Friday Night Drive


It was Friday night.

Jane could barely suppress a smile on the drive home where her husband and Master was waiting for her. Friday nights, the baby was at her parents and they had the whole night and next morning alone to play. She squirmed in her seat thinking about the last couple months and all the things she’d done. He’d been pushing her limits steadily, never too fast, but always in the end she would be doing something she swore never to do. And she had loved every minute. She raced up the driveway and practically skipped into the house to see what he had in store for her today. Jane entered the silent house confused. Where was he? Surely he hadn’t forgotten their special night. She entered her bedroom and found some clothes laid out on the bed and a note.


Put these on and wait on the front porch for me. Don’t leave out or add anything.

The pleasant nerves tingling in her stomach turned to dread as she saw what he had laid out. At first it appeared a typical school girl outfit: short plaid skirt, white button up blouse a size to small, white garter belt and stockings, white 4-inch fuck me shoes. Sitting under the skirt however was a butt plug she’d never seen before, it was twice the size of the one she was used to. There was also a new pair of nipple clamps with little jewels hanging from them. She hesitated a moment, biting her lip. Surely he didn’t mean it? He couldn’t actually mean for her to go out like this? Most of their play had been limited to home. Whenever they did go out, she always dressed modestly and he’d sneak in a vibe or plug to torture her with, but never anything obvious to an onlooker. She glanced up at the clock and realized she’d been standing there for over 10 minutes getting more and more nervous. Knowing whatever was going to happen tonight would only get worse if she was late, Jane hurriedly stripped off her work clothes. She slid the stockings on and clipped them to the garter belt before pulling the skirt up and realizing it was much shorter than she originally thought. She reached for the shirt and gave a low moan when she couldn’t find a bra. Jane had very large 40DD tits and hated going without a bra, her tits would bounce an jiggle even if she was holding still. Trying not to think, she quickly buttoned up the shirt and found the top 3 buttons missing. The too small shirt molded to her tits and pushed them up and halfway out of the top. Knowing a deep breath would spill them out, she applied the nipple clamps that were obvious through the tight top. Saving the worst for last, she picked up the large butt pug, generously slathered it with lube and pushed it gently into her ass. Jane caught her breath as she stood upright and felt the huge thing stretching her asshole, and filling it completely. Walking gingerly, she went into the bathroom and found another note written in lipstick on her mirror.

Use these and plenty of it whore.

Looking down, she noticed a tube of bright slut-red lipstick, a black eyeliner pencil and mascara. Jane winced a little even as she reached to obey. She had very pale skin and any kind of makeup stood out dramatically. She applied a wide line of black around her eyes, and brushed a thick layer of mascara onto her lashes before finally painting her lips bright red. Almost afraid to look, Jane surveyed her reflection and felt a warm know begin to grow low in her belly. She looked like a complete slut. Clamped nipples pressed against the shirt, tits about to pop out, the bottom of her bare ass almost exposed. She hoped he wasn’t going to actually take her out in this.

Jane stood nervously on the porch trying to slouch into the corner as best she could and not be seen by the neighbors. The sun had set and she was getting more and more anxious as Master didn’t appear. Finally he pulled into the driveway and she practically ran to dive into the car. She turned to give him a smile and kiss when he placed a finger over her lips.

“Don’t speak unless I tell you understand?”

Jane nodded mutely. It was going to be one of those nights, she thought to herself. His dark eyes were filled with anticipation and something darker that she knew meant trouble. He stroked her hair softly.

“Good girl.”

He gave her a brief smile and pulled out of the driveway. They drove in silence for over an hour. Jane had to bite her lip hard to keep all her questions inside. She tried not to fidget but couldn’t seem to hold still as the plug in her ass had begun to burn and drive into her no matter which position she tried. Master said nothing but merely concentrated on the drive like she wasn’t even in the car. Finally he pulled off into an industrial area she’d never seen before. Dark abandoned buildings stood clustered around grown-over parking lots. He pulled into on of the lots, maneuvering around broken bottles and remnants of hobo fires. He parked the car up against a tall building, the headlights illuminating the broken windows.

“Out of the car slut, hands up against that wall and stay in the headlights.”

Nervously, levent escort Jane obeyed. She braced her hands against the crumbling brick and spread her legs out wide letting the bottom of her ass peek out from her skirt. Several long minutes later she heard the car door open and his footsteps come from behind her. He grabbed her hair and jerked her head back hard, craning her neck to look up at him.

“What are you?” he asked quietly.

“I am your slut Master.”

He nuzzled into her neck and whispered again,

“What are you?”

“I am your slut Master.”

He ran his hand up her ass, giving it a hard squeeze before tucking the skirt into her garter, leaving her ass exposed in the headlights. He slid a hand around to cup her breast. Jane felt a shudder run through her at his touch. He began twisting her nipple hard, causing her to gasp.

“A good slut does whatever she is told. Understand?”

Jane nodded quickly, biting her lip to keep from moaning as he began alternation nipples. She felt the waves of hear rushing through her nipples to the rest of her body. Master abruptly released her head and nipples and stepped back. She heard him unfastening his belt and felt her juices begin to flow thinking he was going to fuck her from behind in this dirty lot, pressing her up against the condemned building. Lost in the daydream she didn’t hear the whistle until it was too late. The belt cracked across her bare ass pushing her into the building. The rough brick ground against her hard clamped nipples , making her cry out. Again the belt cracked across her ass. Jane tried to brace herself to take the blows and relieve the pain on her nipples, but he merely gave her a hard shove back into the building and kept applying the belt. Jane felt her pussy begin to drip down her leg as her ass grew hotter and hotter. She was moaning steadily now, purposefully grinding her sore tits against the building as he beat her ass. He began alternating strokes up and down her legs wit steady snaps of the belt. Her moans changed, becoming more pained, but he knew that she could cum just from being beaten. Her ass was a bright red now and he could almost feel the heat coming off it. The red stripes up and down her legs were visible through the sheer white stockings. Satisfied with his work, he stopped before she could find release. Jane slumped and shuddered when he stopped. Her cunt was soaking wet, leaving long trails of moisture down her legs. Her entire backside tingled with radiated heat and she desperately wanted him to throw her onto the hood of the car and fuck her. The ass plug shoved deep and the stripes of heat up her backside had left her in that perfectly keyed up state where she would take anything, do anything, and beg just to be fucked and used. He knew her well and had brought her here to get her hot enough to complete here real task tonight.

The Master put his belt back no watching the slut try to catch her breath. Her trembling made his already hard cock twitch, but he restrained himself, knowing it would be better later.

“Cover your ass and get in the car slut.”

She obeyed with shaking hands, walking unsteadily back to the car. She sat down gingerly and still hissed through her teeth as her stinging ass made contact with the seat. He started the car and pulled out without a word. Jane was trying very hard not to speak, but was getting increasingly frenzied. Every nerve felt on edge, her clit was throbbing unbearably and she had to clench her hands to keep from touching it. She kept shooting him frantic glances, trying to get him to talk to her but he ignored her and kept driving. Getting frustrated, Jane leaned back and closed her eyes trying to ignore the desperate ache between her legs. After what felt like forever, Master finally spoke.

“Is your dirty pussy wet slut?”

“Yes Master.”

“Show me.”

Jane quickly reached a hand down between her legs and shoved a finger into her dripping cunt. She felt her pussy clamp around her finger as she brushed a thumb over her clit. The shock sent up through her body was too much to resist and she began rubbing slow circles on her hard bud, a low moan escaping her lips. Her enjoyment ended abruptly when he grabbed her hair and yanked her head back hard.

“I didn’t say pleasure yourself whore. I said show me.”

She reluctantly took her hand away and held up her hand so he could see her juices running down it.

“God what a slut you are. Soaking wet.”

He released her hair and told her to clean her hand. Jane put her fingers in her mouth one by one, sucking slowly, enjoying her tasted.

“That’s a good girl. It is a shame that I have such a filthy whore here at my disposal and no one to appreciate it.” He said musingly.

Jane froze with a finger still in her mouth. They had never brought anyone else in on their playtime and she still wasn’t sure what she thought of being used by another person. She found the idea sexy and a turn on when they talked about beyoğlu escort it but was ultimately too embarrassed and too afraid. He had never pushed her about it or demanded it, simply asked that she remember he would never let her come to any harm.

Her shock began to change into fear as he pulled into a gas station. She darted looks around nervously as she realized where they were. The gas station was the only place still open on the corner, and it was on its last leg. The neighborhood had been bad as she was growing up and now it was down right dangerous. She never drove through here if she could help it. Jane turned to her Master with panic in her eyes and saw him hold up a $20 and a cell phone.

“Go inside slut and get me a pack of cigarettes and something to drink.”

She looked at him and opened her mouth to protest. He raised an eyebrow at her and she knew that was her warning. There would not be a second one. With trembling fingers, Jane took the money and phone and opened the car door. Tears began to fill her eyes as she walked slowly to the door. She felt the breeze on her bare ass, cooling the strap marks. Her tits bounce at every step, threatening to come out of her top. The plug that had been in so long now just felt like a dull tight ache in her ass. Sniffing back the tears that were pooling, she went inside. A tall young black man was watching a small TV set up behind the counter and didn’t even notice her at first. The sound of her heels clicking on the floor caused him to look up. The annoyed look on his face faded to shock as his jaw dropped and he took her in. She shuffled over to the cooler trying to be quick and not show too much skin. The bottled water was on the top shelf so she had to stand on tiptoe to reach. She felt her skirt pull up higher exposing the bottom of her bare ass and heard the clerk behind her mutter,

“God damn…”

She quickly dropped back to her heels, making her tits bounce hard and shuffled back over to the counter. She kept her eyes down, unable to see the look she knew was on his face.

“Pack of Marlboro’s please,” she muttered.

For a moment he didn’t move and she glanced up. The clerk was at least 6’2 and his height gave him an unlimited look down her cleavage. He licked his lips quickly then reached behind him for the cigarettes without taking his eyes from her tits. The phone rang in her hand startling them both. She opened the phone not even getting out a hello when Master’s voice came across.

“Hand the phone to the clerk slut.”

Jane hesitated, “Why Sir, what…?”

He growled into the phone sending shivers down her spine, “How dare you question me whore! You will do as you’re told or suffer the consequences.”

She closed her eyes briefly, thinking wildly of an escape route before reluctantly holding out the phone to the clerk. He dragged his eyes away from her tits to give her a questioning look.

“What’s that for?”

She looked up at him pleadingly, “Please just take it, please?”

He shrugged and put the phone up to his ear.

“This is Jamal, who’s this?”

“Hello Jamal, do you see the slutty looking white girl in front of you?”

He gave her another look over before answering, “Oh yeah I see her. Can’t miss them big titties.”

Jane’s already blushing face turned crimson under the fluorescent lights.

“Good. They are nice tits aren’t they? You can’t really appreciate them til you feel them though. Would you like to touch those big white tits Jamal?”

He didn’t even hesitate before answering, “Oh hell yeah!”

Master chuckled a little, “Tell her to put her elbows on the counter.”

Jamal repeated the instructions and Jane turned pale.

“What? What do you mean?” she stuttered.

The clerk was silent for a moment, listening to the voice on the phone.

“Fuck man really? Are you serious?”

He turned back to Jane, leaning over the counter towards her.

“Do as you’re told slut” he snapped at her, anticipation thick in his voice.

Jane shuddered and finally knew what her test was. She would have to obey this stranger as if obeying Master. That meant he could do anything to her. This strange man would have control over her body, not her loving Master. Biting her lip she leaned up and put her elbows on the counter, her tits finally spilling free of the small white shirt. She clenched her fists to resist the urge to cover her exposed nipples.

Jamal let out a long breath, “Damn girl those are some big titties.”

He reached out immediately and took a breast in his large hand, squeezing hard. Jane dug her nails into her hands to keep from pulling away. His breathing started becoming jagged as he mauled her tits. Squeezing and twisting them before grabbing a hold of the jeweled clips on her hard nipples and giving them sharp yanks. She bit her lip and tried to keep the moans behind her teeth as he got rougher and rougher with her sore tits. Suddenly he stopped and Jane looked up to see him kağıthane escort listening on the phone.

“Show me your ass girl,” he told her hoarsely.

Jane took a deep breath and stepped away from the counter and turned. After a frantic glance at Master’s car, she slowly bent over and touched her shoes with one hand. The other hand reached behind her and lifted up her skirt. She heard Jamal step out from behind the counter and come up behind her.

“Your Master says you need a lesson in obeying without question.”

He ran his hand over her bare ass, squeezing hard, then his fingers found the plug shoved tight into her hole. He gave it a couple hard tugs, pushing it in and out of her ass. Jane moaned as the plug revived the fire in her hole. He slid his hand down lower and abruptly jammed two fingers into her pussy. She cried out and almost lost her balance as he finger fucked her hard. He pulled his hand out sharply and spoke into the phone.

“Oh yeah you were right, this bitch is dripping.”

Jamal squeezed her ass a few more times before speaking to her again.

“Grab your ankles girl, and I’d brace myself if I was you.”

Jane spread her legs a little further apart to set her feet and then grabbed her ankles. She kept looking out at the car trying in vain to see her Master’s face. Without warning the clerks big hand came down hard on her ass. She gave a quick gasp and then had to concentrate on keeping her balance as he gave her a flurry of hard smacks all over her already red ass. Jamal’s breathing began to quicken and his blows cam harder and harder as he started enjoying himself. Her tits swaying with each blow, Jane felt the moisture running down her legs even as she struggled not to cry. Long minutes later, her ass stinging and bright red he finally stopped. He spoke quickly into the phone, his voice the one of a man on the edge.

“Yeah, can I now man?”

He must have got an answer to his question, because Jane heard him shut the phone and throw it on the counter before letting out a half groan.

“Oh fuck yeah”

He grabbed Jane by the arm, hauled her upright and began pushing her to the back.

“Come on girl, I’ve only got 5 minutes, let’s go.”

She stumbled along as he pushed her into a dirty closet of a bathroom in the back of the store and shut the door behind him. He was already fumbling with his zipper as he turned to her.

“On your knees girl NOW!”

Jane dropped to her knees before she could even think of how nasty the floor was. He pulled out his hard cock and her eyes went wide. Master was by no means small, but this hard throbbing thing in front of her was enormous. She couldn’t imagine it fitting in any of her holes. Jamal didn’t give her time to hesitate, one hand on his huge cock he brought the other to the back of her head.

“Suck it.”

Jane looked up at him with pleading eyes, and he grabbed a nipple between his fingers and gave it a vicious twist.

“Suck it bitch.”

She ran a tentative tongue around the head of his cock before wrapping her lips around it. He gave a low moan and shoved into her mouth until he his the back of her throat. Running her tongue up and down his shaft, she started sucking him in long slow strokes, taking it as deep as she could. He kept on hand on her head and used the other to sharply slap her tit, making them sway and bounce. Jane moaned around the cock filling her mouth, her breasts getting hot and making her clit burn unbearably. Jamal started pumping faster and she had to bring her hands up to his thighs to brace herself.

“Oh yeah bitch take it, ohhhh yeah that’s right.”

He grabbed her head with both hands and began fucking her throat. Jane gagged and felt the spit running out of her mouth and down her tits as he used her. Tears ran down her face, smearing the mascara as she choked. She tried desperately to hold onto him as he shoved the entire length of his cock down her throat, groaning.

“Oh fuuuckkk”

“He grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her face off his cock. Holding her hair, he gave his cock a couple frantic strokes before moaning and releasing globs of hot sticky cum all over her face. Jamal squeezed out the last drops to rub in her hair, then collapsed back against the sink, trying to get his pants back up. Once he was squared away he looked up at her with a slightly sheepish grin.

“He told me to tell you that you can go back to the car once you made me cum. And you’re not supposed to clean up any.”

He offered her a hand to help her up, and tried to give her skirt and ineffectual brushing off. Through the cum, spit, and tears drying on her face Jane couldn’t help but smile. This man had just used her like a whore and now that it was over he was trying to be some kind of gentleman. She laid a hand gently on his arm and gave him a soft peck on the cheek.

“Thank you.” She said quietly with a small smile, “I should get back to him now.”

Jamal opened the door for her and handed her the water and cigarettes as they walked by the counter.

“Here, no charge, it’s the least I could do.”

She gave him another small smile and walked out to where her Master was waiting. As soon as her ass was in the seat, Master pulled her into his arms and rained soft kisses up and down her neck as he whispered to her.