Getting Dirty with Della

Alexis Texas

It started when my mother suggested that as I obviously had nothing better to do on my day off work than laze around at home, why didn’t I go and help her friend Della who had a problem with her car. My mother had a point. I’d earned a reputation of being able to fix cars and from Della’s description it sounded like something I could tackle. I was still living at home at the age of twenty four, and this sounded like a welcome break from my boring routine.

I wouldn’t have told my mother, but I had another reason for going to Della’s. She was about my mother’s age, mid forties with neat brunette hair and still quite attractive with a big boobed curvy figure and good legs. She also knew how to show that figure off in tight curve clinging clothes. I’d picked up from my mother that Della’s husband had recently walked out for a younger woman. I’d also picked up that there might be more in the way Della looked at me than simply seeing a potential car mechanic. My masturbation fantasies usually involved girls, porn or real, who were my age. But in the past few months Della had become a regular performer in my wanking dreams.

I packed some tools and some old clothes I wore for dirty jobs and drove to Della’s via a car spares shop. Della’s car was parked on her drive. Della was in a top and tight jeans that showed off her big breasts and the curves of her legs and backside to perfection. I changed into my old clothes and got on with the job. As I worked I day dreamed about what was under Della’s top and jeans and what I’d like to be doing with it.

It was a hot day and some of the parts I had to work on were stiff and hard to move. By the time I’d finished, mid afternoon, I was hot and sweaty, my arms were covered in black oily grime and I’d got grime on my face. When Della saw me she looked me up and down and suggested I take a shower before I changed back into my clean clothes.

So a few minutes later I was up in Della’s bathroom. In it was a clothes drying rack, hanging on which were several pairs of Della’s panties. Since I started masturbating in my teens I’ve had a thing about women’s panties and frequently borrowed my mother’s panties from the wash basket to play with. I liked to put them on and admire how sexy they looked and the way my erect cock bulged in them. I would masturbate over them or stroke my cock off through them while wearing them. Della’s panties were far briefer than any of the typically white or pastel cotton knickers my mother wore. They were like the kind of sexy panties and tiny thongs my girl friends wore.

As I washed the grime off my hands, arms and face I felt my cock rising as I ran my eyes over Della’s panty collection. I stripped naked for my shower, and I couldn’t resist the lure of Della’s panties. They were all sorts of colours, white, pink, red, blue and black, some were not much more than thongs or G-strings, and some were see through. With my hands now clean I took one from the rack: a black see through lace thong. I ran it through my fingers and stroked it over my by now hard up erect penis and imagined Della in it.

Just for fun I put it on. The thong would have looked brief enough on Della but on me it looked minute. My hard up cock pushed it out in a huge cone with the thin black lace taut over my big round knob. My penis was clearly visible through the lace and my pubic hair was poking out at the sides. I was admiring myself in the big wall length mirror, fingering my straining penis through the black lace when the bathroom door opened and in came Della – stark naked!

Della’s naked body was every bit as good as I’d imagined in my masturbation fantasies. She had big heavy breasts with deep pink nipples and her vagina slit was neatly ringed with almost black cunt hair. She came straight to me and snuggled herself against me so her big soft breasts were gently pressed against my arm and her bare thighs straddled mine so her cunt was agains my thigh. She reached down one hand to finger my balls and run her fingers up and down the bulging ridge of my erect cock through tuzla escort the lace of her thong and caressed my bum with her other hand.

“I left my knickers out for you,” Della said. “Do you like them?”

As Della pressed herself against me my one hand almost involuntarily went round her waist, slid down her back and over her hips to fondle her well rounded soft smooth bottom, the tops of her thighs and her lightly furred cunt. My other hand went straight to her big soft breasts. Della pulled her thong down round my thighs below my balls. My penis sprang out and in the big wall mirror in front of us I watched it bounce stiffly. My erect cock’s not much more than six inches long but sticking up hard it looked massive.

Della’s fingers were instantly on my balls tickling them and ruffling my pubic hair, and lightly caressing and stroking my penis shaft and head. I let Della’s thong fall round my feet and kicked it aside. I spread my legs for Della’s exploring fingers and involuntarily shoved my hips forward as my penis tingled with arousal and the beginnings of the cum Della’s fingers were taking me to.

“Your mother told me you masturbate over her knickers,” Della said. “Would you like me to wank you over mine?”

I stood there stunned with the triple whammy that my mother knew I had a fetish about her knickers, that she’d told Della I wanked over them, and Della’s offer of a hand job! Without waiting for my reply Della continued.

“She says you lube your cock with this when you masturbate.”

She detached herself from me for just long enough to reach for a bottle of body oil on the bathroom shelf. It was the same brand as my mother’s bottle in our bathroom. I’d discovered early in my masturbation career that with my hand well oiled my fist round my shaft felt just like a tight juicy vagina. My mother must have noticed the level in her bottle slowly going down. Della snuggled her naked body against me again and smeared the oil onto my straining penis shaft with her fingers. The feel of her warm oiled hand gently stroking my shaft and knob as she spread the lube over my shaft and penis head, with her fingers lightly tickling my balls was exquisite.

She ran her finger up and down the underside of my penis, with the bend of her knuckle catching that so sensitive spot where my shaft meets my knob. My cock felt taut enough to snap and ready to explode, with the veins standing up along my shaft and my knob a deep reddish purple. I was almost on the brink already. I groaned with the sexual pleasure.

“Go on! Wet my knickers!” Della said in a soft voice, but with an edge of excitement.

Della’s black lace thong was at my feet but the rack was close to my hand so I took a pair of pale pink satin panties from it. I stretched them and brushed the taut satin over my shaft and across my penis head the way I’d done so many times with my mother’s panties. My penis left a wet patch of pre cum on the pink satin. I could tell Della was getting more and more excited as she watched me excite my cock with her panties.

Della wrapped her hand round my shaft with her thumb and finger in a ring just below the base ridge of my cock head. I spread my legs wide, shoved my hips forward and braced myself. Then Della hand jobbed me. She stroked and tugged my foreskin with her well oiled hand tight round my shaft sliding methodically and rhythmically up and down full length. With one hand I held Della’s panties in front of me with my penis head against the satin, stroking the smooth cloth across my sensitive, lust swollen penis head. I couldn’t keep my other hand off her bottom and thighs. As she pleasured my cock with one hand Della caressed and tickled my bum with her other hand, reaching right under me to tickle my arse and balls from underneath.

All the masturbation fantasies I’d had about sex with Della flooded through my mind. This time her naked body was against mine for real and instead of just dreaming of her nude. In the wall mirror I ogled her body and watched her big breasts pendik escort bobbing with the rhythm of her hand on my penis.

I must have put on a good show for Della. As my cum began to rise I squirmed and thrust. I grunted out like when I masturbate, saying things like “Wanna fuck your hairy cunt you whore!” Della obviously loved it all. Della must have felt my penis suddenly stiffen in her hand, and she took me through slowly and deliciously to my cum with just her oiled thumb and finger sliding up and down across the base of my penis head and her other fingers lightly stroking my shaft. A delicious cum exploded and my cock jerked in Della’s hand as I spurted several splashes of semen onto her pink satin panties. As I stood there with my still half erect sticking out in front of me Della used her panties to wipe the dangling strand of semen from my penis head.

Della suggested we take a shower together. I was even more hot and sweaty after a good hard hand job. The shower cubicle was quite small for the two of us. But I certainly had no objection to that. Della’s dripping wet breasts, legs and buttocks and her wet cunt hair constantly pressed and rubbed against me, and my steadily stiffening cock brushed over her naked body. Della soaped my body, standing so close to me her nipples were against my front and my penis head was poking her belly. She lathered my penis, balls and backside and licked the soap off with her tongue, and I did the same for her breasts, cunt and buttocks.

After a few minutes of that my erection was rock hard and almost vertical again. Della turned off the shower then as I stood there with my hard cock sticking out she slowly squatted down in front of me, spreading her legs wide. Della fingered my cock and balls as she kissed me slowly down my front, and I saw she was also fingering and stroking her vagina lips.

Della braced her back against the cubicle wall as her kisses reached my belly button. A moment later her lips were level with the head of my straining cock. She looked up at me with her big grey eyes, then kissed me all around the tops of my thighs, and over my balls. Then she ran her tongue slowly and luxuriously up and down my penis shaft, flicking my penis head with her tongue. Anticipating what was coming next I spread my legs and braced my feet against the cubicle sides. Della took just the head of my penis into her mouth and rolled her tongue over it. After exquisite moments of that she began to slide her moist lips smoothly up and down my hard penis shaft. At the same time she continued to play with herself between her legs and I realised she was masturbating.

I’d been sucked off by girls, usually quickies by inexperienced girls who did it because they didn’t want to get pregnant, but Della was making it an art! Anticipating a suck off, my penis felt like an iron bar again. I involuntarily shoved my hips forward, trying to ram my penis as far into Della’s mouth as I could, and pulled her head toward my belly. But instead of sucking me to orgasm she stopped.

Della leaned back against the cubicle wall, squatting with her legs spread wide. Her fur ringed vagina was gaping wide, her pink inner labia were peeping out and her hand was down between her wide spread legs rhythmically stroking her vagina up and down.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Della moaned, followed by “Want!”

That’s when I realised that rather than the anticipated suck off, I was going to be filling Della’s hungry cunt. My erection cranked up a notch or two. Della stood, took my hand and led me to her bedroom, with my hard aroused penis swinging deliciously heavily.

There was a big double bed. Della got onto it on all fours with her knees wide. Her breasts swung under her, and they were so big her nipples brushed against the bed cover. Her bottom was toward me and I could see her hairy sex mound and gaping vagina between her spread thighs. An instant after she’d got into that position her hand appeared between her legs just below her bum cheeks and from behind her I saw she was aydınlı escort still masturbating. She was gasping and moaning with arousal, her fingers were methodically stroking her vagina and her buttocks and breasts were quivering with the motion of her hand.

“Pleasure me!” Della gasped, looking at me over her shoulder with a wild look in her eyes.

I got on the bed, kneeling behind her close enough that my cock head brushed against her bare thigh. I caressed her bottom, running my fingertips along the valley between her bum cheeks, and the backs and insides of her spread thighs, slowly working toward her pussy. As Della’s arousal rose I slid my hand between her spread legs and began rhythmically and smoothly stroking her vagina lips. Della’s excited gasps and moans told me I was hitting the right spot. As her cries got louder and more shrill I slid my fingertip to her clitoris, the little hard peak at the top of a woman’s vagina, the centre of her sexual sensitivity. After few minutes of Della’s gasps, cries and squeals the orgasm my hand was giving her exploded.

“Coming! Coming!” Della shrieked.

Her whole body shuddered. Her hips jerked to thrust her sex mound against my hand and her swinging breasts bounced with her orgasm spasms. The pleasure pulses of her orgasm went on for some time, till finally she gave a long sigh and visibly relaxed. I still had my hand between her legs cupped over her sex mound, gently massaging and stroking her throbbing aroused pussy with my fingers. With my other hand, anticipating getting my cock between her legs, as I pleasured Della I lightly fingered my penis to take it to maximum stiffness and sensitivity.

Della looked at me over her shoulder, and her eyes said it all even before she softly whispered

“Want your cock in me!”

She spread her thighs wider, lifted her bottom up and moved slightly forward to give me more room. I’d never had a girl in that position before, only under me in missionary position or riding my rod from on top. I was hot and ready to try this new position! I moved behind Della so my penis head was resting in the valley between her bum cheeks. Then I leaned forward and guided my penis with my hand so its head prodded the opening of her vagina. Della moaned softly, then with one firm thrust my shaft slid full length into her vagina till my bush was between her bum cheeks. I savoured the delicious warm tightness of her vagina squeezing my shaft before I began to shag her.

I was too aroused and too close to orgasm to take my time. I just wanted to enjoy a good shag in a new sex position. Della’s vagina was well oiled with her juice and squeezed my stiff shaft as tightly and deliciously as her oiled hand when she’d wanked me. Holding her by her spread thighs I pumped her smoothly and rhythmically. Della was still hot from her climax and she moaned, whimpered and gasped, obviously enjoying my hard cock exciting her still throbbing vagina. Feeling my orgasm starting I slowed my thrusts to prolong the rising pleasure. As my orgasm swelled and burst I gripped her thighs to pull her bum against my belly, then my cock jerked inside her and my orgasm thrust as I filled her with semen pushed her up the bed.

I stayed kneeling behind Della for a short while with my cock in her then I moved back and climbed off the bed. Della stayed on all fours and I saw droplets of my semen were caught in her pubes and rivulets of my semen were tricking down the insides of her thighs. I stood there with my still half erect cock sticking straight out in front of me. Della swung round and looked at me with satisfaction on her face. Then she took my penis head into her mouth to to suck a last couple of pleasure pulses and semen spurts out of my cock.

When I got home later my mother told me Della had just been on the phone to tell her how grateful she was for all I’d done for her, and glad she’d even been able to give me a helping hand. As my mother spoke she gave me one of her mischievous little smiles and I wondered what else Della had told her.

That night I found that my mother had left my favourite creamy white embroidered cotton thong in the wash basket. On my bed later, masturbating over the soft cotton with my hard straining cock glistening with my mother’s body oil I enjoyed Della again in my dreams.