Fun with Sylvie #01: The Appetizer


My girlfriend Sylvie and I lived close to a community college and many of the students passed our house each day as they went to and from the college and the popular bus and transit routes. Some mornings after we had sex, Sylvie would stand at the curtain and peer through at them, sometimes with her pussy still filled with my cum and tell me how hot some of the guys were. I paid no attention until she started to pull open the curtains while still naked and pretend to me that she forgot that the sidewalk would be busy with passing students. It still didn’t bother me much as I thought how much fun it would be for them to see a naked girl on their way past in the morning.

I had become used to what I guess was her flashing these guys and sometimes girls as well and never thought about it too much, although all the time knowing she was a very horny girl with an open mind and wild sense of adventure. One morning after I had fucked her, she got back into bed with me and asked, “Would you ever let some of them fuck me?”

“Some of who?” I asked her.

She looked over at the window and the closed curtains, then gave me a little smile.

“What, those guys going to college in the morning, have them come in here and fuck you?” I said a little surprised, but also intrigued.

“Well maybe not fuck me, but I can’t stop thinking about all these cocks passing our house every day, even just to see their cocks or have them cum on me, would be amazing.”

“And what do I get out of it?” I asked her.

She thought for a moment and then said, “You get to see me covered in cum or maybe even have my pussy filled with cum.”

She knew that this was a bit of a fantasy of mine and was playing this whole thing very well. I had always liked the idea of someone else shooting their sperm into her or onto her, but unknown to her I had even thought of eating someone else’s sperm from her pussy. We had recently started to do this thing after sex, where I would delight her and myself, by going down on her after I had ejaculated inside her. It was still new to us and a huge turn on for me, frequently getting my cock rock hard again after tasting the cum between her lips. She didn’t know that I would be willing to eat cum from her pussy, even if it wasn’t mine, and I wasn’t telling her anytime soon.

I finally told her that she can do escort whatever she wants, but she had to lay all the ground work, which I’m sure she got started on that very day. About a week later, I woke around 7:45am and she was at the curtain, then moments later she pulled a T-shirt and panties on and darted to the front door. I remained in bed, but heard male voices and then the front door close. I heard her chatting with what sounded like two guys, then she ran back through to our room and closed the door.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I whispered to her.

“You know what I’m doing, I just told them to undress in the hall and then come through.”

She then pulled the T-shirt off and lay across the end of the bed with only her panties on and started to rub her fingers up and down her pussy and began to look quite nervous. Sylvie had an awesome body and was in great shape. Her breasts were full and firm and she had a truly flat stomach. Her pubic hair was jet black, but trimmed down to a fine landing strip above her completely bald pussy lips. Much to my delight, she kept her pussy in perfect shape without letting any hairs grow in on her plump little lips.

Then suddenly the door opened and in walked two 18-20 year old guys with semi hard cocks, both with neatly trimmed pubic hair and with their balls shaven.

Once in the room, they looked at me and I simply nodded my consent in Sylvie’s direction, then Sylvie rubbed her hands on her belly and down over her panties, saying, “Anywhere here guys.”

They had clearly been told exactly what to do and where to do it, now all they had to do was get the nerve to complete their mission.

I couldn’t quite believe we had got to this stage so soon, but was delighted that she had done all the work and I was going to get the pleasure of what was about to happen. They both shuffled up to the end of the bed and started to jerk off over her as Sylvie ran her hands slowly up and down her entire body. My cock stiffened under the duvet and their two cocks were instantly hard and both of them had soon exposed their thick red tips and were jerking off quite fast. I watched in disbelief as they got closer and closer to orgasm, still not quite believing this was happening.

I knew that Sylvie would have loved to have taken hold of one or both of these cocks and jerked them off and sucked on them, but she was using this first experience as a test for how these guys would handle such a situation. I guess it was also a time for us to decide if this sort of thing would become a regular occurrence, something that I was already thinking it would be.

Suddenly one of them started to smack a lot faster and indeed louder at this cock and I could see his legs begin to weaken as the other guy tried to keep up and not be left on his own jerking off. Sylvie could not take her eyes off the guy who was close to ejaculating and was rubbing her breasts and belly quite frantically as she looked up at him. He then leaned forward and stopped jerking for a moment, but pulled back firmly on his cock and then after a pause of maybe 5 seconds, his cock expanded and became smooth and shiny before it exploded and showered cum up over Sylvie’s breasts. He then pointed his cock down at her belly and splashed a whole lot of cum out onto her and this prompted the other guy to make more of an effort to reach his orgasm.

I sat up to see the cum on her breasts and belly as the second guy closed his eyes and focused on his task, then just as the first cock was dripping the last of its cum onto Sylvie, the second one shot a load straight up in the air. Sylvie had spread her thighs wide for this second cock, as he was closer to her pussy and thighs. The thick jet of sperm shot up in the air and landed on her left thigh and he soon bent the shaft down and started to hit the front of her panties directly with multiple cum shots of very thick white sperm. This was a much larger amount of cum and was hitting her panties as well as her lower stomach and thighs and the backs of her hands. As the cum was hitting her panties, Sylvie slipped a finger inside the edge of them and pull them quickly to one side, exposing her naked hole to him. The sperm splashed onto her naked pussy lips as Sylvie held the panties over to the side and I watched in amazement. It too, finally subsided and with a large drip hanging from his cock, he bent down and wiped it across her hip, leaving a small trail of cum before he stood up straight again.

At this point we all looked at each other, but no one spoke a word. Sylvie looked towards the door and the two of them must have remembered the plan and left the room quietly. They did glance back, but I guessed that Sylvie had given them pretty clear instructions of what they were to do and I heard them leave within a few minutes. As soon as the front door closed Sylvie burst out laughing and I got up on my hands and knees to take a closer look at her. As I gazed at her cum covered body, she lifted her head up and looked down at herself, then touched gently at the thick sperm on her belly with her finger tips.

“Can you fucking believe it?” she said.

And no I couldn’t quite yet. As I got out from under the duvet my cock rubbed against it and pulled my foreskin back a little and I thought I was going to orgasm just at that. Sylvie let the panties cover her pussy again and slid carefully up the bed on her back, then I got between her thighs with my cock ready to fuck her.

I looked at the cum on her breasts as it began to trickle down the sides of them and then down her sides onto the mattress, but the cum on her stomach and pussy remained thick and brilliant white.

“Well, you gonna fuck this slut or what,” she said.

“I’ll try, but don’t expect much from me,” I said as I held my cock and was ready to push it between her cummy lips. I reached own and carefully pulled the wet panties aside to expose her pussy, then Sylvie hooked her fingers into the crotch and stretched them way over, exposing her entire pussy to me. Her neat little black strip of pubic hair was completed covered in this thick opaque white cum and some thick lumps of it were sliding slowly down the insides of both her thighs. I laid my cock in the thick cum on her pussy and felt the warmth on the underside of my shaft, then as quick as I could I pushed my cock inside her and felt my orgasm begin.

I pushed deep into her as I looked down at the sperm on her and could think of nothing other than pulling my cock out and putting my mouth down on her instead and licking at the fresh cum on her belly and her pussy. As I pumped my cum into her she said, “Oh my God, you enjoyed that even more than I did,” and gave me a sly smile that made me wonder if she knew what I was thinking. Once I had cum inside her, we lay on the bed in silence and both ran our fingers up and down her naked body, smearing the cum all over her and getting used to the feel of “someone else’s sperm” on her body. It was clear to me that this was only the beginning and I was sure she was planning the next event already and I was ready for it to move to the next level.