Fuck Buddy and me in 2008 – the story behind


Fuck Buddy and me in 2008 – the story behindThis is the story behind the video:http://xhamster.com/movies/1488233/fuck_buddy_and_me_in_2008.htmlEven though I had now moved and was now living very close to her, we hadn’t seen each for about 6 months. We had talked on the phone and emailed and had discussed about just going back to a normal friendship, without the fucking element. We had decided it would be a good idea, and when we arranged to meet up it was to be in a pub for a drink. After a few drinks I invited her back to my flat for a takeaway, insisting there was no ulterior istanbul escort motive. Well, we ate, and drank some more and listened to music. It got late and then we realised that the last train to her house would be leaving in 5 minutes and there would be no way she could catch it. I offered her my spare bed which she took and we made our way to our bedrooms. I got changed and ready for bed (I sleep naked) and walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth. V cam out of the spare room in her underwear, avcılar escort saw me and jokingly said that she hoped I wasn’t on the way to her bedroom. I let her use the bathroom first and she called me when she had finished. In my bedroom I turned on my laptop and started to look through some of the pics I had taken of her. I then ended up watching one of the videos with the volume turned down to a very low level. My cock was hard and I was stroking it. After about 5 minutes I heard the floor boards squeak and then my şirinevler escort door opened. V was stood there naked but she was greeted with the sight of me wanking to one of our videos. She laughed and said that she had been lying in bed wondering why she wasn’t in bed with me and from the looks of it I was probably thinking the same. She joined me in bed and we watched the end of the video together. We started to kiss, and I said that if we were going to fuck then I wanted to film it just in case it was our last fuck. V agreed. I quickly set up the camera and the result is there for you to see. I made her cum by fingering her. I was then getting ready to fuck her bareback but she insisted this time I was to use a condom (I have no reason why she keeps changing her mind, sometimes with and sometimes without a condom). We fucked again next morning (with the camera) and we still meet up 2 or three times a year to fuck.