Fuck Club Chapter 2: Physically Disabled


Fuck Club Chapter 2: Physically DisabledAs I stood before the Africa door, with a drop of cum still on my now flaccid dick, I realized what I had just done. I had just ****d a young woman. I sat down against one of the walls of the main room and went silent for some time. I sat there for about five minutes until a man with a bloody handprint on his belly came out of the door marked “Asia”. He looked at me and smiled.”That bitch is never having solid food again, let me tell you.”I looked at him, puzzled. He opened his hand in front of him and a couple of bloodstained teeth fell out and landed on the floor before me.”The chink got cheeky with me and tried to bite my cock. Not anymore.”I looked at the white shards lying in the puddle before me and felt my cock get hard again. He noticed this and laughed.”First time, k**?”I nodded and tipped kadıköy escort one tooth over in the puddle, then sucked the blood off my finger.”You’ll get used to it quicker than you think.”He rubbed the blood around his belly and slid out of the main room through a curtain. That must have been the refreshment area Paul had told me about when he described the Fuck Club to me. I put my hand in the puddle of blood and rubbed the blood on my hard cock. I liked how that looked.Alright, I thought, time for serious experimenting. I stood up and walked towards the door marked “Physically Disabled”. I hesistated for quite some time before opening it and stepping inside. There was just one room behind the door and a lock on the door like in public toilets. I shut üsküdar escort the door and looked at the girl sitting in front of me, white, about 25 years old with big bloodshot eyes, dark blonde hair that stuck to her forehead with sweat and blood and fantastically big tits. She sat on the floor and looking down I noticed what qualified her for this section of the club: both her legs were missing, torn off a long time ago just below the hips.”Hello there,” I said.She looked up at me in horror. Apparently the customers of the club didn’t normally speak to the girls.She mouthed the words “help me” and started to cry. I grabbed her arms and pulled her till she sat upright. I felt genuinely bad for her as she was such a pitiful sight, not like the nigger bitch I fucked before. She was still looking at tuzla escort me and mouthing the words when I realized where I was. I was in the Fuck Club. Nothing mattered in here – least of all her. I grabbed her hair and tipped her over like I had tipped over the tooth. She was taken by suprise and landed face first on the dusty ground. I turned her around so I could look into her big eyes while I did it, eyes that had grown in horror of what was to come. My still bloodsoaked member stood fully erect and her missing legs made for quick and easy entry. Surprisingly, her pussy was still tight, not like the nigger’s asshole before. This whore must have been fresh meat. When I had my cock all the way inside her I looked in her face again. She was mouthing the words “don’t” over and over. I spat in her face and started fucking her. She was wriggling under me, trying to get out but with me holding down her arms, she was absolutely helpless. I took me a long time to cum and once I felt my cock tingling I pulled out and finished on her big heaving breasts. As I walked out, she tried to grab my foot and I gave her a good kick in the stomach.The man was right. I was getting used to this.