Fun In Cabo


These are my true stories. I am a 23 year old petite blonde.

The sun, the beach, the pool and the ocean mixed with some drinks are just the perfect combination for a weekend of fun.

Cabo, two years back, I took a trip with my girlfriend with only two objectives:-

1. Have lots of fun;
2. Fuck as many guys as we can.

This story is about the best fuck of that three-day trip. I fucked six different guys over that weekend, once with three of them together in the room.

His name was Peter. He was from Amsterdam and in Cabo with his friend to have fun. He was twenty-six, 6’3″, 180 pounds, blonde and perfect six-pack abs. In his speedo (yes, these Europeans

love their speedos!), you could see his package size, and I must say, it was very inviting.

We met at the pool where me and my girlfriend were relaxing, dipping and drinking. He and his friend made their way over to us girls and started to chat. We girls, without saying a word figured out who gets which guy. I was into Peter and soon he was on my side of the pool as we stood in the water drinking.

I was wearing a hot string black bikini. Minimum coverage for maximum exposure. Peter was not shy and even commented how hot I looked in that bikini. These European boys are not shy, I must say. We all were having a lot of fun and horseplay in the pool with a lot of touching, grabbing, picking and throwing each other in the pool. Given the petite size that I am, it was easy for Peter to grab me, lift me and throw me in the water. During all the horse play his hands would often grab my tits or my ass and once even my pussy as he lifted me up by grabbing my crotch area and throwing me in the water. During the play, my boobs popped out and both the boys hollered. They even encouraged both of us to go topless and we did. It was an adult only place and that was no big deal.

Soon kurtköy escort the guys were kissing us girls and making out in the pool. Peter was a decent kisser. Too much biting though.

We girls were horny and were ready to fuck these European boys. I decided to take our room and go there with Peter while my girlfriend left to go to Peter’s friend’s room. I walked all the way to the room topless. I had a few married guys gawk at my perky tits in the hallway to the chagrin of their wives. Peter, on the other hand, was walking with the biggest bulge in his speedo. I am sure some wives copped a look at his manhood, too.

I did not even make it all the way in to his room when I turned around and pulled down Peter’s speedo. A nice long cock stood at full attention. Right there in the hallway I went down on my knees

and took his cock. I could taste the chlorine from the pool. He was nice and hard and I sucked him well. Peter was moaning soon and somehow managed to play with my perky tits as I sucked him. I

would take his cock all the way in my mouth and then pull it out slowly. I would tease his cocked and play with his balls. I stroked and sucked and sucked more until I heard it, Peter let out his load. A large load of cum right down my throat. Mmmm. He tasted good. I sucked his cock clean of every drop of cum.

Then we made our way to the bedroom. I pushed Peter onto the bed, pulled the string of my bikini bottom and stood there naked. I jumped on the bed and sat on Peter’s face, and wow! Peter was a

great pussy eater. I ground on his face as he ate me. Somehow he fingered my pussy and ate my pussy as I sat on his face. That did the trick. I came so hard on his face and collapsed on him.

Our room overlooked the pool and we were on a high floor. Unless you were in the room next to us, we could sit naked and no aydıntepe escort one would notice. Peter grabbed a couple of beers from our fridge and we both went to the balcony. His chair was next to me as we sat and drank. I grabbed his cock and stroked it gently. One of the guys on a higher floor saw us naked and toasted us with his beer in hand. It made me even hornier knowing he was watching us. I smiled back at him, opened my legs a little to show him my shaved pussy. Peter was sitting and enjoying the tease. I even went down on Peter’s cock and gave it a nice lick as I looked at the guy staring at us. I would not be surprised if he had his cock pulled out by now and was stroking.

Peter and I relaxed and drank for fifteen minutes and were ready to fuck some more. I asked Peter to eat me on the balcony first. He sat down on the ground in front of my chair and dug his face back into my pussy. Soon he had my juices flowing. He ate and fingered me until he had me moaning and squirming. My hands were in his hair as I pulled him deeper as I came.

Ready for his cock, I grabbed him and went to the bed. I pushed him on the bed, jumped on him and started to suck him to take his semi-hard cock and make it rock hard. Then I sat on it and rode his cock like a slutty cowgirl. His hands were all over my perky tits and on my ass as he grabbed and made me bounce on his cock. God, he pushed his cock really deep. I wanted him to cum but wantedto be fucked longer. I jumped off him, got into doggy position and asked him to fuck me. Peter was awesome and fucked me really hard. He slapped my ass and fucked me until it was time and he exploded hard in me. That felt so good. Once he was done, I turned around and cleaned his cock which had his juice and my pussy juice on it.

We knew that we were not done, so I asked him to play with my pussy. Lying on tuzla içmeler escort the bed, Peter started to play with my clit and finger my well-fucked pussy. He definitely had magic fingers. Then he did something kinky. He grabbed the beer, took a sip and went down and poured that beer in my pussy. That cold beer felt really strange and he would drink it back. This was the first time someone had done that to me, and I was really enjoying it. He pulled a fresh bottle of beer that was really cold and continued to drink his beer out of my pussy. Mmmm.

After he was done drinking his beer, I asked him to fuck me. He started to come between my legs but I stopped him. I went to the balcony and bent over the railing and asked him to come behind and fuck me. Right in the open, there we were, fucking. Anyone who may have looked up could have seen my tits over the railing and me being fucked well. Obviously that made me so horny that I came quickly and so did Peter.

It was time to take a quick break. I wanted one more fucking before I let him go. I was also worried my girlfriend would be coming back soon. I needed to be done and be ready for the evening to go out to this night club and pick new guys. We grabbed another drink and sat in the room. He was sitting

next to me and I sat on his lap naked. I could feel his flacid cock under my ass cheeks. We kissed and drank and fondled and all that did its magic and soon Peter was hard again.

I asked him to fuck my ass. Peter was really excited as he had not had many girls wanting anal. I sucked and lubricated his cock, got into a doggy style and had him fuck me. Peter slowly pushed his

long cock almost all the way in my tight ass. Slapping my ass again, he fucked me well and came one more time. This guy was good. He would cum again and again.

Soon the door knock happened. I kissed Peter goodbye and promised him if I saw him again the next day alone, I will fuck him one more time before I left. Yes, I fucked him the morning I was leaving in the bathroom of the lobby. One secret, I called his room that morning as I was leaving and asked him to meet me in the lobby for a goodbye fuck!