Funny and sad


Funny and sadI have been so long now by xHamster, or maybe not. Have been traveling through my and your adult sweet factory. I love it by the by.Somewhere, along the line, I start looking, no I mean realy looking what is going on around me in this wonderful world, my real and fantasy world.Before 1985, I had a world, also with sex, but I am not going to go into that at this time.1985, my sex world woke up, wheew and how, I had moved to another country.browsing in a newsagent, I found the “Story of O”, it looked pendik escort good from the cover, so I took it home. Fuck. That turned my swich, after half an hour, I ran back to the store fore the second half, wheew got it.Hey but that is only fantasy, right. Do people realy get a kick out of being dominated?I think I am a little wet behind the ears,hell I’m randy and fuck with this and the next girl for the next two years, each time getting a little wierder, but I am still not sure.Then kağıthane escort I am at home one lovely day, alone and decide to take an lsd trip, hey I’m alone and can enjoy it alone, just oneprob. when I’m on trip I realy enjoy eating, so I am in my kitchen making something to eat, when there is a nock at the door. I think oh fuck, two of my neighbours come in, a girl and a guy.They are both realy sexy, can’t find another word to describe maltepe escort them.I invite them in, and the girl detects imediatley that I am on something, and says she will make me something to eat, wheew.I then sit with her boyfriend and chat for a while, and he says he must just go over to their place to fetch something.He comes back with lots of rope. Don’t know about you, but when on trip, things can be a little out of place.He then tells his girl to strip, and to lie on the bed, which she does.(it happend I asked the next day)She was so beautiful, slim with small tits, and a fanny to die for.He then tied her to my bed, and asked me if I would like to play, fuck that blew my mind.( if there be a girl and a boy in London, that are here, and this story rings a bell, please contact me.)( your names I know, will never forget)