From Friends to Lovers Ch. 20


The weekend rolled round again, and Beth glanced at me across the breakfast table. “Can we spend some time on planning the wedding today?”

“Oh wow, Beth,” Sarah breathed, “this is going to be amazing.”

She leaned to whisper in Beth’s ear, and Beth nodded, glancing at me. “Definitely.”

“I promised to give you some venue suggestions, didn’t I,” remembered Sarah, reaching for her phone. “See, there’s this place – it’s a farm, but the barn they’ve converted is fabulous, and you can have animals as part of the day if you want.”

“I’d thought about owls or something, actually,” Beth ventured. “That bird of prey place was great.”

She turned her engagement ring on her finger. “Some people have the owl bring their rings, don’t they.”

“We could go and take a look,” I suggested.

An hour or so later we were in the car, Sarah giving directions. “Look, there’s the sign.”

We turned in, parking under a tree, and made our way to the reception area. “Hi, can I help you?” the girl behind the desk greeted us.

“My fiancée and I -” I indicated Beth “- are planning our wedding for next summer, Sarah suggested we might like to look here.”

“Of course,” she smiled, getting up and coming round to us. “I’m Philippa, I’d love to give you a tour.”

Our first stop was the barn, already decorated in ivy and other greenery. “That gives me an idea,” Beth mused. “Is it OK if I take pictures?”

“Sure. We have a wedding tomorrow, actually, lovely couple. A bit alternative, but I think it’s going to be great fun.”

Next Philippa took us to the dining area, conservatory-style with a view out across fields. “If you take a seat, I’ll go and get you example menus.”

She grinned. “You can try some cakes, too, René has a real touch with the baking.”

We chose a table, and after a few moments Philippa returned, setting down a tray. “Go ahead.”

Beth picked up a square of chocolate cake. “Mm – oh, my goodness – that is to die for.”

Sarah tried the sponge, biting her square in half and handing me the remainder. “This is good too.”

Philippa glanced between me and Sarah, obviously a little puzzled at our familiarity, but seemed to shrug to herself. “Some couples have a cake with different tiers, chocolate then fruit or sponge.”

“Mm, good idea,” managed Beth round a piece of fruit cake, and I grinned at her, rolling my eyes.

She swallowed her mouthful and looked from me to Sarah and back. “This place seems perfect.”

She glanced at otele gelen escort Philippa. “Can we see what dates you might have? Next June, if something’s available.”

Philippa pulled out her phone, tapping on the calendar. “Sure. How about Saturday the fourth?”

Beth thought for a moment. “That’d be perfect – exams will be finished, hopefully the weather ought to be kind. And anyway, if it does turn out wet, you’ve got plenty of space inside.”

“Booked for you, then,” nodded Philippa. “If you email us your details, we can sort out deposits and all that.”

“Wow,” Sarah ventured as we walked back to the car. “You two don’t hang about.”

Beth glanced back up the path, then leaned across to give her a quick kiss. “You found us the perfect place for our day, Sarah – thank you.”

“Ready for lunch?” I queried. “Or has that cake filled you up?”

“Oh, I think we could manage something,” nodded Beth. “We’ve not been to the burger place in ages, have we.”

McDonalds on the road towards town it was, then back to the house. “Can we do lists now, Sarah?” queried Beth. “Or I’m sure I’ll forget half the things I’ve been thinking of.”

The afternoon flew by as we tossed around ideas, made decisions. “Tim -” Beth queried as a thought occurred to her, “- what about a best man for you?”

She smiled at Sarah. “I already have my maid of honour, after all.”

I saw unmistakeable tears at the corners of Sarah’s eyes. “Thanks, Beth.”

“Hmm,” I pondered. “I could ask Charlie.”

Beth looked dubious. “Are you sure? Knowing him, he’d definitely leave you tied to a lamp post naked somewhere the night before.”

Sarah lifted her chin, surprising me with her fierce look. “We’d just tell him he’d have you and me to answer to if he didn’t behave, Beth.”

Beth chuckled. “OK – give him a call later then, Tim.”

I glanced at the clock. “I know we were out for lunch, but could we spoil ourselves and order pizza tonight? I asked them, and they said they were fine coming out here if we were ordering for three of us.”

“Sure,” grinned Beth. “You know what we all like, go ahead – Sarah and I will finish that one special list, won’t we, love?”

Sarah nodded. “Oh, and get some garlic bread, Tim?”


I went downstairs, tapping at my phone screen to order, and a few minutes later the girls appeared. Sarah’s face was a little pink, and I wondered exactly what she and Beth had been planning with the türkmen escort list they’d not let me see.

There was a knock at the door, and I retrieved our pizza. “Mm-mm. And they’ve thrown in an extra box of hot wings.”

“They’re all yours,” grinned Sarah, reaching for a slice of pizza.

We were sitting in the kitchen, and I glanced at the girls. “Want a fire in the book room again when we’ve finished eating?”

“Mm, sure,” nodded Sarah.

“Have we got more candles?” Beth queried. She threw me a sideways glance. “I had an idea about those last time, but we kind of got distracted.”

“Plenty, I’ll light some.”

I finished my pizza, closing the box, and went to fetch wood through to the book room. Candles were next, and after a few minutes the room looked cosy, firelight mixing with the shadow of candle flames flickering across the spines of our books.

I blinked as Beth and Sarah came through the doorway, Beth just shedding her bra but otherwise both of them in bare skin. “Misplaced our clothes on the way from the kitchen,” Beth grinned.

I followed suit while Beth sprawled on the rug, Sarah sitting aside a little with arms wrapped round her knees. “So what were you two thinking with the candles?” Sarah wondered aloud.

I glanced at Beth. “Are you sure you want to try this?”

She nodded. “That web site we crashed into really sparked my imagination.”

I rolled my eyes a little. “Puns, now. So, here goes.”

Sarah’s eyes followed as I walked to the table, picking up the nearest candle. I knelt beside Beth, watching her face as I raised the candle higher, tilting it gradually. A drop of wax fell, glinting in the light, and Beth gasped, arching upwards, as it splashed on the fire-warmed skin of her stomach. “Mmm…”

Sarah’s expression turned fascinated, fingers touching her own skin as if sharing the sensation. I turned the candle slowly, more droplets falling to make a random pattern on Beth’s stomach, then gradually trailing upwards onto the curve of one breast. “And the nipple?” I murmured, getting an answering nod from Beth. The next drop splashed on her already-erect nipple, and I heard air sucked in between her lightly-clenched teeth. “Oh god, yes.”

Sarah’s nipples were likewise hard, and as if somehow mesmerised she moved her fingers to pinch one then the other in imitation of what Beth was feeling. “Ah…”

Beth parted her thighs, turning her head to me with an expression of pure desire. evi olan escort “Now?”

“Wait,” I breathed, teasing her by tilting the candle one way and then the other, so that the melted wax rolled fluidly just below the flame without dripping. “Mm -” she begged, arching again as though reaching for the hot liquid.

I relented, and a dribble of wax fell to splash across her other nipple and down her breast. Her response this time was almost a hiss, then a flex of her hips. “Now,” her tone brooked no more delay.

I held out the candle to Sarah, and she took it carefully in both hands, looking for all the world like the handmaid to a goddess, kneeling in devotion at a vigil. I moved between Beth’s thighs, entering her, moving in her for a few moments. Then I withdrew, instead sliding the length of my now-slippery hardness over her nub. Her face showed her ecstasy, and her hips mirrored my increasingly insistent movements. “Oh – yes – like that, I want to see when you…”

I felt myself nearing my release, and as I yielded to the sensation, Beth cried out, her hips pushing against me in her own climax. Sticky whiteness spurted from me, almost indistinguishable from the cooled wax as it splashed on her stomach and the curve of her breasts, a last few drops falling into the dark fur between her thighs. “Oh…” Beth murmured, “that was perfect.”

I heard an almost plaintive murmur from Sarah, and leaned across to kiss her, carefully avoiding the flame. I took the candle from her fingers, a quick breath extinguishing it, and her face held a mixture of relief and unmistakeable disappointment. “Next time,” I promised. “And it doesn’t have to be your nipples if you don’t want.”

The wick of the candle smouldered a little, the room now filled with the mixed scent of wax and a hint of smoke, and I pinched the wick to make sure it was out.

Sarah reached out her hand to take the candle back from me. “Help me?” she whispered, her voice almost a plea. I watched fascinated as she parted her thighs, starting to press the slim wax cylinder against herself in imitation of what I’d done with Beth. I moved closer to her, bending to gently suckle one nipple, and Beth joined me. “Ohh, yes,” Sarah moaned, “like that, I can just imagine how it’ll feel when maybe it’s Beth who has the candle, she’s deciding when to drip, and where, and you’re inside me, Tim, then pressing against me like this, and I see you come, all that sticky stuff on my stomach, my mound, dripping lower, me rubbing it in with my fingers…”

Her words tailed off as she moved the candle more urgently, then arched her hips with a loud cry, her nipple harder than ever in my mouth. “Ohh…”

Finally she subsided, her rapid breathing starting to slow. She blinked, swallowing once then again. “Oh, goodness, I don’t know where that came from…”