Fun in the car with Marilyn!

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Fun in the car with Marilyn!As we peer through an open door, we she a beautiful woman busily at work. She is wearing a very classy white suit that is knee length and has a slit at the rear, roughly twelve inches long. Her blouse is of a fine silk with a lacy tie, and her shoes are white six-inch stilettos, with a chrome-spiked heel. Her name is Marilyn, and she has long strawberry blonde hair, which she has pulled back and up in a banana clip. She is also wearing glasses, and all of this gives her a very professional yet sexy look. Marilyn’s day is slowly coming to a close, as she is on the phone with a client who is reaming her ass about some change he is not seeing in his contract. Being the professional she is, she is able to calm him down, by asking him to turn to page forty-seven, line twelve, to find his change in the contract. As Marilyn is ending her phone call, her boss walks in with some work she wants Marilyn to look over this weekend. Marilyn goes over what looks to be a deluge of work with her boss, always with a smile. They finish up and her boss leaves, Marilyn sighs due to the workload ahead of her for this weekend, but knows of its importance. Marilyn loads up the contracts and puts them in her pull behind brief case. Marilyn looks around, to make sure she is not leaving anything behind, and then heads out the door to her office to the elevators. As the doors open she has a devilish look on her face as she daydreams of her forty-five minute ride home. The elevator stops at the lobby and Marilyn exits and heads to the lobby’s ladies’ room. The ladies room is very plush, which has a large changing and relaxing room to where Marilyn heads. She with her back to us removes her jacket, blouse and bra and slips her jacket back on and kicks off her shoes. She pulls up her skirt so she can wiggle out of her pantyhose, which gives us a great view of her well-rounded ass, in a very sexy white thong. Marilyn lets her skirt fall as she then takes a seat on the sofa. She opens her bag and pulls out a pair of sexy lace stockings and a pair of spiked lacy boots. Marilyn slowly unrolls each stocking up her long silky legs and then puts on her boots. Marilyn stands up, pausing for a moment to think, she pulls her skirt up just enough to grasp her thon panties, still not letting us see her honey pot. She wiggles her thon the rest of the way down to the floor. She steps out of them and bends over picks them up and puts them in her bag, as she takes her hand out of the bag she produces a large life-like dildo, which she turns on and with a big smile, she turns it off and puts in back in the bag. She looks at herself in the mirror, smiles, and blows the mirrored image a kiss, and heads out the ladies room door to the parking lot, where she arrives at her car. It’s a Jaguar convertible with a bench seat. She unlocks the trunk and puts the brief case in, then closes it. She pushes the button on her key ring to unlock the car doors and she goes to both sides to release the convertible top mechanism, before getting in the car Marilyn adjust her skirt so the slit is in between her legs and she pulls it up quite a bit, making it into a mini skirt. Marilyn get in, puts down the top down and head for the expressway for her ride home. When she gets on the expressway, she heads for the center lane, her favorite for teasing the truckers. Marilyn elazığ escort cranks up the radio, undoes her jacket, thereby exposing her large round breasts. Her nipples are still hidden, but you can bet on them being very erect and her pussy is already getting wet in anticipation of coming up on the first trucker. Marilyn sets the cruise control as she pulls alongside of this trucker’s window. As the looks down into the car beside him, he can’t believe his eyes. Marilyn hoping she has his or her attention as she pulls her jacket aside, revealing her rock hard nipples. Marilyn starts caressing her breast and tweaking her nipples, and with the cruise control on she is able to spreads her legs far apart, giving this trucker a great view of Marilyn’s strawberry blonde, slightly moistened bush. I’m sure by now this trucker has a throbbing hard on, as Marilyn runs her hand from her knee to her wet pussy, slides a finger inside herself, pulls it out ad sticks it in her mouth as she pulls away. She gets a long toot from the trucker’s horn, as a thank you.Marilyn waves as she speeds away to catch up with a small convoy of trucks ahead. As she approaches the trucks, she knows they know she is coming, because her first trucker friend told them via the CB radio. Marilyn has an orgasm as she sees the trucker looking in his rear view mirror, in anticipation of her arrival. Marilyn resets the cruise control and starts rubbing her clit as the trucker has slowed so they are side by side. She gives him and the rest of this convoy each a great little show. By the time she is to the third truck in this convoy, she has turned to the right, putting her right foot up on the seat and she is finger fucking herself, while she watches the truckers face in the rig in front of her in his anticipation of her arrival. This makes Marilyn pussy squirt her juices, for this is a big turn on to her, being watched and being watched in anticipation of impending arrival.Marilyn pussy is very wet now from orgasm he pulls alongside of the last trucker in this convoy, she has her dildo turn on and is rubbing it’s tip up and down her pussy lips and gives her clit special action. It doesn’t take long before she is sliding the life-like dildo in and out of her wet, glistening in the sun pussy. After getting it all wet with her juices, she takes it out, admires at how it also glistens in the sunlight from her juices, and proceeds to licking her pussy juices from the dildo, as if it were an ice cream cone she had been craving that whole hot summer day long. As a finally she slides it in and out of her mouth as deep as she can, as she pulls away from the convoy, just in time to catch her exit two miles ahead.As she exits the truckers that pass by toot their horns and she waves to them, knowing she made their day. She knows that they are all on the CB talking about what they saw and that she will be the topic of many a story at the truck-stop dinner for a long time to come. Another ten minutes or so and she’ll be home. As she was exiting and going up the ramp, she pulled her jacket closed to cover herself. In no time at all she’s pulling into the garage, she gets out of her convertible and heads into the house. Hearing the garage door, her husband has a glass of wine awaiting her. They greet with a kiss and he gives Marilyn the glass of wine. Joe her husband asked escort elazığ if she was doing some “stress management” on the way home, to which she replied’ yesssss’ with a big smile. Joe asked if she were ready o go out for some dinner, to which she quickly answered, ‘yes, I’m famished’. As they turned to leave, Joe remarked that she might want to change first, as she has a big wet spot on the back of her skirt from her many wet orgasms. She looks in the mirror and says ‘SHIT!’ as she heads upstairs with her glass of wine to change. She sips on her wine as she looks for an outfit, finding one she slips out of her jacket and skirt, giving us all a great view of her naked body for the first time and what a body it is. She lets down her long beautiful strawberry blonde curly hair, which is enough to make you cum in your pants or panties. Marilyn pulls from her closet a white blouse and a plaid pleated skirt, which has three inch suspenders connected to it. Marilyn puts on her out fit and heads back downstairs, where she refills her glass of wine. Marilyn calls out for Joe, who had gone down to the family room for something, he replies he’ll be up in a minute. Marilyn decides to have a little fun with Joe, so she gets up on the dinning room table on her knees, she bends over flipping her skirt out of the way and starts rubbing on her swollen clit. As she hears Joe approaching she takes the glass of white wine and pours it down over her ass, and goes back to rubbing her clit. Joe waste no time in waiting, he takes his tongue and licks all around on Marilyn’s pussy lips occasionally darting his tongue in and out of her very wet pussy, which makes Marilyn moan with pleasure. Joe slowly moves from her pussy to spreading her cheeks and giving her a ream job. Marilyn begins to finger-fuck herself, as see moans ‘yesssss’!! With even more pleasure, Marilyn reaches back and spreads her beautiful ass cheeks, as Joe begins to tongue fuck her ass. She is saying ‘yessss, yesssss, yessssss’!! with pleasure. Marilyn now begs Joe to give her a good ass fucking as he continues to tongue fuck her ass, as she begs louder and louder to ‘please put your cock in my ass and give me a good body slapping ass fucking’, soon Joe gives in, as he helps her down off the table. Marilyn helps him out of his clothes and then grabbing him by the hand leads him to the sofa, where she bends over putting her hands on the back of the sofa. This puts that beautiful ass up in the air. Joe flips her skirt up onto her back and begins to rub on her pussy and clit, then he slides two fingers into her very, very wet pussy only to take them out and sticking them in his mouth, Joe tells Marilyn how good her pussy taste as he beings to finger-fuck her, Marilyn moans with pleasure. Joe removes his now wet fingers and rubs her juices onto her ass as a lube. Marilyn says ‘Yesss put that hard cock in my ass and give me a good fucking’. Joe slowly slides his large cock into her wanting has until there bodys touch, as she says ‘aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssssss’!’fuck my ass, fuck it good’!!!!. Joe begins to slowly fuck Marilyn’s ass, as she moans more and more. Joe takes his time picking up the pace, until they are in fact slapping body against body. Marilyn is now yelling ‘fuck my ass, fuck it real good’ with a purr, ‘yesssssssssss fuck it yesssssss fuck it elazığ escort bayan good and hard, yesssssss fuck my ass, fuck my ass oooooh baby, yesssssssssssss’!!!!!!!! This whole time Marilyn has been feverishly rubbing her clit. Joe pulls out his cock and shoots his load onto Marilyn’s ass crack, as she cums herself. Marilyn says ‘fuck yes’!!!! as she begins to rub Joe’s cum all over her ass, she has said in the past that she loves the feeling of dried cum on her as a reminder of what they had done. Marilyn turns and they embrace in a long kiss.Getting dressed, Joe tells Marilyn how much he loves the outfit she had picked; because of the way the skirt hits the back of your thighs when you walk. Marilyn as she is walking away says, ‘I know you do, that’s why I picked it out’. Marilyn stops dead in her tracks, spreads her legs apart, then pulls her skirt up, arches her back and slides a finger in here dripping wet pussy, ‘ and when we get back home you can fuck me anyway you wish honey but I do love that hard throbbing cock in my ass’, as she takes her finger out. She walks back towards Joe and runs her pussy juice covered finger across his lips. They embrace in another passionate kiss, and then they head out the door, getting into Marilyn’s car to go to dinner.As they are heading down the expressway ramp, Joe asks if she’s is up to some more ‘stress management’. With a big smile she says ‘yes, of course I am’. She turns sideways in the seat, and Joe puts his arm over her right shoulder and starts rubbing her clit and she purrs with pleasure. It doesn’t take long before they’re alongside a trucker; Marilyn puts one leg on top of the seat, and the other on the dashboard, allowing this trucker quite a nice view of her glistening wet pussy. Marilyn begs Joe to finger-fuck her pussy, which he does without hesitation. In no time at all Marilyn’s Pussy is squirting all over the place as Joe finger-fucks her pussy to a pace of his palm is slapping against her clit, making her pussy to squirt even more, giving this trucker the show of a lifetime. They pull away and get a long toot from his horn, and I’m sure quite the hard-on. Marilyn as she is turning around and is undoing Joe pants tells him how badly she wants to suck his cock. She releases his large throbbing cock from it’s confines and gets on her knees and starts sucking up and down on his throbbing cock, taking it from tip to base down her throat. Marilyn hears the sound of a rig that they are coming up on, so she reaches back and flips her skirt up over her back, allowing a great view of her beautiful ass up in the air for her trucker friend to see, as she is still feverishly sucking on Joes cock. She could tell by the roar of the semi they where getting closer to the drivers window. Marilyn spreads her legs as far as the seat would allow and starts rubbing her clit. It must have been quite a sight seeing Marilyn’s ass and pussy glistening in the sunlight. Joe set the cruise control and he reached over across Marilyn’s back and started playing with her ass, he could tell that when he did this she had begun to rub her clit harder and faster, so he slide his middle finger in Marilyn’s ass. Marilyn stops sucking on Joe’s cock just long enough to scream ‘yessssssss!! Finger-fuck my ass’!!!! Joe began finger-fucking her ass to the point his hand was slapping against her body. The excitement had gotten to the both of them, as Marilyn’s pussy began squirting all over and Joe shot his hot load down Marilyn’s throat. They pull away, giving this trucker more than a show of a lifetime, as he toots his horn several times.