Fun with Photos Ch. 03

Big Dicks

Todd had gotten the baby down easily enough. He always loved playing and rough housing with the boy after supper, but tonight mommy was horny. And Todd planned on making the most of that!

He could think of a couple of hundred naughty things he wanted to do with her. And he wanted to use his new camera to document all of it!

He knew he needed to login to his bank account and make his truck payment, but after that he planned on getting some pussy! He also hoped to turn Meagan on to the adult picture sharing site he found.

He was pretty sure she would be game to post some of the pictures they’d taken over the years. Maybe not right away, she might be afraid at first. He knew of her concerns with internet security. And she didn’t want people that knew her to see her pictures. But Todd knew his wife well enough to know how much she liked the attention of other men. And he knew that she would love getting complimented on her body. She would be totally turned on by knowing men were jacking off while looking at her. She would also love to get tribute pics, where men show pictures of themselves stroking and cumming on a girls posted pictures! That would make her horny as hell. And Todd planned to reap the benefits of that!

When he saw the lights on the computer that indicated that it was on, but asleep, he remembered Meagan saying that she had tried to make his payment but Jr. had fallen. He just figured she had run to him and forgot about shutting down the computer.

But when he hit the enter key and the screen came up showing a new video from Sharonshare he was confused. He hadn’t seen this video yet. He checked the date it had been posted, and it was after the last time he’d been on this site.

“Meagan must have been on here!” Todd thought to himself.

Just then he heard her behind him and turned to see her in the doorway. Her loose robe open enough to show her cleavage. Her face somewhat flushed with excitement.

“Umm, I guess by your mood tonight, that you’re not mad at me for this?” Todd asked meekly.

“No, but I have some questions.” she answered. Meagan then proceeded to untie her short, sexy robe and it fell open in the front. She closed the office door behind her and started to walk towards her husband. The robe billowed open the rest of the way.

Todd took in the site of his wife walking towards him and felt his cock start to stir. The open robe showed kaynarca escort her little strip of hair above her pussy, the labia just visible below. And her full milf tits with her nipples starting to harden. The flush on her face and look in her eye told him of her arousal.

When she got in front of her husband she stopped and looked down at the growing bulge in his gym shorts. The corner of her mouth turned up slightly at the site before she looked her him in the eye and asked “Have you posted any of our pictures on there yet?”

Todd knew then by her demeanor and the use of the word yet, that he was not in trouble. That his wife was excited by the idea.

“No Baby, I wanted to see what you thought first.” He reached out and softly slid his hands inside her robe to grab her hips and pull her closer. “If we post anything, we’ll do it together!”

Relieved by his answer Meagan allowed him to pull her closer until her knees touched his. He pulled her closer still and she straddled her husband with her knees on the big chair.

Todd could not resist sucking one of the large tits presented to his face and sucked her nipple into his mouth. Even as his fingers found her wet slit and slid easily through them to graze her clit.

Meagan gasped at the sensation and settled down on his lap.

“And when were you going to tell me about this?” She breathed.

He pulled his wet fingers free and put them in his mouth to suck them clean while looking her in the eye.

“As soon as the time was right. I think tonight would be a good time.” He answered with a smile.

“I think your right.” She said with a naughty smile of her own . “But first I need fucked!”

Todd smiled at her and said “Well you came to the right place sexy lady!”

She ground her wet pussy on the growing bulge in his gym shorts and they both moaned before going in for a deep wet kiss.

Todd slid her robe off her shoulders and she let it fall to the floor behind her.

He pulled her tight to him and his hands circled her back as he enjoyed the feel of her body on his.

It had been awhile since they had been intimate and they both reveled in the sensations they felt.

Todd could feel the heat of her pussy grinding on his erect cock. Her wetness soaking through the thin nylon material of his shorts. They kissed hungrily, their passion increasing as orhanlı escort they rubbed their bodies together.

Meagan could feel an orgasm coming on as her arousal grew and she rubbed her already excited clit and wet lips on her husbands hard prick. Nothing between them but the wet shorts.

She broke the kiss and gasped into his neck as the first ripples of climax shook her.

She surprised Todd by cumming so fast but he pushed himself against her to help make it as intense as possible.

Keeping one hand on her lower back he brought the other around to firmly grasp a tit. He groped it firmly and pinched her nipple as she gasped and whimpered into his neck.

“I need” Meagan panted “I need you inside me!” She reluctantly lifted herself up off him and they both grabbed at his shorts, frantically trying to pull them down and release his cock.

They managed to pull them down past his hips and only to the top of his thighs when Meagan grunted “Good, thats good enough!” As she held his erection upright and pointed straight at her wet target.

She lowered herself down on him until they felt his head nestled between her lips and at the entrance to her hungry pussy.

Meagan put both hands on the back of the chair and began to lower her body, taking her husbands hard dick inside her.

They looked into each others eyes and moaned together as she went slowly down until she was settled again in his lap, her pussy stretched full around his big cock.

“Oh fuck, thats what I needed!” Meagan told him.

“Mmm, me too Baby. Your pussy is so hot and wet!” Todd answered. “Did that site have you horny all day Baby?”

“Yeah, I guess.” She replied sheepishly as she started to move up and down on her husband slowly.

“How much did you see”? Todd asked as she rode him.

“Not much.” She panted in reply.

They enjoyed a slow fuck at first. She could feel every inch of his thick cock stretch and fill her. She ground her clit on him at the bottom causing more ripples of her orgasm before lifting back up to the top of the throbbing shaft.

“Did you read any of the comments on some posts?” Todd asked. He brought his other hand around and now had both his hands on her tits, squeezing them and pinching the nipples hard the way he knew she liked it.

Meagan was distracted from concentrating on the sensations in her pussy and tepeören escort on her tits.

“Comments? I didn’t see any comments.”

“Yeah,” he explained “everyone who looks at a post can comment.”

Meagan thought of the guys all around the world looking at her, and commenting. She started to fuck her husband faster when she thought about it.

“Everyone is going to love seeing your sexy body!” He told her in his low sexy voice.

He pushed her upper body back so he could lean forward and catch a hard nipple in his mouth. She cried out when he bit down on it.

“All those horny guys are going to want to suck these beautiful tits, and cum all over them!” Todd exclaimed. He licked and kissed and bit and sucked both of her luscious tits as her pace increased.

Meagan thought of the guys all around the world cumming on her tits and started to fuck Todd even harder, faster. Whimpering with the sensation of her orgasm starting. Not the small tremors she’d had before, but a full body shaking orgasm was coming on. Her whimpers changed to squeals that kept time with her increasingly fast pace.

“So many guys will want to fuck you! Want this wet pussy!” Todd told her. He knew she was starting to cum. He wanted to help get her off.

She thought about the huge greasy cock she’d seen, what was his name? BWC!

Todd thought briefly that he should have his camera to capture the moment, but thought it was in the bedroom, and his cellphone was out of reach.

He knew his wife well enough to know that she was starting into a mind blowing orgasm and he didn’t want to stop her now.

He wanted her to cum. He wanted her to cum hard! He knew she needed it.

Todd had thought he would be able to last awhile for her since he had just jacked off that morning before work. But her wet pussy flexing on his shaft felt so much better than his soapy hand.

Feeling her, and hearing her sexy squealing worked together to start that familiar churning in his balls. He didn’t fight it, didn’t even try to hold back. He fucked back against her for all he was worth.

When her eyes closed and her squeals turned to full on screams her pussy gushed and clamped down on his cock and drug him into orgasmic bliss right along with her.

Through the fog of her climax she felt her husband grow even bigger inside of her and heard his growl as she felt the hot spurts of jizz shooting inside her. She was pushed even deeper into her orgasm.

They frantically fucked each other as they shared their mutual orgasms. Both lost in each others pleasure.

It went on until they were both spent. Sweaty and out of breath, they slowed to a stop.