Gentleman’s Club Ch. 01


A few evenings a week, I work as the ‘entertainment’ at an exclusive gentleman’s club, paid well to do whatever the men want. Sometimes I am ordered to put on a show for anyone who wants to watch and the rest of the time I am available to be summoned by any of them as they sit around in their leather armchairs sipping expensive whisky. I am dressed for their pleasure in just a black bodice that leaves my breasts exposed, stockings attached to the bottom of the bodice and high heels. Usually I begin the evening with a dress over the top, but it ends up being removed quite quickly, often by the manager, who likes to take advantage of his position by insisting on checking that I am dressed appropriately. I am forbidden to wear any knickers, being required to leave myself available to for use in any hole.

Tonight, the first man to summon me is Mr J, a regular who is usually gentle and undemanding. He asks me to fetch him another whisky. I return with a glass and lean over him slightly to place it on the side table next to his chair. Then I stand in front of him, awaiting any further instructions, and he pats his knee for me to sit. As I perch on his knee, he pulls me towards him, kissing me while his hands roam gently over my back and down to my bottom, giving it a firm squeeze before pushing me away and waving his hand to dismiss me, at least for now.

As I walk back across the room, Mr W clicks his fingers at me. He points to the floor in front of him, ordering me to kneel, then unzips his trousers, freeing his cock. Grabbing my head roughly, he pulls it towards his crotch. I feel his cock become stiffer as I work my mouth up and down the shaft, occasionally pulling back to run my tongue over the tip. As it reaches its full hardness, he places his hand firmly on the back of my head, forcing me to take his cock deeply. I struggle to take his entire length, especially at that angle, but thankfully he is in a gentler mood than usual and does not force it into my throat, allowing me to use my hand to cover the part of his cock that is still outside my mouth. It is not long before I feel his cum spurting into my mouth. Obediently, I swallow, feeling slightly ashamed of having to perform such intimate actions with men to whom istanbul travesti I mean nothing. He grabs my hair to pull me upright on my knees, gives one of my exposed nipples a sharp pinch and then tells me to go. I have a quick drink and reapply my lipstick before waiting to be summoned again.

Mr P is the next to request my company. He orders me to turn around to face away from him and to bend over. I blush as I feel him staring at my arse and pussy, trying not to think about how exposed I am. His hands grab my arse and stroke it before he gives me a few sharp spanks. I gasp in surprise, but manage to hold my position, knowing that disobedience will only earn me a harder punishment. His spanks become harder and I feel my arse becoming warm and probably looking rather red. It hurts, but I have no choice except to endure it (or to use a safeword and leave this well-paid job). As he finishes, he rubs a finger over my pussy and turns me to face him. “You’re wet – you enjoyed that, didn’t you? Such a slut…”. He pushes his finger into my mouth and I suck it clean, tasting the wetness that betrays my arousal. I can see other men watching me and I know that there are others behind me who are staring at my red arse. “Go, slut,” he tells me.

As I walk away, blushing, my arm is grabbed by another man, Mr B. He pulls me onto his lap so that I am straddling him then positions me over his cock, which he has freed from his trousers and covered with a condom. He forces me down until I have taken his entire length inside me. I moan softly in pleasure as well as slight surprise and he orders me to ride his cock. After a while, my legs tire and he holds me in place while he thrusts upwards until he cums. Then he instructs me to kneel, remove the condom and clean his cock, which quickly softens as I lick every part of it.

Having been dismissed, I dispose of the condom and take a few minutes to clean myself up a bit and have a quick drink before heading back out. Much as I try to tell myself that this is just a job, I am aroused by the control these men have over me, despite the feelings of shame at the way that they use me. I desperately hope that one of the men will choose to provide me with an orgasm kadıköy travesti before the end of the evening.

I am summoned by Mr N, a man who comes in here frequently. He always demands to be referred to as ‘Daddy’.

“I saw you over there with that man. Someone has been a naughty little girl, haven’t they?” he asks.

“Yes, Daddy,” I reply.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I have been a naughty little girl, Daddy.”

“And what happens to naughty little girls?” he continues.

“Naughty little girls get punished, Daddy,” I reply, playing along.

He positions me over his lap, telling me to ask him to spank me.

“Please spank me, Daddy,” I say, glad that he can’t see the blush creeping over my face as I utter these words. He begins gently, but quickly builds up the pace and intensity. Involuntarily, my hands reach back to cover my bottom. He grabs my wrists, holding them firmly in place behind my back, and hooks his leg around my legs, pushing me forwards and immobilising me. I cannot help crying out at the sting as his large hand continues to slap my arse, but thankfully he stops before I am brought to actual tears.

“Good girl,” he says. “Now, don’t forget to thank me…”

“Thank you, Daddy…” I stutter.

“For what?”

“Thank you for spanking me, Daddy.”

He sends me off to tidy up my makeup and I begin to wonder how much more I can take this evening.

The next man who summons me is new to the club and I have not met him before. “I have been watching you this evening,” he says, “and now I want to see whether you’re worth my time.” He orders me to stand in front of him and then to slowly turn around. When I turn back to face him, he sits up and grabs my breasts firmly, one in each hand, squeezing and kneading the flesh. “Very nice firm tits, not huge, but enough to fill a hand…” His comments about my body make me blush, feeling even more exposed than if he was merely looking and feeling in silence. Then his attention turns to my nipples, rolling them between his fingers and pinching them, smirking when I emit a squeak of pain. “I love seeing a girl with hard, sensitive nipples… They would look wonderful anadolu yakası travesti with a pair of clamps…”. His hands roam down my sides and my hips and he pulls me towards him, positioning me so that my feet are outside his feet and his knees are between my legs, keeping them spread wide. In this position, with his eyes focused so intently on my body, I feel exposed and vulnerable. His hand reaches between my legs, pulling on my lips and rubbing a finger up and down my slit before pushing it inside me, quickly followed by a second finger. “What a lovely, wet pussy, so tight and inviting… I wonder how many fingers I could fit inside you…” he muses, “…maybe another evening…”. He withdraws his fingers from me and reaches them towards my clit, rubbing gently until he hears me moan in pleasure. “No, not yet, girl… But come and find me nearer the end of the evening and I may consider giving you some relief, if you’ve been good.”

Mr S requests my presence next, asking me to bring him a glass of wine and a bottle of lube. I bring him the requested items and he orders me to turn around, bend over with my legs straight and rest my forearms on the footstool. This position leaves my arse raised up with my head lower but keeps me fairly stable. Behind me, I hear him open the bottle of lube and then feel him rubbing the cold liquid around my arse. His finger pushes into my arse gently at first, then deeper and more firmly. When my tight hole begins to loosen, he adds a second finger, pumping them into me. He senses that my body is ready and orders me to stand up. I hear a condom packet being opened behind me before he pulls me down onto his lap, guiding me so that the tip of his cock rests against my arse. He orders me to lower myself down onto his cock. I am grateful at least that I can control the pace as I begin to impale myself on his hard cock, pausing every so often to allow my body time to adjust. Eventually, I feel my buttocks resting on his legs. Realising that I cannot move enough in this position, he orders me to stand up and I feel his cock sliding out of me. Then he returns me to my earlier position, lines up his cock and slides it into me in one firm stroke. Although I am physically prepared, I gasp in shock as I feel myself being stretched around him. He thrusts into me in hard, fast thrusts and it is not long before he reaches his orgasm.

As I go off to dispose of another used condom, I reflect on my evening so far. I have already been groped, spanked and fucked in all three holes. What more can the evening hold for me?