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Joe knocked on the door wondering what he was doing. He had never even met this girl and he just hoped she was as crazy as him. His thoughts were interrupted as a sexy girl opened the door to whom joe asked “is Kelly here?” to which the  girl at the door replied “that’s not important, but why don’t we fuck right here and ill give you a little sample.” “sounds good” said joe as he stepped inside the house and began to take his clothes off. “so what’s your name baby?” joe asked as he unbuttoned his shirt. “doesnt matter baby” she replied in a sexy whisper, gripping his growing shaft through his pants as she helped him remove his shorts and his boxers. As his shaft sprang free from his boxers she firmly grasped his tick dick and began rubbing up and down it eliciting a moan from joe as a trickle of cum began to drip out of the tip of his now rock hard cock. This made the girl look up from his dick and smile as she ripped off her bra. She took his dick and slapped her firm tits before she spat on his dick and placed the tip of his dick in her mouth and flicking her tongue across his bulbous head. This caused joe to moan even louder. “shhhh, Kelly will hear” she said as she continued to suck his dick. “what!!” joe said in outrage “I thought she wasn’t here!”. “now, now don’t get upset” she said as she returned to sucking on his eleven inch fully erect cock which by this time she was deepthroating close to seven inches of his cock. Joe was so enraged by this that he began to forciby thrust the other four inches of his cock down her throat. “why the fuck didn’t you tell me she was here you whore” he said as her eyes began to bulge and she began to squirm as her lungs began to run out of oxygen as joes cock blocked her airway at this point she reached a realization: joe was going to choke her out with his huge penis. She began to jerk her head backward to try to free her head from his monstrous cock. After she had passed out from lack of oxygen joe took her limp body and tied and gaged her before he placed her in the back of his car for later. He then hurried in to get his clothes back on before Kelly came down and saw him naked. As he was buttoning the last button of his shirt Kelly walked down the stairs bursa escort in quite possibly the sluttiest outfit joe had ever seen. Kelly was wearing a mini skirt which barely covered her pussy and a low cut shirt through which joe could almost see the rosy nipples of her double D breasts. Joe had always though of Kelly as sexy but with her slutty outfit and her long blond hair down he immediately began to get hard again. Joe walked over to Kelly and began to slowly massage her breasts thought the thin fabric of her shirt. “nice tits” he said as he began to fondle her nipples which had begun to get hard as he played with her tits. Kelly giggled and took his hand in hers and rubbed it around her tits eliciting a long moan from Kelly. “fuck this” joe said as he ripped off Kelly’s thin shirt and pulled down her red lace bra to revealing a beautiful view of Kelly’s succulent breasts. He took one of her nipples in his mouth and began to gently play with it by flicking his tongue over her nipple. Joe closed his eyes as Kelly began to massage the tent that had popped up in his pants. Kelly slowly and sexually began to unzip joes pants, which turned joe on even more. Once Kelly had joes pants down around his ankles, Kelly turned around and pulled her skirt up a few inches to reveal a red thong that matched her bra which was soaked whith her juices which had seeped through the thong and began to drip down her thigh. Joe ripped off her thong to reveal her bald pussy. Kelly took his boxers which revealed joes diamond hard cock. In one fluid movement she flipped over onto her stomach and placed the tip of his dick in between her ass cheeks and began to grind up and down against joes shaft as he moaned with pleasure. After a minute of grinding her ass against his dick joe began to feel a tightening in his balls “slow down baby, I don’t want this to end before we get to the good part” joe said. Kelly then turned around and began to trail her tongue from his balls to the tip of his cock, which caused joe to moan with satisfaction. Kelly slowly began to suck his eleven inch dick trying to fit as much of him in her mouth as possible with every thrust of her head. After a few minutes Kelly was deepthroating all görükle escort eleven inches of his titanic cock. Kelly began to bob her head back and forth from base of his shaft to the tip of his dick. As Kelly increased her speed the sound of joes balls smacking against Kelly’s face could be herd accompanying the moans coming from joe. “I really want your pussy” joe said. Kelly smiled and walked over to the couch and laid down on her back and spread her legs open giving joe a full view of her pussy. Joe kneeled down and forced the head of his penis between the moist lips of her pussy. Kelly was just as tight as a virgin and was much tighter than joe had expected. “Kelly you haven’t had sex a lot have you?” said joe. “only three times” Kelly replied. Joe had to slowly work the head of his cock around her lips for a good three minutes before he was able to slide into her clit. As joe was able to push another inch of his shaft into Kelly she let out a cry of pain. “it feels like your going to break my pussy open” Kelly whimpered. “it’s ok Kelly, I’ll go slow” joe said. As he slowly worked his member deeper into Kelly’s hole she slowly became a little looser. After a good ten minutes of working to fit his dick into her vagina joe felt Kelly’s muscles in her pussy tighten up squeezing his dick like a vice when suddenly she let out another cry as she went thought her first orgasm of the night. As her juices coated joes dick and the walls of her vagina it was enough for joe to be able to fit another inch into her. As joe thrusted in and out of her sopping wet pussy he was fitting close to six inches of his monster into Kelly’s virgin tight whole. After a few minutes of pounding Kelly joe began to fell his balls tighten up signaling that the end was near. Joe pulled his shaft out of Kelly’s pussy and fire off five good size strands of cum all over Kelly’s magnificent breasts and her beautiful face and her hair. Kelly got back on her knees and sucked the remaining cum from joes spluttering cock. “joe do you want me to lick your cum off my tits?” Kelly asked as she swirled her finger around in a pool of seamen in between her tits. “oh yeah baby lick it all up” joe replied. Kelly began to lick her escort bayan breasts eagerly sucking up any of joes hot load that was plastered on her chest. After she had finished cleaning up her tits she began to clean her cum plastered face. As she finished cleaning his cum off her gorgeous body joe said “ready for round two?” as he picked her up walkers over to the couch and sat her on top of his still rock hard dick. Kelly still tight as ever could only fit a few inches of his dick into her pussy. As joe slid his shaft in and out of her pussy she began to loosen up again. This time he was able to fit a good six inches of his fat cock in her quivering pussy before he felt her become too tight for him to push his way any deeper into her lovely pussy. “damn Kelly you have one tight hole” joe said “if I didn’t know better I’d think that you were a virgin”. Kelly giggled then said “I’m naturally tight, no matter what my pussy just won’t stretch out”. This turned joe on even more and he began to thrust harder. Joe was deeper than Kelly had ever experienced and she cried out joes name and he continued to thrust until he felt the head of his penis hit her vaginal walls. Thinking that was as far as her pussy would allow him he continued to thrust seven inches of his cock in her now almost unbearably tight hole. Joe started to feel the familiar sensation in his balls as they tightened up. At the same time Kelly began to thrust harder as she began to reach her end. “baby I’m going to cum” joe grunted as his balls got even tighter. “not yet cum with me” said Kelly. “oh god” yelled joe. “I’m cumminggggggggg” yelled Kelly at the top of her lungs. Joe getting ready to climax as well began to thrust with all his mite and as he grunted and kelly yelled “I’m cumminggggggggg” he picked her body up and slammed her pussy down as hard as he could he pushed past what he thought were her walls and was finally able to fit his whole member in her pussy as Kelly orgasmed so hard her juices squirted out from around joes cock and coated them both. At the same time joe came harder than ever and ejaculated as far as his dick would go into her amazingly tight pussy causing her to go through another orgasm which squirted a mixture of their juices all over. “that was amazing, i didn’t think my pussy could handle your cock” Kelly said as she slumped off his deflating dick as cum oozed out of her now loose pussy onto the couch.