon. A secret smile spread across Sue’s face. Jake only drank bourbon when he was feeling randy. One shot meant he was horny. Two shots meant he was willing to play. If Sue could get him to do a third shot, that meant another cock for her that evening.

“Alex’s cell phone. How wonderful! When do you think she will come back for it?” Sue asked as she leaned back to grab one of the shot glasses. John saw the bottle as well. He knew its meaning too. His gaze drifted to Sue and noticed the woman was making her move to help Jake. Sue’s sex drive was insatiable when it was aroused. Sue would do everything in her power to convince Jake to fuck her. John was nothing but happy to oblige his wife.

“No idea,” he coughed after the first shot.

“She’ll come back for it sometime. Do you want me to put it aydıntepe escort in the register for safe keeping in case you aren’t here when she comes back?” asked John as he began taking inventory of the alcohol.

“No. I’ll deal with her when she comes back.”

“Deal with her?” mentioned Sue.

“Yeah, Sue. I’ll need to explain that my bar is not a brothel, and that my employees don’t normally fuck for all of the patrons. Now, get a cab for Edgar, so we can get down to business,” spat Jake as he took his second shot. Sue nodded and glanced back at John. John made his way over to the table and began rousing Edgar. Sue put in the phone call to the cab company. Since patrons of the bar were regulars, they would have someone there in five minutes to fetch Edgar. John helped Edgar to the door and out into the parking lot. Sue made her way back around the bar to Jake. He had already had a third and fourth shot.

“Slow down, baby. I still want you functioning in a few minutes,” she said as her hands drifted across Jake’s back. Jake swung around on the stool.

“Just how to you want me functioning?” he asked as he began to massage Sue’s breast.

“I’ve always been partial to the big chair behind your desk. It’s great for riding.”

Jake nodded. His mind drifted back to the same night of Sue riding his cock and lap. Tonight would be as good a night as any to let her ride again. While Jake’s mind was daydreaming, Sue had already begun to undo his pants. It was only when her hand gripped his cock that he came back to reality. With Jake, Sue learned to grip him at the base and use very short, hard strokes to get him going.

“In a rush are you?” he asked as he pinched her nipple. Sue let out a loud squeak. She thrust her chest out to him, letting her body give him clues to do it again. Jake used both hands to begin pinching her nipples. Sue pulled her body back every time he pinched. It stretched out her nipples and felt delightfully painful. Her pulling back also meant he cock would be stretched too. Sue knew Jake definitely didn’t mind a bit of pulling and tugging.

“Sit your ass back on the bar again,” Jake growled. Sue immediately climbed back onto the bar. Her skirt shifted as Jake pushed her legs open.

“Did tuzla içmeler escort you really think you would finish the night with no panties?” asked Jake as his thumb grazed her clit. Sue moaned heavily. When she didn’t answer, Jake pushed his thumb firmly against her clit and began shaking his hand. As quickly as he began, he stopped.

Sue whimpered, “I left them off because I was hoping you would want to play.”

“Good thing I do want to play,” responded Jake. He returned to her clit; this time he kept a slow, maddening tempo. He knew it wasn’t fast enough to help Sue cum, but it was fast enough to keep her interested. He kept one hand on her clit. Sitting on the stool meant he was face to pussy with her. Sue’s pussy lips were swollen with the use they endured from John. She was still incredibly wet from the fuck show earlier.

John entered the door and looked over at the two at the bar. He was sure to lock the front door and turn off the open sign. As he approached them, he could see Jake was entertaining Sue’s clit. Jake’s cock was already out of his pants. At full stiffness, John knew Jake’s cock was at least a good ten inches. At the currently moment, it was only half erect. John patted Jake on the back as he passed. Jake looked up and nodded at John. “She says she wants to play in the office chair again,” stated Jake as he jiggled his hand quickly against her clit. Sue began writhing on the bar. She could feel the next orgasm building. Jake knew what her breathing meant. He stopped his hand. Sue automatically protested.

“Tell me how many,” said Jake as he looked back into her eyes. Sue’s eyes lit up, and she squealed with excitement. It had been so long since she heard that question. She knew John would never ask because his hands are too big.

“Three,” she squealed. “Come here, John. I need to lean against you for this.” John nodded and moved behind the bar to be behind his wife. His hands rested on her hips and began to caress small circles.

“You know you might be too tight if you get too excited again,” he whispered into Sue’s ear. Sue nodded and edged her ass to the edge of the bar nearest John. She hooked the heels of her shoes into the metal railing that was in front of Jake.

“You ready?” Jake asked as he rubbed his hand across Sue’s thighs. He was busy picking up the extra cum. It would be good for more lubricant. Sue nodded and relaxed against her husband’s chest. Jake inserted the middle fingers of his right hand into her cunt. Sue let out a yelp and began moving her hips into them.