Fun with Bachelors


Clara lay in the floor of her bedroom closet wondering what in the hell was about to happen to her. The only items adorning her body was the ball gag placed securely in her mouth, the leather collar fastened around her neck and the rope which bound her hands in front of her stomach and her ankles close together.

The man who did this to her – her husband Carl – told her that she had to wait there until he and his buddies came back. It was his friend Rob’s last night as a single man and he wanted to give his friend a special treat he would never forget.

“I found your diary Clara,” Carl said as he bound Clara’s legs together. “I saw what you said about our boring sex life.”

The ball gag was keeping her from responding. She grumbled from under the plastic gag but Carl just stared at her smiling. “I read all of the kinky shit you fantasize about and it just so happens that my boys fantasize about you.”

Clara didn’t know any of this. She didn’t know that all of her husband’s friends were lusting after her. She didn’t know her husband had gotten a hold of her diary and she was a bit embarrassed that her secret fetishes were now known to someone besides herself. She was ashamed that he knew, but at the same time, she was excited. She had written dozens of fantasy stories in her journal. Which one was her husband going to help her live out?

After hours alone in the closet, she finally heard a car door shut from outside. She could hear a group of men laughing as they opened the door.

“Did you see the tits on that one girl?” she heard one man say.

“Yeah I wanted to fuck that girl so bad,” she heard her husband say.

“So where’s the stripper man?” another voice asked. “I thought you had a sexy surprise for us.”

“Oh I do,” she heard Carl say. “Check this out.”

Suddenly the closet door opened and Clara saw four, muscular men standing over her each holding a beer.

“Dude, isn’t that your wife?” said one man.

“Yeah Rob,” Carl said. “That’s my wife. I heard what you said to Tony. I heard what both of you said. How you’d love to fuck the shit out of her. Didn’t you say that?”

“Yeah, we did,” Rob said. “But I didn’t mean…”

“Come on,” Carl said. “She wants to. You should have seen some of the shit I’ve been reading in her diary.”

“Oh really,” Rob said. “Jim knows all about kinky women.”

“I don’t fuck them unless they’re kinky,” the last man said.

Carl came back to the room with a small book. Clara recognized the red cover, it was her diary. She moaned from under the ball gag, but her husband just smiled at her. “It’s okay honey,” he said. “This is some good shit.”

He opened the diary and his friends gathered around her to read it. “Let’s try this one.”

The other men took a few minutes to scan one of her stories. They looked over at her and nodded. The four men approached her and Clara’s heart raced in her chest as her husband and one of the other men lifted her to her feet. One of them picked her legs up and they carried her over to the bed, flung her down and she landed on her stomach. Rob stood in front of her face unzipping his pants and she couldn’t see behind her but she felt one hand riding up the back of her thigh, while another one squeezed her ass. The squeezing stopped and then was followed by a istanbul travesti hard smack. She felt yet another pair of fingers slither in between her thighs and they began small back and forth motions across her slippery pussy.

“Damn, you’re already wet,” she heard her husband say.

Rob had taken his pants off and was now removing the ball gag from her mouth. Before Clara could utter a word, Rob shoved his stiff hard cock right into her mouth. He grasped her head, holding it firmly as he started fucking her face. “Take that dick bitch,” he said as she lightly gagged over and over from the punishing thrusts which assaulted her face and mouth. She could feel someone untying her ankles.

“You need some more dick in that mouth,” she heard a man say.

She felt someone grab the collar around her neck and he pulled her up from the bed and forced her down to her knees in the floor. The other three men were naked as well and were standing all around her, thrusting their cocks right into her face. As Tony stuffed his sausage down her throat, she bobbed her head up and down slathering every inch of his member with her spit. As she sucked his dick, the other men continued to rub their cocks across her face. Rob was slapping her cheek with his dick and she would occasionally turn her head to suck him off for a few minutes. Then she would turn her head over to the next cock slapping her other cheek. Her husband watched as she tried her best to suck off three men at once and he decided that he was ready for a little fun. The three men lifted her up and brought her over to a hook that was hanging from the ceiling. There was a strap attached to it and they fastened her hands over her head. Her husband walked up to her. “You’re going to do whatever we tell you and you are going to let us do whatever we want to you. You got that bitch?”

“Yeah, I got it,” Clara said.

“No you don’t,” Carl swatted Clara’s ass with all of his might causing her to whimper loudly.

“That hurt,” she whined.

“I know bitch. It was supposed to hurt and I’m going to do it every time you forget to refer to us as master.”

“I’m sorry master,” she pleaded. “It won’t happen again.”

“Good,” Carl said as he grabbed her collar with one hand and he squeezed one of her tits tight with the other hand. She minced from the pain coming from her breast. “You’ve been writing about how you want to be treated rough, like a slut. I’m just fulfilling your fantasy. This is what you want, right bitch?”

“Yes master,” Clara said.

Carl pulled tighter on her collar. Clara could feel the pressure on her neck and she started having a slight problem breathing. He got right up to her ear and whispered. “Tell me that you want to be fucked like a dirty whore and you better end that sentence correctly.”

Her voice was somewhat hoarse because of the grip her husband had on the collar, but she managed to murmur it out. “I want to be fucked like a dirty whore master.”

Continuing to hold on tightly to the collar, Carl began kissing and licking the side of Clara’s face and neck. He continued squeezing one tit, as Rob sucked and licked the other. Tony was kneeled down in front of Clara as he fondled and fingered her pussy. She could feel her juice as it cascaded down his fingers. While istanbul travestileri the other men groped and fondled every inch of Clara’s body, Jim just stood in front of her admiring her frame. He simply stood and watched the whole thing go down, as he slowly stroked his dick. Clara wondered what his deal was, but she was in too much of a pleasurable state to worry about what he was doing.

Carl pulled her hands down from their restraints and tossed her on the bed again. As she landed on her back Tony straddled her head and shoved his dick in her mouth. He held her arms up over her head and he fucked her face. As his large cock thrust up and down deep inside her throat, she gagged and lightly coughed, then she noticed once again that Jim was standing alone, still stroking his cock. He looked into her eyes as she tried to take a breath and he lightly smiled. Tony was blocking her view but it was clear someone had turned his attention to her pussy. She felt a big, hard dick slide into it and pretty soon her pussy was being pounded so hard that Tony had a hard time keeping his dick in her mouth and she could feel her titties bouncing wildly across her body. She felt another hand grab one of her tits and it started stroking and slapping as she continued bouncing back and forth.

Tony took his dick out of her mouth and started rubbing her face with it. She looked up at Tony who smiled with pride. “You did a good job taking that dick. What a good little whore.”

“Thank you master,” Clara said. “I love to please my masters.”

He rubbed his dick lightly over her lips, she opened her mouth and he slid his cock back and forth across her tongue.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to fuck this bitch,” Tony said as he walked over to her other end. “I’m getting underneath and fucking that pussy.”

Tony laid down and Clara laid on top of him. He slid his dick into her wet, dripping pussy and started pounding away. Carl got behind her and grasped her ass cheeks exposing her gaping asshole. Carl slowly entered her ass, as Tony continued to fuck her pussy. Soon both men were simultaneously pounding her open holes and Clara screamed and moaned mostly sounds of painful pleasure. Rob walked over in front of her and shoved his dick in her mouth. Every hole Clara had was filled with cock and she was loving every minute of it. As she was being assaulted in every hole, Clara could feel her entire body tingle and she could feel moist, flowing juices slide down and soak her thighs.

Jim was still on the sidelines, stroking his cock watching the kinky events unfold. As the three men continued to pump away at her orifices, they slowly started pulling out one at a time to release their thick, sticky cum all over her body. Rob pumped a wad of hot cum all over her face. Tony pulled out and shot over the top of her ass and Carl had shot his load across her back.

The three men collapsed beside her on the bed and all four of them struggled to catch their breath.

“That was awesome,” Clara said. “I’m so tired now.”

“You’re not done yet bitch,” Jim said. “I haven’t had my turn.”

Clara looked up and saw Jim approaching her with rope and a blind fold. Her husband smiled. “Oh yeah, we saved the best for last. Jim is istanbul travesti a really kinky bastard and I think you’ll really like him.”

Clara’s eyes got wide as Jim slapped her tit.

“Turn over bitch.”

“Yes master,” Clara quickly flipped over on her stomach and Jim pulled her arms behind her back and tied them together and then he put the blind fold over her eyes. Clara couldn’t see a thing and she suddenly felt a sharp slap along the side of her ass.

“Spread those legs whore,” she heard Jim say.

She spread her legs open exposing her throbbing pussy which continued to drip clear liquids. Jim fondled her ass, rubbed it, and then slapped it really hard.

“I’m gonna enjoy this,” he said. Clara could feel his body weight pile on top of her back and then she felt his large, thick shaft spread the walls of her pussy apart. Jim had a very thick dick and Clara screamed as he entered her. He put his hand over her mouth.

“Shut up bitch,” he yelled at her. Tony came over and fastened the ball gag across her mouth again. She moaned and yelled from underneath the gag but it was no use. She could feel her pussy stretching and contorting to accommodate Jim’s ginormous girth and she wasn’t quite sure if she was enjoying this or if she wanted him to stop. She couldn’t make him stop. Her arms were bound. Her mouth was gagged. All she could do was lay there and take it. He had complete control over her and there wasn’t a single thing she could do about it. Jim grasped her collar causing it to tighten around her neck. She couldn’t even moan anymore as the tightness around her throat made her unable to utter a word. Just as she was starting to feel a little dizzy, Jim let go of the collar and grabbed a handful of her hair, forcing her head down against the soft bed. She felt tinges of pain across her scalp as Jim pulled her hair with incredible force – she was surprised he didn’t rip any of it out – and he pounded away at her pussy with reckless abandon.

What she experienced with the other men was really pleasurable, but her encounter with Jim was borderline torture and the strangest part about all of this was the fact that she enjoyed her encounter with Jim more than anything else.

Jim raised up and his moaning got louder and louder until he was shooting hot, sticky cum all over Clara’s back and arms. As he unloaded, he slapped her on the ass several times and then collapsed beside her.

Carl had gone outside to tell his other friends goodnight, while Jim and Clara cleaned themselves up.

“I wish my husband would fuck me like that sometimes,” she confessed.

“Really?” Jim asked. “I’ve always been into that kind of stuff. It’s hard to find a woman who’s into it though.”

Clara began twirling her hair in her fingers. “Carl travels a lot for his job.”

“Yeah I know,” Jim said. “What are you saying?”

“I just want to make sure that isn’t the last time I get fucked like that,” Clara said as she slipped a small piece of paper into Jim’s jacket pocket. “Call me next time he’s gone…master.”

Jim smiled and lightly slapped Clara in the face. “You may not feel the same after I’m done with you bitch. I was holding back because others were watching.”

He headed for the door and he turned to speak to her again. “Besides, I know where your spare key is hidden. Do you really think I’ll be coming over here when you expect it?”

As he turned and walked out the door, Clara could feel her heart skip a beat in her chest. Her pussy tingled once more as she bit her bottom lip with anticipation. “Now that’s how a real man fucks,” she whispered to herself and smiled.