Found Ch. 04


“I’m on my way to see some of my clients. They are closing a deal with a company they just bought and want me to be there to over see it.” said Grant Avery talking on his cell phone.

“Mmmmhmmm. It’s Martin Sears. He is like family to me and well I have been his lawyer ever since I passed the bar. So I told him I’d help out with that.”

Grant was more than a friend to Martin, he was part of Martin’s pack. Grant too is a lycan. Martin helped Grant get into law after high school. Being a young lycan and not too sure of his future, Grant took Martin’s advice and got accepted into one of the country’s prestigious law school. Martin had encouraged Grant, along with Luke, to pursue their goals. He stood by as these cubs, which were like sons to him, grow and mature into the handsome, smart, successful men that they are now. Grant was a little bit older than Luke and was a big brother figure to him. He helped Luke deal with his coming out, as he himself is gay.

After finishing law school, Grant got offered a job in the city. He loved the aspect of being on his own an having a high paying job. He excelled at his law firm, being the youngest lawyer to win every case in one year. His bond to his pack was always strong and he loved every single one of them dearly, but at the same time he wanted to find himself. He didn’t want to move with the pack after they bought land in the nearby town. Martin let him stay in the town house by himself. The town house also stood as the primary sanctuary for the pack. It was a big house with many rooms to spare when other lycans packs came into town. But Grant wanted his own apartment. He was definitely independent and self assured. It was only now that he came down, not only to close the business deal, but to catch up with the pack.

Driving with the windows rolled down, Grant was still on the phone talking to his colleague. He wanted to get through the meeting fast and head back home. He was intrigued with the town but he wanted to be back in the city.

“Remind me Keith to have those papers drawn up for the McAlester family when I get back into the office. That is going to be one messy…” Grant was stopped mid-sentence when something grabbed at his senses. A slight, yet sweet smell danced in Grant’s nose. He didn’t know where it was coming from.


-You there Grant…hello?

“Sorry Keith, I…uh….uh…what was I saying?”

-You were saying how the McAlester case was going to be a messy one.

“Oh yeah…right.”

“Keith let me get back to you shortly ok?” Grant said as he hung up his cell phone.

Catching the scent even harder, Grant stopped in front of a little café. He closed his eyes and took in another breath, trying to distinguish the smell and where it was coming from. Looking to his right he saw a young man walking along the sidewalk. He stood to be 5’10 and had dark hair and eyes with light complected skin. His inner wolf recognized the scent coming from this young man. A deep breath escaped from the lycan and he immediately turned his car off. Walking towards the young man, Grant’s heart began to race. He has never been in love before, but now love was filling his body. He had to meet this man.

“Excuse me sir, I was wondering if you happen to know where Smith’s Realty is?”

“It’s down by Oaklawn Street. I work there.”

“I’m Grant Avery.” Grant said as he extended his hand.

“Calen Ortiz.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Ortiz.”

“Likewise, but you can call me Calen. I am the assistant manager at Smith’s. Can I help you with anything Mr. Avery?”

“I’m here to help close the deal with my client Martin Sears. I have never been here before and I’m a little lost. By the way, you can call me Grant.”

Eying the young man, Grant couldn’t help but stare at him. He was drawn to him like a magnet. His dark brown eyes had a look to them, as if they could see deep down into Grant’s soul. It was almost an odd feeling. Seeing the lips on the young man, Grant wondered what they would taste like. He felt a surge in his crotch. He had to snap out of it now.

“Well Grant, I’m heading to the office after I run these errands. Like I said, go to Oaklawn Street and you will see it.” Calen was intrigued with Grant. He was very handsome and tall with rugged features. He estimated Grant to be in his mid to late 30s with very light graying hair among a sea of dark brown hair. His skin was tan but not too much. His goatee and beard matched that to his hair. He was handsome to say the least and Calen was a bit smitten by him.

“Actually I won’t be in just yet. I have to call a colleague back. But I will see you after awhile Calen.” Grant flashed a smile at Calen. Calen smiled back and quickly went on with his business. Grant took in another deep breath to savor the smell of Calen. He felt another surge in his cock making him go weak at the knees. No one has ever made Grant feel this way. A new town and now a new mate; what more can a lycan ask for?

Grabbing for his cell phone, Grant called Keith Küçükköy Escort back.

“Sorry about that Keith. I had to get off the phone because I saw my client and had to speak of him real quick, but yes remind me to have the papers drawn up for the McAlester family. Also I will need you to fax me the other legal documents that I need. After the meeting I will call you and give you the fax number to my clients office so you can send it to me there.” Grant knew the he lied to Keith, but he didn’t want to up and say he found the love of his life walking down the sidewalk.

No one in Grant’s law firm knew about his secret condition. Grant was close to his colleagues, but kept a distance from them when it came to his personal life. They knew he was gay but it was never an issue to them.

“Ok that sounds good Keith and will talk to you later on…bye.”

Hanging up his cell phone, Grant headed straight to the little café down the corner. The aroma of Calen still lingered and played with him. Sitting at a table, the waitress came by taking his order. Grant sat still and replayed the moment of meeting Calen. He knew instantly Calen was gay due to his inner wolf recognizing him as a mate. A lycan’s inner wolf is never wrong when it comes to recognizing a mate. A smile slowly appeared on Grant’s face just as the waitress came by with his order. He slowly started to eat and planned his next move.


“I’d like to thank everyone for being here. This is truly exciting and sad moment for me. I have ran this business since it’s inception 25 years ago and have been blessed with many wonderful agents; past and present, who have made this company what it is today. It is now that I feel a new chapter in my life has to begin. As many as you know, my daughter gave birth to her first child and I want to dedicate my time solely on her and the baby. So with that said, I’ve decided to retire and sell the company to an individual who I know will take it to a new level.” said Lisa Haven standing in front of her employees and the new staff. It was a long and hard process getting the company to where it is now and felt it was time to move on and concentrate on family. She was impressed with Martin’s business savvy ventures and knew he was the one to own Smith’s Realty.

Luke, Melania, Marco, and Martin sat on the opposite side of Smith’s staff. Luke was fidgeting in his seat eager to see Calen. He wasn’t there and wasn’t sure if he was going to make the meeting. The last few days felt like a lifetime. Luke impatiently waited for the day of the meeting to arrive and now here he is, sitting with Martin, Melania and Marco with no Calen in sight. Melania noticed his worrisome look and grabbed his hand to help calm him down. Luke responded with a smile as the meeting went on. He thought fate was playing a cruel trick on him. He remembered what Martin said about being in love and how everything is against you, but how sweet it will be when they both finally meet. That was the only thing that helped him keep his sanity.

“I’d like to introduce everyone to Mr. Martin Swears. Not only is he the new owner but will temporarily co-manage the company with Melania Cortez.”

Both Martin and Melania stood up and acknowledge everyone at the table.

“I would also like to introduce Lucas Jarreau who will be the new Projects Manager along with Marco Cortez.” both stood up and greeted everyone at the table.

Just then Calen walked into the staff room. Everyone there looked his way as he walked towards his seat by Lisa.

Luke froze in his seat as the scent of gardenias filled him. There was Calen, his Calen, in the same room as him. Melania looked over at Luke and noticed his expression. She put her hand on his leg to help him snap out of his staring mode. Now sporting a mustache and goatee, Luke can still see traces of the young rescuer on him. His heart pounded rapidly in his chest. His inner wolf pacing, wanting to jump out and claim Calen right then and there. Luke took in a deep breath and put his attention back onto the meeting.

“Glad you could make it Calen.”

“Sorry, there was a long line at the post office and it took a while,” Calen said as he put his briefcase down and took his seat right across from Lucas.

“Melania told me she met you and Natalie a few days ago.” Lisa said as she welcomed Calen.

“Yes we met her at the café and introduced ourselves to her.” Calen softly nodded at Melania who responded with a smile.

“She told me you were very welcoming to her.” Lisa replied back.

“And this is Martin Sears. You talked to him a couple weeks ago.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Sears.”

“Likewise Mr. Ortiz”

Both men smiled and nodded at each other.

“And have you met the other two Calen?” asked Lisa pointing out Marco and Luke.

“No I haven’t met them yet.”

Standing up, Calen reached over and introduced himself to Marco. Luke felt the nervousness build up Küçükköy Escort Bayan inside of his stomach. These weren’t butterflies; more like eagles flying inside.

Luke rose.

“Calen Ortiz.”

“Lucas Jarreau,” responded Luke as she shook Calen’s hand.

Luke swallowed hard as Calen’s scent filled him up once again. He now has Calen’s scent on his hand. Luke’s mind spun around, not knowing what to say next.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Jarreau.”

“It’s nice to meet you too Mr. Ortiz.” Luke responded slowly shaking Calen’s hand. Calen gazed into Luke’s pale blue eyes. There was an essence of familiarity about them that he couldn’t place.

“You can call me Calen.”

“And you can call me Lucas or Luke.”

“Both men nodded and sat as the meeting continued.

“Ok everyone has met. So with that being said, I would like to say a huge thank you to my staff once again. You all have worked so hard for me over the years and I am truly grateful; especially to you Calen. I have seen you grow from an intern, to secretary, agent and now assistant manager. I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished.” Lisa said all this trying to hold back tears. Calen blushed with the compliment that Lisa gave him. It had been a long time since someone gave him kudos for doing a good job. Luke saw the redness on Calen’s cheeks and wanted to feel their warmth. Calen walked over towards Lisa and gave her a big hug and thanked her. The group of people at the meeting all applauded and the meeting was over.

After the meeting was done, Calen walked to his office to start his day. The staff was conversing amongst each other and Lisa approached Luke and talked about some of the properties as they walked to her office.

“We have two properties in escrow right now; a residential home at the end of town and a lake house. The residential home is pretty much in good shape. We do plan to add a porch to it. The lake house however, really needs some work. I have the blue prints for it in my office and will give them to you before I go. You might want Calen to approve them first.”

Walking in the hallway, Luke could smell Calen. It was so intoxicating, so addicting. He needed to see his mate again. Lisa handed over the plans and told Luke where Calen’s office was. Walking over to his door, Luke closed his eyes and deeply inhaled his mate’s scent once again.

So addicting.

“Come in.”

Luke slowly opened the door and poked his head in to see Calen was busy. Calen was at his desk typing on his computer. He looked up to see Luke.

“Oh hey Lucas, how can I help you?”

“Lisa gave me the blue prints and the financial papers and said to get your approval for them.”

Luke walked towards Calen’s desk. Calen stood up and walked over towards Luke.

“I hope you aren’t too busy. I just wanted to get a move on with the projects Lisa told me about, but wasn’t sure with the meeting and all.” Luke handed the paper work to Calen. He could again see the young teen in his man; same facial features but with more facial hair and glasses. Calen was handsome in the lycan’s eyes. Calen took the documents and sat at his desk. He gave a quick glance over them and signed them.

“And here are the blue prints for the lake house.”

“I was talking to Lisa about the floor plans for the patio. I think they bay window she wanted to put up is too much of an eye sore. What do you think Lucas?” Calen said looking at the plans.

Grabbing the plans and turning them to him, Luke took a glance.

“I think we need to re-do the whole outside wall. Instead of having the bay window, we can put double glass framed doors, and have them centered to match the deck.”

Turning the plans around, Calen studied them to see if the double doors would work with the patio.

“Hmmm…I think you are right Lucas. That way the people can see the lake and the deck from inside the kitchen. Not to mention it will add value to the house.”

Pleased with the agreement from Calen, Luke smiled, his heart pounding.

Soon; very soon!

Glancing up, Calen’s eyes met up with Luke. The pale blue eyes were too familiar to him, but he didn’t know from where.

“Have we ever met before Lucas? You seem oddly familiar…”

Realizing he used the “oddly”, Calen tried to retraced what he said.

“I don’t mean that you’re odd, it’s just that…um…you seem familiar to me but I can’t place it.” Calen fumbled with his words. Luke could see Calen’s cheeks turning red again. This was too adorable to the lycan. He wanted to crank out a smile and touch his face, but again he had to restrain himself and his inner wolf. But he knew he couldn’t tell Calen the truth yet.

“No I don’t think we have met before, but maybe we have crossed paths at one point.” Luke responded smiling.

“Probably…,” added Calen as he tried to hid his red cheeks. He found Luke to be very handsome. His build, his faded hair cut, neatly trimmed beard, mustache and goatee, his pale blue Escort Küçükköy eyes and his smile. He couldn’t help but wonder if Luke was gay or straight.

“Have you lived in Grand Creek long?” asked Luke.

“I’ve been here for 6 years now; moved out here from Granger after I graduated from college. But I’m originally from Terin.”

“I’ve been to Terin, but it’s been a few years though.” Luke didn’t want to give too much away.

“Really…maybe it was back then that we crossed paths.” said Calen.

Oh if you only knew!

“I guess it could of happened.” Luke replied.

A moment of silence went by. Both didn’t know what else to say. Calen started at his hands while Luke eyed him. Luke would look away the moment Calen made eye contact. He didn’t want to stare down his mate, but at the same time he couldn’t believe he was sitting in front of him. All of the years that have passed are now a distant memory.

“Have you been in real estate long Calen?”

“Been in it for 6 years now. And you?”

“Going on twelve years or so. I started right out of high school. I got my license and started working with Martin with the other agency he owns.”

“How long did you work there?” asked Calen

“Twelve years.” answered Luke.

“Oh gosh, DUH CALEN!!!” Calen said as his cheeks began to turn red…again!

Luke smiled at Calen’s reaction. He knew he was making Calen nervous and in a way, he liked it. This made him feel that maybe Calen is taking and interest in him. But he didn’t want to push his luck with him. Luke caught another scent.

A knock at the door.

“Come in.”

“Hi Calen, I hope its ok to come in, we met earlier today…”

“Oh yes Grant, how are you? Let me introduce you to…”



Both men walked towards each other and hugged.

“You two know each other?” asked Calen.

“Yeah we both grew up together.” answered Luke.

“Well I’m a bit older than Luke, but yes we did grow up together. I had moved away to the city a few years ago and haven’t seen this guy for awhile.”

After pulling away from their embrace, Calen invited Grant to sit down. He knew that Martin’s lawyer wanted him to over look the contracts of the hand over and sign them as well.

Both Lycans sat at Calen’s desk. Unbeknownst to each other, both started to stare Calen down while he read the contracts. It wasn’t til Luke looked over and saw the look Grant was giving Calen. He knew that look.

“Ok the contract has been signed and dated.” Calen handed them over to Grant.

“So you and Luke are getting a move on with work?”

“Yes. I didn’t want to wait and Calen said we could.” Luke answered.

“Well that’s good. Better to get things started with rather than put it off.” Grant winked at Calen.

Calen gave a slight smile. He thought Grant was a good looking guy, but he wasn’t drawn to him like Luke. But he didn’t know if they were gay or not and at this moment he didn’t want to know. Both of them had smiled excessively towards him, but Grant flirted more. After being cheated on, mistreated and used by his last three exes, Calen would put a stop to any kind of relationship.

“I agree, work seems to never end around here, but it’s how I like it.” Luke replied.

Another moment of silence passed by. Grant’s thoughts raced in his mind. He was strongly attracted to Calen. His aroma of sweet smelling scent filled him up more. He was even more intrigued that Calen was going to be manager soon. After talking to Lisa and Martin, Grant found out about Calen making a name for himself as a top sales agent. He liked this a lot. Not only was Calen attractive, but he was moving on up. Grant thought Calen would look so good by his side.

“Well I need to go and talk to Martin again, Luke it was nice seeing you and will catch up with you when we go to Martin’s.”

“Calen, it was nice seeing you again as well and hope it won’t be the last!” Grant hook Calen’s hand and winked at him.

“Likewise.” Calen responded.

This didn’t sit well with Luke. He knew he had to somehow get his scent on Calen again. He needed to make it known to Grant that Calen was his. Now wasn’t the time or the place to do so. He would have to wait til they all meet up at Martin’s.

Closing the door, Calen and Luke sat at the deck, trying to remember where they left off.

“So where were we?” asked Calen.

“Oh yeah…twelve years with the other agency; why did you choose here?”

“I just got tired of the city life. I like rural areas a bit more and also the property values, along with bigger commissions, prompted me to change.” answered Luke.

“Yeah…I hear ya on the rural areas. Grew up in the country myself and well I can’t picture living anywhere else. Plus I like the quietness of it all.”

Wanting to get straight to the point, Luke asked where he met Grant at. The way Grant was looking at Calen played over and over in his mind. He loved Grant as a brother, but knew now that boundaries have to be set. He knew Grant was a playboy and there was no way he was going to let Grant flirt with Calen.

“I was doing my errands and he drove up along the sidewalk and asked for the directions to the office. Told him who I was and gave him the directions.” Calen said.