for you know who?


for you know who?It was one warm late evening,and dusty had just got out the shower,put her dressing gown on and slipped her lacy panties on,sliding them up her tanned and toned legs,up and over her firm buttocks.She walked over to her bed,lay down on the soft satin sheets,grabbed her magerzine and began to read.As she flicked through the pages,her gown slide to the side exposing her upper thigh,as she moved her hand down to adjust the gown, her hand glimpsed against the material of her panties,causing a slight tingle.This caused her to touch her pantie material with more intention,she began to rub gently on the inside of her groin,fingers brushing against the warm crotch of her panties,gently pushing against the mound of her pussy,slowly up and down,getting slightly harder the longer she did it.She could feel the tingling sensation raising up through her body,making its way up,causing her nipples to become pert,pushing against the material of her gown,being istanbul escort further arroused, when moving gently and rythmically.Her hand could feel the warmth and some dampness coming through the panty material,now arching her back with the anticipation of the pleasure she was going to have.Slowly and gently she slide a finger under the panties,ooo feels warm and damp,sliding the finger against her smooth pussy lips,sending a wave of pleasure through her whole body,she lifted her left breast to her mouth,took her nipple into her mouth and began to nibble gently,”mmmmmm”,she thought to herself.The taste of her own nipple further enhancing the pleasure,her fingersticky with her own juices,she could not resist,she lifted her hand upto her mouth and slid her finger,that hand been in her pussy,slowly into her mouth and sucked the juices off,”ooo i taste good” she thought.She avcılar escort returned her finger back to whence it came,pulling panties to the side,exsposing her now glisening,wet pussy.Pushed her finger in, with more force,arching her back with the pleasure it brought,deep inside now,she pumped her pussy with her finger,moving her toned body rythmically.Gradually she introduced a second finger,could feelthe muscles grab onto her fingers,as if drawing them in,deep.Dusty’s clit now aching for some attention,now she began to rub her now so hard clit with her thumb,back and forth,pushing against it’s tip.By now beads of sweat had began to run down between her so pert breasts,down to her cute belly button,and pooling inside.She began to rub her breasts with her free hand,she moaned genlty as she was getting more and more roused by the whole sensations running through her body.As she pleasured herself, eyes şirinevler escort closed,she glimpsed gently through her sqwinting eyes,could see that she could see herself in the full length mirror in front of her bed,rousing her even more.She increased the speed of her fingers,faster and deeper,fondled her breasts with more force,pussy juice now began to tricle down the crack of her buttocks and pool on the sheets,mmmmm she could smell the aroma of her own juices,so sweet.Dusty lifted up her pert backside and pulled the panties down,pulling them off,throwing them to one side,but not before taking a sneeky glimpse at the crotch of the damp panties.Throwing them to the floor,she lay back down,spread her legs gently apart,to give better access to her pussy,and better view from the mirror.She could see the pussy lips glysne and the lips part slightly,wanting more attention.Pushing her fingers back in,more force,deep.she could her her own juices slopping against herself.Faster her hand went,pulling her fingers out she began to rub against her very hard clit,rubbing back and forth,slowly enjoying each stroke,pushing harder against it,causing tingling to increase throughout her body,throwing her head back, letting out a louder moan of pure pleasure……………………………… be cont