Fragile Unbroken Ch. 06


Fragile Unbroken 6


I had a conversation recently which has reawakened one of my wildest fetishes and rekindled memories of one of my wildest erotic rides. It’s not one I will be able to experience much in my life, at least, not too this degree because it took my Master a long time to arrange it in a way that was safe and comfortable (to the degree that comfort is a priority.) It’s an extreme cum fetish, so if that isn’t your thing you may want to move on to another story.

My Master and I have had more adventures than I can count, and my need for love and attention is regularly met. but there is one desire that has been innate. It is the natural me.

I absolutely love cum. It is like a treasure to me. It is lust at its most concentrated. I want it to touch me. I want to taste it. I want it from both men and women. One of my constant standing commands from Master is that I clean him, or any other lover he may choose, of cum after sex, but that command exists because he learned how much I love it. It came as a reward for good behavior because I always asked him to do it anyway. I began to love it the first time I ever sucked a cock, years before I met Master.

I love tasty, slippery, hot cum in quantities that make our older Mexican cleaning lady think we are crazy. That only happens because some of it goes to waste on sheets or pillows. I have to assume that some hits the ceiling but I can’t confirm it.

Yeah, I know it sounds obsessive. That’s because it is, just a little bit.

Master learned this about me early in our relationship. As we’ve grown together, and through my training, he recognized it as an avenue for reward. He asked me a lot of questions, and over time he developed a strategy that he thought might accommodate this fantasy of mine.

He spent months preparing. One night he asked me how many men I thought it would take to fulfill my desire to be drenched in cum. I had never thought It through that far. I asked him how many he would let me have. I think he expected an answer that was a little more tame.

He replied that safety was his first concern, and he felt like it should be men whom he would trust enough to be alone with me, which in truth was very few, if any at all. Even so, I told him that I would not want the experience if he were not a participant. At that point I don’t think the idea of seeing a bunch of men naked over me appealed to him at all.

It took time to develop mutual comfort and understanding, but in the end Master saw his way clear to make it happen. He told me that he thought he could come up with six men who would be willing.

That was more than I ever expected him to give me, but he had a plan that would incorporate safety and his comfort.

We spent the next two months having some private encounters with a few gentlemen, one of which my Master tossed right out of the mix. By the time that was complete Master had allowed me to meet 4 other men who he knew enough of to be confident that they were clean. He had some agreements with them, and he said he made them test for std’s before they ever met me. One of them was a close friend Mike who he had known most of his life. I had been intimate with him before, and we had no worries about him.

Often in the weeks leading up to the night it happened, I would think about it until my thighs were slick with my bodies natural lubrication.

It was finally prepared. I don’t know exactly what Master had to do to make it work, but he worked hard, knowing that this was something I wanted and he told me I deserved it.

The day came. I was cleaned and adorned with a new pearl necklace master had given me for this occasion. It was not an accident. He thought the symbolism of the pearls would remind me of the event in the future. I wore it all that day. It looked a little awkward wearing my necklace with my collar but there was no way I wanted to go through this without my Masters collar.

I prepared myself. Master had given me instruction and we both set hard and soft limits which gave me even more freedom because I knew where Master would draw he line. I had been fantasizing about multiple penetrations as time led up to this, and Master agreed that if I was comfortable with it, he would go along too. I knew he meant it. I had watched a man suck his cock before, and he had taken one anally on a night where I had been chained and forced, (allowed) to fulya escort watch Master with another dominant friend who both tested and punished her male sub by having him suck Master to completion. I knew he wouldn’t be bothered by the idea of another cock in my ass. One limit I added to our arrangement was that only Master would be allowed in my pussy. He appreciated that. I think it built trust as well.

It was comforting and intoxicating to know I could guide the evening according to my comfort level.

I was nervous to near shaking but I couldn’t stop thinking about 5 men cumming. I wanted it badly. I was wet all day to the point that it was embarrassing and inconvenient as I spent the majority of that day naked and my wetness was noticeable. Master just laughed when I told him that. He said that half of the time he didn’t have to work to deprive me. I was so sex focused that I kept myself on the edge.

I didn’t think it was funny. It was his fault anyway for being so damn sexy and loving.

The hour arrived. I had my hair braided so it would not interfere. I had the beautiful pearl necklace on arranged so that it didn’t conflict t too badly with my golden collar. The necklace hung down to drape across my cleavage. It looked hot. Master suggested I wear a robe and nothing else to make the whole thing easier, so I wore a black silk robe which barely covered my ass.

So I knelt, waiting on a pillow with my legs closed to keep my wetness from showing, on my perch in the corner of the great room. Master had decided the event would take place here. He had given me permission to speak freely but he put soft, black, leather shackles on my ankles and wrists. I think he was marking his territory. He had removed his card table from the room and replaced it with a soft, thick rug. You could tell that the room was set up for something and all the men knew what they were getting into, so as the first one arrived the sexual tension was already hot.

Master offered him a drink. He did not introduce us. Part of my fantasy was to be treated like a whore. Master said that nobody needs to know a whores name to get off. It set my mood quite readily. I had met the men but their names had never come up. I already felt like a whorish fuck doll and only two of the men who would take me were here. Master and he chatted. He was tall and muscular. He wore tight blue jeans and I could see his erection forming early as he glanced at me and I just smiled back at him, kneeling quietly.

Three more men showed up within the next few minutes. They were all talking, they all had a drink or two. They were acting macho and all I knew was that those cocks over there would touch me soon. I did know Mike and he came over to talk to me, but we talked about none of the normal things we might have discussed. It was all about the weather and other frivolous topics. I could tell he was nervous. I told him he ought to go join the others and get ready. I didn’t want to wait any longer. Master had instructed me how to approach this. My heart was beating like a drum as I stood up and walked to the large, soft rug. My black robe flowed easily over my hips, contrasting with my pale white skin. Every one of the men stopped talking and turned to look at me. It was real now. I was insanely nervous but I breathed deeply and tried to calm myself as I untied my sash and tossed the robe to the side. I looked at each man in the eye. My nipples were aching hard. My shaved pussy was dripping down my highs. This was it. My dream.

I knelt down on the rug and looked at one of them. I have no idea who he was. I beckoned him over with my finger. He swallowed so hard that I could hear it. Suddenly in my lust I felt like a queen with 5 men at my whim. I was the whore queen and these were my subjects.

As the first man approached, my fears melted away. I focused on making these men want me. I was going to please them all. They were going to feed me their cum. I stroked his cock through his pants and then unzipped them. His pants slid down enough for me to pull his cock out of his boxers and I wrapped my hand around it, stroking it.

I looked at the others. “You men really ought to get undressed,” I said with inherent seduction dripping from my words.

That did it. Everyone but Master took their cloths off with a clatter. It was like they had all forgotten they were in a room full of other bebek escort men. All eyes were on the slut on the floor. The first man seemed stuck, as if he didn’t want to lose the advantage of me kneeling in front of him and stroking his cock but he didn’t want to be the only one with cloths on either. I offered him no consolation, instead I made it worse by sucking his cock into my mouth. Mike was nearby and I reached for him, pulling him closer. When he was close enough I leaned over and took his cock deep in my mouth and sucked hard as I stroked the other guy using my saliva like a lube.

They were all undressed and gathered around me as the last man took his cloths off too. Master had instructed them that they were not to initiate anything unless I started it. I knew the others were hoping for a little action. I looked at one who was stroking his cock and that sent me over the edge. I wanted every one of hose cocks touching me. Master had given me control of what happened. It was up to me what I wanted. I had free reign.

My problem was, I had 5 cocks, but only one mouth, two hands and one pussy. It left only one thing if I really wanted five cocks fucking me. Master was slowly disrobing as he watched. I had a fear that he wouldn’t like this, but as I watched him while I sucked one cock, and was trying to stroke two others, his pants dropped and his cock was rigid and hard. He was into it at least that much.

I let the cock out of my mouth and called to him., “Master, please, I need you here.” I heard confidence in my own voice and that bolstered my confidence further.

He came over and I spoke to him. “Master, will you please fuck your little slave while she pleasures these men?”

Three of them were stroking their cocks and one was apparently still recovering from the fact that I had stopped sucking him. Master nodded and laid down on the rug as we had discussed. I straddled him and I reached for the two nearest men, but I called to Mike. “Mike, please fuck my ass, I need your hard cock in me.” I pointed to lube sitting on a nearby end table.

He wasted no time in drizzling it over his dick and rubbing it all over as he stroked his thickness. I grabbed Masters cock and guided it into my dripping cunt. He plunged in deep. I leaned forward supporting myself with one hand and reached for another cock. I dragged that thick cock to position nearly in front of me and asked him to stand next to Master. I sucked his cock into my mouth and held it there, sucking as hard as my limited concentration would let me.

By this time Mike was kneeling behind me between Masters legs. I rocked my hips down over Masters cock until it was wedged deep inside me and filling my pussy. and then I poised my ass and prepared to be entered by Mike. I had been double penetrated before, which is part of what led to this fantasy, but Masters cock was big, and Mikes was the biggest of all the others. I felt the pressure of his cock but I was as ready as I could be and he eased into me. It hurt but I pushed back pulling him in as the sensation of three cocks in me overwhelmed me. I was fucking Master. Mike’s cock slowly went deep into my ass. I felt so full and it felt so good that I almost started cumming right there. A man whose name I didn’t even know was fucking my face and two men were jacking off over me.

I was so fucking intense I couldn’t control myself. I stayed like that for a while, completely overwhelmed. I concentrated on the cock in my mouth until I had it down my throat. That man started fucking my face. Then I realized I could get my hands on two more. I reached for one more cock as the man stood next to me. The other man took the example and I latched onto that one too. Grabbing those cocks hard I pulled them closer to me. I had three cocks near my face now and I couldn’t concentrate on any one of them. Instead I tried to rotate my concentration, fucking Master a little, then poising my ass and tightening for the man victimizing it, whose balls I could feel against my pussy where they must have rested against Masters massive balls.

That thought sent me over the edge. I sucked one, grabbed another, then turned and sucked another and grabbed the other one then went back to getting a few strokes in for Master. It took so much concentration that I forgot all about my own pussy for a little while. The man in my ass sounded like he was getting close to florya escort cumming and that reminded me why I was here. I realized I was in no position to stop him. He grunted out loud and shoved deep into me, explodedijg in my ass. The first drops of cum had landed. I went back to sucking cock and jacking off cocks while while I fucked my Master. Mike pumped his cock into me until his cock was getting limp and he couldn’t. I felt his dick slide out of me and I knew cum was drizzling down onto my pussy. I slid myself up Masters cock and began to fuck him in the longest strokes I could manage. I was so wet, I could hear my sloppy pussy.

Other men were getting close as I focused on Master. I leaned back, dropping the cock from my mouth. “Master,” I begged. “Please cum on my face” I pulled up off of him and Master was right on time. He stood up over me and I knelt on the rug. Master stroked his dick over me and I reached for another one with my mouth. As they all stroked their cocks I sucked one mans into my mouth as he looked ready to cum. I sucked until his cock exploded. I let his first load slide out of my mouth onto my tits, swallowing only a little as he pulled out and his cum fell onto my shoulders and tits. My skin felt hot where the little splatters hit me. I was in sheer ecstasy as I shoved a hand between my legs and rubbed my clit. Another man was moaning. I grabbed his ass and pulled him to me, then held my tits up so he could cum on them. His cum shot me in the face before the rest of his load spewed all over my tits. That man came forever. His load was huge and it drizzled off of my tits onto my thighs. I don’t think I had ever seen so much cum from one man.

I turned to be next stranger and grabbed his cock and stroked it with him. I stroked hard and as my arm was getting tired he started saying he was going to cum. I grabbed his ass and pulled him close and held my face under his cock as his cum shot out in huge spurts all over my face. I felt like a good and proper cum slut but there was one person left. I looked up at my beautiful Master, his cock in his hand and I was overcome by lust and love for him. I wanted him inside me.

I begged him again. “Oh Master, fuck your slave.” As I lay back in the rug, spreading my legs wide. He knelt between them and pushed his cock back into my pussy. He fucked hard and it wasn’t long. I began rubbing warm jizz all over my tits and pinching my own nipples while he too started shooting his load into my steaming pussy. As he did he pulled out and shot most of his load onto my pussy lips. I reached down to rub his cum into my clit and it was then that I started cumming myself. I writhed on the floor for these gentlemen, almost screaming in pleasure.

“Oh fuck yes.” I saw two of them rubbing their cocks again and I wanted more. “Fuck yes, stroke your cocks and give me more. All of them but Master grabbed there cocks and started trying to bring them back to life while I rubbed their cum all over my body and finger fucked myself. I rubbed my clit and came twice more in the long timespan before each mans cock eventually released on me again. I had four men standing over me with dicks in their hands, dropping splashes of cum on me one by one and I bathed in it, moaning like a drunk street whore.

Men were falling away. I felt like a warrior whore queen who had just vanquished an army.

I lay there on the rug as they all faded away. I vaguely remember seeing Master with his pants on, and I heard men talking but I didn’t care at all what they said. I could feel their cool cum all over my face, my tits, my stomach, my pussy, my ass, my thighs. I was completely used. I was completely overcome and I didn’t want to move.

I don’t know how long it was but after a good while Master was standing over me speaking. “Lay there slave and enjoy your conquest for the rest of the night. He brought me pillows from my perch and I crawled half way onto one. Before sleep took me I remember hearing a voice saying.”You’ve got yourself one hell of a slave there, Jon”

I heard him reply, “Yes, I do.”

I woke up to a quiet house with that memory in my head. I was sticky with dry cum all over me. It was the oddest feeling as I moved and felt it pulling at my skin. Yes, today I was a good and proper whore princess, loved and adored enough to be used and taken at the whim of a powerful, secure man.

No man could have whipped the smile from this little cumsluts face that day.

Later that evening Master pulled three guns from hidden spots around the room. It startled me until I realized what it really meant. I was very, very safe.

I also realized that the man who owned me was the most honorable, strong and safe man I had ever met.