Freaky February Part Three


Freaky February Part ThreeI sat on my bed and said, “Mom, we have to talk about how we deal with this. Daddy jacked off into my mouth and I don’t know how to react to things that you probably do all the time.” She sat up then, gave me a hug, which was strange since I was naked and she was only wearing bra and panties. I listened to my voice say “Jennifer honey, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s probably not fair to you, but watching you and Bill last night was the hottest thing I have ever watched…and I have watched the videos of Bill and I fucking many times. Knowing it wasn’t really me and wondering what you were thinking just made me have to finger my cunt…uh your cunt…but I felt it. You have a very responsive body Jenn.””Yeah,” I said with an embarrassed smile. I don’t fuck, but I have…you know.” That man at the shop on Century…he said this was going to last until the end of the month. This is just the first day and I am kind of…well excited…and terrified. “And another thing… last night while Daddy was fucking me, I thought I saw that man…the one from the shop…only he was kind of like a ghost and floating in the air. I think I’m going crazy because it looked like he was jacking off while he watched us. I know I couldn’t have seen that, but I know what I saw.””I don’t know about that Jenn. All of this is so fucking strange. What we need to discuss is how you deal with your Daddy’s needs. I know now that you ARE a virgin. I used your hand mirror and saw that your hymen is intact. You are old enough now to have sex and it is your right to do so. I don’t know if masturbation is going to be enough for me. Your Daddy and I fuck five or six nights a week. Hell we even fuck when I am on my period. Did you like how his cock felt sliding into you last night? I mean…he’s so big and he fills me up with so much cum when he fucks me. I don’t know if I can take a whole month without his cock…or some cock.”I hugged her then and had to admit that my first fuck had been incredible. “Isn’t Daddy going to know something is up…I mean if I don’t do the things you do.” I saw the serious look on my own face, the one my Mom was wearing and asked what she was thinking. She put her hand on my shoulder and said, “I know just bakırköy escort what you need to do honey. Let’s go get the videos and we can watch them. You will learn from them.” She turned red then and said, “that game we play…where I am you…and I ask Daddy to fuck me. I hope you will understand that it’s just a fantasy. We say lots of things that will be pretty uh…will make you embarrassed. I thought about that and said, “I guess that’s the best idea for knowing how I should act.”We got up then and went to Mom and Dad’s bedroom. Mom told me to lie back on the bed and she would get the most recent video out. “The most recent? How many videos did you guys make anyway?” It was Mom’s turn to turn red now. “Honey, we have been making videos since we first got married. At first they were on videotape, but Bill had them all converted to dvd.” I looked at her with awe and asked, “You guys have been married twenty years. You have twenty years worth of fuck movies?””Yes we do honey, and I will NOT show all of them to you. There are some secrets that I hope will remain so after February is over. I watched her nice ass, MY nice ass, as she bent over to the dvd player and the file of dvds that filled the bottom half of the television cabinet. She turned on the TV, started the dvd player then jumped into bed on Daddy’s side.”We did this one last week after you were asleep.” The scene started. There was Daddy messing with the camera. He was intent upon that and his face was right in the center of the screen. He said, “Okay baby. It’s rollin'” and he went to stand by the bed. I saw my mother sitting there in bra and panties. She was looking kind of shy. She looked up at Daddy and said, “Daddy, we can’t do this again. What if Mom finds out? Besides that Daddy you are so big when you are inside of me. It kinda hurts Daddy.” Daddy smiled down at her and said, “I know honey, but Daddy has needs.” His shorts were distended. He moved over to her and said, “Take off your bra honey. You have such cute little tits.” I watched Mom take off her bra and look up shyly, “I’m glad you like them Daddy, but I’m scared we’ll get caught.”Daddy took off his underwear then. I had seen that cock right in front of beşiktaş escort my face, but from this angle it looked even bigger somehow. Mom moved away from him. Daddy said in his sternest voice, “Jennifer, If you don’t come here and suck this cock right now I am going to spank you again. Last time I just spanked your ass…this time I will spank your cunt.”I recoiled at that, then leaned forward to see what was going on. My panties, Mom’s panties that is, were soaked. I watched Mom on screen move away from him saying, “No Daddy, please don’t spank me.” He snapped his fingers and said, “then get over here suck this cock.” I watched Mom crawl across the bed to him, her breasts swaying. She sat on the edge of the bed and said, “All right daddy.” Mom smiled wickedly then and said, “you know how I like to tease you Daddy. I am your slut and I love your cock” She took his cock in her hand and moved her head to it. Her tongue licked the head, the tip trying to invade the slit at the tip of his cock. Then she opened her mouth and took just the head inside, obviously using her tongue on it. Daddy put his hands on her head then said, “All of it Jennifer.” I watched Mom’s eyes look at his face and she started taking his cock deeper into her mouth. She stopped with three inches or so still in sight. “All of it Jenn!” Mom hummed “mmmm mmm” as in “no”.Daddy put his hands on her head then and started ‘forcing’ his cock down Mom’s throat. Mom paused the video then and said, “Your Daddy’s cock is eight inches. You can see how thick it is. I know you had it in your mouth this morning. It makes me wet Jenn knowing your Daddy is really doing that to you, but thinks it’s me. If he only knew.”That last statement hung in the air for a moment. We both thought about that. We both started to speak at the same time…Mom held up her hand to stop me talking and said, “What if…What if you and I told Daddy what has happened. He won’t believe it at first, but if I talk to him, while you are there, I will tell him things that you couldn’t possibly know. Another alternative is to let it go as it is right now and your Daddy is excited by how different I am acting. It seems kind of unfair though for him not to know.”She beylikdüzü escort looked at me while I processed that. Finally I knew what I wanted to say. “Look, I know that Daddy has had this fantasy about me for so long. What if we told him about what happened, you can tell him those things I wouldn’t know, except I WILL know after you tell him. That will make him realize that this strange story is true. Besides that Mom, I LIKE the idea of having Daddy fucking this body I am in, knowing it’s really me…knowing it’s his fantasy come true.I watched Mom think about that. “Honey, I think that would work, but only if I was there with you when he fucks you. He often looks at pictures of you when he fucks me. If I was there…as you…with your permission I could be naked too. I would certainly be turned on and want to masturbate. What do you think about that? I started to speak, then I know my face reddened and I closed my mouth. Mom touched me on my shoulder and said, “You can tell me Honey. Look at all that’s happened to you already in just one day.” I nodded and said, “Yeah,” laughing, “that was a lot to process. What would you think about this? Daddy is fucking me, in your body, knowing that you in MY body are watching and masturbating. What if Daddy wants more from THAT body?”We talked about that for quite a while and finally decided we couldn’t know how that would go, because we already didn’t know how telling Bill all about everything was going to go. We would play it by ear. Mom asked, “Jenn, when your Daddy knows I am inside of your body, he very likely will think about what it would be like to fuck that body. We need to consider the ramifications of that. As we talked it over Mom found out that I was on the pill. I told her they were in the closet inside the right pocket of my winter coat. She got up then and took out the pills and took the one I had missed in the switch.”If Daddy wants to fuck the daughter body, my body, I think that would be okay. I would want to watch though. It seems only fair that I would be there for my defloration. Mom wryly commented, “that’s a big word for losing your cherry Jenn. We both cracked up then.We talked for an hour, with a short break for me to call in as my Mom to say Jennifer would not be into school for the rest of the week. I told them it was family-related, thanked Mrs. Jones, the secretary who was always so nice to me at school, and hung up.We decided that we would have a special dinner tonight. Spaghetti and meatballs is Daddy’s favorite. Then we would tell him what has happened.