Getting Back At My Wife Pt.2


Getting Back At My Wife Pt.2Both of us continued down this naughty spiral of dirty,naughty and always unprotected sex.She was also married but hated her husband and always told me I was far more superior to him in looks,brains istanbul escort and cock size which made me feel very good. I started feeling myself falling very avcılar escort deeply in love with her I mean she was gorgeous(to me)had an amazing pussy which I couldnt stay out of and was very şirinevler escort thick in all the right places and at one point she could tell me to do anything(besides leave my wife)and I would do it.During one of our sessions she told me she wanted to get pregnant on my wifes bed so she could prove our affair to my wife and destroy her in the worst way so once again I went for it you wouldve thought I might be to scared to actually do that but honestly the very thought of it made my hispanic cock rise!…………To Be Continued.