Game Day

Big Tits

Game day was always one of her favorite get-togethers but this one was going to be mind blowing, she just knew it. Nikki was just starting to get ready for tonight’s fun, she had the package from her husband sitting on the bed, it was still unopened, just as he had requested. She was allowed to open it once she had washed and prepared herself for the evening.

She dropped her shower wrap on the edge of the sink in the bathroom, and stepped into the steaming shower. Nikki loved the feel of the hot water first touching and flowing down her long, firm body. Today she would not waste time, she had to be ready when Kevin, her husband, got here. He had also told her that she was not allowed to pleasure herself this evening, he wanted her to be ‘fresh’ and waiting. So she washed her long wavy brown hair and lathered body wash from her ears over her full breasts, bellybutton, pussy and butt, down to her toes.

Once done and dry she was ready to open the package and see what she would be wearing tonight. What she pulled out was a series of leather straps and some beautiful blue fabric that was so sheer she could see every detail of her hand through it. At the bottom of the box was a sealed letter that had “After you’re dressed.” written on it.

The top that Nikki put on was made of super soft leather, but it’s only function was to hold her generous breasts on a ‘shelf’ formed from the two wide straps. As she tightened the top it drew her breasts up higher and closer together, making them look fuller and more inviting, so that any observer would be even more enticed to touch and suck on them. The lower part of her outfit was a low hip-slung belt of silver that hugged her wide hips perfectly. It had small silver bells along the edge and the sheer fabric attached to the sides. At the ankles there were ties so that the gauze covered her legs, but not much else. She looked at herself in the full length mirror and saw a sexy harem woman just waiting for her master. Nikki loved her outfit and already her body was heating up, eager for the night with all its promised surprises to begin. Turning back to the bed she pulled the letter from the bottom of the box and opened it.

“Here are some clues about tonight, my love.” Kevin had written. “From the way you reacted last game night I thought you would enjoy this twist. I will come for you at 8 o’clock sharp. I will bring a cloak and a blindfold. The cloak you will lose once we get where we are going, but the blindfold you will wear the entire night. I have invited a few friends, people we trust, but you won’t know who, or exactly how many there are. You will do anything asked of you, and you may only speak when answering a question. I am going to enjoy you, and enjoy watching you tonight.”

She set the letter down, and walked out into the living room feeling her heat rise as she considered the contents of the letter. As she sat on the couch she heard a key in the lock on the front door, and in stepped her boyfriend. Kevin was a good 5″ taller than her, he had light brown hair pulled back in a neat ponytail, storm gray eyes, his skin tanned from his love of the sun, and an athletic body. Over his left arm were the promised items, and when he saw Nikki his hand froze as it was reaching for the light switch.

“Oh, yes.” He spoke as he walked over to her, pushing the door shut. Leaving the hall light as the sole source of illumination. He could see her breasts quivering slightly as she tried to keep herself still.


Kevin had picked out Nikki’s outfit, and had a good mental picture of what it would look like, but seeing this beautiful creature in her finery was stunning. He could feel his body stirring and with the knowledge of what the evening held in store for his wife gave him an added thrill of excitement. As he walked across the room he watched as she slid her hands along her body, down her sides and over her thighs as his gaze seemed to heat her flesh every where he looked. Nodding as he noticed that she obeyed his earlier command to not please herself, keeping her hands away from her breasts and crotch.

“That looks very nice,” He murmured, “All that smooth flesh bare, so tempting.” He leaned over to kiss her, gently at first, then he took her mouth harder, hinting at the rough play to come later. “How hot and wet has this gotten you, my pet?” He slid his hand down her exposed side, fingers whispering over her belt, making the bells chime, and slipping over her shaved pussy. She whimpered a little as he slowly slid a finger into the dampness between her legs. He held back a groan and fought to control himself, to keep from pushing her back and taking her right there.

“Mmm… yes, my baby is so ready for tonight’s fun, isn’t she?” His husky voice rumbled. Nikki could only nod and gasp as Kevin slid two fingers into her, and he could see the ripples of feeling that ran through her body echoed in her face. She made a small sound of disappointment when he drew his hand away. He licked one finger, then set the other on her lip and istanbul travesti smiled as she sucked her own juices off of it.

“Stand up.” He said, and when she did he put her collar on her. It was dark blue with small silver bells on it, that tinkled softly like the ones on her belt. Then he tied the blindfold on, taking away her sight as he asked, “You read the instructions, yes?” Nikki nodded. “Are you ready?” He questioned.

“Very much so.” Nikki replied. Kevin smiled at his wife, put the full length cloak on her, hooked a velvet cord to her collar and lead her out the door to his car.


During the drive Nikki kept silent, but her mind was racing. She had no real idea what to expect, where they were going, or who was going to be there. She guessed that she was going to be the entertainment or possibly a prize for the winner of tonight’s game. Mixed with the excitement that was flowing through her body was a little fear. She knew that Kevin would never let anything bad happen to her, so it was not really a fear of pain. At least, no more pain then she could handle. It was a fear of the unknown, the darkness that he had put her into, and that she had willingly agreed to.

Once they reached their destination and the car stopped she heard Kevin get out, his door shut, a few moments of silence then her door being opened and she was being helped out of the car. As he lifted her up he whispered, “I will be watching you always, no matter if it’s me touching your body or if someone else is. Enjoy yourself and don’t be scared to just let go.” Then his body heat was gone, but she felt a tug from the lead he had attached to her collar, so with a secret smile on her lips she stepped forward.

She was led up a few steps, then through a doorway. When the door shut behind her the sounds of the street disappeared. They were inside in a quiet room Nikki guessed was empty but for them, and Kevin had her stop. She could hear muffled music and talking (quite a few male voices) as if it were all coming through a wall. Her hands were lifted and a goblet was placed there.

“Here is some wine with a little surprise in it.” His voice rumbled in the room, and knowing that her husband would never harm her, Nikki drank. “The surprise,” Kevin continued, “Will just enhance what you feel. Whether you are touched here,” He trailed a hand down her neck. “Here,” His hand grazed a nipple as he slipped her cloak off. “Or here,” He said as the skin right above her clit was flicked, making Nikki twitch and stifle a moan. “Your body will tingle and pleasure will come in waves.” Nikki finished the last of the wine, and felt the first warm flush start to spread from her belly out as the cup was taken away.

“Now, you will wait here a moment more. You know the rules. No speaking, and no peaking.” Then a door was opened and noise flooded in. Music with a seductive beat, men talking and laughing, then it was muted again after the door closed. She didn’t know if there was anything to sit on so she stood and after a minute shifted her weight. When she did her body suddenly felt like it was being brushed by a warm breeze with a tingle chasing it. When that tingle hit her pussy she gasped and moaned in pleasure. Kevin was right, she thought, her body felt alive and all she wanted was to be touched, to feel that tingle again. As she guiltily ran her hands over her breasts she could hear Kevin in the other room, calling everyone’s attention.

“Tonight’s prize is one that I know we will all enjoy.” She heard his muted voice say as the music faded. “If you win a pot, you may tease her. If you win a round, you may play with her. If you win between tables, you may pleasure yourself with her. If you win the tourney… you may have an hour with her.” Nikki realized now that she was indeed going to be a prize, but not just to the ultimate winner. She was going to be a prize many times over. She moaned softly, let her head roll back a little as she ran her hands down her sides, and swayed her body again anticipating the tingle this time. Sounds returned as the was door opened, this time when the music washed over her, every throb made her want to move.


Kevin looked at a fellow sitting on a chair facing Nikki in the room she was standing in, got a nod, a grin and a thumbs up. He grinned back and picked up the lead to his wife’s collar. He pulled gently and she slowly walked forward into the game room. Murmurs, approving whispers, whistles and a few cat calls were to be heard as she was lead through the midst of them.

“Here is a cushion for you to sit on.” Kevin said to her, as he helped her down to lounge in it’s silky support. “Let the games begin!” He announced and the music picked back up. As the men played and appreciated the beautiful and tempting prize, Nikki was fed treats and given more wine, and the men played cards.


“Haha! I’ve won!” A deep voice called out after a quick round, and Nikki felt a jolt of excitement shoot through şişli travesti her. The voice continued, “I request that my prize would be to see her dance for us.”

“Very well,” Kevin’s voice answered from next to her. Nikki was lifted and the music merged into a rolling erotic tempo. The wine and surprise was singing inside her, and the music carried her off. Her body started to sway, and the pleasure of movement had her rising and the pressure in her building. Her breasts bounced and when she arched her back they strained at the leather, practically begging for a caress. Her belt jingled softly with every tilt of her hips, and the gauze fluttered about her, caressing her legs and hiding nothing from the eyes that watched. As she swayed, the tingle chased her and her pussy juices started trickling down the inside of her thighs. She could imagine every man there growing hard.

Nikki was called back to her cushion and the games resumed. This time when she sat down her legs were arranged so she sat with her thighs wide, her damp, puffy pink lips fully exposed. Someone (Nikki guessed it was Kevin or possibly the winner) took a soft cloth and ran it up her legs, wiping the fluid up, then ran the cloth over her clit, sending her to the brink of a shuddering orgasm.

“Looks like she has plenty of lube to go around, aye boys?” Someone called out. Nikki was a little shy, but with the help of the wine and surprise working for her she was enjoying the attention and the promise of more to come. She leaned back and rolled her hips, knowing that she was what every man in there was craving.

“Ha! It’s my turn now, guys.” A younger voice called out a few minutes later as he made his way over to Nikki’s seat. The only warning she had was hearing him kneel near her, then she had a finger being run up her damp slit, making her moan sensually. The finger trailed up her belly, over her breasts and then was pressed into her mouth for her to suck on. His other hand caressed her breast, then caught a nipple between his thumb and finger and squeezed. Nikki let out a low wail as waves of pleasure jolted from her breast down to her hot pussy.


Seeing that her slit was damp again the guy picked up an empty long-neck beer bottle and grinned wickedly at his friends. As he reached down and spread her pouting lips he dipped the bottle mouth first into the cooler that had ice water and more beers floating in it and held it there. Then just as Nikki’s breathing had smoothed out he lifted the bottle out of the water and set the cold wet glass against her pussy. When she felt the ice cold glass against her heat, her body arched back, begging for it. He slowly pushed the bottle in a few inches, Nikki gasped and moaned and more pearly liquid poured over the bottle. “Oh, god.” He said, “I have to win this tonight.” He gave the bottle a couple of pumps, sending shock waves rocking though Nikki’s body making her hips jerk, then took it away, leaving her gasping on the cushion.

The next winner came up and without saying anything, latched his mouth on one of her nipples and spread her pussy lips back, exposing her clit. Then, in time with nips of his teeth at her nipple, he flicked that sensitive nub with a finger rocking her world. Nikki was now in a haze from wine, pleasure and about to cry if someone didn’t stick his cock in her soon.


Kevin was the next winner and instead of letting Nikki know it was him he decided to reach into his bag of goodies and pulled out a dildo with a vibrating head. He got in front of Nikki and pushed her back on the seat so she was reclining with her pussy wide open, exposed to everyone in the room, and waiting. He used his fingers to open her moist lips wide, slid the tip of the dildo over her clit, then slipped just the first inch or two into her.


Nikki was whimpering softly, trying to keep her body still. When the thing that was in her started to vibrate she jumped a little and let out a low moan, rocking her hips forward just before the dildo was quickly pushed to the hilt into her wet pussy. Her head fell back as she almost screamed from the ecstasy that flooded her body. The big cock started pumping slowly, then faster as Nikki’s responses grew louder. She felt two men grab her wrists and two others captured her ankles, the cards forgotten, as she was driven over that edge. She came in a body racking, pussy soaking, screaming wave that had every guy there hard as rock and eager to bury himself in her tight heat.


The men decided that the next hand of cards would determine the final winner, and while Nikki lay recovering from the dildo, sipping wine, that final round was played. A voice Nikki didn’t recognize said, “That’s it boys. I win the final prize. But I’ll be nice and collect it right here instead of taking her to the other room.” The speaker’s voice had slowly grown louder as he approached Nikki’s seat. Now she felt his hands slide from her ankles bakırköy travesti up her legs, over her hips, and up her sides to brush her sensitive nipples. Then he cupped her breasts and pinched one of her erect buds as his mouth latched onto the other. His other hand slipped down to slide two fingers into her still throbbing pussy.

“Mmm, just feel how hot and wet you are. Ready for me to plunder you, beautiful?”

Nikki breathed, “Oh, yes. Please…” She rocked her hips into his hand, and he put three fingers into her and spread them, stretching her sheath and making her gasp and groan. Then his hand left her and Nikki almost said something, but remembered the rules. She felt a mouth cover her pussy, and as her hips jumped up, hands grabbed her butt holding her there. She could feel his tongue probing into her heat, licking her juices and flicking over her clit. There were hands also on her breasts, squeezing, and pinching, pulling at her nipples. It was too much to bear, she screamed as she came into the mouth, and could feel him sucking and licking her juices up.

The next thing she knew she was being flipped onto her hands and knees, the cushion supporting her stomach leaving her breasts hanging free. Her wrists and ankles were once again captured and held. Nikki felt a thrill run through her at the thought of all these men watching her, more then likely all with their cocks out, all with their eyes on her. The men holding her legs spread her thighs wider, opening her up and getting her ready. Then she had the wonderful feeling of the velvety head of a dick being pressed against her pussy. She tilted her hips up, begging for more, felt hands grabbing her hips, and then a thick cock being slowly pushed into her. When the ridge of it’s head popped into her she twitched and moaned, pushing back into him, begging for more. The juices of her cunt made his full entry so smooth into her tight heat, Nikki and the man both moaned at the same time. He pulled back, inching out of her, then he slammed himself into her, making her cry out and gasp.

Then the dick left her and she could feel a dildo being slid into her pussy, pumped a few times, then it disappeared. As she felt the head of the dick slipped back into her wet sheath she felt the toy being pressed against her anus. She moaned, tossed her head back and rocked her hips making the cock and dildo slide deep into her.

As the winner of Game Night continued to pump into her she felt a hand on her chin and a thumb on her lip. She opened her mouth to suck on the thumb but got another cock. As the man behind her pounded into her it made her mouth fuck the cock in front of her. She hummed in pleasure and could feel the vibrations of her voice in the cock on her tongue.


Kevin looked up from Nikki’s lips on his cock and grinned at his friend who was fucking her. His friend grinned back and pulled back his hand then slapped her ass hard leaving a red hand print instantly. She wailed against the cock in her mouth and bucked her hips up into his groin. As she was being fucked from both ends Kevin glanced around the small room at the guys he had selected. Some had known what tonight’s prize was going to be, and others he kept in the dark just so he could see their faces now. They were all gathered around his beautiful wife, cocks out and hands pumping away as they watched and listened to her moans and wails. Their eyes were glued on her body, bare ass in the air, breasts hanging over the edge of the cushion and being bounced back and forth. A cock in her pussy, toy in her ass and her lips wrapped around his dick. God he loved this woman.


Nikki could feel the orgasm building, the cock in her pussy was thick and she loved the feel of him stretching her. The added pleasure of the toy in her ass made her feel every movement the man did that much more. She tilted her hips and could feel his balls slapping her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her. The dick in her mouth she knew, she loved to please her husband this way. The ridges and veins in Kevin’s shaft were well known to her, and she knew just what he liked. She lifted her chin and swirled her tongue across the bottom of his cock as the head fucked her throat. The hands on her wrists and ankles were jerking as those men were pumping their cocks watching her get fucked two ways. All this attention and the desire she felt from the room gave her this extra thrill that she had never really guessed was there to be had. She moaned against one cock as the other drove her off the edge.


With Nikki’s pussy clamping on his dick the friend got a nod from Kevin and they both pounded into her hard a few more times then came almost at the same time. One pulsing into her cunt, the other exploding into her mouth, cum sliding down her throat. Kevin had a handful of her hair and groaned as she sucked every drop of cum that she could out of his body.


The cock in her pussy finished its pulsing, her ass was given one more good smack and she could feel him pull out of her letting his cum and her juices run down her legs. There were moans and grunts of the men all around her as they all brought themselves to climax and she could feel cum being squirted all over her body. Hot sticky globs landing on her back, sides, ass and face.